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					                                        Winter Spring 2010

                                 Discover Active Living
                          The benefits are endless...

Centennial Celebration 1910-2010

Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Department
  Winter Spring 2010
         Key Information                        Director’s Message                             Table of Contents

Parks & Recreation Administrative Office
  Kim Gilmer, Director
                                          E    very new year challenges us to
                                               renew and invigorate ourselves.
                                          Parks & Recreation is expanding
                                                                                      50+ Classes
                                                                                      Adult Activities & Classes
  4101 Kruse Way                          our adult class lineup to provide
Mail to:                                  new opportunities for education and
                                                                                      Adult Community Center                 46-49
PO Box 369, Lake Oswego, OR 97034         play. Get creative with mosaics,            Community Events                       28-29
General Information/Recorded Line         learn about the latest health issues,
  503-697-6500                            discover outdoor activities at historic     Golf                                   36-39
Registration                              Luscher Farm, and treat yourself to         Hikes & Rambles                        26-27
  503-675-2549                            tea parties with the little ones. We are
Fax                                       also renewing two of our playgrounds.       Kids’ & Teens’ Activities              6-9
  503-697-6579                            You are cordially invited to visit West
Adult & Teen Team Sports                                                              Location Key                           3
                                          Waluga and Westlake Parks to enjoy
  503-675-2547                            the playground improvements which           Luscher Farm                           10-11
Field Condition Hotline                   will occur this coming spring.
  503-635-0239                                                                        Natural Areas                          34
                                          Sincerely,                                  Parks & Pathways                       35
Adult Community Center
 Ann Adrian, Center Manager                                                           Preschool Activities                   4-5
 505 G Avenue                                                                         Registration Info & Form               50-51
Mail to:                                  Kim L. Gilmer,
PO Box 369, Lake Oswego, OR 97034         Director of Parks & Recreation              Rowing/Sculling                        44-45
General Information                                                                   Skyhawks Sport Classes                 5
Fax                                                                                   Sponsors/Donors                        5
 503-699-7462                                     Parks & Recreation                  Sports Highlights                      14-15
                                                   Advisory Board
Lake Oswego Golf Course &                                                             Teen Scene                             12-13
Practice Range                                                                        Tennis                                 40-43
 Tom Mueller, Golf Course Manager              John McComish (Chair)
 17525 Stafford Road                        Sandy Intraversato (Vice Chair)
Mail to:                                             Steve Dodds
PO Box 369, Lake Oswego, OR 97034
                                                  Michael Fontenot                            Inclusion Policy
General Information                                  Debbie Frank                       Parks & Recreation Programs
 503-636-8228                                          Sue Senf                       The City of Lake Oswego believes that
                                                    Blair Troutman                    including all people in the fabric of society
Lake Oswego Indoor Tennis Center                                                      strengthens community, strengthens
 Gary Evans, Assistant Parks Director                                                 individuals and enhances quality of life.
 and Tennis Center Manager                  The Parks & Recreation Advisory Board     The City of Lake Oswego promotes inclusion
 2900 Diane Drive                           is a volunteer board recommending         and opportunities for choice to enhance
Mail to:                                      policy direction to the City Council.   the quality of life for its residents, including
PO Box 369, Lake Oswego, OR 97034           The board meets at 6 pm on the third      persons with disabilities.
Registration & Court Reservations           Wednesday of each month at the City       If you are in need of special accommodations,
 503-635-5550                                of Lake Oswego West End Building.        please call 503-675-2549.

     2       For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
                                                                                                Key Information
            Table of Contents                                                           Location Key
Discover Active Living is printed three                 ABC         Age-less Body & Cond. Studio       311 B Ave.
times yearly. It is distributed to Lake
Oswego residents by US Postal
                                                        ABDA        Academy of Ballet & Dance Arts 311 B Ave.
Service bulk mail. Additional copies                    ACC         Adult Community Center             505 G Ave.
are available at City Hall and other city facilities.
                                                        DHTR        Doll House Tea Room                3223 SE Risley Ave., Portland
Catalogs are scheduled to arrive in homes as            FHP         Foothills Park                     199 Foothills Dr.
follows:                                                FOR         Forest Hills Elementary            1133 Andrews Rd.
     • Summer 2010                April 10              GC          Lake Oswego Golf Course            17525 Stafford Rd.
     • Fall 2010                  August 7
     • Winter/Spring 2011         December 10
                                                        GRP         George Rogers Park                 611 S. State St.
                                                        HFLF        Hazelia Field at Luscher Farm      17800 Stafford Rd.
 Photography                                            HTRC        Happy Trails Riding Center         20560 Fernview Rd., West Linn
Parks & Recreation reserves the right to photograph
                                                        ITC         Indoor Tennis Center               2900 Diane Dr.
program participants for publicity purposes. These
photos are for City use only and may be used in         LANG        Lang House                         185 Rosemont Rd. ,West Linn
future promotional materials.                           LHS         Lakeridge High School              1235 Overlook Dr.
 Thank You                                              LKGRV       Lake Grove Elementary              15777 Boones Ferry Rd.
Thanks to our sponsors and donors listed on             LKWD        Lakewood Ctr. for Arts             368 S. State St.
page 5 of this catalog.                                 LOHS        Lake Oswego High School            2501 Country Club Rd.
 Department Web Pages                                   LOJH        Lake Oswego Jr High                2500 Country Club Rd.
Online Registration:            LUSCH       Luscher Farm                       125 Rosemont Rd.
Parks & Rec Dept:          MILL        Millennium Plaza Park              200 First St.
Sports:                        OAK         Oak Creek Elementary               55 Kingsgate
Adult Community Center:
Golf Course:
                                                        PLAY        Play Boutique                      332 First St.
Teen Programs:                      ROSE        Rose’s Glassworks                  10105 SW Hall Blvd, Ptld.
                                                        SKPK        Lake Oswego Skate Park             5520 Willow Lane
 Online Registration
                                                        TATS        Tilton’s Acrobatic & Tumbling Studio 2122 SW Borland Rd. West Linn,
 Open 24 hours, 7 days per week for
registration on secure site.                            TBA         To Be Announced
 Browse the class list or search by keyword,           WEB         West End Building                  4101 Kruse Way
location, age of participant or class dates.
                                                        WJH         Waluga Junior High School          4700 Jean Rd.
 Complete program description and availability
information.                                            WSC         Water Sports Center                350 Oswego Pointe Dr.
 Learn the answers to frequently asked
                                                        Catalog Design & Editing Services
                                                        Provided by Elle Design Services, LLC

      For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                    3
                                                    You, Me & Pony Make Three                          Creative Movement and Ballet B
              Preschool Policy:                     Parents and children enjoy a story, pony           Twirl, hop, march, gallop and skip to begin
      Only registered children may attend           brushing, riding, and feeding carrots. Learn to    learning basic ballet! Dance a new story each
    classes. Children must be potty trained         sit tall in the saddle. Wear closed toe shoes;     session and spark your imagination. Dance attire
     unless they are registered for a class         safety helmets provided. Directions printed on     discussed at first class.
      which includes parent participation.          registration receipt.                              Ages 4-6             ABDA Staff           ABDA
                                                    Ages 2-5              Schramm              TBA     Res $83/Non-Res $95
                                                    Res $65/Non-Res $75                                1120150     10-10:45a         Sa       1/9-2/13
 Indoor Playground                                  1130700        10-11:30a      Sa           1/16    Res $67/Non-Res $77
 Indoor Playground is the perfect place to          1130701        10-11:30a      Sa           2/13    1120151     10-10:45a         Sa      2/20-3/20
 let your little ones’ legs and imaginations        1130702        10-11:30a      Sa           3/13    Res $83/Non-Res $95
 run free. Parents can relax while children         1130703        10-11:30a      Sa           4/10    1120152     10-10:45a         Sa         4/3-5/8
 climb, slide, ride and scramble in a spacious      1130704        10-11:30a      Sa           4/24
 interactive play area in the Willamette Room
 at the West End Building. Purchase a ticket
 or punch card at the Parks & Recreation            Tiny Tot Dance Exploration
 reception desk. This is a drop in program,         Enjoy singing, moving, and dancing along with
 co-sponsored by PLAY Boutique and Lake             fun music. New movements are added each
 Oswego Parks & Recreation.                         session. Parent participation in class required
 Closed 1/4, 1/18, 2/15, 3/29                       only when your child is uneasy; otherwise, no
 Ages 0-6             Staff               WEB       parents in class.
 9:30 - 11:30a                                      Ages 2.5-3          Francis              ABDA
 Drop in Fee $2                       1121820       Res $72/Non-Res $83
 Additional Sibling Fee $1            1121825       1120000       9:30-10a        W        1/6-2/10
 10 visit punch card $15              1121831       Res $60/Non-Res $69                                Fairy Tale Ballet
 M/W/Th                                1/6-4/29     1120001       9:30-10a        W       2/17-3/17    Enter the imaginary world of fairy tales as Miss
                                                    Res $72/Non-Res $83                                Wendy takes your little dancer on an adventure
                                                    1120002       9:30-10a        W        3/31-5/5    of fun and self-expression through ballet-based
         5th Annual Preschool Forum                                                                    dance. A new fairy tale is taught each session.
   Free Event for Parents and Preschoolers                                                             Clothing discussed at the first class.
          Thursday January 14, 2010                                                                    Ages 4-5         Goldthwaite               ABDA
                   6:30-8:30p                                                                          Res $83/Non-Res $95
How do you choose the right preschool? This                                                            1120110      1:45-2:30p         W       1/6-2/10
forum is the fastest and easiest way to learn       Creative Movement and Ballet A                     Res $67/Non-Res $77
about area preschools and help you make an          Swirl, spin, hop and skip. Children learn basic    1120111      1:45-2:30p         W      2/17-3/17
informed decision. Representatives are on site to   movement and ballet using fun props. New           Res $83/Non-Res $95
provide a brief overview of teaching philosophies   songs and dance stories each session. Dance        1120112      1:45-2:3.0p        W       3/31-5/5
and programs and to answer your questions.          attire discussed at first class. Must be potty
Limited childcare is provided by the PLAY           trained.
Boutique, and light refreshments are available.     Ages 3-4            Goldthwaite           ABDA     Etiquette and Manners Class for Preschoolers
Co-sponsored by the Lake Oswego Mothers             Res $72/Non-Res $83                                Children thrive in an exclusive program with
Club and Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation.            1120090       1-1:30p          W       1/6-2/10    engaging games and hands on learning, all with
For more information, visit         1120091       9:30-10a         Sa      1/9-2/13    a focus on great manners. Last class is held at
Preschools interested in participating can          Res $60/Non-Res $69                                The Doll House Tea Room for a live table and
contact:                  1120092       1-1:30p          W      2/17-3/17    meal experience.
                                                    1120093       9:30-10a         Sa     2/20-3/20    Ages 3-6         Richards               WEBR
West End Building, Willamette Room                  Res $72/Non-Res $83                                Res $48/Non-Res $55
4101 Kruse Way                                      1120094       1-1:30p          W       3/31-5/5    1110170      4:30-5:20p     W        3/31-4/21
Lake Oswego, OR 97035                               1120095       9:30-10a         Sa        4/3-5/8

      4         For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
Baby Sign Language 101
Parent Workshop
Learn how to communicate
with baby. Reducing tears
and tantrums is easy
                                                                                                           Thank you to
when you teach them sign
language that increases                                                                                   our Sponsors!
IQ, boosts bonding and
helps them speak earlier                                 Skyhawks Sports Classes
than non-signers. This workshop is for parents -        To register, visit                   Parking Day
please do not bring babies over 3 months.                       or call 1-800-804-3509
Ages18+          Fogel                     WEB
                                                                                                       Fergusons’s Fragrant Nursery
Res $40/Non-Res $46 - Single                        An introductory program for young children to
Res$50/Non-Res $58 - Double                         explore a variety of sports, with an emphasis on          Luscher Farm
Choose optional Double pricing for two parents/
                                                    fun and fundamentals. Great for young sports             Kordell’s Nursery
                                                    enthusiasts as they take their first steps into
1324340 10:30a-12:15p W                    1/13     athletics. Participants explore soccer, baseball         Red Pot Nursery
1324341 6:30-8:15p            W             3/3     and basketball through unique and fun games.                Tree Care
1324342 10:30a-12:15p Tu                    4/6     There is no pressure, just lots of fun.                   LO Rotary Club
                                                    No class 2/13
                                                                                                              Denni’s 7 Dees
Toddler Early Learning Experience                                                                            Territorial Seeds
Join us for a fun-filled, learning experience       Tiny-Hawks
using plenty of imagination, games, songs and       Res $40/Non-Res $40                                     Area Eagle Scouts
activities. Children are engaged in a specific      Ages 3.5-4       Skyhawks                 WEB              Smurfit-Stone
theme each day while parents are away.              9:30-10a         Sa                   1/16-3/13
Ages 1-2.5        PB                      PLAY
Res $92/Non-Res $106                                                                                      Movies in the Park
1110710      11-1a            Th       1/7-1/28     Mini-Hawks                                         Lakeside Pediatric Dentistry
1110711                                             Res $48/Non-Res $48
             11-1a            Th       2/4-2/25
                                                    Ages 4-6         Skyhawks                 WEB         Karie Borgen, DMD
1110712      11-1a            Th       3/4-3/25
1110713      11-1a            Th       4/8-4/29     10:10-10:55a     Sa                   1/16-3/13
                                                                                                              Lake Oswego
                                                                                                            Farmers’ Market
                                                                                                          New Seasons Market
                                                                                                         National Charity League
                  Spanish Play                                                                            Lake Oswego Rotary
                  Expose your child to new
                  cultures through language and
exploring Art, music, and gross motor activities.                                                           Harvest Festival
Children begin to lay a solid foundation in the                                                         Windermere, Lake Oswego
learning of new languages.
Ages 3-7         PB                        PLAY
                                                                                                           Downtown Business
                                                                For Youth Gymnastics
Res $67/Non-Res $77                                              Classes, ages 4-18,
                                                                                                           District Association
1110880      11:30a-12:30p Sa           1/9-1/30
                                                                     see page 8.
1110881      11:30a-12:30p Sa           2/6-2/27
1110882      11:30a-12:30p Sa           3/6-3/27
1110883      11:30a-12:30p Sa           4/10-5/1

     For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                               5
Kids & Teens
                                                       Mixed Media                                             Pastels
              Get Creative!                            Learn about and use paint, pastels and clay,            Create beautiful paintings using a variety of
                                                       and experience the fun of drawing, painting and         pastels, conte pencils, and pastel paper. Taught
Rocks and Socks                                        sculpting. Varied techniques and methods with a         with many demos and using intense drawing and
Make some art at Luscher Farm in this two-day          lot of individual help encourage budding artists.       blending techniques with a variety of subjects:
rock art and sock puppet-making class! Decorate        All supplies included. No Class 3/24                    still life, landscapes, and seascapes. They all
rocks or paint them into animals and make sock         Ages 5-8                Stokes            WEB           are used to guide students easily with additional
puppets complete with googly eyes!                     Res $55/Non-Res $63                                     lessons from the instructor. Supplies discussed
Ages 6-12              Lee              LUSCH          1200420 4-5p                   W       1/13-3/3         at first class; if you have your own please bring
Res $28 /Non-Res $32                                   1200421 4-5p                   W      3/17-5/12         them. No Class 3/23
4229950 10-11:45a           Tu-W 12/29-12/30                                                                   Ages 13+                 Stokes             WEB
                                                                                                               Res $79/Non-Res $91
                                                                                                               1300220 4:15-6:15p              Tu       1/12-3/2
Draw Like A Master 101                                                                                         1300221 4:15-6:15p              Tu      3/16-5/11
Explore drawing with pencil, charcoal, pastels
and watercolor to achieve a drawing that is both                                   Advanced Mixed Media
fun and a work of art. Dabble your way through                                     This class is similar to
the elements of design.                                                            Mixed Media, but with
Ages 5-8               Hurley              WEB                                     much greater emphasis
Res $41/Non-Res $47                                                                on detail, accuracy and
1200890 11:45a-12:30p Sa               1/16-2/6                                    complexity when using
1200891 11:45a-12:30p Sa               2/13-3/6                                    paint, pastels and clay.
1200892 11:45a-12:30p Sa               4/3-4/24                                    Instructor provides great   Faces and Portraits
                                                         direction. All supplies included. No Class 3/24       Finally! Portrait artist Marianne Stokes teaches
                                                         Ages 9-16                Stokes               WEB     unique methods not available in the books, using
Draw Like A Master 201                                   Res $73/Non-Res $84                                   fundamentals and her proprietary techniques.
Draw 3-D shapes, landscapes, animals and 1200425 5:15-6:45p                               W         1/13-3/3   Focus on accuracy and really make portraits
people by mastering the skills of shading and            1200426 5:15-6:45p               W        3/17-5/12   and faces faster, easier, beautiful! Supplies are
perspective drawing. Explore with charcoal and                                                                 discussed at first class; if you have your own
pastels to create a drawing you can be proud of.                                                               please bring them. No Class 3/23
Ages 9-13                 Hurley                   WEB Watercolor with Marianne                                Ages 13+                 Stokes             WEB
Res $41/Non-Res $47                                      Learn all the fundamentals and techniques             Res $70/Non-Res $81
1200790 10:15a-11:30a Sa                        1/16-2/6 of watercolor painting: shading, blending,            1300240 6:45-8:45p              Tu       1/12-3/2
1200791 10:15a-11:30a Sa                        2/13-3/6 scrubbing, and wet-on-wet, with step-by-step          1300241 6:45-8:45p              Tu      3/16-5/11
1200792 10:15a-11:30a Sa                        4/3-4/24 instructions and a variety of subjects. Class is
                                                         for teens and adults; supplies discussed at first
                                                         class. No Class 3/24
Paint Explorers                                          Ages 12+                 Stokes               WEB
Splatter it, brush it, squish it or swirl it to create a Res $70/Non-Res $81
Jackson Pollock inspired painting, using brushes, 1300200 7:15-8:45p                      W         1/13-3/3
toothbrushes, kitchen utensils and your hands. 1300201 7:15-8:45p                         W        3/17-5/12
Get artistically messy and have some fun!
Ages 4-10                 Hurley                   WEB
Res $41/Non-Res $47                                            See page 16 for 12+Arts&Crafts Classes
1200920 12:45-1:45p                Sa           1/16-2/6
1200921 12:45-1:45p                Sa           2/13-3/6       See Page 17 for 10+ Photography Classes
1200922 12:45-1:45p                Sa           4/3-4/24

