Mac OS X The Missing Manual, Tiger Edition by xzh98895


									Book Review:

Mac OS X:
The Missing Manual,
Tiger Edition

Reviewed by Jim Macak,

February 2006

There’s an old Apple commer-         it for OS X help very often!
cial that shows a Windows PC         Apple apparently expects the
and a large stack of manuals         Tiger user to depend on the
that come with it contrasted         Mac OS X Help menu or the
to a Macintosh and its single,       Apple website to learn about
thin user manual. It exempli-        Tiger and, although these are
fies the ease-of-use of a Mac        indeed useful sources of infor-
as compared to a PC, but in          mation, they simply cannot
reality, is that single, thin user   compare to a hefty tome
manual all you need for a Mac?       (about 850 pages) like Mac
David Pogue, author of the           OS X: The Missing Manual.
book in review, certainly
thinks not, and I’d tend to          The intended audience of this
agree with him.                      Missing Manual is advanced
                                     beginners or intermediate Mac
The retail box of OS X—Tiger         users and I would agree that
contains that relatively thin        these groups are well served
manual from Apple. Maybe you         by this book. Nevertheless, the
glanced at it as you pulled the      brand new beginner will find
Install DVD out of the box, but      informative side bar “Up to
I bet you didn’t come back to        Speed” articles with intro-
ductory information and the          finding tips and tricks pre-
more advanced user will find         viously unknown to me that
“Power User’s Clinic” boxes          this book noted about most
filled with technical tips, tricks   every aspect of OS X—Tiger.
and shortcuts intended for the
more experienced Macintosh           My one regret is that I didn’t
aficionado.                          take notes or mark up the book
                                     as I was reading all the tips
Having read the book cover-to-       that were new to me. There
cover (no small feat, mind           were so many new tips to me
you), I found it to be sprinkled     that I’m sure that I’ve for-
with delightfully witty com-         gotten the majority of them
ments that serve as a brief          already!
break from the serious and ex-
tremely informative text that        This experience leads me to
covers every aspect of               make a recommendation to
OS X—Tiger. Truly all aspects        you about Mac OS X: The Miss-
of OS X are covered, from in-        ing Manual. To get the most of
stallation to new Tiger fea-         it, read it a bit at a time with
tures like Spotlight to System       one of those yellow fluores-
Preferences and the use of all       cent hi-lighter markers in hand
of the “free” programs inclu-        and don’t be afraid to mark up
ded in OS X. Although you            important information. Then
won’t become an iLife expert         grab the book and sit in front
by reading this book’s chapters      of your Mac and review the in-
on iTunes, iPhoto, etc., a fine      formation that you’ve high-
overview of these programs is        lighted via hands-on experi-
presented and you’ll be able to      ence at the keyboard. If you
use them productively with the       do so, I guarantee you’ll be a
basics that you learn from Mac       Mac expert when you finish
OS X: The Missing Manual.            this book.

I’ve been using OS X since it        Mac OS X: The Missing Manual
first came out and I feel pretty     has appendices about OS X in-
comfortable using it. Given my       stallation options, trouble-
long experience with OS X, I         shooting, “Where’d It Go?”
didn’t expect to learn a lot         (relative to previous versions
about it from this book. Yet I       of OS X, OS 9 and Windows),
was repeatedly surprised at          tips about obtaining more info
and a comprehensive “Master        OS X with every new version.
Mac OS X Secret Keystroke          Are you using them to your
List.” The index is extensive      benefit? You may never know
and inclusive of all of the im-    about what you are missing
portant topics covered in the      until you read Mac OS X: The
book.                              Missing Manual, Tiger Edition!
                                   I highly recommend it to each
Finally, Mac OS X: The Missing     and every one of you…
Manual also “contains” a miss-
ing CD (which really means
that no CD-ROM is included), in    <
contrast to many “manual”          log/macxtigermm/index.html>
books of this sort. Instead, the
reader is encouraged to visit
the web-        Title: Mac OS X: The Missing
site to view a chapter-by-         Manual, Tiger Edition.
chapter list of links of the       Author: David Pogue.
shareware and freeware men-        Publisher: Pogue Press/
tioned in the book. The “miss-     O’Reilly Media Inc.
ing CD” reduces the cost of the    ISBN: 0-596-00941-0
book and provides a method of      List price: $29.95. The cost is
keeping the software listings      only $20.97 under the O’Reilly
up-to-date, so I don’t consider    user group discount program.
the lack of a CD to be a draw-     (The discount code will be
back, especially now that most     posted to our Double Click an-
users have high-speed access       nounce-dc mail list.)
to the Internet.
                                   Reviewer: Jim Macak
Mac OS X: The Missing Manual,
Tiger Edition is 100 pages         Jim is President of Double
longer than the previous Pan-      Click, Inc, the Macintosh Users
ther edition and the author        Group of Milwaukee, WI.
claims that there is not a sin-
gle page that hasn’t changed       He is an Apple Certified Help
since the last edition. So even    Desk Specialist and provides
if you own a previous edition,     Macintosh help and consulting
you should consider purchasing     services as “YourMacDoc.”
this new Tiger Edition. Apple
keeps adding new features to       <>

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