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					                Sample letter of invitation requesting admission to the US
   in B1/B2 status when an honorarium and/or reimbursement of expenses will be paid.
                   Please issue on appropriate departmental letterhead


Embassy of the United States of America
(Country where visa will be obtained)
Attention: Non Immigration Visa Issuing Officer

To Whom It May Concern:                                       Re: Dr. _____________________

The above named individual Dr. _____________has been invited by the University of Georgia to
___________ show activity at UGA ______________ in the Department of ______________.
His period of stay in the US will be from ____date ______ through ______date_____*.

I am writing this letter to request that you issue a B1/B2 visa for business purpose to allow Dr.
______________to enter the United States. The University of Georgia will be hosting
Dr._________ and he will be receiving support from this institution in the form of (indicate
honoraria and amount or travel expenses and amount) a type of payment that is now
permitted as defined in the November 30, 1999 memorandum from INS Executive Associate
Commissioner for Field Operations Mr. Michael A. Pearson. This memorandum states that
visitors in B1/B2 status may accept an honorarium payment under the American Competitiveness
and Work Force Improvement Act of 1998. Dr. ________will receive honoraria payment for less
than 9 days of service and he has not accepted such payment from more than 5 institutions in the
previous six month period.

Any assistance you can give to Dr. _________ in issuing him a visa to enter the US to participate
in this educational endeavor will be greatly appreciated. Should you need any further information
please feel free to contact me.


Individual who is issuing the invitation

*The individual can be in the US for MORE than the period for which they are receiving the
honoraria but the university cannot pay for MORE than 9 days.