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Washington DC Senior Class Trip by dvu19410


									                Washington DC Senior Class Trip

All of the reservations are made, and the countdown has begun. April 11 will be here before we
know it. Below is a breakdown of the cost for the trip. Please be sure to have the remainder of
the money in by February 1. Some students still need to turn in contracts, medical release
forms, and phone numbers. If you need any of these forms or other information about the trip,
go to the Morgan home page and click on the Washington DC trip button. You can also call
Jennifer Schott with any questions.

            US A Bus Charter               $4500 /36 people         $125 per person

            10 % gratuity for bus driver   $450 /36                 $12.50

            Hotel for bus driver           $223.71 /36              $6.22

            Hostel                         $36.95 per night x 3     $110.85

            Trip Total                                              $254.57

            Less deposit                                            $50

            Amount due February 1                                   $204.57

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