      6           For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
                                                                                                                 Kids & Teens
                                                       Pony Planet Fridays
             Get Interested!                           The Pony Planet is now open on no school or                     Springtime Tea Party
                                                       early release days. Get ready to ride, brush and   Over 175 dresses for you to choose from and
When I’m In Charge                                     rope. Getting ready for an early planting of the   dress up in. Add jewelry, accessories and
Help prepare children for situations that may          carrot garden and create some new paintings for    shoes to your fabulous look and then get your
occur when they are home alone. The course             the wall of art.                                   hair and make-up done. Join other girls for a
teaches personal safety, family communications,        Ages 5-11             Schramm               TBA    candy hunt and a special holiday tea. Parents
sibling care, basic first aid, internet and gun safe-   Res $90/Non-Res $104                               are invited to attend and take pictures.
ty. Bring a snack and drink.                           1265030 11a-4p                F             2/12   Ages 4-12            Richards            DHTR
Ages 8-11                ARC                   WEB     1265031 11a-4p                F             2/26   Res $26/Non-Res $30
Res $21/Non-Res $24                                    1265032 11a-4p                F             4/16   1226150 2-4p                   Sa          4/3
1227000 9:30a-12p                 F             2/26   1265033 11a-4p                F             4/30
1227001 9:30a-12p                 Th            3/11
1227002 9:30a-12p                 Sa            4/17
                                                       Piano Explorers 1                                             Mother’s Day Tea Party
                                                       Learn the basics of piano playing. Group lessons   Girls and their mom (or grandmas, aunts,
Basic Aid Training                                                                                        friends, etc.) dress up and add jewelry,
                                                       introduce the basics of music theory. Learn
Youth learn how to recognize and avoid                                                                    accessories and shoes to your fabulous
                                                       the skills to play a song and musically express
potentially harmful situations, treat common                                                              look. Get your hair, make-up and nails done.
injuries, respond to emergency situations,.                                                               Celebrate your special Mom at the holiday tea.
                                                       Ages 7-10              Widener              WEB
rescue breathing, choking response skills, and                                                            Price is per couple.
                                                       Res $70/Non-Res $81
first aid for burns, cuts, scrapes and bites. Bring                                                       Ages 4-12            Richards          DHTR
                                                       1206000        6-6:30p         Th      1/21-3/11
a snack and drink to class.                                                                               Res $40/Non-Res $46
Ages 8-11                ARC                  WEB                                                         1275030 2-4p                  Su           5/9
Res $35/Non-Res $39
                                                     Piano Explorers 2                                 Additional child
1227040 1-4p                     Th-F 3/11-3/12
                                                     Returning students or students with beginning Res $12/Non-Res $14
                                                     reading skills                                    1275035 2-4p                    Su           5/9
Babysitter Training                                  Ages 7-10               Widener           WEB
Learn accident prevention, handling emergencies, Res $70/Non-Res $81
first aid and child development, positive 1206005                   6:45p-7:15p    Th      1/21-3/11 Skillz Spring Break Camp
supervision and the rights and responsibilities of a                                                 Learn what it takes to be an illustrator in this
good babysitter. Bring lunch and drink.                                                              workshop using skills to magically turn stories into
Ages 11-15               ARC                  WEB                                                    works of art and bring to life pictures on a page.
Res $41/Non-Res $46                                                                                  The focus is also on comic book illustrators in this
1227020 9a-3:45p                 Sa            2/27                                                  fun, interactive experience.
1227021 9a-3:45p                 Sa            4/17                                                  Ages 4-8             PB                       PLAY
                                                                                                     Res $142/Non-Res $163
                                                     Etiquette and Manners Class                     1110898       1:30-4:30p       M-F       3/22-3/26
Instant Guitar for Hopelessly Busy People            Children thrive in this exclusive program with
A one-time basic guitar seminar for those engaging games a focus on great manners. Spring Princess Camp
too busy or too impatient for 6 to 8 weeks of Children are welcomed into a small, friendly Girls can be their true “princess selves” at this
traditional lessons. Fee includes $29 materials group. Last two class are held at The Doll House royal camp. Dress up in beautiful gowns complete
fee. Bring your acoustic guitar.                     Tea Room for a live table and meal experience. with shoes, jewelry and accessories, then let the
Ages 13+                 Magnuson             WEB Ages 7-11               Richards       WEB/DHTR staff do your hair and make-up. Princess crafts,
Res $57/Non-Res $66                                  Res $48/Non-Res $55                             games and a royal tea party lunch complete each
1321050 9:30a-12p                Sa            2/13 1226100 5:30-6:20p             W       3/31-4/21 day.
1321051 9:30a-12p                Sa            4/10 Ages 9-12             Richards       WEB/DHTR Ages 4-7             Richards                    DHTR
                                                     Res $48/Non-Res $55                             Res $115/Non-Res $132
      See page 18 for photography classes
                                                     1226105 6:30-7:20p            W       3/31-4/21 1155340       10a-1p           Tu-Th 3/23-3/25

     For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                              7
 Kids & Teens
Lego Fun Pre-Engineering Camp                       Engineering FUNdamentals with Legos
Create, Play, and Learn. Build                                 Design and build motorized                                 Get Moving!
a town with houses, buildings,                                 machines, catapults, pyramids,
pyramids, bridges, tunnels and                                 bridges, buildings, and other
towers. Build motorized vehicles;                              constructions. A hands-on and                              Gymnastics:
race, crash, and repair them.                                  minds-on class suitable for Lego®
Explore the many possibilities of                              novices to maniacs.                                   Acrobatics and Tumbling
LEGO® building systems.                                                                                   Through a partnership with Tilton’s Acrobatics
                                                                                                          and Tumbling, young gymnasts learn the
Ages 5-6           Play-Well Staff     WEB Ages 5-6           Play-Well Staff                       WEB basics of tumbling and acrobatics and progress
Res $150/Non-Res $173                        Res $150/Non-Res $173                                        at their own pace in these floor-only classes.
1157250    9a-12p        M-F       3/22-3/26 1157255    1-4p            M-F                     3/22-3/26 Young gymnasts are required to complete a
                                                                                                          one month intro before moving into additional
                                                                                                          classes. Once the Intro class is completed, the
                                                                                                          instructor places your child into the Teacher
                                                                                                          Approval series. Registration for Teacher
                             Spring Break Camps                                                           Approval series is directly through Tilton’s
                                                                                                          Acrobatics and Tumbling.
                   Ski & Snowboard Camps at Timberline Ski Resort
                                                                                                                  Acrobatic and Tumbling Intro
 Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation teams up with       Ages 7-17                                                The Introduction classes are grouped by age
 the ski professionals at historic Timberline Ski   SNOWBOARDERS & SKIERS                                    and time. No Class 1/18, 3/22
 Resort so you can enjoy outstanding terrain, the   Novice to more experienced snowboarders and              Ages 4-18             Tilton           TATS
 exciting Park & Pipe, and year-round teaching      skiers benefit from this lesson program. Join the        Fee $62 per session
 professionals at these camps. You choose           morning lesson, and then ski with your instructor        Ages 4-6
 whether you wish to ski or snowboard. A light      on the mountain for fun in the afternoon! Choose         1247000 4:30-5:30p            M      1/4-2/1
 snack is provided to and from camp, but bring      equipment option of either snowboard or skis             1247001 4:30-5:30p            M     3/1-3/29
 your lunch or buy it at the Lodge. We show a       when registering.                                        Ages 7-18
 movie during the trip, and our motor coach has                                                              1247020 5:30-6:30p            M      1/4-2/1
                                                    2 day camp, motor coach NO equip rental                  1247021 6:30-7:30p            M     3/1-3/29
 bathrooms on board.                                  Class # 1165020
 6:15a-5:40p            Tu                   3/23     Res $230/Non-Res $265
 7:00a-5:40p            W                    3/24   2 day camp, motor coach, PLUS equip rental
 The motor coach departs from the West End           Class # 1165025                                        Latin Salsa For Teens Only
 Building back parking lot (4101 Kruse Way)          Res $240Non-Res $276                                   A blend of African and Latin rhythms keeps you
                                                    Includes:                                               moving in this Caribbean social dance. Singles
                                                      - 2 day Camp                                          and couples are welcome. No black or marking
                                                      - Instruction from 10am-3pm                           soled shoes or soles with nails.
                                                      - Transportation to Timberline Ski                    Ages 13-17            ABDA Staff          ABDA
                                                      Resort via motor coach with a movie                   Res $88/Non-Res $101
                                                      - Bus chaperones - 2 staff, 2 adult volunteers        1245510 7:15-8:15p             Th      1/7-2/11
                                                      - Ski or snowboard rental                             Res $75/Non-Res $86
                                                      equipment at the resort.                              1245511      7:15-8:15p        Th     2/18-3/18
                                                      - Registration closes/signed froms due 3/19           Res $88/Non-Res $101
                                                      - Adults volunteers/chaperones needed.                1245512 7:15-8:15p             Th        4/1-5/6
                                                      Please call Jean at 503-675-3901
                                                      $15 discount for registering before Friday, March 5

      8         For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
                                                                                                                  Kids & Teens
                                                                                                          Introduction to Fencing
                                                                                                          Learn the basic skills of the Olympic sport
                                                                                                          of sabre fencing. This dynamic sport offers
                                                                                                          challenges to quick thinking, coordination,
                                                                                                          strength and stamina. Safety is emphasized. All
                     Ballet                                                                               equipment provided.
Pre-Ballet A                                                                                              Ages 6-12             OR Fencing All.    WEB
Learn basic steps and elements of classical ballet                                                        Res $109/Non-Res $126
appropriate for your age. Have fun with rhythm                                                            1247500 6-7:30p              W        1/27-3/3
steps and story mimes. Dance attire discussed at                                                          Ages 12+ OR Fencing All.                 WEB
first class. No experience necessary.                                                                     Res $109/Non-Res $126
Ages 6-8                Goldthwaite        ABDA                                                           1403000 7:30-9p              W        1/27-3/3
Res $83/Non-Res $95
1245050 4-4:45p                Th        1/7-2/11 Ballet For Teens & Adults – Levels I & II
                                                   This is the perfect class for the complete beginner    Introduction to Martial Arts
                                                   or someone who hasn’t danced in decades. Learn         An easy introduction to the world of martial
                                                   the essentials of classical ballet. Our teachers       arts. Gain greater coordination and balance as
Pre-Ballet B                                       make adult ballet fun and accessible. No black         you learn the basic techniques of self-defense.
Develop a love for music and dancing. Basic
                                                   ballet shoes. No Class 1/18                            Increase confidence as you discover new
ballet vocabulary is taught and children learn
                                                   Ages 14+                 ABDA Staff           ABDA     abilities and develop greater strength with your
ballet etiquette combined with a sense of self-
                                                   Res $75/Non-Res $86                                    body naturally.
                                                   1340460 6-7p                      M          1/4-2/8   Ages 7+                AMMA                WEB
Ages 8-9 Goldthwaite           ABDA
                                                   1340461 6-7p                      M       2/15-3/15    Res $76/Non-Res $88
Res $88/Non-Res $101
                                                   1340462 6-7p                      M       3/29-4/26    1403050 6:40-7:30p            Tu        1/19-3/9
1245010 4:45-5:45p             Th        1/7-2/11
                                                                                                          1403051 6:40-7:30p            Tu       3/30-5/18

                                                       Ballet For Teens & Adults – Level III
Ballet I                                               Explore the technique of classical ballet at theTable Tennis
This is the essential level that lays the foundation                                                   Improve eye-hand coordination and reflexes in a
                                                       Intermediate level. Develop balance, strength
for classical ballet. No Class 1/18.                                                                   fun environment. Learn techniques and discuss
                                                       and flexibility while enjoying dancing. No black
Ages 10-12               Goldthwaite          ABDA                                                     strategy. Includes drills and the chance to play
                                                       ballet shoes. No Class 1/18
Res $88/Non-Res $101                                                                                   round-robin games. Best suited for beginning
                                                       Ages 14+                Goldthwaite       ABDA
1245020 4-5p                     M          1/4-2/15                                                   and intermediate players. No Class 2/15
                                                       Res $95/Non-Res $109
1245021 4-5p                     W          1/6-2/10                                                   Ages 12+ Rhodes                            WEB
                                                       1340470 7:15-8:45p             M         1/4-2/8
                                                                                                       Res $65Non-Res $75
                                                       Res $114/Non-Res $131                           1341340 7-8:30p                M       1/25-3/15
                                                       1340471 7:15-8:45p           W         1/6-2/10 1341341 7-8:30p                M       3/29-5/10
                                                       Res $95/Non-Res $109                            For Wednesday night Table Tennis Drop-In info,
                                                       1340472 7:15-8:45p           M        2/15-3/15 see page 14.
                                                       1340473 7:15-8:45p           W        2/17-3/17
                                                       1340474 7:15-8:45p           M        3/29-4/26    For information on additional youth sports
                                                       1340475 7:15-8:45p           W        3/31-4/28    and fitness related programs go to the
                                                                                                            following pages.
                                                                                                            Page 5 Skyhawks Sports Classes for ages
                                                                                                            Page 14 L.O. Skate Park
                                                                                                            Page 8 Spring Break Camps
                                                                                                            Page 15 Girls Youth Lacrosse

     For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                               9
 Luscher Farm
                                                                                                     Luscher Farm Area History Through Time
          Luscher Farm CSA                                                                           Learn more about the Hazelia area from pre-
Do you want to enjoy the bounty of healthy, fresh
                                                                                                     settlement days to the present. This includes
vegetables straight from the farm?
                                                                                                     information about the Willamette Meteorite,
Consider becoming a shareholder in the Luscher
                                                                                                     native peoples, life of the early settlers and the
Farm CSA. Community Supported Agriculture
                                                                                                     area’s growth through time.
(CSA) is a partnership between a farmer and
                                                                                                     Ages 18+                 Davis/Cronlund LUSCH
local consumers who invest in each other.
                                                                                                     Free, preregistration requested. Call 503-675-2549
Members pay a fee at the beginning of the
                                                     Luscher Farm Community Gardens 2010             1325058 7:30-9p                 Th            1/28
growing season. In return, they receive a portion
of the farm’s produce throughout the growing         Grow your own fresh organic produce at the
                                                     Lake Oswego Community Gardens at historic       Garden Apprentice Program
                                                     Luscher Farm. The 2010 season gardeners         Meet bugs, taste plants, grow plants from seeds,
Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Department
                                                     received a letter and secured their plots in    make garden crafts and much more in this fun
partners with Laura Masterson, owner of 47th
                                                     November 2009. Each gardener is required        garden program. Teacher Carolyn is looking
Avenue Farm, to provide our citizens with an
                                                     to provide 4 hours of volunteer service at      forward to sharing all the neat things about
opportunity to receive healthy, sustainably grown
                                                     Luscher Farm during the season. If plots        gardening and nature.
vegetables. The summer CSA harvest starts in
                                                     are available after returning gardeners are     Ages 6-14               Cella            LUSCH
May and continues through the end of October.
                                                     established, a lottery opens December           Res $8/Non-Res $9
Members come to Luscher Farm once a week
                                                     14; call 503-638-0376 to enter your name,       1229010 1-3p                   Su           3/14
on Thursday evenings to pick up their shares
                                                     address and phone number. The Garden            March Club - Come to the Children’s Garden
of produce. At each pick up you receive at least
                                                     Lottery closes December 30; all selected        and help plant for spring and summer harvest.
8-10 different vegetables and herbs. Pick up
                                                     from the lottery are notified by phone and       1229011     1-3p               Su           4/18
dates are: 5/20, 5/27, 6/3, 6/10, 6/17, 6/24, 7/1,
                                                     non-selected gardeners are notified by letter.   April Club - Check on the progress of the
7/8, 7/15, 7/22, 7/29, 8/5, 8/12, 8/19, 8/26, 9/2,
                                                                                                     Children’s Garden and get ready for summer fun.
9/9, 9/16, 9/23, 9/30,10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28
 Whole Share- Fee $950                                    Mark your Calendar!                            Luscher Farm
Age 16+             Masterson             LUSCH
1030100 5-7p
 Half Share- Fee $525
                           Th          5/20-10/28    N   ew garden participants must attend one
                                                         of the following meetings held at Luscher
                                                     Farm, 125 Rosemont Rd., West Linn.
                                                                                                         welcomes new
                                                                                                       Childrens Garden
Age 16+               Masterson           LUSCH      1:30-3:30p            Sa                 2/27       Coordinator,
1030110      5-7p            Th        5/20-10/28    1:30-3:30p            Sa                  3/6
                                                     1:30-3:30p            Sa                 3/13
                                                                                                     Colleen Lockovitch

