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					Navy Working Uniform FAQ

1. When will everybody be required to have the uniforms?
Dec. 31, 2010, will mark the end of the two-year rollout for E-1 through O-10.

2. Blousing Straps will be used, Tucking the trouser into your boot is not authorized.

3. Watch cap, All hands are authorized to wear the black knit watch cap with the NWU during
periods of cold weather
To add to the "definition of Weather that could cause injury", here's the guidance: Ambient air
temp or wind chill below 32 degree's.

4. Ear Muffs,

5. Wearing the NWU to Off Base dining establishments? Yes during normal working hours
(Lunch)!! Refer to NAVADMIN 188/09 para E.

6. Will women have to buy separate items?
No. The Navy has made the NWU a "unisex" uniform, meaning both men and women wear the
identical items in the same way.

7. Can I wear my command ball cap with the NWU?
Yes, if your CO allows it. Officially, the only authorized headgear are the eight-point cover and the
watch cap during cold weather. But your CO can authorize the ball cap onboard ship, and that
authority usually extends to the pier area around your ship. When you're away from your
command (commuting or on another part of the base), only the eight-point can be worn - unless
your regional commander has authorized the watch cap.

*** Ball Caps will not be authorized at SWOS ***

8. When can I wear coveralls?
The NWU is the primary working uniform ashore and an authorized working uniform while
underway. If you wear coveralls aboard ship, you will continue to do so unless otherwise directed
by your CO or OIC. If you wear a working uniform off the ship, it will now be the NWU.

9. What about sailors who work on the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan, are assigned to Navy
Expeditionary Combat Command, work on a flight deck or are in any other unit that requires
woodland or desert cammies?
Sailors involved in tactical situations or special work environments - the war zones, flight decks,
expeditionary units, etc. - will wear what they always wear.
However, sources say some sailors, such as masters-at-arms guarding gates and patrolling
installations, will have to wear the NWU. The Navy has not published a list of such situations.
Officials from NECC have said they will continue to wear legacy cammies at all their commands
and will not wear the NWU when they are not deployed. But, sailors and officers still have to have
an NWU in their sea bags by Dec. 31, 2010, just like everyone else. That's because woodland or
desert cammies remain organizational clothing, issued by commands, and not an official Navy

10. I work in an engineering space on my ship. Will I wear the NWU while on duty?
That, too, is up to your CO. Officials say the uniform can work in engineering spaces, and in
those environments you can remove the outer shirt and un-blouse the pants. However, if you
wear coveralls, chances are you will be able to continue to do so.

11. Can I wash it in ship's laundry?
Yes, officials say it can stand up to standard shipboard laundry.

12. Will my enlisted clothing allowance cover the cost of the entire uniform?
Yes. The uniform allowances were increased over a two-year period to cover the initial purchase
of the uniforms. Half was paid in fiscal 2008, and half is coming this fiscal year. If you spent that
money on something else when you got it, the cost of the NWU is coming out of your pocket.
  Starting in 2010, the uniform allowance will again be adjusted to cover the cost of maintaining
and periodically replacing NWU items, though officials estimate sailors will have to replace each
NWU every 18 months. That's compared with every six months for the utilities. Sailors entering
the Navy starting in April will be issued the new uniforms in boot camp.

13. Can warfare devices be worn on the uniform?
Yes, but the rules for NWU are slightly different compared with other uniforms. You can wear a
maximum of two warfare or qualification devices, one over the U.S. Navy tape over the left pocket
and the second on the pocket flap. But for command master and senior chiefs - as well as force
and fleet master chiefs - command career counselors, recruit division commanders and security
or law enforcement sailors such as master-at-arms, the rules are different. These sailors, if they
have dual warfare quals, will wear them stacked above the name tape, while the identification
badge is worn on the pocket flap.

The command at sea or shore insignia can be metal or embroidered on a strip of NWU fabric and
is worn above the right pocket, centered above the nametape.

14. Should I buy my uniform right away to avoid shortages?
By rolling the uniforms out by region, uniform officials expect to have enough uniforms on hand.

15. How do I know I'm not buying a knockoff uniform?
Buy your uniform at the exchange. If you get it somewhere else, you run the risk of buying a
cheap imitation. The Navy has trademarked the NWU design to protect it from unauthorized

16. What do I do with my old uniforms?
You can do whatever you want with your old uniform, as long as it does not discredit the Navy.

17. Can I still wear my black, steel toe boots that I wore with my old working uniform?
No, The new NWU has 2 styles of boots that are authorized for wear with the NWU, 1 is a black
suede boot that is authorized only ashore and the other is a black steel toe boot which is required
onboard ships and any environment that requires safety shoes.

18. Can I wear any kind of sock?
It depends. The rules say that socks must be black and extend above the top of the boot.
However, as is allowed now, sweat socks can be worn underneath the black socks if sailors

19. Can I wear my command-issued foul-weather jacket, pea coat or raincoat with the NWU?
No. The only jacket authorized for wear with the NWU is the Gore-Tex jacket. The jacket's
removable fleece liner will not be authorized for wear by itself as an outer garment. Also, nothing
is allowed to be sewn or glued to the uniform as it will destroy its weather-resistant properties.

20. Here's a link to shop online, Beware when ordering the NWU online, feedback from the fleet
has commented on the inconsistency of fit between different manufacturer's. Example: just
because your a size large does not mean every "large" will properly fit you. Best bet is to shop at
a uniform shop when possible.

21. And just when we thought we had it all figured out they are introducing NWU II & III