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The stone is the wrong shape
 Did you choose people for managerial roles because
   they were the type of people who could get their
   fulfillment and satisfaction out of helping other people
   shine rather than having the ego-need to shine
   themselves? (No!)
 Did you select them because they had a prior history of
   being able to give a critique to someone in such a way
   that the other person says: “Wow, that was really helpful,
   I’m glad you helped me see all that.” (No!)
 Do you reward these people for how well their group has
   done, or do you reward them for their own personal
   accomplishments in generating business and serving
   clients? (Both, with an emphasis on their personal

You’ve chosen people who don’t want to do the job, who haven’t
demonstrated any prior aptitude for the job, and, you are rewarding
them for things other than doing the job?
  Why Employees Don’t Do
What They are Supposed to Do
 Don’t know:
– Why/how                     Rewarded for not doing
                              Punished for doing
 They think…                 No consequence for not
– Your way won’t work
                              Obstacles beyond their
– Their way is better
                               control – real/perceived
– Something else more
– They’re already doing it        What do you really
                                    know of their
 Don’t feel like it:              personal lives?
– Energy/Attitude
Why People Under Perform?
Home/Relationship Issues
Stress/ Burnt-Out
Fear, Anger, Engagement
Quality of Life Choice
Learned Helplessness
 They lack the environment in which to thrive.
 And that is probably your FAULT!
        Performance =
Ability x (Engagement + inspiration)
  Neg Attitude x Workplace Drag
The Wagon Pushers
 Pushers are critical. They have hands-on reality & know the
    thumps & bumps of the journey.
    But the view at the back is different than the view at the front .
   Inspiring & engaging these people to make improvements is
    difficult when all that seems to happen is that they are told to
    They need to be involved & engaged.
   Limited vision of the journey & the future
   View of Boards & Hands - not very engaging vision of the future
   Very little long-term motivation to push hard
   Required to work together as a team
   May not be co-ordinating efforts
   Not much fun - career options appear limited
   Issue of TRUST in leadership - "What are they doing up there? Is he
    pulling forward?"
   Puller may wonder: "Are they pushing or pulling"
   They feel the Thump… Thump of the journey forward:
   It has always worked that way
   There may be some better way to accomplish all this
   They need perspective and distance
How you feel about your Work?
A - “I love this work"
B - “I can tolerate it"
C - “what I do is junk”

Now tell me how you feel about your clients

A - "I really like these people. I enjoy serving them."

B - "I can tolerate them. I'm responsible and I give good
 service, but there is no real difference between today's
 client and tomorrow's client.“

C - "They are idiots who work in a boring industry."
         Give to Get
       David Maister’s Research
           clearly shows that
  if you can raise team satisfaction
in your firm by 10-15% you could see
          42% more net profit.

So, are you improving & measuring
Personal & Team satisfaction yet?
It is management’s job to…
 make people want to learn things
 by managing their “why” - helping
 them understand why this is
 why it is exciting & fulfilling,
 why people should sacrifice their
 time & attention to get involved.
  A sustained learning strategy to help people
        enhance their skills...change their
       perspectives...behave differently...
              achieve their goals.

 What? The process of providing continuous
  and intentional help/support to employees.

 How? By analyzing and feeding back their
  performance and other job behaviors/beliefs.

 Why? For the purpose of increasing their job
      Coaching for Change
 Energy: Does the person have the energy,
  awareness, consciousness and focus?
 Systems: Does the company actually
  monitor, encourage, and reward this (new)
 Attitude: Do people want to do this? Do they
  buy in to its importance?
 Knowledge: Do they know how to do it?
 Skills: Are they any good at implementing
  and executing what they know?
                 Value of Coaching
92%    increase to bottom line
99%    delivers tangible benefits to the organisation & individual
96%    effective way to promote learning
93%    key mechanism to transfer learning from training courses
                                                                      (CIPD research 2004)

689% ROI at Booz Allen
Coaching produced a 529% return on investment and significant
intangible benefits to the business.      Fortune 500 company

58% better management skills
53% increased job motivation
                                                                         (AC research 2004)

Executive coaching delivers a ROI of nearly 6 times the initial
cost of coaching
  Survey of 100 senior executives from Fortune 1000 co’s by Manchester Consulting, July’04
Benefits to Providing Coaching

 Area Measured            Improvement
     Productivity             53%
        Quality               48%
Organizational strength       48%
  Customer service            39%
 Reducing customer            34%
 Retaining executives         32%
   Cost reductions            23%
  Overall profitability       22%
Benefits to Leaders Receiving Coaching
 Area Measured                  Improvement
 Working relationships with         77%
 direct reports
 Working relationships with         71%
 Improved teamwork                  67%
 Better working relationships       63%
 with peers
 Job satisfaction                   61%
 Conflict reduction                 52%
 Increased organizational           44%
 Better working relationships       37%
 with clients/customers
Blanchard Leadership Model


