Mac OS X Leopard by xzh98895


									           Connecting to the MUNet VPN Service

          Mac OS X Leopard
Step 1. Go to
Click Download VPN Client.

Step 2. Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD.
Step 3.AnyConnect will start automatically or you can click Start now.

Step 4. Click Trust.

Step 5. Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD.
Step 6. You will see the following screens.

Step 7.   If you see this error, click Mac OS X 10.4+ (intel).
Step 8. Double-click in your Downloads window.

   click Open

Step 9.Once it is open, go to Applications in the Finder menu
and open the Cisco folder. Double-click Cisco AnyConnect VPN
Step 10.If it does not automatically appear type MUVPN into the
Connect to: box. Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

Step 11.When you are ready to disconnect from the MUNet VPN
Service you can Double-Click on the AnyConnect Icon in your
Dock and select disconnect.

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