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                                                 “Physicians with populations
           Application online!                        as their patients”
     What is Preventive Medicine?               What do Preventive Medicine                          How do I do a Preventive
                                                      physicians do?                                   Medicine residency?
Preventive Medicine is one of 24 medical
specialties recognized by the American          Preventive Medicine physicians                  Preventive Medicine is a 2-year residency
Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).            pursue exciting careers in a variety of         that either follows a PGY-1 year or a
Preventive Medicine encompasses                 fields:                                         clinical residency. The first year of a
multiple “population-based” and clinical                                                        Preventive Medicine residency you
approaches to health care. Core                 •     Public Health                             complete an MPH or equivalent degree.
competencies include:                           •     Occupational Medicine                     The second year is a practicum experience
                                                •     Aerospace Medicine                        that is based on individual career goals.
•   Biostatistics/epidemiology                  •     International Health
•   Management/administration                                                                   There are three main ways to train in
                                                •     Clinical Preventive Medicine
•   Clinical Preventive Medicine                                                                Preventive Medicine:
                                                •     Health Policy and Management
•   Occupational health/environmental
                                                •     Environmental Medicine
    health                                                                                      •   Medical School PGY-1 year
                                                •     Bioterrorism Preparedness
                                                                                                    (transitional year or prelim year)
Preventive Medicine links the knowledge         •     Many, many more!
                                                                                                    Preventive Medicine residency
and skills of clinical medicine with the                                                                o 3 years total
                                                These positions are located in all
special skill sets of medical management
                                                levels of government, educational               •   Medical School clinical residency
and population health. It aims to:                                                                  (Family Medicine, Internal Medicine,
                                                institutions, organized medical care
                                                programs in industry, as well as                    Pediatrics, etc.) Preventive
•   Promote and preserve health and                                                                 Medicine residency
    longevity in individuals and                voluntary health agencies and
                                                professional health organizations.                      o 5 years total
                                                Preventive Medicine physicians                  •   Medical School Combined clinical
•   Enhance quality in health care systems                                                          residency and Preventive Medicine
                                                operate in a variety of settings, but
    and eliminate health disparities                                                                Residency
                                                common to these settings is an
•   Facilitate early diagnosis with                                                                     o 4-5 years total
                                                approach to health that looks at
    screening and education
                                                systemic and population-based
•   Use epidemiology and biostatistics to       interventions to improve the health of          Most Preventive Medicine residencies do
    improve the quality of life                                                                 not use ERAS or NRMP. Instead, you
•   Focus on prevention rather than cure                                                        apply directly to the program the year
                                                    Careers in Preventive Medicine Slideshow:   before you want to start.
     American College of Preventive Medicine:   
                                                                  Preventive Medicine Residency Directory:
                                                           Leaders in Preventive Medicine: 

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