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					ECE 191 Project – Fall 2008

Energy Harvesting for Self-contained Wireless Sensor Module

Sponsors: Spirit AeroSystems (Dr. Farhad Tadayon), UCSD/CEAM (Prof. Sia

Wireless sensor module using acoustic sensors is being developed to monitor structural
health of aircrafts. To make these modules self-contained one must provide DC power
through energy harvesting. There are many options for energy harvesting ( i.e. magnetic
induction, ultrasound and vibration. In this project the students will study the available
energy harvesters which can provide enough power to the modules. The students will
chose the most appropriate one and implement in the laboratory to show that it can
provide necessary voltage and power for the module to operate . One also need to design
an energy storage circuit for proper functioning.

                Energy Harvesting/Wireless Energy Transmission:
                                 Into the future

           1. Magnetic Field Induction: Existing Wireless Charging
           Intel Wireless resonant energy link – 60 watts @ 3 feet

          2. Ultrasonic Charging: Requires two transducers and physical contact

          3. Vibration/Magnetic Field Harvesting:

      Ultrasonic Sensor/                                Acoustic Emission
                                            High Pass
     Vibration Transducer                               Health Monitoring
    Broadband Mechanical        Dual Pass
               to                 Filter
     Broadband Electrical                   Low Pass    Energy Storage      DC Power