Lake Oswego Hanging Baskets
Love those fabulous hanging
                                                     R     eturning gardeners must attend one of
                                                           the following meetings at the West End
                                                     Building, 4101 Kruse Way.
                                                                                                     Colleen Lockovitch’s horticultural background
                                                                                                     includes time spent on the east coast as Curator
                                                                                                     of Horticulture for a historic estate in Delaware
baskets on our city streets?                         10-11a                Sa                 2/27   following a fellowship through the Institute of
Materials for this class are                         10-11a                Sa                  3/6   Horticulture for the United Kingdom and the Gar-
identical to those used in the                       10-11a                Sa                 3/13   den Clubs of America. In 2003, Lockovitch be-
popular baskets. Go home with                                                                        came senior horticulturist at the Chicago Botanic
your own beautiful creation.                                  Gardening Bed Fees                     Garden before accepting a position at The Lurie
Plants, basket, planting materials                                                                   Garden in 2005 as Garden Director and Horti-
                                                       Residents $55        Non-Residents $63
and maintenance CD are provided.                                                                     culturist. Lockovitch is passionate about urban
                                                       1030010              10 x 20 plot
Ages 16+                Davis             LUSCH                                                      and sustainable horticulture through education
                                                       Residents $75        Non-Residents $86
Residents $33/Non-Residents $38                                                                      and working hands on. She is beginning a new
                                                       1030020              20 x 20 plot
1325050 10-11:15a               Sa             5/1                                                   chapter in Portland with her husband and two
                                                       Residents $45        Non-Residents $52
1325051 1-2:15p                 Sa             5/1                                                   dogs and is thrilled to be working with Luscher
                                                       1030030              Raised Bed

     10          For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
                                                                                                                 Luscher Farm

Create An Indoor Salad Garden                        A Mother’s Day Surprise                               Pruning & Garden Clean-Up
Add zest to your winter salads. We plant seeds       Come with ideas and create a surprise for your        Discuss and practice pruning clematis, grooming
that require only 30 to 60 days to mature. All you   mom in honor of Mother’s Day. Bring your favorite     roses, and preparing perennial gardens for
need is a window-sill and 4 hours of light daily.    photo to frame. We make our own frames from           spring bloom and vigor. Learn to spruce up the
Ages 10+                Lockovitch        LUSCH      natural materials.                                    yard and be the envy of the neighborhood. Bring
Res $18/Non-Res $21                                  Ages 6+              Lockovitch         LUSCH         gloves and clippers.
1325450 6-7:30p                W              1/20   Res $7/Non-Res $9                                     Ages 16+              Beutler            LUSCH
1325451 9:30-11a               Sa             1/23   1325480 1-2:30p               Su            4/25      Res $12/Non-Res $14
                                                     1325481 9:30-11a              F             4/30      1325095 9a-12p                Sa           3/27

A Compost Experiment
Experiment with your first compost mixture. We       Understanding and Using Native Plants
                                                     Strike the balance between aesthetics and             Oregon Tilth Classes
combine green and brown matter mixed with air
                                                     function with native plants. This series of 3         Tilth Toolshed Vegetable Gardening Series:
and water ALL in a Ziploc bag. You have black
                                                     classes changes the way you garden. At the end        Plan, Sow, Plant!.
gold in 2-8 weeks.
                                                     of each class you receive a beautiful native plant.   Bulk up your gardening toolkit with this new
Ages 6+              Lockovitch        LUSCH
                                                     Ages 16+               Lockovitch          LUSCH      3-class series taught by OregonTilth. Take
Res $10/Non-Res $12
                                                     Res $48/Non-Res $55                                   home products and/or knowledge from each
1325455 1-2:30p               Tu           3/23
                                                     1325470 6-8p                  Th          4/22-5/6    class.
                                                                                                           Ages 16+           Tilth              LUSCH

                                                  Family Spring Bird and Nature Walk
                                                  Come and explore the wonders of Luscher Farm.             Class 1, Plan Your Garden
                                                                                                           Pruning & Garden Clean-Up
                                                  Look, listen and learn about our local migratory          Spring and practice pruning clematis, grooming
                                                                                                           Discussis right around the corner and it’s time to
                                                  birds. After our walk, we’ll come inside and make         plan and preparing perennial techniques
                                                                                                           roses,your vegetable garden. Learngardens for
                                                  a natural bird snack to bring home. Price is per          for bloom and vigor. optimizing up the
                                                                                                           spring selecting seeds,Learn to spruce space,
                                                  couple.                                                   increasing the envy of the neighborhood.
                                                                                                           yard and beharvests, and rotating crops. Bring
                                                  Ages 4+                 Lockovitch         LUSCH          Res $31/Non-Res
                                                                                                           gloves and clippers.$35
Full Moon Family Night Adventure                  Res $9/Non-Res $10                                        1326080
                                                                                                           Ages 16+ 6-8p             Beutler W           2/24
Join us for a full moon walk around the farm 1325475 8-9:30a                      F-Sa 4/23-4/24           Res $12/Non-Res $14
discovering new things, chatting with the                                                                  1325096 Sow Your Seeds Sa
                                                                                                            Class 2, 9a-12p                              3/27
chickens and exploring. Take home a vegetable
                                                  Comprehensive Organic Gardener Program                    Growing vegetables from seed is fun and allows
start to plant in your own garden.
                                                                                                            you to grow the healthiest plants from seed
Ages 4+                  Lockovitch       LUSCH A multi-session program in organic vegetable
                                                  gardening. This hands-on course introduces                until harvest. Extend the season and gather
Res $7/Non-Res $8
                                                                                                            tips for soil mixes, heat and light requirements,
1325460 6-7:30p                 M            3/29 beginning gardeners to the dynamic world of
                                                                                                            transplanting, fertilizing, and watering.
1325461 7-8:30p                 W            4/28 organic gardening and gets their hands dirty in
                                                  the process.                                              Res $31/Non-Res $35
                                                  Ages 16+                Tilth              LUSCH          1326081 6-8p                     W           3/24
A Modern Day Kitchen Garden                       Res $234/Non-Res $260
Re-define your garden’s look. Enjoy this beginner 1326070 6:30-8:30p              Th        3/4-3/25       Class 3, Plant Your Garden
class on blending ornamentals, natives and                      10a-3p            Sa        3/6-3/20       It’s time to prepare the soil and plant your
vegetables for the style and effect you desire. This class is held Th and Sa.                              favorite vegetables! Soil building, seed sowing,
Bring a photo of your garden to share.                                                                     thinning, transplanting, and season extension
Ages 16+                 Lockovitch       LUSCH                                                            techniques highlight space saving strategies
Res $21/Non-Res $24                                                                                        for urban gardeners.
1325465 10a-12p                 Sa           4/17                                                          Res $31/Non-Res $35
                                                                                                           1326083 6-8p                    W           4/28

     For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                                11
Teen Scene

                                           The Youth Action Council presents
                                         HIGH SCHOOL CO-ED FLAG FOOTBALL

 -Each team is guaranteed 4 games
 -Teams of 7-9 with 5 on the field
 -Season starts March 4 and ends March 18, 2010
 -Registration begins February 1, 2010

 For More Information, please visit
                            or email
                                                                                               Star Wars Trilogy Movie Night
                                                                                               January 22, 5-10pm
                             The McKenzie Lounge                                               Ages 12-18 Welcome, Free Event
        The McKenzie Lounge offers a wide range of activities for all teens, including         See where it all began & experience it again
        high school events, movie nights, and clubs. Come see our new additions! A             in our theater style movie night. Food and
        pool table, internet, skee ball, new video games added each month, and ping            refreshments provided!
          pong are here for you and your friends to enjoy. Don’t forget, it’s all free!

                 McKenzie Lounge For Teens Winter/Spring Dates & Hours
                             January 4 – April 30 hours are:
                          After School Activity Program (ASAP)
                                     Mondays: 2-6p
                                Tuesdays – Fridays: 3-6p
                   *Participants must be registered for ASAP to attend
                            Free Drop-In Hours (Ages 12-18)                                    YAC Saturday Night Events
                                 Mondays – Fridays: 5-8p                                       One Saturday a month, the Youth Action Council
                                                                                               plans and hosts a themed evening event that is
         WINTER BREAK HOURS                                SPRING BREAK HOURS                  open and free to all teens. Stay tuned for dates
            Monday – Tuesday                                 Wednesday – Friday                and times. **Refreshments provided at each
       12/21 – 12/22 & 12/28 – 12/29                               3/24 – 3/26                 event.
1 – 4p **Special Events presented each day        1 – 4p **Special Events presented each day   January: Wii Tourney, compete in Rock Band,
                                                                                               Resort, Super Smash Brawl and more for prizes!
                                                                                               February: Fort Night, build your own fort out of
                                                                                               provided materials or bring your own! Movie will
                                                                                               be shown.
                                                                                               March: Tie Dye Night, bring your own t-shirt,
                                                                                               pillowcase, or other *appropriate* article of

  12         For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
                                                                                                                        Teen Scene
ASAP Memberships                                                                                         ASAP Field Trips
membership is required to attend the After                                                               Once a month, ASAP offers a full night of fun!
School Activity Program (ASAP) Drop-In hours in                                                          Meet at the McKenzie Lounge in the West End
the McKenzie Lounge. ASAP is open Mondays                                                                Building, then head out for an evening of intense
2-6p, Tuesdays-Fridays 3-6p at the West End                                                              fun at go-cart racing, laser tag and other great
Building, 4101 Kruse Way. The ASAP Drop-In is                                                            locations. Dinner is provided. Space is limited,
for ages 12-15 (7th - 8th grade) and is a semi-                                                          so register early!
structured after school program which offers
a light snack, ASAP Clubs, homework help,                                                                Movie Night: Avatar
games, competitions, and more!                     ASAP Clubs                                            Come experience the classic cartoon as it
Transportation is provided from Waluga Junior      ASAP Clubs are free to registered ASAP                comes to 3D life in this action packed Sci-Fi!
High via the Parks & Recreation mini-bus. Lake     participants and do not require sign-ups; just        Ages 12-15             Staff               WEB
Oswego Junior High students may ride school        stop in!                                              Res $15/Non-Res $17
bus #18 to the West End Building. Freshman in                                                            1285557 6-9p                   F            1/15
high school as well as Junior High students from   Board Club - Mondays
schools outside Lake Oswego School district are    Learn new tricks, experience the Wave Board,          Blazers Game!
welcome to participate.                            and take monthly field trips to surrounding skate     Come watch the Portland Trailblazers pounce
ASAP also welcomes students with special           parks. **An additional waiver is required for field   on the Boston Celtics!
needs. Please contact Cydny at 503-697-6589        trip participants.                                    Ages 12-15            Staff            WEB
for more information.                                                                                    Res $19/Non-Res $22
ASAP Members also receive a 15% discount           Guitar Club - Wednesdays                              1285558 6-9:30p             F          2/19
on all classes labeled “ASAP Membership 15%        Practice reading tabs, learning songs, get inside
class discount applies.”                           tips on recording and sound production. **Bring
ASAP Annual Registration Fee                       your own guitar.
Ages 12-15           Staff               WEB
Res $25/Non-Res $29                                Craft Club – Thursdays
4285210 M-F                          10/1-6/1      Learn about renegade crafting, “upcycling”,
Scholarships are available for ASAP activities.    selling your wares and start a craft blog.
Call 503-635-0282                                  Materials provided.

                                                             Superbowl Party                             Air Soft Night!
                                                                   Sunday, February 7
                                                                                                         If you think Paintball is fun, wait until you try a
                                                    Join the Teen Lounge in its third annual Super
                                                                                                         night of Air Softing! Join ASAP for its first trip to
                                                    Bowl Party! Two TV’s, contests and more.
                                                                                                         the Air Soft arena at PDX Cage! Please wear
                                                    Food and refreshments provided. Watch for
                                                                                                         longs sleeves and pants! An additional waiver is
                                                    sponsor updates and game times. This event
                                                                                                         required to attend this field trip.
                                                    is free to all teens.
                                                                                                         Ages 12-15              Staff                  WEB
                                                                                                         Res $40/Non-Res $45
                                                                  Rent the Lounge
                                                                                                         1285559 5-9p                     F              3/19
                                                    The McKenzie Lounge is now hosting private
                                                    parties and events! Rental packages include
Host Your Club                                                                                           Safari Sam’s
                                                    staff on hand to help set up and clean up,
If you have a club meeting, extra credit movie                                                           Spend the evening dominating the Black
                                                    plus use of all teen lounge perks. If you
showing, or other after-school activity, come to                                                         Diamond attraction at Oregon’s largest indoor
                                                    would like to have a party or movie night at
the Lounge! Give us a 24 hour notice and we will                                                         jungle gym and obstacle course!
                                                    the lounge, please contact Cydny Winslow
provide snacks and refreshments for attendees.                                                           Ages 12-15          Staff                WEB
                                                    at 503-697-6589 to discuss party packages,
Clubs must be Junior High or High School Clubs.                                                          Res $19/Non-Res $22
                                                    rates and available hours.
Available hours are Monday – Friday 3-8p.                                                                1285560 5-9p                F            4/16

     For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                                13
Sports Highlights
                                                                                                Adult Drop-In Programs
                       Lake Oswego Skate Park                                               Designed for the fun and fitness of Lake
                   5520 Willow Lane (Corner of Willow and Pilkington)                       Oswego residents over 16 years of age.
                                                                                            Volleyball and basketball are offered late
 Season Membership                                                                          evenings beginning in October at local
 Membership valid March 20 - October 10                                                     elementary schools. Residency is checked
 Res $30/Non-Res $50                                                                        at the door. Non-residents may play if
 One day pass-$4                                                                            availability exists. Residents $2 per night;
 Spring break opener March 20                                                               Non-Residents $4 per night.
 Spring Break Hours - March 20-28
  M-Su 12-7pm                                                                               New
 Operating Hours - March 29 - June 17                                                       Ages 18+                       Table Tennis
  Park Closed M-W                                                                           7-9p     W                            WEB
  Open Th-F 3-7pm
  Open Sa & Su 12pm-7pm                                                                     Ages 18+                        Basketball
  Weather Permitting (may close for rain &                                                  8:30-10p M/W         Oak Creek Elementary
  high temps)
  Holidays: Closed April 4 & May 31                                                         Ages 35+                          Basketball
 Skateboarding & In-Line Skating Only                                                       8:30-10p Tu/Th      Forest Hills Elementary
 Helmets Required
            Registration forms are available at                   Ages 18+                    Volleyball
  Register at the Parks & Recreation Department at the West End Building, 4101 Kruse        8:30-10p Tu/Th Lake Grove Elementary
 Way or at the Skate Park. Parent-signed registration form required for skaters under age
 18. Skaters ages 18 and older must be prepared to show identification when registering.     For specific dates of drop-in programs

                                                                                                Start thinking about
                                                                                               summer sports camps!
                                              L.O. Skate Park’s Newest Ramp                       Skyhawks Sports Academy
                                                     Zach Buehler of local Boy Scout        Enjoy a variety of youth sports camps
                                                     Troop #127 built this 3’ roller as     throughout the summer for ages 3.5-14 at
                                                        his Eagle Scout Project.            various locations throughout Lake Oswego.
                                                                                            Baseball, soccer, basketball, flag football,
                                                          Thanks Zach!                      volleyball, cheerleading and multi-sport
                                                                                            camps are offered. Registration begins in
                                                                                            To register go to or
                                                                                            call 1-800-804-3509

 14                               or call: 503-675-3901
           For information or to register: www.lakeoswegosports.comor call: 503-675-2549
           For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
                                                                                               Sports Highlights
           2010 Lake Run
 The Lake Oswego Junior Women’s Club                   Adult Coed
 and the City of Lake Oswego again team
    up to present the 2010 Lake Run                Recreational Soccer
                                                     Spring League
     Mark your calendar!
     Saturday, May 8.                          Spring adult coed soccer league is for men
                                                         and women over 18.
12K Run, 5K Run / Walk,1/2 Mile Kid’s Dash
     For registration and race details,               The eight-game season runs
      visit:                           March 28-mid-June.
                                                                                                     Girls Youth Lacrosse
                                                        Primary game days are                             Grades 1-4
                                                    Sunday afternoons and evenings.             Young lacrosse enthusiasts learn the funda-
                                                                                                mentals of girls lacrosse in a fun environment.
                                                                                                Start-Up Program for girls, grades 1-2. Skills
                                                                                                & Scrimmages Program for girls, grades 3-4.
                                                                                                        Registration opens January 21
                                                                                                Space is limited. Priority registration to L.O.
                  2010                                                                          Residents. Program runs April-early June.
                                                                                                To find registration information and program
                                                                                                details visit or
                                                                                                call 503-675-2547 with questions.
Summer Adult Slow Pitch Softball
   Find 2010 team registration and league                  Register as a team.
                                                                                                Looking for youth spring lacrosse programs
information at               Team Registration Fees: $495
                                                                                                for girls in grades 5-8 or boys in grades 1-8?
   Registration opens March 18 online at       ($24 additional for each non-resident, 50%
                                                                                                       Contact Lake Oswego Community                         L.O. residency required).
                                                                                                          Schools at 503-534-2302 or
                                               Registration Opens: Thursday, February 4. 

