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									Making of the Visual "Wow" Moments in Movies

The use of special effects in movies is revolutionizing not only the visuals that you
see, but also the kind of movies that can be produced. Who could have considered
filming Lord of the Rings before it was possible to give a life-like rendition of Gollum,
or of the fall of Isengard?

Most if not all of these special effects are produced by computer, combining the
ability to capture pictures digitally, thus allowing relatively easy manipulation of the
element of each frame; and the advent of very powerful graphics packages which
make the creation of animation that much easier and more effective.

If you are one of the people who have been captivated by these new special effects,
you may be considering the possibility of working in this area, and want to attend
special effects school. You would learn about the new filming techniques, and about
the "rendering" process that allows the image additions and manipulations which
give the photo realistic effects that you see on screen. You will need real creative
talent - computerized special effects are a form of graphic design, and they do not
substitute for the artistic input from the designer.

A school offering a special effects program is a great way of learning the tools of
this career, and will give you a qualification that will allow you to enter this
interesting new career area.

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