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					                Information for Scout & Guide Group Leaders

Derbyshire Scouts & Guides are holding their eighth Peak Camp at Chatsworth
from Saturday 24th July to Saturday 31st July 2010.

What is it?
An opportunity for members of Scouting & Guiding in Derbyshire, together with
their invited friends from Scouting & Guiding in other parts of the UK and
overseas to experience an international camp.

The camp theme is “One World – Our World”

Who can attend?
The camp activities are organised for members between the
ages of 10 to under 16 at the 31st August 2010. The activity programme will be
exciting, varied and full of fun; from the arts and crafts to adventurous activities
and will include environmental and conversation projects. For more information
go to the Activities pages on the Peak 2010 website (

The number of leaders accompanying groups will be in accordance with
Associations’ Guidelines. However, as the maximum number of campers (staff
and participants) is 6,000, groups from Derbyshire and the UK with a ratio in
excess of 1 leader to 5 Scouts/Guides will need to explain this at the time of
booking and will require the permission of the camp management team.
Ahead of bookings opening, now is the time to consider how to avoid or
overcome the ratio problem and the following suggestions are made:
       • a small group joins with another group in the District/Division/County
       • lessen the number of adult leaders by persuading some leaders to
           attend as day staff

The ratio of 1:5 will also apply to overseas groups unless their national
regulations state otherwise.

      How Much?

      The camp fee is:

      UK Campers £155.00          International Campers £205
      UK Leaders £30.0            International Leaders £85
Group Bookings – Important Dates

               1st June 2009 Information concerning group bookings available on
                   the Downloads and Registration pages of the Peak 2010
                     website     or    by     sending      an     email      to
            (Derbyshire & UK) or for
                  overseas groups email: or
alternatively write to Peak 2010, PO Box 7762,Derby DE1 0SG, UK.

1st September 2009 Derbyshire and International Bookings open on line or by

1st October 2009 bookings from other parts of the UK open on line or by post.

31st January 2010 deadline for the receipt of bookings with non-refundable

1st February 2010 groups allocated to sub camps

31st March 2010 deadline for receipt of the balance of the camp payment, camp
wear order forms, gas equipment hire forms (Derbyshire &UK only) & nominal
Activity forms, Health forms, car park passes and other information will be
available after the receipt of the final payment.

Bookings will be dealt with on a first come first served basis, giving equal places
to both Scouts and Guides.

The camp management team looks forward to welcoming groups at Peak 2010.