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									                                                        MTR Student Travel Scheme 2009/2010
                                            Application Procedures of Student Octopus for CityU Students

Please read the following carefully to facilitate application procedures.

Eligibility :
Age Limit :
Between 12 and 25 (who have not yet reached 26 on the date of application).
Student Status :
-   Students currently enrolled on a full-time day course (receiving not less than 20 hours of academic instruction each week for 30 weeks or more
    in an academic year).
Final decision, all terms and conditions are subjected to and governed by the MTR Student Travel Scheme.


    Application Procedures           Date and Time                      Venue                                     Documents Required
Distribution of application    From 24 August 2009 until      Student Development         Not applicable.
forms                          stock lasts.                   Services Counter, 6/F.,
                               (Forms are also available at   Amenities Building
                               all MTR stations.)
Endorsement of Student         31 Aug to 4 Sep 2009           R4057                       Full-Time Students with clear indication of expiry date on Student ID
Status on completed            (11:00 am – 5:00 pm)           (Multi-purpose Room C)        Card :
application forms                                             4/F., Amenities Building    1. Duly completed MTR Student Octopus application form
                                                                                          2. Valid CityU Student ID card
                                                                                          3. Hong Kong ID Card or passport
                                                                                          4. One recent color passport size photo (for new applicants only)
                                                                                          All Combined Mode Students and Full-Time students with no
                                                                                          indication of expiry date on Student ID Card :
                                                                                          1. All of the documents above
                                                                                          2. Duly signed and dated document* with your name and student ID
                                                                                               number clearly showing that you have taken 12 Credits or more in
                                                                                               Semester A 2009-10.
                                                                                          Not eligible.

*      To print the hard copy of total credit hours, students please login AIMS system of CityU homepage. At Student Status Option click [Class Schedule] button
       and then print the page showing the total credit hours of the academic year 2009/10. To learn how to use ePortal in CityU, please visit the website of
       Computer Service Centre at or CSC Orientation Page at
   AT MTR

     Application Procedures                  Date and Time                               Venue                               Documents Required
    Submission of completed        1 Sep, 2009 to 16 October, 2009       MTR Customer Service Centre (please    Endorsed Student Octopus application form with
    application forms                                                    refer to the addresses listed on the   appropriate application fee.
                                                                         application form)                      Fees :
                                                                                                                1 time applicants : HK$90
                                                                                                                Card renewal : HK$20
    Application for new Student    To obtain your new card, please       The distribution counter of the        1. MTR receipt
    Octopus Card                   refer to details on the MTR receipt   designated MTR stations               2. CityU student ID card
                                                                                                               3. Hong Kong ID card or passport
    Renewal of Student Octopus     Please refer to the schedule shown    Any MTR Customer Service Centre       In person
                                   on the application form                                                     CityU student ID card
                                                                                                               Hong Kong ID card or passport

    Enquiries for MTR Student Travel Scheme :
    (1) The hotline of Student Travel Card Office: 2922 1009
        (Monday to Sunday, 0800 to 2000)
    (2) Visit the website:

    Revised version
    28 Sept 2009

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