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					                               Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District
               ATHLETIC CENTER 15707 SW Walker Road             Beaverton Oregon 97006   (503) 629-6330

                  YOUTH BASKETBALL
                        PARENT ORIENTATION
  PARENTS MUST ATTEND ONE of the PAYS/Parent Orientation meetings
  listed below. At least one parent/guardian must attend a PAYS/Parent Orientation meeting
  every other year to register their child(ren). If a parent/guardian did not attend a PAYS/Parent
  Orientation in the fall of 2007 they must do so in the fall of 2008. Parents who attended in
  2007 must present their PAYS number (on 2007 PAYS card received at the 2007 meeting)
  along with their THPRD residency card only at the THPRD Athletic Center. If a PAYS
  number is not available parent/guardian can call 503 629-6330 prior to October 24th to retrieve
  their 2007 number. A registration form will be provided at the THPRD Athletic Center upon
  proof of PAYS attendance, at the PAYS/Parent Orientation meeting for those that did not
  attend in 2007 or by email after PAYS confirmation.

  THPRD is proud to present the Parents Association for Youth Sports (PAYS) program in conjunction with the
  5th – 8th grade basketball registration. The purpose of the PAYS program is to educate and motivate parents to
  create a youth sports environment that is safe, positive, meaningful and fun for all involved. The Orientations
  will provide an overview of the THPRD youth basketball program structure and the changing culture of
  children’s sports. A parent must attend one of the PAYS/Orientations to sign up their child for the youth
  basketball program. You may attend any one of the locations/dates. Be sure to arrive on time as doors will
  close 5 minutes after the stated start time and entrance will not be allowed. Please plan on about 60 minutes
  for the PAYS/Parent Orientations.


     All PAYS/Orientations begin at 7:00pm unless otherwise indicated.
DATE      LOCATION                   DATE        LOCATION
October 7         Conestoga Middle School                October 23        Cedar Park Middle School
October 8         Highland Park Middle School            October 25        THPRD* 10:00am and 1:00pm
October 9         Meadow Park Middle School              October 28        Mt. View Middle School
October 14        Mt. View Middle School                 October 29        Whitford Middle School
October 16        Whitford Middle School                 November 1        THPRD* 10:00am and 1:00pm
October 21        Stoller Middle School                  November 4        Cedar Park Middle School
October 22        Five Oaks Middle School                November 5        Highland Park Middle School
                  * THPRD Dryland Training Center, 15707 SW Walker Road, across from pool
                      ATHLETIC CENTER, 15707 SW WALKER RD., BEAVERTON, OR 97006
                      OFFICE: 503-629-6330, FAX: 503-629-6335

                      Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District’s Sports Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all its participants.
                      The programs strive to establish a safe and caring environment that allows for individual and social growth by providing and
                      facilitating positive fun and educational opportunities organized with responsible leadership.

  Coaches and parents that attended PAYS in the fall of 2007 do not need to attend a PAYS this year, however, they will
                                 need their 2007 PAYS number to register their child.

PROGRAM PURPOSE: The goal of the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District youth programs is to put the needs of the
children first in focusing on their overall physical and emotional development needs. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for
the 5th through 8th grade girls and boys to build fundamental basketball skills and to emphasize the importance of teamwork and
sportsmanship. The program is open to participants residing within the THPRD and/or Beaverton School District #48 and Lenox
School boundaries.
                                                 MIDDLE SCHOOL PROGRAMS
TEAM REGISTRATION: Teams are responsible to secure their own coaches. Coaches are responsible to collect all of their
player’s payment receipts and fill out the team roster. Players must be from the same middle school attendance area and the roster
needs to carry a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 12 players. Coaches will predetermine their level of competition (competitive
or recreational) on their team roster and have the opportunity to change their competition level after the preseason jamboree.

INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION: MIDDLE SCHOOL ONLY: Players that sign up individually will need to attend the skills
evaluation at the middle school specified on the tryout flyer that will be available at the PAYS Orientation meeting or the Athletic
Center after October 1st. All players attending the evaluation will be placed onto a team. Coaches will contact their players and
notify them of their first practice.

METRO JR LEVEL: Metro Jr teams (highest level) will be formed according to high school boundaries. Each school area will
have a Metro Jr team, per grade, per gender, if numbers allow. Players that make the Metro Jr team will pay a registration fee to
THPRD and tournament fees to the Metro Jr coach. Players need to be able to commit to weeknights practices and be able to play
weekend tournaments during the basketball season. The Metro Jr coach decides which tournaments the team will play in and may
schedule tournaments outside the District boundaries. Tryouts dates and locations will be available at the PAYS Orientation
meeting or at the Athletic Center and on after October 1st. Players that tryout for a Metro Jr but do not make the
team can still participate in the Middle School Basketball Program and will follow the individual registration procedures.

PLAYER ID CARDS: All our participants will need to have a current THPRD ID card. If you already have a card for your
child, you will need to include it on your registration form. If you do not have a card, you can apply at the Athletic Center or any
THPRD facility. Please call the Athletic Center, 503-629-6330, for details and residency requirements.

PLAYER FEES – MIDDLE SCHOOL: $136.00 per player. Players living in the Beaverton School boundaries but outside the
THPRD boundaries will need to have paid their current Out of District Assessment fee. Players selected onto a Metro Jr team
will pay $75.00 to THPRD and will have to pay additional fees for expenses such as tournaments, travel jerseys, etc to the team
coach. The District will work with qualified in district families needing financial assistance but arrangements must be made prior
to registration. For more information on financial assistance, please call Ann at 503-645-6433.

PROGRAM VOLUNTEERS: THPRD’s philosophy of youth sports programs is focused on putting the needs of the children
first and creating a fun and stress free program. The youth basketball program depends on volunteer coaches who lead the
athletes through approximately 16 weeks of basketball. The volunteer coaches are a committed group of people giving many
hours of their time to help young athletes enjoy the sport. Coaches must have an understanding and commitment of fair play,
ethical behavior and integrity. If you or anyone is interested in coaching, please call 503-629-6330.

PRACTICES & GAMES: Once teams are formed, coaches will contact their players with practice and game information.
Depending on gym availability, practices will be 90 minutes long in the evenings between 4:00pm – 9:30pm. Our goal is to try to
get each team at least 2 practices a week. Middle School teams will primarily play games on Saturdays between 9:00am –
3:00pm, with an occasional weeknight. Metro Jr teams will play in tournaments most weekends. Participants are not allowed to
wear jewelry, shorts with pockets or belt loops, snaps or zippers or body glitter during practices and games.

EQUIPMENT NEEDS: Shoes of the court shoe variety (no black soled running shoes) need to be worn. Players will provide
their own gym shorts without pockets, zippers, snaps, buttons or belt loops. Please provide the appropriate jersey size on the
registration form. THPRD provides reversible jerseys that need to be worn during all league/playoff games.

INSURANCE: There will be NO medical insurance coverage. All players play at their own risk.