                                                        SPORTS LEAGUES                                Men’s Basketball League
                                                         Stray Player List                      Register as a team. For league details go to
                                               Individual players interested in making their
                                               names available to team managers can add                    or call 503-675-3901.
                                                    names and contact information at:               Registration & Payment Deadline:
                                                                   Thursday, December 17, 4:30pm
                                                  Click on the blue Stray Player button.

                                             City League Sports
      For on-line registration, schedules, scores and standings, and playoff information for all City sports,
                                                the place to go is:

                         or call: 503-675-3901
   For information or to or call: 503-675-2549                                                     15
               Get Creative!                                   Roses Glassworks
                                                                                                                 Mosaics at the WEB
                                                                Art Glass School                                Tools and Materials Provided.
Last Tuesday Craft Nights at the WEB                      Tools Provided. Additional Fees Apply.
Bring your own craft supplies, watch a movie, and                                                                  Additional Fees Apply.
                                                           Visit                Ages 13+          Lindquist               WEB
enjoy refreshments. This is a free event open to
all craft-minded people! Call Cydny Winslow at        Ages 16+            McDougal            ROSE       Mosaic Frame
503-697-6589.                                                                                            Learn to shape glass into a design for an
Meet on 1/26, 2/23, 3/30 and 4/27          FREE       Stained Glass                                      original mosaic frame.
                                                      Pick from over a dozen patterns and learn to       Res $41/Non-Res $47
                                                      construct a copper foil stained glass panel.       1301685      6-8p      Th       1/14-1/21
Herbal Beauty Gift Workshop
                                                      Res $92/Non-Res $106
Make salt scrubs, lip balm and massage oil using                                                         Mosaic Stepping Stone
                                                      1301240 10a-12:30p             Sa      1/9-1/30
products from your own garden.                                                                           Learn to use a sense of color and design to
                                                      1301241 10a-12:30p             Sa      4/3-4/24
Ages 12+               Winslow         LUSCH                                                             create a stepping stone.
Res $25/Non-Res $30                                                                                      Res $61/Non-Res $70
                                                      Leaded Glass
1325300 1-3p                  Sa            4/10                                                         1301700      6-8p        Th       2/25-3/11
                                                      Learn the proper method of making leaded glass.
                                                      Res $92/Non-Res $106                               Mosaic Flower Pot
Watercolor Fundamentals                               1301150      2-4:30p           Sa      1/9-1/31    Create an original flower pot using broken tile
Open up to new ideas and have fun while learning      1301151      2-4:30p           Sa      4/3-4/24    pieces and grout. No Class 3/25
to use photos, light & dark, shapes, layout, color,   Sign up for both Stained Glass and Leaded          Res $42/Non-Res $48
emotion, composition and value.                       Glass to receive 10% off the Lab Fee for           1301690      6-8p         Th          3/18-4/1
Ages 18+               Stevens               WEB      Leaded Glass.
Res $114/Non-Res $131                                                                                    Mosaic Bird Bath
1300500 9a-12p                 W         1/6-3/10     Mosaics with Glass                                 How to arrange glass, tile pieces and cement
1300501 9a-12p                 W          4/7-6/9     Come to the first class with a “flat” project to     to create garden art.
                                                      work on.                                           Res $99/Non-Res $134
                                                      Res $92/Non-Res $106                               1301705      6-8p         Th         4/8-4/29
Bob Ross Oil Painting
                                                      1301015 10a-12:30p           Sa 2/13-2/27
Paint complete masterpieces in one class.
Materials provided.
Ages 14+              Stubb         WEB               Glass Etching and Multi Stage Glass Carving
Res $50/Non-Res $55                                   Learn advanced techniques and concepts on         Faces and Portraits
Haystack Rock at Sunset                               carving glass.                                    Focus on accuracy and make portraits and faces
1300000 5:30-9p             M       1/25                                                                faster, easier, beautiful! No Class 3/23
                                                      Res $76/Non-Res $87
Waterfall in the Woods
1300001 5:30-9p             M       2/22              1301140      2-5p           Sa         2/27       Ages 13+                 Stokes              WEB
Magenta Water Lily                                                                                      Res $70/Non-Res $81
1300002 5:30-9p             M       3/15              Beginning Glass Fusing                            1300240 6:45-8:45p              Tu        1/12-3/2
Fisherman’s Trail                                     Learn technical information to start designing    1300241 6:45-8:45p              Tu       3/16-5/11
1300003 5:30-9p             M       4/19              and creating your own glass objects.
                                                      Res $228/Non-Res $262
                                                      1301100      10a-4p           Sa/Su 2/6-2/7
Create beautiful paintings using pastels, pencils,    Fused Glass - Wind Chimes
and paper. No Class 3/23                              Add your own musical touch by creating a
Ages 13+               Stokes               WEB       fused glass wind chime.
Res $79/Non-Res $91
1300220 4:15-6:15p             Tu        1/12-3/2     Res $76/Non-Res $87
1300221 4:15-6:15p             Tu       3/16-5/11     1301110     10a-2p        Sa        3/20

     16           For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
                                               Scholarships for Student-Athletes
            Get Interested!                    Increase the odds of getting noticed, recruited                   Spanish
                                               and getting scholarships.
Get Your Boater Education Card                 Ages 15+              Lengel              WEB Whether you are planning a trip, need to speak
Passage of the test at the end of class allows Res $12/Non-Res $14                             Spanish for work, or just want to learn a beautiful
students to apply for the card.                1323015 6:30-8:30p           Tu           2/23 language, these fun and laughter-filled classes
Ages 12+                Carlson          WEB                                                   provide you with 10 weeks of knowledge.
Res $25 /Non-Res $30                                                                           Ages 16+               Cohan                  ACC
1322150 5:30-9p                 Tu/W 1/12-1/13                                                 Res $64/Non-Res $74
1322151 5:30-9p                 Tu/W  2/9-2/10
                                                                                               Beginning I
1322152 5:30-9p                 Tu/W  3/9-3/10
                                                                                               Spanish alphabet and pronunciation; reading
1322153 5:30-9p                 Tu/W   4/6-4/7
                                                                                               exercises; sentence structure
                                                                                               1324000 9-10:15a               F          1/8-3/12
All About Your Cat                                                                                  Beginning II
Here’s your chance to learn about your cat’s      Funding College without Going Broke               Personal A; -er and –ir verbs
quirks and how to be a super guardian.            Learn unique academic, financial and tax          1324005 11:30a-12:45p Th              1/7-3/11
Ages 15+              Speirs           WEB        strategies that can dramatically lower college    More on –ar verbs and sentence structure
Res $10/Non-Res $12                               costs.                                            1324006 9-10:15a              F        4/2-6/3
1330800 6-8p                 Th         2/4       Ages 15+             Lengel              WEB
1330801 6-8p                 Th        4/22       Res $12/Non-Res $14                               Beginning II / III
                                                  1323005 6:30-8:30p          W              3/8    More on –er and –ir verbs
                                                                                                    1324008 11:30a-12:45p         Th         4/1-6/2
Night Shoot                                                                                         Beginning III
Meet at the WEB and go downtown to shoot a                                                           –er and –ir verbs; Intro to stem-changing verbs
variety of night scenes downtown.                                                                   1324010 10:15-11:30a            F        1/8-3/12
Ages 10+               Faith         WEB                                                            Two-verb situations
Res $30/Non-Res $35                                                                                 1324011       10:15-11:30a      F         4/2-6/3
1320005 6:30-9p               Th      3/11
                                                                                                    Beginning IV
                                                                                                    More on ser vs. estar
                                                   Grandparents Guide to College Funding            1324015 11:30a-12:45p F                 1/8-3/12
                                                   Learn the best strategies for helping fund your  1324016 11:30a-12:45p F                   4/2-6/3
                                                   grandchildren’s education.                       Intermediate II
                                                   Ages 15+              Lengel               ACC Preterit tense; introduction of the imperfect
                                                   Res $12/Non-Res $14                              1324025 9-10:15a               Th        1/7-3/11
                                                   1323000 1:30-3:30p            Th           4/22
Basics of Investing                                                                                 Intermediate III
Take charge of your financial future?                                                               More on the preterit and imperfect verb tenses
Ages 18+               Brenden               WEB Financial Wellness Workshop                        1324030 9-10:15a               Th         4/1-6/2
Res $14/Non-Res $16                                Instruction and workbook shows you how to triple Advanced III
1323105 6-8p                   Tu         4/6-4/27 your debt paying power, increase cash flow, and
                                                                                                    Past subjunctive; si clauses; advanced grammar
                                                   reduce debt.                                     1324050 10:15-11:30a           Th        1/7-3/11
                                                   Ages 16+              Barnett             WEB
Navigating the College Financial Aid System        Res $35/Non-Res $40                              Advanced IV
Learn ways to maximize eligibility for aid.        1323300 9:30a-12:30p Sat                     1/9 Advanced grammar
Ages 15+               Lengel                WEB 1323301 9:30a-12:30p Sat                       2/6 1324055 10:15-11:30a           Th         4/1-6/2
Res $12/Non-Res $14                                1323302 9:30a-12:30p Sat                     4/3
1323010      6:30p-8:30p        Th            1/28

     For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                        17
Photography for Artists
Control lighting, perspective and depth of field                                                             Dr. Radzik’s Health Series
to make pictures more impressive. Your pictures
look as wonderful as objects d’art. Online sales                                                        Ages 15+               Radzik            WEB
and acceptance into shows rely on impressive                                                            Res $15/Non-Res $17
                                                                                                        Lecture #1: Integrative Medicine
Ages 10+               Faith               WEB
                                                                                                        Primary prevention and facilitated healing are
Res $24/Non-Res $28
                                                                                                        the focus of the discussion.
1320010 6:45-9p               W             3/10 Portraits and General Photography
                                                                                                        1328750 6:30-8:30p            Th          1/28
                                                 A fun, easy and well-rounded workshop to learn
                                                 how to take consistently better pictures. Every-
                                                 thing from casual family portraits to fun and artsy    Lecture #2: Disease: Reverse It
                                                 pictures.                                              Decrease the size of coronary calcium deposits
                                                 Ages 10+               Faith                  WEB      and reopen carotid arteries.
                                                 Res $55/Non-Res $60                                    1328751 7-8:30p               Th         2/25
                                                 1320040 7-9p                   Th          3/18-4/8
                                                                                                        Lecture #3: Problem Fat
                                                                                                        Learn the secrets of fat burning and fat deposits.
                                                                                                        1328752 7-8:30p                  Th          3/11
                                                                                                        Lecture #4: Make Brittle Bones stronger
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Meditation                                                           Learn simple, three-minute daily exercises that
Calm the mind while strengthening concentration                                                         improve your posture-for life.
with breathing and comfortable sitting, walking,                                                        1328753 7-8:30p                Th           4/1
lying down and standing postures.
Ages 16+           Tjahaja                WEB                                                           Lecture #5: The Secrets of Uric Acid
Res $45/Non-Res $52                                                                                     Learn about spices that improve digestion,
1328360 7-8: 30p             Th       1/21-3/18                                                         improve capillary circulation, and reduce
                                                                                                        tissue inflammation.
                                                                                                        1328754 7-8:30p              Th      4/29
Healthy Relationships and Couples Workshop
Topics include communication, problem solving,
parenting, money management, and couples           Winning the Battle with Weight
relationships. Light snacks provided.              Discuss an effective body/mind approach to          Introduction to Winemaking 101
Ages 16+             Rosson              WEB       losing weight and stoping cravings.                 Don Carter from Villa Mariposa Vineyard teaches
Res $13/Non-Res $15                                Ages 15+           Marzell/Katz      WEB            the techniques.
1328680 6:30p-9p               Tu     1/19-2/9     Res $15/Non-Res $17                                 Ages 21+           Carter                 LANG
1328681 6:30-9p/8:30a-2p F/Sa 4/16-4/17            1328035 7-8:30p               Th      1/21          Res $40/Non-Res $46
                                                                                                       1327340 3-6p                 Sa            3/20
                                                                                                       1327341 3-6p                 Sa            4/17
Bioidentical Hormones- A Good Thing or Bad?        A Scientific Approach to Wellness
Dr. Marzell tells you the real story about hor-    Action steps to enhance your health immediately.
mone therapy for men and women.                    Ages 16+            Abrahamson            WEB
Ages 15+            Marzell               WEB      Res $15/Non-Res $17
Res $15/Non-Res $17                                1328580 7-8:30p               Th           3/18
1328007 7-8:30p               W             2/3    1328581 7-8:30p               Th           4/15

     18         For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
Chocolate 101                                                                                           Core Strengthening
A brief history of chocolate, manufacturing                       Get Moving!                           Exciting cardiovascular toning class focusing
processes, chocolatiers, and ideas on chocolate                                                         on legs, glutes and abdominals through an hour
                                                   Core Strengthening & Zumba®                          of toning/strengthening, balance and flexibility
usage are covered.
                                                   Come join the party and try our new classes          exercises. No Class 1/18, 2/15, 3/22, 3/24
Ages 16+              Richards            WEB
                                                   for FREE! Bring a friend and sample the latest       Ages 16+            Orozco                 WEB
Res $24/Non-Res $28
                                                   in fitness on one or both days offered. No           Twice per week
1327400 7-8:30p               F             2/5
                                                   registration required.                                Res $102/Non-Res $117
                                                   Ages 16+               Orozco                WEB      1400850 9:30-10:30a           M/W 1/11-2/24
Chocolate and Wine Pairing
                                                   FREE                                                  Res $135/Non-Res $155
Taste Chocolate and Villa Mariposa Vineyard
                                                   8-10a                  M/W              1/4 & 1/6     1400851 9:30-10:30a           M/W 3/1-4/28
blend two of the world’s most extraordinary
flavors.                                                                                                Once per week
Ages 21+                Richards/Carter LANG Zumba® – Cardio Latin Dance                                Mondays Only
Res $35/Non-Res $40                                Get hooked and love working out. Zumba®               Res $46/Non-Res $53
1327405 2-4p                   Su            4/25 fanatics achieve long term benefits while              1400860 9:30-10:30a             M      1/22-2/22
                                                   experiencing an absolute blast in one exhilarating    Res $80/Non-Res $92
Warm Hearted Soups                                 hour of calorie-burning, body-energizing, easy-       1400861 9:30-10:30a             M        3/1-4/26
Learn how to make basic stocks for soups.          to-learn movements meant to engage and               Wednesdays Only
Ages 15+                Doty             LUSCH inspire your body, mind & soul!                           Res $64/Non-Res $74
Res $30/Non-Res $35                                No Class 1/18, 2/15, 3/22, 3/24                       1400865 9:30-10:30a             W      1/13-2/24
1325551 11a-2p                 Sa             2/6 Ages 16+                Orozco                WEB      Res $80/Non-Res $92
                                                   Twice per week                                        1400866 9:30-10:30a             W        3/3-4/28
More Delightful Meals                               Res $102/Non-Res $117
Ages 21+                Doty             LUSCH 1400900 7:45-8:45a M/W                      1/11-2/24    Line Dance
Res $40/Non-Res $46                                 Res $135/Non-Res $155                               Dee Dee teaches the steps to this popular low-
                                                    1400901 7:45-8:45a M/W                  3/1-4/28    impact form of dance. Dances can be altered to
A Winter Tuscany Dinner
                                                                                                        accommodate disabilities.
Learn some classical pairings of Tuscan wine Once per week
                                                                                                        No Class 2/15, 3/22
and food to warm the heart on a cold winter night. Mondays Only
                                                                                                        Ages 14+           Mullican              WEB
This demonstration course includes a spicy Res $46/Non-Res $53
                                                                                                        Res $50/Non-Res $58
polenta appetizer, Ceci bean bread, braised 1400910 7:45-8:45a M                           1/22-2/22    1340340 5-6p             M          1/25-4/12
wild boar with apples, local winter greens, apple Res $80/Non-Res $92
nut torte and three wine pairings throughout the 1400911 7:45-8:45a M                       3/1-4/26    Tap Dancing for Adults
evening.                                           Wednesdays Only                                      Please bring low heeled oxford-type tap shoe
1325550 11a-2p                 Sa            1/16 Res $64/Non-Res $74
                                                                                                        or wait until first class for information on a good
                                                    1400915 7:45-8:45a W                   1/13-2/24    shoe. No Class 3/23
Lots-O-Pasta                                        Res $80/Non-Res $92                                 Ages 16+               Staff                   WEB
Make traditional Italian pastas.                    1400916 7:45-8:45a W                    3/3-4/28    Res $27/Non-Res $31
1325552 11a-2p                 Sa            3/20
                                                                                                        1340650 11:30a-12:30p                  Tu 1/12-3/2
                                                       For information on additional youth
Romantic Spring Dinner for Two                         sports and fitness related programs               Hooptastic Workout
A classical Italian menu for two and wines to          go to the following pages.                       Strengthen arms, abs, back and legs while
complement.                                                                                             learning new hoop moves.
1325553 11a-2p                Sa         4/17          Page 9 for Introduction to Fencing and           Ages 16+          Fey                WEB
                                                       Martial Arts                                     Res $25/Non-Res $27
Farm House Brunch                                      Page 9 for Table Tennis                          1340860 11a-12p        Tu         1/26-3/2
Esther Luscher would be proud…come and find            Page 9 for 14+ Ballet                            1340861 11a-12p        Tu         3/30-5/4
out the secrets of making a great brunch.              Page 14 for Open Table Tennis
1325554 11a-2p                Sa          5/15