          Supporting       Coaching

          Delegating       Directing

         Low                           High
               Directive Behavior
Lore’s 7-Point Coachability Scale
When Coaching, balance…
    “Head & Heart”

  Foundational Principles
1. Maintain & Enhance Self-Esteem
2. Listen & Respond With Empathy
3. Ask for Help & Encourage Involvement
4. Share Thoughts, Feelings & Rationale
5. Provide Support Without Removing
6. Promote correct action
7. Encourage participation & growth
   Managing is a skill, and (as it transpires)
      has nothing to do with rationality,
          logic, IQ, or intelligence.

    Whether you can manage is a simple
           question of whether or
     not you can influence individuals or
   organizations to accomplish something.

      It’s about influencing people, singly,
             in groups, or in hordes.

  If you want people to listen to you,
make sure you have listened to them first
     Pyramid of Interaction
complexity   Inspire          Power

             Coaching Skills
   Behaviour            Focus
 Observation         Solutions
 Counsel             Agreements
 Conditions          Follow through
 Criteria            Adjustment
 +Response           Follow-up
 Explore             Improvement
 Encourage           Accountable
        Giving Feedback
 Professional         Start with
 Purpose                positive
 Listening vs talking  “I” vs “you”
 Performance, not      Factual
  personality           Strategize
 Support               Goal setting
 Privacy                focus
 Encouraging           Action focus
                        Resolution
The Core Premises of Coaching

 The client holds his/her own answers
 The coach is a partner in the process
 Staying with the inquiry uncovers multiple,
  new avenues for response and action
 Staying in possibility encourages learning
 The effects of change are contagious
 Sustained engagement supports &
  continues change

        Involve        Expected

         Select         Minimal
        Facilitate   Unacceptable

                          Staff Engagement



50%                                                         Actively Disengaged

                                                            Not engaged




       Canada     Chile    Germany     UK       Singapore        Japan     France

       You cannot maximise Profits until you harness Passion
        Customer Engagement







      Fully Engaged       Engaged         Not Engaged         Actively
      Until you understand the client’s emotions that cause repurchase
      – and how to create them through your staff – you are in trouble
100%                                                           Actively Disengaged
                                                               Not Engaged
80%                                                            Fully Engaged








       Retail           Bank        Hopitality   Loyaly CCRd     Best Global

                Physically Present – emotionally absent
Other Findings
   Q12 Profile
   Select for talent
   Focus on existing strengths
   Manager creates the bond / Enviro
   Employees stay for…
    –   Relationships
    –   Environment
    –   Significance
    –   Meaningful work
 Demotivation
  – Sent on training that’s of no interest.
  – Doing culture scans & not acting on
 Inspiration is the
oxygen of the Soul.
  The human Spirit
yearns to inspire and
     be inspired
     Other Findings
 Emotions create engagement
  and set highest level goals
 Foster empowering feelings
 Work friend = less stress
 Best Work Friend = >54%
 Define outcomes not process

   See “Follow this path”- Coffman
“Leadership is about articulating visions,
    embodying values & creating the
 environment within which things can
     be accomplished” (Richards & Engle)

Leadership is “the ability of an individual
   to influence, motivate, and enable
     others to contribute toward the
    effectiveness and success of the
           organization” (House et al)
             Coaching Model
 [Goals Setting] -Vision & Immediate Goals
 [Assessment] - Current Situation
 [Develop the Plan] – Strategies & underlying
 [Implement the Plan] - Focus on intended
 [Evaluate the Performance] – Analysis &
 [Give Feedback] - After Action Review
 Repeat ………….
    Basic Coaching Process
 Build rapport & trust
 GROW model
   Person-centred
   Commitment
   Action
                                 Will              Reality

 Goal-setting & visualising

 Present state - - - - - - - - - - - - Desired state
                 Strategies    Actions
Profit Prophet                    Bye Product           Results

                                Results        Relationship Equity

                    Focus &

              Clarity Accountability, Quality Control, Expectations – CANI
        Attitude        AQ+ Satisfaction & Commitment                       > Corporate DRAG
        /Energy    Clarity, Resourceful, Engagement, Empowered/Grateful, Confidence & Control, Proactive

                      Destiny,                     Staff                  Value                 Context
                   Purpose, Calling             Capabilities             Balance              Environmental
       Strategic     Vision & Mission            Competencies            Rewards              Culture, Tools
                       Clarity, Buy in            Commitment           Compensation            Trust, Truth
       Clarity                                    Engagement             & Benefits          Politics, Policies
                   Big Picture,Challenges
                        Contribution             Risk embrace           Recognition           Walk the Talk

