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									Title: The Great Gracie Chase Stop That Dog!                        READ ALOUD PLAN
Author: _Cynthia Rylant________

#1                                                  ARRIVED
     Definition      To get to the place you were going

     In context      So when they arrived one day to paint Gracie’s kitchen, she did not like
     Example 1       My bus arrived at school so late that there was not time for me to eat

                 2   My grandmother arrived at our house on Friday and stayed until
      Activity       Say “arrive” or thumbs down:    Could you arrive
                          At a store?                 In a marshmallow?
                          At a party?                 In a kitchen?
                          In a bowl of soup?

#2                                               SUDDENLY
     Definition      Something that happens quickly, happens fast

     In context      Gracie did not know why she was running except that suddenly
                     everybody in the world was trying to catch her!

     Example 1       My mom suddenly slammed on the brakes when a kitten ran out in front
                     of our car.
                 2   Our class suddenly got very quiet when the principal came into the

      Activity       Follow these directions:
                          Raise your arm slowly
                          Now raise your arm suddenly
                          Stand up slowly
                          Now stand up suddenly

#3                                               REALIZED
     Definition      To find out or figure out something you didn’t know

     In context      Then suddenly Gracie realized how quiet everything was again.

     Example 1       I realized I forgot my homework when I looked in my book bag and it
                     was empty.

                 2   When my teacher looked at her watch, she realized that we were late for

      Activity       Think-Pair-Share
                     What is something you realized from listening to this story?
                     What is something you realized at school today?

                                                                       Hunt Primary School
                                                                             Peach County

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