     For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                              19
                                                                                                    Move, play, explore, get fit and create a joyous
            Ballroom Dance                                               Yoga                       relationship with your body.
                                                                    Bring a Sticky Mat
                                                                                                    Ages 16+                Kaplan           LKWD
                                                              No Class 1/18,2/15,3/22,3/25
Ages 16+             Laughland           WEB                                                        Twice per week
Price is per couple.                                                                                 Res $152/Non-Res $175
Res $125/Non-Res $144                                                                               1402010 9:15-10:25a            Tu/Th    1/5-3/4
                                                   Gentle Yoga
Ballroom Dance l                                                                                     Res $135/Non-Res $155
                                                   No prior experience needed. Improve strength,
Learn the staple of Ballroom dance, the                                                             1402011 9:15-10:25a            Tu/Th 3/9-4/29
                                                   flexibility and balance.
smooth Foxtrot and the fun and lively Latin        Ages 18+                 Crosby            WEB
dance, Cha Cha Cha!                                                                                 Once per week
                                                   Res $68/Non-Res $79
1340200 7-8p            Th       1/21-3/11                                                          Tuesdays Only
                                                   1400020 1:15-2:15p Th                 1/14-2/25
                                                                                                     Res $83/Non-Res $95
 During spring term learn the elegant Waltz        Res $78/Non-Res $90
                                                                                                    1402000 9:15-10:25a            Tu       1/5-3/2
 and the fun and sassy American Tango!             1400021 1:15-2:15p Th                   3/4-4/29
                                                                                                    1402001 9:15-10:25a            Tu      3/9-4/27
 1340201 7-8p            Th        4/1-5/20
                                                   Yoga – Level 1                                    Thursdays Only
Ballroom Dance II                                    Class is focused on beginners and very sup-      Res $74/Non-Res $85
Glide across the floor in Fox Trot, Waltz and         portive. Stretch, strengthen and relax! Ages   1402002 9:15-10:25a         Th         1/7-3/4
Tango. Learn fun new moves in Cha Cha,             16+                     Crosby             ACC    1402003 9:15-10:25a         Th       3/11-4/29
Rhumba and Swing.                                  Res $61/Non-Res $71
1340205 8-9p               Th       1/21-3/11      1400000 7-8:15p           M            1/11-3/1
1340206 8-9p               Th        4/1-5/20      Ages 16+                Crosby             ACCTai Chi-Qigong
                                                   Res $153/Non-Res $176                         Improve balance, circulation and muscle tone eas-
                                                   1400001 5:30-6:45p W                  1/13-4/28
                                                                                                 ily. Learn to move efficiently, using only the mus-
                                                                                                 cles necessary, developing both ease and relaxa-
                                                   Yoga - Levels 1 & 2                           tion.
               Belly Dance                         Beginning and continuing students welcome. Ages16+                    AMMA                  WEB
                                                   Focus on basic postures, sequencing, Res $76/Non-Res $88
No Class 1/18, 2/15, 3/22
                                                   alignment and breathing while building 1403080 5:40-6:30p Tu                             1/19-3/9
Ages 15+              Evart               WEB
                                                   flexibility, strength and stamina.            1403081 5:40-6:30p Tu                     3/30-5/18
Res $56/Non-Res $65
                                                   Ages 16+                  Crosby         ACC
Beginning                                          Res $133/Non-Res $153
This class covers the basics of body alignment,    1400060 5:30-6:45p M                1/11-4/26
posture, and choreography. Wear comfortable,
form-fitting clothing and bring water!
                                                   Res $123/Non-Res $142                               Relax & Release Workshop
                                                   1400061 12-1p                Th     1/14-4/29
1340690 6:30-7:30p M                    1/4-2/22   Res $72/Non-Res $83                                 With the help of a Styrofoam roller, your
1340691 6:30-7:30p M                    3/1-4/12   1400062 5:30-6:45p Th               1/14-2/25       own body weight and gravity, experience
1340692 6:30-7:30p M                   4/19-5/24   Res $82/Non-Res $94
                                                                                                       myofascial release giving an improved
                                                   1400063 5:30-6:45p Th                3/4-4/29
Intermediate                                                                                           sense of well-being and body-ease. Bring
 Continue to perfect the basics and understand                                                         sticky mat.
                                                   Yoga – Level 2 - I yr. experience needed
 Middle Eastern musical response. For students     Explore the joy of movement and fine tune           Ages 18+         Crosby & Ferrier WEB
 who have completed a beginning class series       poses. Breathing techniques and yoga                Res $35/Non-Res $41
 here or elsewhere.                                philosophy are introduced.                          1400720 10a-12p             Sa        2/6
 1340693 7:30-8:30p M                 1/4-2/22     Ages 16+                  Crosby         ACC        1400721 10a-12p             Sa       4/24
 1340694 7:30-8:30p M                 3/1-4/12     Res $153/Non-Res $176
 1340695 7:30-8:30p M                4/19-5/24     1400010 7-8:15p              M      1/13-4/28

     20         For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
  Adults                                                                                              Specialized Recreation
                                                                                                      Everyday Courage
                                                                                                      Join our inclusive arts/drama workshop for ages
                                                                                                      14 to 25
   PILATES AT THE AGE-LESS BODY CONDITIONING STUDIO                                                   Ages 14-25       Gaffney/Hudeihed          WEB
                                                                                                      Res $38/Non-Res $44
                                          For ages 16+                                                1332340 9a-3p              Sa              2/20
                                          No Class 1/18                                               1332341 9a-3p              Sa              4/10

                                                                                                      Get Moving
Pilates Mat Level 1                               Pilates Mat Level 3                                 This adaptive fitness class provides motivation
For students just starting out or who want to     A more challenging class for students with a        and support to individuals with developmental
continue basic level experience.                  sound understanding of the basic principles of      disabilities who want to maintain or explore a
Res $72/Non-Res $83                               Pilates.                                            lifestyle of fitness.
1401020 10:30-11:30a           M      1/4-2/8     Res $72/Non-Res $83                                 Ages 14-25         Gaffney & Summers      WEB
1401021 10:30-11:30a           M    2/15-3/15     1401040 9:30-10:30a             M        1/4-2/8    Res $31/Non-Res $36
1401022 6:15-7:15p             Tu 2/16-3/16       1401041 9:30-10:30a             M     2/15-3/15     1403200 7-8:15p             Tu        1/26-3/2
Res $86/Non-Res $99                               Res $86/Non-Res $99
1401023 6:15-7:15p               Tu       1/5-2/9 1401042 9:30-10:30a             M       3/29-5/3
1401024 10:30-11:30a             M       3/29-5/3
1401025 6:15-7:15p               Tu      3/30-5/4
                                                  Pilates Mat Levels 3 & 4
                                                  A high level class for students with a sound
Pilates Mat Levels 1 & 2                          understanding of the basic principles of Pilates.
A faster paced basic level Pilates class.         Res $72/Non-Res $83
Res $86/Non-Res $99                               1401250 11:30a-12:30p           M        1/4-2/8
1401030 10:15-11:15a             W       1/6-2/10 1401251 11:30a-12:30p           M     2/15-3/15
                                                                                                      Horseback Riding For People With
1401031 10:15-11:15a             W       3/31-5/5 1401252 11:30a-12:30p           M       3/29-5/3
                                                  1401253 5-6p                    Tu       1/5-2/9    Disabilities and Special Needs
Res $72/Non-Res $83                                                                                   Riders are assisted until ready        to ride
1401032 10:15-11:15a             W     2/17-3/17  1401254 11:30a-12:30p           W       1/6-2/10
                                                  Res $86/Non-Res $99                                 independently.
                                                  1401255 5-6p                    Tu 2/16-3/16        Ages 3-14          Tangvald             HTRC
                                                  1401256 11:30a-12:30p           W     2/17-3/17     Ages 3-6 - Preschool
Pilates Mat Levels 2 & 3                                                                              Res $90/Non-Res $104
A more challenging faster paced basic level       1401257 5-6p                    Tu      3/30-5/4
                                                  1401258 11:30a-12:30p           W       3/31-5/5    1130800      10-10:30a Sa             3/6-3/20
Pilates class.                                                                                        1130801      10-10:30a Sa             4/3-4/17
Res $86/Non-Res $99                                                                                   Ages 7-14
1401150 6:15-7:15p           Th         1/7-2/11                                                      Res $135/Non-Res $155
1401151 6:15-7:15p           Th          4/1-5/6                                                      1265200 11-11:45a Sa                  3/6-3/20
Res $72/Non-Res $83                                                                                   1265201 11-11:45a Sa                  4/3-4/17
1401152 6:15-7:15p           Th       2/18-3/18

    For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                          21
                                                      Snowshoe Lesson and Tour – Mt. St. Helens         Cross Country Ski Lesson and Tour – Mt. Hood
              Get Outdoors!                           Guides/instructors are with you at all times      Learn the basic cross country ski techniques.
                                                      to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Trips     Start off with two hours of instruction. Then go on
Fly Fishing/Coed, Beginning & Intermediate            are between 2-6 miles and less than 750 foot      a nice tour and enjoy this crystal paradise. We
In depth classes for hands-on learning with           elevation gain/loss. Cost includes transportation,take advantage of Mt. Hood’s weather patterns
professional fishing guide / FFF Certified Casting    snowshoes and guide. Bring waterproof hiking      and ski in the best conditions. A stop is made
instructor, Ron Lauzon. Gain the skills and           boots and proper equipment.                       en route to rent ski equipment, cost not included,
presentation techniques needed to become a worthy     Ages 11+              NWD                  TUPR   usually under $12.
fly fisher. for       Res $69/Non-Res $79                               Ages 11+               NWD                    TIPR
more info.                                            1360055 7:50a-6:30p            Su            1/17 Res $64/Non-Res $74
Field sessions: 1st session – Sa 2/13, 2nd session                                                      1360020 8:05a-5:30p             M              1/25
– Su 3/14, 3rd session – Sa 4/17, and 4th session –                                                     1360021 8:05a-5:30p             M              2/15
Sa 5/29                                               Snowshoe Lesson and Tour – Mt. Hood               Ages 11+                   NWD               TUPR
Ages 10+                Lauzon                WEB     For trips to Mt. Hood, guides will take advantage Res $62/Non-Res $68
Res $97/Non-Res $112                                  of Mt. Hood’s weather patterns and either 1360022 8a-5:20p                        Su             1/31
1361510 W                  6:15-8:30p 1/27-2/10       snowshoe on the west side or east side
1361511       M            6:15-8:30p 2/22-3/8        depending on the best conditions. Guides/
1361512 Th                 6:15-8:30p 4/1-4/15                                                          Touring Kayak Beginning Lesson
                                                      instructors are with you at all times to ensure
1361513 Tu                 6:15-8:30p 5/11-5/25                                                         Beginners learn to the sport of kayak touring and
                                                      your safety and satisfaction. Trips are usually
                                                                                                        sea kayaking. Learn steering strokes, paddling
                                                      2 to 6 miles and less than 750 foot elevation
                                                                                                        in a straight line, bracing and rescues. Then tour
                                                      gain/loss. Midweek trips are usually shorter
                                                                                                        a local waterway and become proficient. Cost
                                                      and slower paced. Cost includes transportation,
                                                                                                        includes kayak, equipment and guide.
                                                      snowshoes and guide. Bring waterproof hiking
                                                                                                        Ages 11+                   NWD                WPP
                                                      boots and proper equipment.
                                                                                                        Res $46/Non-Res $53
                                                      Ages 11+            NWD                     TIPR
                                  Trips     offered                                                     1360600 1:30-4:30p              Sa             4/10
                                                      Res $69/Non-Res $76
                                  by NW Discov-
                                                      1360041 8a-5:30p              M              1/18
                                  eries     include
                                                      1360042 8a-5:30p              M              2/22 Touring Kayak Short Tour and Lesson
                                  equipment and
                                  instructor/guide.   Ages 11+            NWD              TUPR         Explore local waterways in touring kayaks.
Transportation is not provided unless speci-          Res $71/Non-Res $82                               These stable, large cockpit and responsive
fied. A registered adult must accompany ages          1360043 8a-5:20p              Su             1/10 kayaks allow you to quickly become proficient
11-17. Trips are held rain or shine. Information      1360044 8a-5:20p              Su             1/24 paddlers. A brief introduction/lesson is included
and directions to the “put in” site are provided at   1360045 8a-5:20p              Sa             3/13 Cost includes kayak equipment and guide. Cost includes most                                                               Res $46/Non-Res $53
                                                      Without Transportation                            Ages 11+                   NWD                WPP
equipment. Lessons and trips go rain or shine.        This is the same trip as Snowshoe Lesson 1360610 5-8p                             Sa             4/10
                                                      & Tour except participants provide their own
  LOCATION KEY                                        transportation (need sno-park pass and tire
  MTNTX     Mountain Tracks        Gov’t Camp         chains) for a reduced cost. Snowshoes and Touring Kayak Long Tour & Lesson with
  TIPR      Tigard Park & Ride     Tigard/I-5         guide included                                    Transportation
  TUPR      Tualatin Park & Ride   Tualatin           Ages 11+            NWD                   MTNTX Explore local waterways at a leisurely pace
  WPP       Willamette Park        Portland           Res $62/Non-Res $71                               in stable and responsive kayaks. Become a
                                                      1360050 9:50a-3:20p           Su             1/24 proficient paddler. Some tours include shuttles
                                                                                                        to allow you to paddle with the flow. Start with
                                                                                                        a brief introductory lesson to kayaking. Cost
     Go to
                                                                                                        includes kayak, equipment and guide.
       for specific directions to the                                                                    Res $87/Non-Res $100
          meeting or put in sites                                                                       Ages 11+                   NWD               TUPR
                                                                                                        1360625 8:15a-6p                Su             4/11

     22          For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
                                                     Backcountry Skiing and Boarding                    Cross-Country Ski Overnight Tour
  Oregon Peak Adventures has over 30                 Field session is Sa 1/23, 7a-7p at Mt. Hood.       Overnight field session: Sa 3/13 7a to Su 3/14 5p
  years of outdoor experience exploring              Ages 16+            OPA                    WEB     at Mt. Hood or Mr. St. Helens Area.
  the Pacific Northwest. Director, Joe               Res $123/Non-Res $141                              Ages 14+             OPA                    WEB
  Whittington and the OPA staff love                 1361685 6:30-9p               W             1/20   Res $303/Non-Res $348
  sharing this beautiful landscape with                                                                 1361700 6:30-9p                Th             3/4
  you in a competent and environmentally
  responsible style. The outing fee                  Alpine Mountaineering Training
  includes professional instruction, round           Ages 12+          OPA                     WEB Crater Lake XC Skiing Rim Tour
  trip transportation, materials, individual         Res $153/Non-Res $176                          Overnight field session: W 3/24 1p to Su 3/28 9p.
  equipment, meals on climbing trips and             1361690 6:30-9p             W             2/10 Ages 16+             OPA                    WEB
  permits if needed.                                 Field session 7a-5p         Sa            2/13 Res $703/Non-Res $808
                                                                                                    1361705 6:30-9p                W             3/10
                                                     1361691 6:30-9p               Th           4/8
Backcountry Snowshoe                                 Field session 7a-5p           Sa          4/10
Ages 12+          OPA                     WEB                                                     St. Helens Butte Camp Climb
Res $103/Non-Res $118                                                                             Overnight field session: Sa /20 7a to M 3/22 8p.
1361900 6:30-9p              W             1/13      Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue Training
                                                                                                  Ages 16+            OPA                    WEB
Field session 7a-5p          Sa            1/16      Ages 12+           OPA                 WEB
                                                                                                  Res $453/Non-Res $521
                                                     Res $183/Non-Res $210
1361901 6:30-9p              Tu                2/2                                                1361890 6:30-9p`               W            3/17
                                                     1361695 6:30-9p             W           2/24
Field session 7a-5p          Su                2/7   Field session 7a-5p         Sa          2/27
1361902 6:30-9p              W                 3/3 1361696 6:30-9p                 W         4/14 St. Helens Ape Cave Snowshoe
Field session 7a-5p          Sa                3/6 Field session 7a-5p             Sa        4/17 Field session: Sa 4/3 7a-7p.
                                                                                                  Ages 14+            OPA                     WEB
                                                                                                  Res $123/Non-Res $141
Moonlight Snowshoe                               Expedition Training and St. Helens Climb         1361895 6:30-9p                Th            4/1
Ages 10+            OPA                     WEB Overnight field session: Sa 3/6 7a to Su 3/7 8p
Res $72/Non-Res $83                              Ages 12+           OPA                     WEB
                                                 Res $403/Non-Res $463                            Mt. St. Helens Climb
1361905 6:30-9p                Tu           1/26 1361840 6:30-10p              Tu             3/2 Field session: F 4/9 4a-7p or F 4/23 4a-7p.
Field session 4-10p            Sa           1/30
                                                                                                  Ages 14+            OPA                     WEB
1361906 6:30-9p                Tu           2/23                                                  Res $203/Non-Res $233
Field session 5-10p            Sa           2/27                                                  1361850 6:30-9p                Tu            4/6
                                                 Winter Camping and Survival
1361907 6:30-9p                W            3/24 Overnight field session: Sa 2/20 7a to Su 2/21
Field session 5-10p            Sa           3/27 5p at Mt. Hood.
                                                                                                  Land Navigation Skills
                                                 Ages 12+           OPA                     WEB
                                                                                                  Field session: Sa 5/1 9a-1p at Forest Park.
                                                 Res $303/Non-Res $348
Backcountry Cross-Country Skiing                                                                  Ages 14+            OPA                     WEB
                                                 1361875 6:30-9p               W             2/17
Field session is Sa 2/6, 7a-5p at Mt. Hood.                                                       Res $83/Non-Res $95
Ages 12+            OPA                     WEB                                                   1361865 6:30-9p                W            4/28
Res $103/Non-Res $118
1361680 6:30-9p              W                 2/3
                                                        For complete descriptions, go to:

