Download Citrix Client for MAC OS X

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					Download Citrix Client for MAC OS X

Click "Download" from "Version 10.00.600 Universal Binary"

Unzip the compressed disk image file ""

Mount the .dmg file and place the Citrix ICA Client folder, containing the client, ICA
Client Editor, and associated files, in the folder where you intend to install the client.
(You might also want to put the client and ICA Client Editor in your Dock so they are
always available.)

To create a connection file

1. In your client installation folder, open Citrix ICA Client Editor.
The ICA Client Editor opens at the Network Connection pane.

2. To connect to a desktop, select Server,

3. In the Connect To box, type the name or IP address of the server,
• Type the domain (bdp_nt), in the appropriate box below.

4. Under the "connection Properties" tab, see the section called "Session Reliability" and remove the
check box to enable port 2598

4. Click Save. Select a location in which to save the connection file. By default, the
Save As box displays the server or published application name, but you can give the
file a different name.

5. To start the ICA session immediately click Connect.

6. To exit the ICA Client Editor, click Quit. If you did not save the connection details, a
dialog box appears prompting you to save them now.

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