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Hire .Net Programmer - .Net Programming Solution at Affordable Rates
By: Outsourcing Programming Services

Date: 04-05-10

Outsourcing Programming Services (OPS) is one of the leading solution providers in the field of web
application development based on the .net platform. We are specialized in providing hire .net
programmers, .net programming services for all kind of businesses at affordable rates in US, UK,
CANADA and across the world. Our professional .net programmer gives you complete solutions for your
.net projects. Outsource .net programming work to us NOW and save up to 40% to 60% of cost by
outsource your .net programming projects!!!

An OPS is a professional web programming company offering you .net programmers on hire basis, who
can provide custom .net programming services. You can hire a team of .net Programmers, dedicated
asp.net programmers, from us according to your requirements. We provide 2 + yr exp .net
programmer with expertise in .net programming and asp.net development, .net custom application
development. By utilizing .net programming technology, our .net programmer helps your businesses to
do better.

Advantages of.Net Programming Services:

      Supports different levels of authentication services such as passwords, wallets, and smart cards
      Supports directory services that can answer XML based questions
      Permits a wide variety of Internet devices to access data and applications
      Ability to track visitors and report on the most requested web pages
      Easy integration of any software into the Internet

With an experienced team of .net programmers, we provide support and enhance your existing asp.net
programming projects. We offer you to hire any of the .net programmers as per your requirement and
budget. Hire our dedicated .net programmers that assist global business in migrating web based and
other applications to the.net programming projects.

Reduced costs and increased productivity from our .net programmers and SAVE UPTO 60%. If you need
a free.net programming estimate, please e-mail us: info@outsourcingprogrammingservices.com

Hire dedicated .net programmer and hire asp .net developer for your.net programming or asp .net
development projects, please visit us:

About Outsourcing Programming Services

Outsourcing Programming Services provides custom web programming services in PHP programming,
ASP Programming, .NET Programming, Cold Fusion Programming with lowest possible rate so you can
save 40 to 60 % on your projects.

For more information, Contact:

URL: http://www.outsourcingprogrammingservices.com

E-mail: info@outsourcingprogrammingservices.com

Voice: +91-794-000-3000


Fax:   +91-794-000-3202

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