AdIntelligence from NielsenNetratings enables organizations to track

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                              > AdIntelligence

AdIntelligence from Nielsen//Netratings enables organizations to track and manage all
online marketing activities to ensure maximum return on investment.

This is the first truly independent methodology for            AdIntelligence Benefits
tracking the effectiveness of online advertising.              >   Track unlimited campaigns
                                                                   AdIntelligence tracks all forms of online creative,
AdIntelligence offers trusted, industry accepted online            inclusive of banners, rich media, search engine, pay
                                                                   per click, email, affiliates, video.
advertising data for all forms of online creative across all
email and ad serving platforms. It goes beyond the click,      >   Measure beyond the click
                                                                   AdIntelligence seamlessly integrates with SiteCensus
following the user from creative to website and                    measurement tagging to provide rich detail about
subsequent journey details.                                        your campaign users. This enables you for example to
                                                                   measure which creative was most effective on which
                                                                   site, how much time was spent per transaction,
                                                                   through to analyzing the full details of a user’s
                                                                   online journey.
                                                               >   Fully Independent
                                                                   AdIntelligence uses a third party independent
                                                                   methodology. Its creative tags can be used across all
                                                                   ad serving platforms. This removes the need to have
                                                                   multiple result tags from different ad servers and
                                                                   vendors on your fulfillment page, which ultimately
                                                                   decreases page weight and loading times.
                                                               >   True Return on Investment
                                                                   AdIntelligence offers a detailed key performance
                                                                   indicator analysis for internal and external campaigns
                                                                   based on over 30 different reporting metrics per
                                                                   campaign, creative and placement. Generated
                                                                   campaign revenues can be measured against
                                                                   variable and fixed campaign costs in an interface
                                                                   which is fully customizable per relevant metrics and
                                                                   per individual user.
Campaign summary: click conversion
AdIntelligence Features
The AdIntelligence product consists of eight modules, each
containing specific reports covering campaign, creative and

Modules                                Key Reports
> Key performance                      > Campaign
  indicators module                    > Creative
> Creative module                      > Text based ad
> Results module                       > Placement                        Campaign summary: details by date
> Return on investment                 > Key performance
  module                                  indicator
> iPath module                         > Ad views
> Trend module                         > Clicks
> Operation systems /                  > Mouseovers
  browsers module                      > Click rate
> Administration module                > Top creative
                                       > Placement paths
                                       > Margin
                                                                          iPath: from creative to result
                                       > Results
                                       > Revenue per result
                                       > Margin per result
                                       > Return on investment
                                       > Cost
                                       > Unique browsers
                                       > Ad view frequency
                                       > Session duration
                                       > Click conversion
                                                                          Placement and creative by result

Result by placement                                                       Weekly result trending

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