    For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                              23
   Adults 50+
                                                     Reading to Share                                      Designed for those players who have been out of
                                                     The goal of this class is to introduce, broaden or    touch with Bridge.
       To register for a class,                      deepen participants’ knowledge on a variety of        Designed for 50+      Denison            Birch
 call the ACC at 503-635-3758.                       subjects. Each member selects a short piece of        ACC Members $18/All Others $26
The ACC is closed/no classes held                    material to read aloud, and then there is group       1827600 1-3p                 W        1/6-1/27
      on 1/1, 1/18 and 2/15                          Designed for 50+        Beard                Cedar
                                                     ACC Members $15/All Others $25                   Bridge Intermediate
                                                     1818000 1-3p                     F         1/8-4/16
                                                                                                      Designed for intermediate level players who are
             Get Creative!                                                                            interested in learning 21st Century Bridge.
                                                     Beginning Playwright Workshop                    Designed for 50+        Denison             Birch
Painting Open Studio                                 Start to write your first one-act play. Class ACC Members $18/All Others $26
This is an independent class for students who        includes writing exercises and sharing of your 1827100 1-3p                     W         2/3-2/24
want to continue working independently on their      work with others’ work in a positive, supportive
projects. No Meeting 1/18, 2/15                      environment. Workshop concludes with a public
Designed for 50+     No Instructor      Hobby        reading of participants’ scenes by professional Bridge Advanced
ACC Members $15/All Others $25                       actors at the Lake Oswego Public Library.        Designed for the advanced player. These
1821400 1-3p                  M       1/4-4/19       Designed for 50+      Holman               Birch sessions introduces the “two over one system”.
                                                     ACC Members $10/All Others $15                   Designed for 50+        Denison             Birch
                                                     1815900 10-11a               W          1/6-3/10 ACC Members $18/All Others $26
                                                                                                      1827700 1-3p                   W         3/3-3/17
                                                 Poetry Workshop
                                                 This workshop is centered on the participant’s
                                                 own path of creative expression. Work is shared         Ukulele Intermediate Jam
                                                 in an atmosphere of support. All levels and             An opportunity to continue working on a variety
Watercolor                                       interest in poetry welcome.                             of skills: rhythm & strumming, chord vocabulary,
Learn style and techniques from lake area artist Designed for 50+ Fleming/Talney           Cedar         listening skills, finger picking & singing. Light
George Corneil.                                  ACC Members $15/All Others $25                          instruction, lots of fun.
Designed for 50+      Corneil            Hobby 1818700 10-11:30a              M        1/11-4/12         Designed for 50+          Brogan           Birch
ACC Members $15/All Others $25                                                                           ACC Members $55/All Others $69
1821100      1-3p             T        1/5-4/20                                                          1818800 10-11:15a                T      1/5-1/26
                                                     Traveler’s Tales                                    1818801 10-11:15a                T      2/2-2/23
            Get Interested!                          Outstanding stories of travel explored for literary 1818802 10-11:15a                T      3/2-3/23
                                                     merit and historical interest. Robert Louis
Current Events                                       Stevenson’s Comic Masterpiece which highlights
A weekly open forum where participants discuss       the great American immigrations of the 1880’s
a wide array of topics. An annual membership of      Eric Newby’s experiences as a boy sailing.
$30 to SSI is required.                              Designed for 50+      Balwit                Cedar
Designed for 50+ Senior Studies Institute    WEB     ACC Members $55/All Others $69
1801800 1-3p                   W          1/6-4/28   1815000 1-2:30p                Th       1/14-2/18                Let us know
Book Discussion Group                                The History of the City                                       how we are doing!
Read and talk with new friends about different       A philosophical and cultural survey of the origins
literary works. Occurs the 1st & 3rd Wednesday       and growth of the city of Mesopotamia to Chicago.         Program Feedback Survey is located on
of each month.                                       Designed for 50+        Balwit             Cedar                     our website at:
Designed for 50+       Staff             Cedar       ACC Members $55/All Others $69                       
ACC Members $15/All Others $25                       1815001 1-2:30p                Th         3/4-4/8
1818200 1-3p                   W       1/6-4/21      Bridge Refresher

     24          For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
                                                                                                                    Adults 50+
                                                   Sit and Be Fit
              Get Moving!                          Learn and practice exercises you can do
                                                   while seated, have fun, and receive positive
     Sneak Preview of new fitness classes:         reinforcement. No class 1/18, 2/15
                                                   Designed for 50+      Bantz             ACC
           Core Strengthening
                                                   ACC Member $57/All Others $85
       & Zumba – Cardio Latin Dance
                                                   1824100 10-11a               M/F    1/4-4/23
Here’s your chance to try out our newest                                                             Tai Chi: Advanced Long Form
fitness offerings at the WEB for free. Core                                                          This is an on-going class in the 103-movement
Strengthening and Zumba are featured in 15         Strength Training for Beginners                   Yang-style long form of tai chi chuan. It is
minute intervals during two winter warm up         Designed for those just getting started. Strength intended for people who have previously learned
classes. Here’s your chance to get a taste of      and relaxation increases muscle strength, muscle the 24-movement short form.
each offering. Fitness Instructor, Stacy Orozco    coordination and improves balance.                Designed for 50+ Spreyer/Nomura/Schmidt     Oak
can answer your questions before and after         ACC Member $32/All Others $48                     ACC Members $35/All Others $53
the workout sessions. Bring a friend, join         1824202 10-11a                W          1/6-4/14 1824700 9-10a                 Tu/Th     1/5-4/15
the party and stop by the Columbia Room
at the West End Building on one or both of                                                              Tai Chi: Beginning & Continuing
the days. No registration required for the       Strength Training                                      Tai Chi is a slow, graceful form of Chinese
two Sneak Preview classes. See details           Experience low-impact strength training that uses      exercise that benefits body, mind, and spirit.
for full Core Strengthening and Zumba            weights and dynabands to strengthen muscles            The form taught in this class is the Yang-style
sessions in class descriptions on page 19.       around joints. It is a great way to increase muscle    24-movement short form, a type of tai chi
Ages 16+            Orozco                 WEB   strength, improve muscle coordination and              designed for beginners and older students.
Free                                             improve balance. No class 1/18, 2/15                   Newcomers as well as continuing students are
8-10a               M/W                1/4 & 1/6 Designed for 50+          Bantz                 ACC    welcome. Participants are grouped according to
                                                 ACC Member $57/All Others $85                          previous experience.
Line Dancing - Beginning                         1824200 9-10a                    M/F        1/4-4/23   Designed for 50+ Spreyer/Nomura/Schmidt     Oak
Learn and practice easy dance steps that aide in ACC Member $32/All Others $48                          ACC Members $35/All Others $53
enhancing both your balance and coordination. 1824201 9-10a                       W          1/6-4/14   1824500 10-11a               Tu/Th      1/5-4/15
Moderate aerobic movement that gets you to kick
up your heels!                                                                                          Tai Chi
Designed for 50+      Dorsey               ACC Gentle Paced Aerobics                                    Beginners; also, those with some past
ACC Member $35/All Others $53                    A low-impact class designed to improve flexibility,     experience. Improve your balance, your flexibility
1824400 2:30-3:30p           W         1/6-4/14 strength, balance and posture while giving you a        and coordination, and your sense of well-being
                                                 compete body workout.                                  with the Yang Family Style Tai Chi, a slow, gentle
                                                 Designed for 50+          Langstaff            WEB     and graceful expression of martial arts. This may
Line Dancing - Advanced
                                                 ACC Member $64/All Others $80                          help to reduce falls and improve your leg strength
Learn and practice advanced dance steps while
                                                 1825700 10:30-11:30a             Tu/Th 1/12-3/18       and stamina. No class 3/16, 3/18, 3/23, 3/25
enjoying moderate aerobic movement.
                                                                                                        Designed for 50+        Nomura               WEB
No class 1/18, 2/15
                                                                                                        ACC Members $35/All Others $53
Designed for 50+      Viers                ACC
                                                 Nordic Walking                                         1824600 11:30a-12:30p Th                  1/5-4/13
ACC Member $35/All Others $53
                                                 It’s fitness walking with poles. It’s low-impact
1824401 3-4p                 M         1/4-4/26
                                                 fitness using light weight poles. A great calorie       Tai Chi For Better Balance
                                                 burner, social network and fun. Meet at the Adult      A pilot program that offers a new eight-movement
                                                 Community Center, east parking lot, before each        Tai Chi form specifically for balance.
                                                 walk unless specified.                                  Designed for 50+        Spreyer            Cedar
                                                 Designed for 50+          Arnott            Outdoor    ACC Members $35/All Others $53
                                                 Free         9:15-11:30a         Sa         1/2-4/24   1825800 11a-12p                 Tu/Th    1/5-4/15

     For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                             25
Thursday Hikes & Rambles
                                                     What to wear
   Winter Spring Coordinators:                       Clothes suitable for weather conditions. Sturdy,
          January - Dolores Rhodig                   lug-soled, waterproof walking shoes/boots.
          February - Sandy Jackson
             March - Betty Cobb
                                                     Car Pooling & Fees
           April - Jeanine Thoene
                                                     Arranged among participants. Driver donation
                                                     noted with each hike; bridge tolls shared by all. JAN 28 – Brooklyn to Sellwood
                                                     All mileage is round trip. $1 LO Rec fee payable Leader: Jeanine Thoene. 6 level mi. Using Laura
        WINTER WALKS BEGIN AT 9a                     at hike.                                           Foster’s City Walk #10 we’ll travel in some of
        SPRING HIKES BEGIN AT 8a                                                                        the oldest neighborhoods in SE Portland incl.
      SPRING RAMBLES BEGIN AT 8:30a                                                                     Westmoreland. Drive 22 mi. No 2nd pickup.($2)
           EARLY DEPARTURES                          Information
          NOTED IN DESCRIPTION                       Hikes/rambles are not canceled due to rain, but
                                                     leaders may change location if driving/hiking FEB 4 – Leach Botanical Gardens to Mt Scott
Thursday Winter Walks                                conditions are hazardous. Leaders may refuse Leader: Mike Litt. 4 mi. 600 ft. +. Stretch your legs
Walks from January-March within an hour’s drive      to take anyone not properly equipped or who is with Laura Foster’s Hill Walk #15 to explore the
from Lake Oswego. Includes a variety of surfaces:    determined to be incapable of making a specific gardens and beyond. Drive 48 mi. No 2nd pickup.
asphalt, trails, gravel, etc. Leave promptly at      trip. Participants accept responsibility for their ($5)
9a unless otherwise noted. Return about 4pm.         personal safety. No pets permitted.
Walks canceled when L.O. School District closes
due to inclement weather.                                                                                 FEB 11 – Valentine’s Day Walk.
                                                    Park Passes                                           Leaders: Ruth and Shelly Spielman. 5.5 miles,
                                                    Northwest Forest Pass (NWFP) may be required          400 ft. +. Explore the area of Cooks Butte and
Thursday Spring Hikes                               for each vehicle at selected trailheads in National   Luscher Farm followed by lunch at the Spielman’s.
For hikers of intermediate ability. Begin in April. Forests. Drivers are responsible for obtaining        Drive 5 mi. No 2nd pickup. ($1)
All hikes within about 2 hours drive from Lake passes prior to hike. State Park Pass (SPP)
Oswego. Hikers leave at 8a (earlier times are available at trailhead.
noted). New participants arrive 15 minutes                                                              FEB 18 – Wildwood Trail
early. Return time depends on hiking and driving                                                        Leader: Sandy Jackson. 5 mi. 600 ft. +. NW
distances.                                          WINTER WALKS BEGIN AT 9a                            Portland to Balch Canyon and north on ridge
                                                                                                        trail through Forest Park, returning through quiet
                                                     JAN 14 – Alameda District                          neighborhood. Unpaved trails; bring hiking boots,
Thursday Spring Rambles                              Leader: Rich Conser. 5-6 mi. 100 ft. +. Walk the poles. Drive 20 miles. No 2nd pickup. ($2)
A more leisurely-paced hike, great for beginning     historic and prestigious Alameda district and
hikers! 5-7 miles with comfortable elevation gains   surrounding areas in Northeast Portland. Drive
and good trail conditions. Leaves promptly at        28 mi. No 2nd pickup. ($3)                         FEB 25 – Forest Grove
8:30a.                                                                                                  Leaders: Bee & Quent Neufeld. Easy 4 mi. loop
                                                                                                        thru the town & Pacific Univ. campus. Lunch on
                                                     JAN 21 – Wildwood Tr. in Washington/Forest Pk. your own or at McMenamins’ Grand Lodge. Drive
Where to meet                                        Leader: Ron Wyatt. 6 mi. 600 ft. +. From Zoo area 55 mi. No 2nd pickup. ($6)
Meet at City of Lake Oswego’s WEST END               to Pittock Mansion on Wildwood, with part of the
BUILDING, 4101 Kruse Way. Park in back of            return via other Hoyt Arboretum trails. Trails are
building in the lower parking lot.                   unpaved, so be prepared for mud (hiking boots, MAR 4 – Hillsdale to Council Crest
                                                     poles, etc.). Drive 24 mi. Can meet at 9:30 at Leader: Barbara King. 5-6 mi. 400 ft. +. Up and
                                                     Vietnam Veterans Memorial parking. No 2nd down these lovely SW neighborhoods with city
What to bring                                        pickup. ($2)                                       views along paved streets. Drive 20 mi. No 2nd
Day pack containing lunch, water, rain gear and                                                         pickup. ($2)
extra clothing (i.e., warm sweater, cap, gloves).

