Service Management including ITIL® by oix56719


									      Service Management including ITIL®

Identifying opportunities for improving                              Implementing good practice
business by adapting good practice                                   and realising benefits
•   Maximising the Impact of ITSM                                    •   Implementing ITIL® – Practical Guide
•   ITIL Readiness Assessment Workshop                               •   ITIL® for the Small Business
•   ISO/IEC 20000 Readiness Assessment Workshop                      •   ITIL® for the Public Service Industry
•   Business Benefits of Implementing a Formal Service Function      •   Implementing Incident Management
•   Building Business Agility Through ITSM                           •   Implementing Problem Management
•   Building Business Resilience Through ITSM                        •   Implementing Change Management
•   Choosing a Service Management best practice Framework            •   Implementing ITSCM
•   Building the Business Case for ITIL®                             •   Implementing Capacity Management
•   Benefits of Implementing Supplier Management                     •   Implementing Release And Deployment Management
•   Business Growth Through Service Improvement                      •   Implementing a Service Desk
•   Understanding the Impact of Executive Governance                 •   Implementing Availability Management
•   The Benefits of Skills Management                                •   Implementing Service Level Management
•   Implementing Continual Service Improvement                       •   Implementing the Configuration Management System
•   Improving the Return from Delivery Partners                      •   Implementing Supplier Management
•   ITSM and the Board Agenda                                        •   Implementing Service Strategy
•   Developing a Service Strategy                                    •   Implementing Service Design
                                                                          • Implementing Service Transition
                                                                                 • Constructing Service Catalogues
                                                                                     • Creating an IT Asset Register
                                                                                        • Adopting Continual Service Improvement

                                                         Plan &   Apply &
                                                         Direct   Implement

                                                    Monitor &     Delivery
Measuring overall capability                         Evaluate     Capacity              Developing proficiency
to operate good practice                                                               in key skill areas

•   ISO/IEC 20000 Audit readiness                                                   • Generic Service Management
•   ISO/IEC 9001 Audit readiness                                                • ITIL® Version 2
•   ITIL® Service Strategy Health Check                                   (Awareness, Foundation, Practitioner, Managers)
•   ITIL® Service Design Health Check                                • ITIL Version 3 (Awareness, Foundation, Practitioner, Managers)
•   ITIL® Service Transition Health Check                            • ISO/IEC 20000
•   ITIL® Service Operation Health Check                             • ISEB Data Management
•   ITIL® Continual Improvement Health Check                         • The Supplier Management Toolkit
•   Benefits Realisation Workshop                                    • Managing Services within an ITIL® Framework
•   Process Maturity checks                                          • Change Management Essentials
•   Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI)                    • Release and Deployment Essentials
•   Six Sigma Tools and Techniques                                   • Availability Management Essentials
                                                                     • Service Level Management Essentials
                                                                     • Problem Management Essentials
                                                                     • Change Management Essentials
                                                                     • Service Validation and Testing
    The organisational view of the portfolio allows                  • Customer Service Skills
    customers to see where we can offer                              • Negotiation Skills
    appropriate guidance, support and advice to                      • Change Management
    ensure decisions are made in context and that                    • Managing Performance Workshop
    investments deliver outlined benefit.                            • Business Change Management

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