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					                   CREATIVE SPIN
January 18, 2010

                   My intention is
                   clear in the

                                     I love the word creativity. It inspires
                                     risk and misbehaving!
                                     What is creativity? I think that       head and make our life in this              The next one is being a good
                                     means someone who wants to             moment difficult. My big one is        girl and doing things right! This
                                     create things. There is such a buzz    being a victim and a good girl.       has left me to be a serious person
                                     about the Law of Attraction, it              OK so lets start with the       who does not have enough fun. I
                                     says we are the ultimate creators      victim. It starts with always a       want to misbehave. I want to be
                                     of our reality. We set intentions      person to blame and me                “trouble” for once, instead of the
                                     and they manifest in our physical      constantly taking on everything.      one that fixes the trouble other
                                     reality. We can see how clear our      The martyr is here. What I want       people have fun having. This feels
                                     intentions are from the outcome        is to be supported and                risky in a snickery kinda way.
                                     that often stares us in the face and   appreciated. I want to ask for help   Could my playfulness be directly
                                     makes us say “I did NOT intend         and have it heard and responded       connected to my creativity. I
                                     for this to happen” So what is the     to. I want to have a voice in my      believe there is something to
                                     deal?                                  life. If I could create anything it   ponder here. So where have we
                                          The answer lies in our            would be “easy” for me from this      ended up? Creativity seems to be
                                     unconscious. There seems to be         point forward. Oh GOD do not          a reflective place to uncover layers
                                     things we are thinking and not         get me started. I know what I         of thinking that ultimately leads
                                     aware of that create our reality.      want, now I want to create it in      to being an empowered child that
                                     Those nasty patterns from              my reality. No more waiting!!!        lets it rip when we want
                                     childhood that rear their ugly                                               something.

     By Nancy Carroll

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