Sample letter for scheduling a pre-bid conference by nea80589


									APPENDIX 12

    Sample letter for scheduling a pre-bid conference

Dear                   :

       It was a pleasure to discuss with you the food and supply bid for the school
district that will be issued in (date and time) for the period (effective dates). As we
discussed, we are changing to prior approval of brands to avoid confusion when bids
are opened.
       Your conference is scheduled for (insert date, time, and location). We appreciate
your making available (insert name of person or persons expected) for this conference.
Your company will benefit from representation by the person who has the most
knowledge of your product line.
       Enclosed is a list of those items that will be included in the bid. Items approved as
Distributor’s Choice are marked and will not be discussed at the conference. The
purpose of the conference is to determine what brands your company will offer for
prior approval on the remaining items. Your representatives should come to the
conference prepared to provide the names of brand or brands you want us to consider.
       Also attached is a copy of the school district’s product screening policy. We will
allow 10 days from the date of the meeting for you to provide copies of brand labels
and nutritional analysis. Please advise your staff that samples are not accepted at the
pre-bid conference.
       We look forward to developing a request for bids that places everyone in a winning
position. If you have questions please contact me at (insert phone number).


Susie Q. Smith,
Foodservice Director


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