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					                               Warren Township Recreation Commission
                                   Minutes of March 4, 2009 Meeting

The meeting of the Warren Township Recreation Commission convened at 7:10 pm on Wednesday, March 4,
2009 at the Township Municipal Building.
In attendance were Adriane Stewart, Gary Miller, Mary Ellen Florey, Tom Powers, Jim Zilinski
Recreation Director, Eleanora Hermann and Liaison Carolann Garafola (arrived 7:25)
Absent members: George Lazo, Rob Lachenauer, Karen Manner, Alaigh Poonam

Statement by Presiding Officer

Open Public Meeting Statement - Adequate notice of this meeting was given by posting a copy on the Township
Bulletin Board and sending a copy to the Township Clerk, Courier News and Echoes Sentinel as required by the
Open Public Meeting Act.

Flag Salute
Adriane Stewart motioned to approve the minutes from February 4, 2009 meeting and Jim Zilinski 2 , with all in

Chairperson Comments:
    YMCA Update – Kids Healthy Day scheduled for April 18, 2009, 1-4 PM, Pleasant Valley Park in Basking
       Ridge. Warren Recreation Commission will sponsor Disc Golf training. Handing out free freebies with
       Warren logo. Commission volunteers needed.
       Basketball Program doing well.
    Volunteer of the year presentations March 5 Jr. Volunteers 7 pm at Township Committee Meeting

    Cancer relay update – June 12 & 13 at Watchung Hills Regional HS
    Antique Road Show – October 18, Doug Reeder will be assisting, will contact coin shop owner in Warren
       to see if he is interested in participating.
    Jersey Iron men fundraiser – commission will not participate.
    Camp fees/newsletter – slight increase in fees, added late fee charge, based on registration completed
       earlier for hiring staff purposes.
    Addition to facility use application – all satisfied.
    Trails Committee – resignation by Kathleen Breen – great asset, will be missed. Bob Summersgill is new

        Tom Powers - Treasurer's Report
           Trust Total - – $440.
           O/E 2009– Total – $151.71
           Grant – Glenhurst $3,850.

                Trust total - 0
                General Fund total - $500.

              ORDERS Received
                New plaque for citizen of the year for wall in townhall - installed

             Jim Zilinski – WBSI update – will rephrase letter to club.
              Commission discussed the need for girls softball to be able to play at Greenwood Meadows,
              township does not have enough fields in town, Warren girls do not play in town. Eleanor will request
              softball use it with restrictions.

              Gary Miller – Trails, playground – Glenhurst Meadows – commission members observed Kiosk
              signage for trails, all were pleased. Gary consulting with knowledgeable Warren residents regarding
              information on signs, including wildlife and vegetation in the area. Wetlands specialists to evaluate
        area for pavilion placement. Karen manner spoke with DEP and is also researching guidelines for
        the pavilion placement.

        Karen and Gary tested the disc golf course area for safety, accurate and discs staying on course.
        They both agreed that it would be hard to get discs to reach outside of area (street). The consultant
        said if there is a problem, he can adjust course area.
        Working on 5 year plan – behind townhall, three phases – I. playground area II. Boccco courts III.
        Resurface basketball courts along with new hoops.

       Mary Ellen Florey – Fishing Derby Update – Dealaman Nature Trail & Pond, May 9, 11:30 working
        on refreshments, volunteers, handouts.
        Memorial Day Parade - Mary Ellen was asked if Rec. Commission would be interested in
        participating and planning parade with American Legion. Commission members agreed, Mary Ellen
        will be liaison for parade.
       First Annual wagon parade and spring egg hunt – volunteers needed, April 11, 11am, Municipal

      Autism and recreation – Children’s Specialized Hospital, Mountainside, April 13, 9-3 free.
      Learn how to provide recreation programs and services for children with autism and other
      developmental disabilities.

       Music Under the Stars and Summer Concerts – Municipal Complex, June and July. Entertainment
       has been scheduled.

           NEXT MEETING will be held April 1st at 7 pm at the Municipal Building 2        floor.

                                                                                               Adjourned 9:10pm
                                                                                                    Submitted by

                                                                                               Carolyn Scannelli
                                                                                               Minutes Secretary

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