     26          For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
                                                                           Thursday Hikes & Rambles

MAR 11 – Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife          APR 15 – Hike Herman Crk. to Casey Crk. Trail       APR 29 – Ramble Burnt Bridge Crk. Greenway
Refuge                                               Leader: Terry Morse. 8.4 mi. 1700 ft +. A           Leader: Sandy Brooks. 6 level mi. through
Leaders: Becky Richardson & Lu Pinson. 6 level       moderate hike through old growth woods with         mixed terrain along mostly paved surface trails
mi. Start at the Columbia River Gorge Overlook,      Herman Creek audible far below. Drive 110 mi.       in Vancouver. Drive 45 mi. 2nd pickup 9a JBC.
walk the new Gibbons Creek Wildlife Arts Trail       2nd pickup 8:45a L&C. ($11/$6) NWFP required.       ($5/$3)
in the Steigerwald Lake National Refuge and
then the Cottonwood Beach Park Trail along the
Columbia River. Drive 70 mi. 2nd pickup 9:30a     APR 15 – Ramble Gresham Springwater
JBC. ($7/$5)                                      Corridor Tr.
                                                  Leader: Vicki Martinazzi. 5-6 level mi. Pass
                                                  restored railroad trestles and wetlands; visit sites
MAR 18 – Charbonneau                              of Gresham’s history while paralleling Johnson
Leader: Pattie Jensen. 5.5 level mi. Lovely Creek. Drive 58 mi. No 2nd pickup. ($6)                             THURSDAY HIKES & RAMBLES
neighborhoods, woodsy countryside, glimpses                                                                         DESCRIPTION KEY
of river, llama and horse farms. Bring lunch then
tea/coffee and cookies at Pattie’s. Drive 26 mi. APR 22 – Hike/Ramble Warrior Rock                         + Elevation Gain        - Elevation Loss
No 2nd pickup. ($3)                               Leader: Michele Thompson. 7 mi. Hike back into
                                                  history to a rocky point at the north end of Sauvie      1st pickup location is ALWAYS at WEB City
                                                  Island to view a lighthouse, sandy beach, Mt. St.        of Lake Oswego’s West End Building, 4101
MAR 25 – Milwaukie Trail Loop                     Helen’s, ships passing by and an abundance of            Kruse Way
Leader: Betty Cobb. 7 level mi. Walk through birds. Drive 73 mi. No 2nd pickup. ($7 and shared
Milwaukie history and neighborhoods. Bring $3 fee per car)                                                 2nd pickup Locations:
lunch followed by tea/coffee and cookies at
                                                                                                           JBC     Jantzen Beach Center, SW corner
Betty’s. Drive 20 mi. No 2nd pickup. ($2)
                                                                                                           of Office Depot parking lot. Exit 308 off 1-5,
                                                  APR 29 – Hike Wahkeena to Multnomah Falls
                                                                                                           turn west, +30 min.
                                                  Leader: Carolyn Knutson. 6 mi. 1600 ft.+. Classic
                                                  waterfall hike, past Wahkeena Falls, Fairy Falls,        L&C Lewis and Clark State Park, Exit 18
                                                  Wahkeena Springs, many little falls and down             off I-84. + 45 min.
                                                  the big one, Multnomah Falls. Drive 76 mi. 2nd
                                                  pickup 8:45a L&C. ($8/$4)


APR 1 – Hike/Ramble Beaverton’s Nature Parks
Leader: Jan Moore. 8.5 mi. 200 ft. +. Explore new
Cooper Mtn. 230-acre park at 1882 SW Kemmer
Rd. overlooking the Tualatin River Valley plus
Tualatin Hills Mtn. Park. See distinct habitats of
conifer forests, oak woodlands, and a prairie that
has been relatively undisturbed for hundreds of
years. Drive 20 mi. No 2nd pickup. ($2)

APR 8 – Hike/Ramble Starvation Crk-Viento Pk
Leader: Dolores Rhodig. 6 mi. 600 ft. +. Walk a
new section of trail in the Gorge to the park.
Drive 100 mi. 2nd pickup 8:45a L&C. ($10/$6)

     For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                               27
Community Events

                                      LAKE OSWEGO
                               Centennial Celebration 1910-2010

 Honor the Past,Celebrate the Present, Imagine the Future
                                     Presenting Sponsor:

   The City of Lake Oswego celebrates its rich history starting in January 2010 with a
    variety of events and activities to create memories for residents and visitors alike.
                    This Centennial is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

         Centennial Kick Off
           January 2010                        Centennial Festival Celebration
                                                           July 17
Kickoff the celebration in January          Celebrate Lake Oswego’s extraordinary
with the introduction of the Honorary       history by participating in Festival that
Ambassadors, the unveiling of the           highlights the past, present and future.
Lake Oswego Building Blocks exhibit,        This community-wide event will be held
viewing the City’s retrospective video      in historic Luscher Farm. Delight in
and participating in the Centennial 10 x    hands-on activities, exciting learning
10 Trivia Challenge.                        opportunities and lively entertainment.               Time Capsule Event
                                            Fun for the entire family!                                 October 9
The Centennial 10x10 Trivia Challenge                                                   The year-long celebration culminates at the
is an exciting opportunity to discover                                                  Centennial time capsule event. Throughout
Lake Oswego history and fun facts             Centennial Sustainability Dinner          the year, residents are invited to share
about our City. Join in the fun over a 10                August 28                      ideas for the contents of the capsule, to
week period beginning January 21 and        Prominent Lake Oswego chefs prepare         be revealed at a special celebration at
to earn weekly rewards and a chance         individual dinner courses, incorporating    Millennium Plaza Park, complete with
for the grand prize. Details available at   the bounty from Luscher Farm.               birthday cake!
the Centennial website listed below.

 28         more information, and to register: or call: 503-675-2549
        For For information orlisting of all Centennial events, please visit the website at:
                                                                                                  Community Events

                                                        Children’s Egg Hunt – Free                               Calling all Recipes!
                                                                  Saturday, April 3
                                                             9am sharp, rain or shine                 This year is the 10th anniversary of the Lake
                                                                 West End Building                    Oswego Farmers’ Market and we are featuring
                                                  Join us for a morning of fun and surprises!         a commemorative poster highlighting the last
                                                  Children up to 10 years or age can race for         nine years. In lieu of the popular poster contest,
                                                  eggs. Bring your own basket and get ready to        we are calling for recipes in order to create a
                                                  run for treats stashed inside the plastic eggs.     Lake Oswego Farmers’ Market Cookbook
                                                  There may even be a special appearance by           featuring wonderful local recipes.
         Hoedown at the WEB
            Saturday, February 20                 a big bunny! Sponsored by Lake Oswego
                                                  Parks & Recreation.
              West End Building
                                                                                                      Get Creative!            - All types of recipes
                                                                                                      are encouraged. Entries will be featured in the
In the spirit of Lake Oswego’s Centennial                                                             Lake Oswego Farmers’ Market Cookbook,
Celebration we turn back the clock and enjoy                                                          available May 15, 2010 at the first Farmers’
a good old fashioned “barn dance.” Well, it’s                                                         Market of the season.
not exactly in a barn, but we can promise
a delightfully refreshing change of pace for                                                               Recipes are due March 31, 2010
folks who want to celebrate the past and
who can still kick up their heels. Professional                                                       Recipe Guidelines
callers are on hand to teach the basics and                                                             - Recipes must be original or family
a few fancy turns too. Enjoy the excitement                                                                  recipes.
of dancing Virginia Reels, waltzes and even                                                             - Recipes featuring local produce
jigs! Bring the whole family for a walk back                                                                 or Lake Oswego Farmers’ Market
in time.                                                                                                     products are highly encouraged.
                                                                                                        - Please include your full name, address
                                                                                                             and phone number with entry.
                                                  This enchanting evening creates a lifetime
                                                                                                        - Entries are due by March 31 to the
                                                  memory for dads and daughters! The evening
                                                                                                             Parks & Recreation, PO Box 369
                                                  includes a catered dinner, dessert, music
                                                                                                             Lake Oswego, OR 97034.
                                                  and dancing. A professional photographer is
                                                                                                        - Please do not submit a sample of the
                                                  on hand to capture the magic of the evening.
                                                  There are a limited number of seats available
                                                                                                        - All recipes chosen will be reproduced
                                                  and this activity fills up quickly, so don’t delay
                                                                                                             in the 2010 Lake Oswego Farmers’
                                                  registering! Price per pair.
                                                                                                             Market Cookbook.
                                                  Ages 3+                 Staff               WEB
                                                  Res $50/Non-Res $55
                                                                                                       Questions? Contact Kathy at 503-675-3983
                                                  1275000             6-9p      Sa             3/20
                                                  Res $15/Non-Res $17
                                                  1275005 Ea. Add’l Daughter
   Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance
             Saturday, March 20
             West End Building

   For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                             29
 Natural Areas
Campbell Native Garden                                                                              Friends of Springbrook Park
                                                                                                    The oldest Friends group in the City invites you
                                                      We are currently looking for                  to join them in their pursuits of education and
                                                      volunteers interested in helping our          stewardship of this magnificent 50-acre park.
                                                      native nursery to grow. Volunteer             Year-round activities abound. Visit http://www.
                                                      work is year-round, and the activities and contact Project
                                                      depend on the season. All ages and            Manager Jim Evans at 503-635-9738.
                                                                                                    Saturday, March 6, 9am-12pm
                                                      skill levels are able to participate
                                                                                                    Saturday, April 14, 10am-2pm
                                                      in this fun stewardship activity.
                                                      Opportunities include: watering,
                                                      hardwood cutting collection, seeding          Nettle Creek Restoration
                                                      & planting beds and community                 Through a partnership with the Three Rivers Land
Do you want to lower your water bill, attract         service. Contact 503-534-5742                 Conservancy and the Tryon Creek Watershed
native birds and butterflies, reduce maintenance,                                                    Council, we are working with a grant from the
and keep your landscaping looking beautiful?                                                        Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board. We’re
Plant native! As a demonstration site, the City                                                     removing invasives, installing erosion control,
is partnering with the Lake Oswego Rotary to   Stewardship Opportunities                            and planting natives. Meet at Atwater & Andrews
improve Campbell Native Garden at 2750 Iron    Are you part of a Friends group, Neighborhood        Road (off Iron Mountain north of Country Club
Mountain Blvd. Here you can find beautiful, low Association, Boy/Girl Scout troops, business         Rd.). For more information, call the Natural
maintenance native plants growing amongst a    or any other community member looking for            Resources Technician at 503-534-5742
recently improved trail and plant signage.     volunteer opportunities? Look no further! We         3rd Saturday of each month, rain or shine,
                                               encourage the community to participate in local      9am-12pm
                                               environmental stewardship activities in our
                                               beautiful Lake Oswego Natural Areas.
Wahoo! Native Plant Nursery
                                               For information on what you can do, please call Look for us on the web:
The Wahoo! Native Plant Nursery at Luscher
                                               503-534-5742 or e-mail:
Farm has broken ground! The new hoop house
is set up and we are actively growing Native
Plant Species such as Western Spirea, Pacific
                                               Hallinan Work Party
Ninebark, Red-Osier Dogwood and Vine Maple.
                                               Celebrate Earth Day by joining your neighbors
One of our goals is to re-establish the native
                                               and being a part of the solution! Watch the
vegetation and restore ecological balance to
                                               progress as we save the trees from English ivy
our natural areas. A second goal, but no less
                                               and allow the natives to flourish. Meet at the
important, is to educate citizens about the
                                               end of the Hemlock Street cul-de-sac at Hallinan
importance and value of Lake Oswego’s unique
                                               Natural Area. For more information, call Barbara
native vegetation.
                                               Fischer at 503-636-3153.
                                               Saturday, April 24 10am-12pm

                                                   Friends of Brookside Work Party
                                                   Years of dedication makes a real difference!
                                                   All ages and abilities are able to come and
                                                   participate. Meet at the Brookside entrance
                                                   to Iron Mountain Park (off Twin Fir). For more
                                                   information, call Mike Buck at 503-914-8607.
                                                   February 21,1pm-3pm
                                                   March 14,1pm-3pm

     30          For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
                                                                                              Parks & Pathways

                                                                 A Message from Our Park Ranger

                                                                 M      y name is Ben LaBounty. I am the Park Ranger for the City of Lake Oswego.
                                                                        I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and what
                                                                 I am responsible for within the City. My background is in emergency services. I
                                                                 worked as an Emergency Medical Technician in the Great Lakes region before
                                                                 coming back home to the Pacific Northwest. I was given the opportunity to be the
                                                                 City’s Park Ranger on October 27, 2008.

                                                                  I truly enjoy working for the Parks & Recreation Department. My supervisors
                                                                and co-workers are some of the most dedicated professionals I have had the
opportunity to work with. I also enjoy working and interacting with the residents of Lake Oswego. The members of the Lake Oswego community I
have encountered during my patrols of the parks have been very warm and welcoming. They have been excited to learn that our City has a Park

  My principle responsibility as the Lake Oswego Park Ranger is to ensure that our parks provide a safe and welcoming environment for all
citizens. Second, I work to protect the wonderful ecosystem of plants and animals that exist within our parks and natural areas. I achieve this
goal through the coordination of park security, safety and enforcement activities. During my daily patrols, I look for any safety or health hazards.
I am also responsible for the enforcement of park safety codes. In addition to these primary responsibilities, I assist with first aid and summon
medical assistance if needed.

  Moreover, my role as Park Ranger includes interpretative duties. I am available to answer questions you might have about our parks and
recreation areas. I give brief history lessons about George Rogers Park, and I am always happy to point out some of our best hiking trails to our

  Future goals as the Park Ranger include the creation of a Junior Ranger and Nature Walk program for the City. The Junior Ranger Program will
initially be a activity book that allows the kids of Lake Oswego to learn how to discover, respect and protect the land, plants, and animals that exist
within the over 600 acres of parks and natural areas in the City. The Nature Walk program will provide a chance for all citizens of Lake Oswego
to enjoy a guided tour of the parks. It will offer a chance to learn about the history of the parks as well as giving insight to the ecosystem in which
we live and play.

  Some of you who have rented our picnic shelters may have contacted me about
items or issues during your rental. I appreciate the opportunities to be of service to

  I am here to ensure that our parks are a safe place for all the residents of Lake
Oswego, as well as to ensure that our parks are used in a healthy sustainable way. If
I can be of assistance to any citizen or neighborhood association please contact me.

971-563-8059 cell
503-697-6522 office

  For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                                 31
Golf                                                17525 Stafford Rd.

                                                    Winter/Spring Weather Conditions                        Practice Range
                                                    There may be a delay in opening due to frost, ice       The range has 18 anti-shock artificial turf mats;
                                                    or snow. Closure may be a few hours, or all day.        13 mats are covered, and three of the stations
                                                    Call the Pro Shop at 503-636-8228 if in doubt, or       are heated. Hours may vary due to the weather,
                                                    to see if the course is open to sledding in the event   and openings may be delayed, so call the pro
                                                    of snow.                                                shop at 503-636-8228 for the following day’s
                                                                                                            November-February                       9a-dusk
                                                    Fees (Mar - Oct)    M-Th           F/Sa/Su              March                              7:30a-7:30p
                                                                        Weekdays       Holidays             April                                      7a-8p
                                                    9 Holes             $14.00         $16.00               Range closed on Tuesday mornings until 9am for
   Lake Oswego Golf Course                          18 Holes            $23.00         $26.00               mowing during peak season.
               &                                    Jr./Sr. $11.00/9 holes (M-F only)
        Practice Range                              Jr./Sr. $18.00/18 holes (M-F only)
                                                    Junior/Sr. Card $130.00*
  Experience one of Lake Oswego’s little            Adult Discount Play Card $175.00**
  treasures. The Lake Oswego Golf Course
  is a City owned 18-hole Par-3 facility with
  holes ranging from 74-179 yards. The              *A Junior/Senior Card is available to individuals
  hillside layout offers beautifully kept, small,   age 17 and under or age 60 and older for $130.
  contoured greens with Lost Dog Creek              The card is good for 15 nine-hole rounds Monday
  passing among fir, cedar, and maple trees          through Friday only, excluding holidays and is Fees
  through the back nine. Challenges await           valid for one year from the date of purchase.     20 balls         Warm-up                        $2.25
  better players while the short yardage                                                              40 balls         Small Bucket                   $4.50
  provides a perfect learning environment for                                                         75 balls         Medium Bucket                  $6.75
  beginner and intermediate golfers.                **An Adult Discount Play Card is available for 125 balls           Large Bucket                   $9.00
                                                    $175. The card is good for 15 nine-hole rounds, Range Cards (20% savings!)
  The Course is located 2.5 miles north             is valid seven days per week, and expires one 10 Small Buckets                                   $36.00
  of I-205 on Stafford Road adjacent to             year from the date of purchase.                   10 Medium Buckets                              $54.00
  Lakeridge High School and Luscher Farm.                                                             10 Large Buckets                               $72.00
  Call the Golf Shop at 503-636-8228 for
  directions or to make tee time reservations.      Adult/Junior Twilight                              Tee Time Reservations
                                                     Fee Junior golfers play for free when accompanied Reservations for 9 or 18-hole play may be made
                                                     by an adult paying a green fee. One junior per up to seven days in advance. For a reservation,
                                                     adult, 2 hours before dusk, 7 days a week.        call the Pro Shop at: 503-636-8228.
Facility Hours
November-February                      9am to dusk                                                     For same day reservations, call the Starter
March                                  7:30a-7:30p                                                     directly at 503-534-5727.
April                                         7a-8p          About our fees.....
                                                                                                       You may also request a tee time online by visiting
                                                          The golf course is a self-          Online requests
Winter Fees (Nov – Feb)      9 Holes 18 Holes                                                          must be made a minimum of 72 hours in advance.
                                                          sustaining enterprise not funded
M-F                          $9           $15             by tax dollars. Fees are the same
Jrs/Seniors                  $7           $12                                                          The facility welcomes advance reservations for
Sa,Su,Hol                    $12          $20             for all players. Lake Oswego                 private tournaments or play days for families,
Winter Unlimited Play cards available for $200. Call      residents receive priority for class         neighborhoods, business gatherings or other
the Pro Shop at 503-636-8228 or visit us on-line at       placement at the beginning of                special events.                                       each catalog season.                         Contact Tom Mueller for a tournament packet
                                                                                                       and information at 503-534-5689.

     32            For information to register: or call: 503-675-2549
                 For information or or to register: www.lakeoswegogolf.orgor call: 503-675-2549

Junior Program
Juniors (ages 6-17) welcome anytime during
normal hours of operation. Our goal is to assist
juniors in meeting others and playing golf in a
fun, safe and courteous environment. We offer
three levels of Junior golf education to meet the
needs of all age groups and ability levels.
Necessary equipment available if needed.

