Peoplesoft Financials Portal for Macintosh -- Installing Configuring by kjy79128


									              Peoplesoft Financials Portal for Macintosh --
        Installing & Configuring the Citrix Client for Mac OS X

                  NOTE: If your Mac is running “Classic” Mac OS 9, you need the
                       separate instructions for installing that Citrix Client.
                      Contact the DCATS Office at 567-0180 for assistance.

1. From the Finder’s “ Go” menu, select the “ Connect to Server…” command. In the login window,
      enter the IP Address of the Mac Support Server: In the ensuing window,
      click the “ Guest” button and “ Connect” , then “ OK” to the MacPublicDepot volume.

2. Navigate the following path:
                 Mac OS X Software [folder]
                   Third Party Software [folder]
                     Citrix Client (OS X) [folder]
                       MacICA_OSX.dmg                <-- Copy this file
                                                         to your Desktop -->

3. Disconnect from the server by dragging the MacPublicDepot desktop icon to the Trash.

4. Double-click the MacICA_OSX.dmg file, which will mount the
       virtual drive named “ Citrix ICA Client” to your Desktop.

        Double-click the file named “ ICA Client.pkg” to launch the
        installer, and accept the default settings it offers.

5. Installation is complete, so you can drag these two items from the desktop to the Trash:
(1) Citrix ICA Client virtual drive, and (2) MacICA_OSX.dmg file.

6. Go to the “ Applications” folder, open the
        “ Citrix ICA Client” folder,
        and you’ll see these contents:

7. Launch the Citrix ICA Client Editor:

CitrixXguide.ppt mjw 7.00.400 050124                          PS Financials Portal/Citrix/Mac OS X -- continued…
8. (If a new, untitled window similar to the one at
    right doesn’t appear when you launch the
    Editor, select “New” from the File menu.)
    In the new Editor window there are several
    tabs, beginning with “ Network Connection” .
    Make sure your window matches the one at
    • Select “ Published Application” .
    • Type “ psweb” in the “ Connect To:” cell.
    • Enter your NT Account user name and
    password, and “ uthscsa” in the Login
    Information cells, as shown.
    • UNcheck the upper right “ Use Default”
    box and select “ TCP/IP” from the pop-up.
    • UNcheck the lower “ Use Default” box
    and type “” in the
    “Server:” cell.
9. SKIP the “ Security” and “ Connection Properties” tabs, and go on to the “ Window” tab.

10. Make sure your “ Window” window matches
    the one at right:
    • Window Size: UNcheck the “ Use
    Default” box and select “ 1024 x 768”
    from the pop-up.

11. SKIP the “ Application” tab.

12. Click the “ Save” button at the Editor
    window’s lower right corner, which will bring
    up the superimposed Save dialog box shown
    here at right:
    • Type in “ PS Financials Portal” as the
    name under which you will save your
    configured Citrix client profile.
    • In the “ Where:” pop-up menu, navigate so
    that your profile will be saved to your
    Desktop, as shown at right.
    • Click the Save dialog box’s “ Save” button
    to complete the save operation.

13. From the “ Citrix ICA Client Editor” application menu, select Quit to leave the Editor.
CitrixXguide.ppt mjw 7.00.400 050124                         PS Financials Portal/Citrix/Mac OS X -- continued…
14. After completing the preceding Save operation, you should see
       a new icon on your Desktop like the one at right:

15. When you double-click your new icon, you’ll launch your configured profile,
     and you’ll be able to log into the Peoplesoft Financials Portal, again using your
     NT Account (domain) username and password.

16. NT Account (domain) passwords expire every 60 days. Just before or when this happens,
      launch the Citrix ICA Client Editor, as in step 5, above, and (from the File menu) open the
      desktop “ PS Financials Portal” profile. In the “ Network Connection” window you can update
      the “ Password:” cell with your new password, then Save the file and resume using the profile.

17. If there are multiple users on one Mac, simply repeat the process described in steps 6-13, above.
        When you name and save an edited profile in step 10, append the user’s name (e.g., “ PS
        Financials Portal wilsonm” , “ PS Financials Portal zepeda” , “ PS Financials Portal cartee” , etc.).
        Of course, each user will have to perform the profile password update procedure described in
        Step 16, above, every 60 days. (This naming convention isn’t necessary if each user has his or
        her own account on the Mac and logs on to the Mac at startup -- that’s because OS X will only
        show the logged-on user’s “ PS Financials Portal” desktop icon, and no user will be able to see
        this or other files that are in a fellow user’s account.)


CitrixXguide.ppt mjw 7.00.400 050124                                         PS Financials Portal/Citrix/Mac OS X

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