Rwandan Genocide by maclaren1


									Rwandan Genocide
           Life in Rwanda
• Rwanda had a law that forced people to
  register as a Hutu or Tutsi.
• The Hutu’s began to create Tutsi hatred
  but the two ethnic groups had long been
  interacting together.
• (ex. They went to school together,
  married, worked together, etc)
   Leading up to the Genocide
• The Hutu led government planned the
  Genocide for several years prior to 1994.
• The government did fear that the army
  was too integrated to Hutu and Tutsi and
  so they created a “civilian self-defense
• This was a group of Hutu’s that carried out
  the Genocide.
         Beginning of horror
• On April 6, the plane carrying President
  Habyarimana was shot down.
• The cause was never determined. (some
  say it was a set-up by Hutu’s to justify the
  Genocide others say that the Tutsi’s did it
  in order stand up to the government)
• The Genocide begin soon after this.
• "If the pictures of
  tens of thousands of
  human bodies being
  gnawed on by dogs
  do not wake us out
  of our apathy, I do
  not know what will."
  of the United Nations
  Kofi Annan in 1994
          Stats of Genocide
• Over the course of only 100 days, a stupefying
  1,000,000 people were slaughtered.
• An estimated 11% of all females, or
  approximately 535,000 women, living in Rwanda
  at the time of the genocide were victims of a
  concerted rape campaign. Most of them by HIV+
• More than 67% of women who were raped in
  1994 during the genocide are now facing death
  from AIDS.

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