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									Pbx systems - one of the most effective phone systems

To face the hard competition in the business world, it is mandatory to have a competent telecommunication system. A
fully functional and dedicated telephone system such as Small business phone system, Internet telephone is very
much useful today. PBX phone system is the system helping you to take care of your business calls efficiently, which
in turn will result in a substantial increase in your production and profits. By implementing such a system, you can
manage your business from anywhere, irrespective of your location.

PBX phone systems are the systems laced with superiority answering services. The services are valuable for small
businesses. These services help in growing and achieving a big business image in a cost-effectual manner. Highly
developed hosted PBX phone systems are additional functional and stretchy than premise-based PBX systems.
Ground-breaking communication characteristics develop business efficiency by pleasing to the eye customer

PBX phone systems are integrated with advanced communication features including auto attendant, call transfer, call
screening, caller ID, call forwarding, direct inward dialing, voice mail, fax mail messaging and many more. The
automated attendant can be customized as per matchless business communication needs. Users can easily set
custom professional greetings, set multiple extensions individually for employees and departments, providing options
such as dial by name or dial by extension and many more.

A PBX phone system integrated with auto attendant answers every business call in a professional manner ensuring
you will never miss any business call. Multiple calls can be gripped all together through the competent call routing
system. The features like find me, follow me and call forwarding, makes the calls routed to varied alternating numbers
and to cell phones. All unattended calls will be forwarded to voice mail or sent to your email. You can control and
sustain all phone features via online management interface.

In effective communication service, all necessary equipment is owned and managed fully by the service provider. So
the small business owner need not have to worry about installation, protection and other hassles. One of the most
beneficial features of having worth answering services using PBX phone system is that you have to pay only for the
service you use. Businesses can simplify all communications by reducing overall communication costs.

With virtual PBX services, businesses can take advantage from professional answering services at reasonable rate.
Your local phone number or toll free number can be integrated with PBX features. You can choose the right PBX
phone service package meeting your exclusive business necessities.

BTX - Business Telephone eXchange
587 Division Street
Campbell, Ca. 95008
Phone: (800) BTX-0299
Fax: (408) 374-8757

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