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									Local drop-in centres and winter shelters for
homeless people
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This fact sheet provides details of drop-in centres and winter shelters for homeless people in the
local area

Drop-in centres in Oldham
The Salvation Army
Oldham Citadel Corps
Chamber Road
0161 624 5551 (Karen or Sandra)

   •   Drop - in Centre for homeless people every Friday from 11am – 2.30pm
   •   Provide free drinks, snacks & food parcels to take away
   •   Newspapers and board games available for people to use
   •   Accept referrals for food parcels from outside agencies

The Welcome Centre
St Aidan and Oswald RC Church
Vaughan Street
0161 624 1322

   •   Run a drop-in centre from 11am – 12.30pm every day except Tuesday and Sunday where
       free meals are provided to anyone in need
   •   Can also provide clothing
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Local drop-ins centres and winter shelters for homeless people

Failsworth Salvation Army Community Church
572 Oldham Road
M35 9DQ
0161 682 0070

    •   Run a café on Mondays from 12pm and often provide meals free of charge to people who
        are in need
    •   Not specifically aimed at homeless people (like the Salvation Army on Chamber Road) but
        anyone who would otherwise be alone
    •   Sometimes able to provide food parcels

Oldham Baptist Church
Chaucer Street
0161 624 1214

•   Run a destitution project every Thursday from 1pm – 3pm
•   Aimed at failed asylum seekers / asylum seekers awaiting benefits
•   Provide food parcels, bus fares, clothing and blankets
•   Asylum seekers are required to show their paperwork

Drop-in centres in Rochdale

Petrus Day Centre
73 Great George Street
OL16 1QG
01706 526289

    •   Drop-in centre for homeless people
    •   Open 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday
    •   Open 12pm - 2pm on Saturday and Sunday
    •   Support and advice available plus use of office phone
    •   Laundry facilities, shower / bath, clothing store available
    •   Emergency support provided (food / clothes)
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Local drop-ins centres and winter shelters for homeless people

Drop-in centres in Tameside

St Albans Mission
Park Road
SK16 5LX
(opposite Magnum Motors)

Project Leader: Jeff Jerram – 0161 370 9384

   •   Provide a weekly drop-in for homeless people every Saturday from 9am – 1.30pm
   •   Shower / food parcels / toiletries available
   •   Free tea and coffee, plus soup and sandwiches

Drop-in centres in Manchester
Soup runs take place every evening in Manchester City Centre (on Store Street, behind Piccadilly
Train Station) at approximately 8pm.

                            Manchester Cathedral         Drop-in Tuesday and
                            Victoria Street              Thursday 10am – 12pm.
The Booth Centre            Manchester                   Free drinks, sandwiches
                            M3 1SX                       and advice. Activities at
                            0161 835 2499                other times.

                                                         Drop-in centre 10am –
                            Windsor drop in centre       4pm Monday, Tuesday
                            Churchill Way                and Thursday. Free
Manchester City Mission     Salford                      breakfast/ lunch, toilets,
                            M6 5BU                       laundry and showers.
                            0161 736 7959                Provide clothing and
                                                         essential toiletries.
                                                         Drop-in Tuesday,
                            45 Bloom Street              Wednesday and Thursday
                            Manchester                   10.30am – 12.30pm.
The Beacon
                            M1 3LY                       Showers, laundry (£1) and
                            0161 237 3223                breakfast. Other sessions
                                                         on timetable.
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Local drop-ins centres and winter shelters for homeless people

                           Charter Street Mission
                           Dantzic Street              Saturday and Sunday 7am
Breakfast at Lifeshare     Manchester                  – 8.20am. Free cooked
                           0161 953 4069

                                                       9.30am – 12.30pm and
                           14 – 16 Swan Street         1.30pm – 3.45pm Monday
Lifematters                                            to Friday (closed Weds
                           0161 835 5921               am). Cheap food, showers
                                                       and various activities.