         Leaks                                           Staff State
         Areas       Static, Thought Viruses, Fears, Focus “Leaks” – Inspiration, Engagement

     Foundation                                    Core Energy
                        Energetic/Consciousness, Beliefs, Values, Talents, AQ profile/Learned Helplessness
                             Market Dynamics and Context

                               Vision, Mission, Strategy &
                                    Org Competencies

                                    Team Excellence

                                  Individual Excellence

             Where       Goals+     Assess EQ    Develop     Implement
                                                                     Evaluate &
 Process      am I       Vision      AQ & XQ      Plan         Plan    Reward

Application Assess     Coach        Tools       Coach        Coach        Coach

  Enabling           HR Support, Training and Facilitation – Manager 2 Coach
                              Logical Levels of Results
                                             -     Unaware
                                                                        Results          Conscious           +
                                           Reactive                     Actions                          Proactive

                          Min impact and Use                              Skills                            Max Impact and Use

                         Victim/ Do it for me                          Abilities                        Support is OK

                         They owe me                                  Attitudes                                Watch me do it
Unless the area
                          I have no Ability, I am not worthy,                                                I have Ability, I am worthy,
below the line is
                          I can’t do, It is not safe to do,                                                  I can do, It is safe to do,
clear, all efforts to
                          success is not achievable
                                                                        Beliefs                              success is achievable
effectively enhance
factors above this
line on a long-term                                                                                        Re-Programming your
are WASTED time,
                         “Learned Helplessness”
                                                                  Programming                              Personal Operating System
money and effort!                                           AQ - Adversity Intelligence & Resiliency

                          ”Leaks” = Fear, Resentments,                                                 ”Energy” = Past & Future
                          Anger, Loss                                    Static                        Success enhance “Now” Focus

                        Self Aware - Purpose                                              Self-Manage – Energy - State
Ladder Of Inference
        Observable data  Choice of action

        Finally, people select an action based on
                their beliefs.

        People use the conclusions to adopt
              personal beliefs to use in the future.

        People draw conclusions from the
              assumptions and selected data

        People make assumptions using the added

        People use their personal and cultural
              beliefs to construct meaning for the

        People select the data they will use and
              ignore the rest.

        Observable data
              How to Coach
Ask open ended questions such as:
 What might this mean?
 What might you be doing to create this result?
 Is it important to you to change these results?
 Are you willing to change these results?
 What specific actions will you do more or less of?
 What would be the best way forward?
 What else can you do now to change these results?
 By when will you do these actions?
 What support do you require to achieve the goals?
 Can I count on you to action our agreements?
            Effective Feedback
 Specific rather than general
 Focused on actual behavior
 Serves the needs of the receiver
 Directed at changeable behavior
 Solicited and non-judgmental
 Sharing information, not advice-giving
 Well-timed & appropriate amount
 Checked to ensure it’s understood

Coaching delivers 4x the retention & application than training
 Leadership is…
Vision = Ideas & Innovations, Values, Culture, Context

Relationship = Enrollment, Inspiration & Commitment

Task = Action, Attraction, Enrollment,
      Commitment & Accountability Vision

                             Relationship   Task
 Managers focus on: Leaders focus on:

Systems and structure   The “Mountain”
Rely on plan/control    The People
Short-range view        Inspiring & Trust
How, When & who         Long-Term View
The bottom line         What & Why
Imitates                Tapping Energy
Accepts status quo      Challenge Status quo
Being “good” soldier    Doing the right things
Doing things right      Facilitating Resources
Resource Allocation     Values Filter / culture
Policies & Procedures   Outcomes Facilitator
                         Bottom Line Duty
Management vs Coaching
  Mind                             Soul & Passion
  Instructions                     Inspiration
  Control                          Empower & Action
  Performance                      Potential
  Compensation                     Satisfaction
  Routine                          Attitude
  Expenses                         Accountability

    According to an American survey of Fortune 500 companies,
businesses with female executives have a 20%-70% higher yield on
net capital compared to other businesses in the same industry.Why?
Leadership is not so
 much about
 technique and
 methods as it is about
 opening the heart.
 Leadership is about
 inspiration - of
 oneself and of others.
            - Lance Secretan
Getting Blood from a Stone
 Create Right Context
 Create Trust
 Facilitate Engagement
 Build Inspiration
 Collaborate to create a combined
  – Destiny
  – Cause
  – Calling
 Create Coaches Everywhere
  A Final Thought

The conventional definition of
  management is getting work
 done through people, but real
  management is developing
     people through work.
          - Agha Hasan Abedi – BCCI
Tombstone Epitaph?

  He was a whore!
He did tolerable stuff
 for tolerable people
    they paid him a
  tolerable amount.

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