                                                       10.30am – 4pm Monday to
                           104 Denmark Road            Friday. Free tea, coffee
                           Hulme                       and toast in the morning,
Cornerstone                Manchester                  soup and bread in the
                                                       afternoon. Cheap meals,
                           0161 232 8888               clothing, free showers.
                                                       Cheap washing.

                                                       Daily 11.30am – 2pm and
                           Fletcher Street
                                                       Monday to Thursday
Wellspring                                             6.30pm – 8pm. Free
                                                       meals, showers and
                           0161 477 6344

                           52 Oldham Street            Drop-in Mon to Fri 10am –
For people under 25        Manchester                  12pm. Advice Monday,
City Centre project        M4 1LE                      Tuesday, Thursday and
                           0161 228 7654               Friday 1pm – 4pm

Winter shelters in Manchester

Manchester City Mission
Windsor Drop In Centre
Churchill Way
M6 5BU
0161 736 7959

   •   Provide a winter shelter (20 bed spaces) every November for three months
   •   People are taken on a ‘referral only’ basis
   •   Referrals can be made after 3.30pm on the day a place is needed
   •   Hold a drop-in centre Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 10am – 4pm
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Local drop-ins centres and winter shelters for homeless people

   •   Toilets, showers and laundry facilities available
   •   Free breakfast and lunches provided

Destitute Asylum Seeker Winter Shelters

From November 2008, there will be bed-spaces for up to 10 destitute asylum seekers in church
locations across Manchester.

The Boaz Trust (0161 202 1056) and the Society of Friends ran a successful pilot project during
February and March 2008, which demonstrated the need for emergency accommodation for those
asylum seekers whose claims have been refused, and who would otherwise be sleeping rough. In
the end this helped several people into follow-on accommodation.

Now they have been able to find locations for the duration of the winter, and are looking for
volunteers to staff them.

The need
It is estimated that there are well over 2,000 refused asylum seekers in the Manchester area.
Unless they are willing to return voluntarily to their country of origin (which they believe will put them
in great danger), they have no recourse to public funds, and are therefore ineligible for even hostel
accommodation. Most manage to find somewhere to sleep, sofa-hopping between friends. The
Boaz Trust is housing 35, but has a waiting list of over 200. An increasing number are sleeping
rough – perhaps as many as 20 or more on any given night. That’s why a winter shelter is needed.
How it operates

The shelter will be open from 9pm to 8am (centres can opt to open a little earlier and close a little
later if they wish). Mats and sleeping bags with washable inners will be provided.

A simple hot meal will be provided each night, and breakfast will be available before departure.
Some centres will be able to provide this, and for others we will need volunteers to help out.

The accommodation is only for asylum seekers with nowhere else to sleep. Access is by referral
only from agencies such as the Red Cross, Refugee Action, the Medical Foundation, and the
various asylum seeker destitution projects. It is hoped that more suitable move-on accommodation
for asylum seekers will be found at some stage and help is offered with other practical needs such
as access to a solicitor, doctor, dentist and so on.

The Locations
Monday:        Friends Meeting House, Mount Street (at the back of Manchester Library)
Tuesday:       Brunswick Parish Church, Brunswick (near the Apollo)
Wednesday:     Kingsburn Hall, 814 Burnage Lane, M19
Thursday:      Friends Meeting House
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Local drop-ins centres and winter shelters for homeless people

Friday:        Church of the Nazarene, Tollgate Close, Longsight
Saturday:      Harpurhey Community Church, Carisbrook Street, M9
Sunday:        Harpurhey Community Church

We value your comments and suggestions about social care

We want to provide good quality services for people in Oldham and as we are a public service, you
have a say in everything we do. We want you to be completely satisfied with our services, but to
ensure this we need to know what you think. What do we do best? Where could we improve things?
Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Only by listening to you can we give you the service you
We welcome everything you have to say.

For matters relating to adult social care

The Quality Assurance Team can be contacted by writing to:

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You can also contact the Quality Assurance Team by
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If English is not your first or preferred language we can arrange to visit you with an interpreter.

For matters relating to children's social care

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Local drop-ins centres and winter shelters for homeless people

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