Junior Introduction (Level I)
This class strictly for beginners, covering
absolute basics of golf. Students learn about
the Course, how to grip and aim the club, proper
set-up, putting and basic terminology. Please
arrive 10 minutes early. There are no make-ups!
Due to the size of each group, only students who
are registered may attend.
Fee $57
Ages 6-8             Staff                    GC
2462000 3-3:50p                W-F       3/31-4/2
2462001 4-4:50p                W-F        4/7-4/9
2462002 12-3p                  Sa            4/10
2462003 3-3:50p                W-F 4/14-4/16        Junior Birdies (Level II)                        Junior Eagles (Level III)
Ages 9-12            Staff                    GC    Class emphasizes swing fundamentals,             Specifically geared to provide skills advancement
2462050 3-3:50p                Tu-Th 3/16-3/18      etiquette, short game, and introductory rules.   for those with experience and demonstrated
2562051 12-3p                  Sa             4/3   Maximum student to teacher ratio is 4:1.         understanding of the game. No beginners
                                                    Students may sign up for only one series at a    please! Students may only sign up for one series
                                                    time. Please arrive 10 minutes ahead of time.    per catalog season due to demand. There are
                                                    There are no make-ups! Due to the size of each   no make-ups and only registered students may
                                                    group, only students who are registered may      attend. Please arrive 10 minutes early.
                                                    attend.                                          Fee $57
                                                    Fee $57 * for homeschooled students.             Ages 11 & under                 Staff          GC
                                                    Ages 11& under Staff                       GC    2462300 5-5:50p                 W-F       3/31-4/2
                                                    2462150 4-4:50p              W-F 3/10-3/12       2462301 5-5:50p                 W-F 4/14-4/16
                                                    2462151 4-4:50p              W-F 3/17-3/19       2462302 12-3p                   Sa            4/24
                                                    2462152* 12-12:50p           W-F      3/31-4/2   2462303 5-5:50p                 W-F 4/28-4/30
                                                    2462153 4-4:50p              W-F      3/31-4/2
                                                    2462154 3-3:50p              W-F       4/7-4/9   Ages 12 & up                   Staff           GC
                                                    2462155 4-4:50p              W-F 4/14-4/16       2462350 5-5:50p                W-F         4/7-4/9
                                                    2462156 3-3:50p              W-F 4/21-4/23       2462351 5-5:50p                W-F      4/21-4/23
                                                                                                     2462352 12-3p                  Sa              5/1
                                                    Ages 12 & up  Staff                        GC
                                                    2462200 5-5:50p              W-F       3/3-3/5
                                                    2462201 5-5:50p              W-F    3/10-3/12
                                                    2462202 5-5:50p              W-F    3/17-3/19
                                                    2462203 12-3p                Sa           4/17

      For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
     For information or to register: www.lakeoswegoparks.orgor call: 503-675-2549                                                           33
    Golf                                              17525 Stafford Rd.

Private Lessons for Juniors                           High School Golf Season
Private lessons are offered for individuals or        Students who are signed up for either the                           2010
groups up to 4. A half-hour junior lesson may be
scheduled for a single half hour or a series of
                                                      Lakeridge or LOHS Boys and Girls golf teams                   GOLF CLUB SEASON
                                                      are granted free golf and range balls from initial
three. Semi-private lessons are offered for single    tryouts through the last school day prior to Spring
45 minutes or a series of three. Group lessons are    Break. Weekdays between 3:30 and 4:30pm
                                                                                                              Senior Men’s Club
offered for single 50 minutes or a series of three.                                                           March-October, Monday, Course reserved
                                                      will be subject to reservation for these groups
Interested in a playing lesson on the course? Try a                                                           until 10am
                                                      between late February and late April.
one-hour on-course lesson with up to 4 juniors for
$100. (Evening only.)                                                                                         Ladies’ Club
Call the Pro Shop at 503-636-8228 to schedule                                                                 March-October, Wednesday, Course
your dates and times.                                                                                         reserved until 10am
*Younger children OK with staff approval.
Ages 6-17*           Staff                      GC                                                            Men’s Club
Private lesson                                 $35                                                            March-October, Saturday, 7:30-8am
(30 minutes)
Private 3 lesson series                        $90                                                            Ladies’ “Golf for Kicks” 9-Hole Club
(30 minutes each)                                                                                             April-October, Saturday, 8-9am
2 juniors semi-private                         $55
(45 minutes)                                                                                                  Couples’ Hit & Giggle Club
2 juniors semi-private - 3 lessons            $150                                                            May-September, Friday evenings 6-7:30pm
(45 minutes each)
Up to 4 juniors group                          $80                                                            Junior Club
(50 minutes)
                                                                                                              June – August, Thursday, 12-1:30pm
Up to 4 juniors - 3 lessons                    $21
(50 minutes each)
Playing lesson for 4 - per junior              $25
(One hour - evening only)

                                                          Professional Teaching Staff
                                                                     Tom Mueller,
                                                          PGA Professional and Course Manager
                                                                    Paula Ketchum,                          Adult Group Lessons
                                                             LPGA Head Golf Professional                    Students may sign up for only one Beginner/
                                                                     Brian Smith,                           Intermediate Golf Class series at a time. You may
                                                                   Golf Professional                        sign up for as many of the One Day Specialized
                                                                    Kyle Radulesk,                          Clinics as you wish. All equipment is provided.
                                                                   Golf Professional                        The maximum student to teacher ratio is 5:1.
                                                                   Gary Huffmaster,                         Please arrive for the lessons 10 minutes ahead
                                                              PGA Apprentice Professional                   of time. There are no make-ups!

      34           For information to register: or call: 503-675-2549
                 For information or or to register: www.lakeoswegogolf.orgor call: 503-675-2549

Beginner Golf Lessons                                One-Day Specialized Clinics                         Private Lessons for Adults
These four day classes are for those new to the      Concentrate on specific aspects of play             Private lessons offered for individuals or
sport and emphasize fundamentals including           Fee $35                                             groups up to 4. A 45 minute adult lesson may
grip, posture, ball position, alignment, swing       Ages 18+           Staff                     GC     be scheduled for a single day or a series of
mechanics, short game and basic golf etiquette.      Putting & Chipping                                  three. Semi-private lessons offered for a single
Maximum of 5 people per class.                       2450000 12-2p                Sa               3/6   55 minute session or a series of three. Group
Fee $92                                              2450001 9-11a                Sa               4/3   lessons are offered for a single hour session, or
Ages 18+           Staff                    GC                                                           a series of three. Interested in a playing lesson
Four-Day Beginner Series                             Set-Up & Swing                                      on the course? Try a one-hour on-course lesson
2457100 6-6:50p               Tu-F     3/9-3/12      2450020      12-2p            Sa            3/13    with up to 4 people for $120 (evening only). Call
2457101 6-6:50p               Tu-F 3/16-3/19         2450021      12-2p            Sa            3/20    the Pro Shop at 503-636-8228 to schedule your
2457102 6-6:50p               Tu-F 3/23-3/26                                                             dates and times.
2457103 7-7:50p               Tu-F     3/30-4/2                                                          Ages 18+             Staff                    GC
                                                     On the Course
2457104 9-9:50a               Tu-F      4/6-4/9                                                          Private lesson - 45 min                       $55
                                                     2450070      12-2p            Sa            3/27
2457105 7-7:50p               Tu-F      4/6-4/9                                                          Private 3 lesson series - 45 min             $140
2457106 9-9:50a               Tu-F 4/20-4/23                                                             2 person semi-private - 55 min                $90
2457107 6-6:50p               Tu-F 4/20-4/23                                                             2 person semi-private - 3 lessons            $240
                                                     One-Day Rules & Etiquette
                                                                                                         (55 minutes each)
                                                     In depth coverage of the rules and etiquette of
Four-Day Women Only                                                                                      Up to 4 person group – 1 hour                $100
                                                     the game explained in simple terms in a relaxed
2457110     9-9:50a            Tu-F     3/16-3/19                                                        Up to 4 person - 3 lessons                   $270
                                                     setting. A few minutes of Q&A available after
2457111    7-7:50p             Tu-F     3/16-3/19                                                        (60 minutes each)
                                                     class. Each participant receives a current Rules
2457112    7-7:50p             Tu-F     3/23-3/26                                                        Playing lesson for 4 - per person             $30
                                                     of Golf book. Includes hors d’oeuvres.
2457113    9-9:50a             Tu-F      3/30-4/2                                                        (One hour - evening only)
                                                     Fee $10
2457114    6-6:50p             Tu-F      3/30-4/2
                                                     Ages 18+              Staff                    GC
2457115    11-11:50a           Tu-F        4/6-4/9
                                                     2450100 5-6p                    Tu            3/23
2457116    6-6:50p             Tu-F        4/6-4/9                                                      Winter Lesson Promotion
                                                     2450101 5-6p                    Tu             4/6
2457117    6-6:50p             Tu-F     4/13-4/16                                                       20 % discount on Private Lessons taken between
                                                                                                        November 1, 2009 and February 28, 2010!
Four-Day Senior Only (50+yrs)                                                                           Most golfers enter a new golf season with a goal.
2457120 10-10:50a           Tu-F           4/6-4/9                                                      For some, it is to lower their handicap a couple
2457121 10-10:50a           Tu-F        4/20-4/23                                                       of strokes. For others, it is to change or augment
                                                                                                        their swing to produce more power, efficiency, or
                                                                                                        both. In doing so, most golfers do not allow for
Intermediate Golf Lessons                                                                               enough time for these improvements to sink in
You get it in the air on most shots but don’t feel                                                      before the season is already gone. Why not kick
ready for the course. Appropriate for golfers with                                                      start your progress during the winter and have
at least some experience. Learn specific aspects                                                        your game on better footing come spring? Take
                                                     Confidence on the Course
of the golf swing, rules and etiquette in greater                                                       advantage of this special seasonal promotion.
                                                     Move your game from the range to the course.
depth. Maximum of 5 people per class. Fee $69
                                                     Learn dynamics of game management, strategy,
Ages 18+              Staff                   GC                                                        Our instructors take pride in teaching players
                                                     rules and scoring while on the course. Get over
Three-Day Intermediate Series                                                                           of all abilities and communicating necessary
                                                     the first tee jitters! Appropriate for those who
2458000 1-1:50p                W-F      3/17-3/19                                                       changes to ENSURE OPTIMUM performance.
                                                     have had beginner or intermediate lessons
2458001 1-1:50p                W-F       3/31-4/2                                                       We make it our goal to help you take your BEST
                                                     and who can get the ball in the air consistently.
2458002 7-7:50p                W-F      4/14-4/16                                                       game to the course.
                                                     Maximum of 4 people per class.
2458003 7-7:50p                W-F      4/21-4/23
                                                     Fee $75
                                                      Ages 18+             Staff                    GC
                                                     2451610 9-10:30a                Sa       4/17-4/24
                                                     2451611      11a-12:30p         Tu       4/20-4/27

      For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
     For information or to register: www.lakeoswegoparks.orgor call: 503-675-2549                                                              35
 Tennis                                                2900 Diane Dr.

            Lake Oswego
         Indoor Tennis Center
      Courts available 6am to 10pm daily

          Be a Good Neighbor!                                                                               Junior Excellence
   Please respect all traffic laws (drive slowly
                                                                                                           Competitive juniors with refined skills. Varsity or
   and obey stop signs) as you exit the Tennis         TEACHING STAFF
                                                                                                           junior varsity team level with motivated attitude.
   Center and drive through the neighborhood.          For a list of professionals offering private
                                                                                                           Enrollment is based on prior approval only by a
                                                       instruction, call 503-635-5550.
                                                                                                           teaching professional.
           Court Reservations                            Anni Miller, Director of Tennis
   Reservations are required and may be                  USPTA/USPTR, Master Tennis Professional
   made up to one week in advance by calling             Gerri Allen, PTR-I                               Men’s/Women’s Doubles Night
   the Tennis Center at 503-635-5550 during              Sam Dibbins, USPTA-I                             Sundays, 7-10 pm, October through April.
   office hours.                                          Siamak Hajarizadeh, USPTA-I                      Doubles competition in a rotating format is
   Cancellations require 24 hours advance                Amy Leahy, USPTA-I                               arranged by our professional teaching staff. Cost
   notice.                                               Ellen MacPherson, USPTA-I                        is $20 per person per night. Reservations may be
                                                         Shawn Alford, PTR                                made up to one week in advance by calling the
    Office Hours - September 1- May 31                    Kevin Hughes, PTR -I                             Tennis Center at 503-635-5550.
   Monday-Friday     10a-12p & 1:30-8p                   Eric Rhodes, PTR - A
   Saturday & Sunday 11a-4p                            Please Note: Private lessons taught by individuals
                                                       other than City tennis employees are prohibited. Leagues, Ladders
                                                                                                          Many opportunities are provided for competitive
        Access to the Tennis Center
                                                       Ability Levels                                     and non-competitive play in weekly ladders,
   The use of a “card key” allows access                                                                  City League, and USTA Tennis Teams. Call
                                                        National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP)
   to your pre-reserved court at the Tennis                                                               Ellen MacPherson at 503-246-5771 for more
   Center when the office is closed. A card may         Beginner - 0 to 1.5                                information.
   be purchased at the Tennis Center when               New to the sport of tennis.
   making a court reservation, or at Parks &
                                                       Beginner II - 1.5 to 2.0                        Need a Partner List Add your name to our
   Recreation at the West End Building, 4101
                                                       Limited previous instruction. Needs improvement “need a practice partner” list in the lobby.
   Kruse Way. Card keys are effective June
                                                       of stroke technique and consistency. Practices
   1 through May 31, for $10 per season -or-
   $30 for four years.
                                                       Advanced Beginner - NTRP 2.0 to 2.5                     About Our Fees.......
        All Court Times: $15/hr                        Beginning to develop sound stroke techniques.           The Tennis Center is a self-sustaining
                                                       Can rally ten ground strokes, other than with pro,      enterprise not funded by tax dollars.
                                                       somewhat consistently.                                  Fees for classes are the same for
SEASONAL Tennis Reservations                           Intermediate - NTRP 2.5 to 3.0+                         residents of Lake Oswego as for
Guaranteed court time may be purchased in              Ability to hit consistent ground strokes,               residents of other communities. Lake
advance for a particular day and time each week        knowledge of all strokes, understands and               Oswego residents receive priority for
for a 4.5 month period, beginning September 1          executes singles and doubles positioning and            class placement at the beginning of
through May 31.                                        strategy. Good directional control, seldom              each catalog season.
To apply for a seasonal reservation, call the Tennis   double faults.
Center at 503-635-5550.                                                                                        Cancellations for all classes require 3
Fall/Winter - September 1 - January 18                 Advanced Intermediate - NTRP 3.5+
                                                       Competitive player with advanced tennis and             days advance notice.
Winter/Spring - January 19 - May 31
                                                       movement skills. Able to serve and volley

      36          For information or to register: or call: 503-635-5550
                  For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
TINY TOT TENNIS                                   SPECIAL OLYMPICS TRAINING                         High School Tennis Prep
An introduction to tennis, designed for ages 4
                                             Our instructors conduct 8-week clinics for aspiring    High school tennis team members can get up to
to 6. Racquets and foam balls provided. Tennis
                                             athletes. Fundamentals are stressed, beginning         speed and be ready for the high school tennis
shoes required. Introduce your little one to with movement games using foam balls and               season. For Advanced Intermediate to Advanced
unbelievable fun!                            balloons and catering to those with special needs.     Plus levels only.
Ages 4-6              Staff                 ITC
                                             The program offers participants fitness, fun and        Ages 13-18            Miller/Staff         ITC
Fee $100                                     a positive social experience. Co-sponsored by          Fee $100
1500000 9-9:45a               Sa       1/16-3/6
                                             the Professional Tennis Registry and the Greater       1522200 12-12:50p             Sa      1/16-3/6
1500001 1-1:45p               Sa       1/16-3/6
                                             Portland Tennis Council.                               2522200 12-12:50p             Sa      4/3-5/22
2500000 9-9:45a               Sa       4/3-5/22
                                             Ages 12+               Staff                   ITC
2500001 1-1:45p               Sa       4/3-5/22
                                             Fee $55
* Grand Slammers - Minimum of three previous 1522400 4-4:50p                Sa         1/16-3/6
full term classes required                   2522400 4-4:50P                Sa         4/3-5/22
1500100*    10-10:45a        Sa       1/16-3/6
2500100*    10-10:45a        Sa       4/3-5/22              Junior Lessons
                                                  Designed to teach skills and techniques,
                                                  according to age groups; beginner through
                                                  advanced intermediate players. Fee $100
                                                  Ages 7-9          Staff                    ITC
                                                  Beginner - Winter
                                                   1508000 4:30-5:20p          Tu/Th     1/12-2/4
                                                   1508001 3-3:50p             Sa        1/16-3/6
                                                   1508002 4:30-5:20p          Tu/Th      2/9-3/4
                                                  Beginner II - Winter                             Advanced Beginner - Spring
                                                   1508040 4-4:50p           M/W         1/11-2/3 2508280 5-5:50p               M/W     3/29-4/21
           Friday Night                           Advanced Beginner - Winter                         2508281 5:30-6:20p         Tu/Th   4/27-5/20
        Pizza & Match Play                         1508080 4-4:50p           M/W           2/8-3/3 Intermediate - Spring
                                                  Beginner - Spring                                  2508340 2-2:50p            Sa       4/3-5/22
 Play twice a month!                               2508000 4-4:50p             M/W      3/29-4/21    2508341 5:30-6:20p         Tu/Th   3/30-4/22
 Join us for pizza and supervised competitive     Beginner II – Spring                             Intermediate/Advanced - Spring
 match play. Open to juniors on the verge of       2508040 4:30-5:20p          Tu/Th    4/27-5/20 2508360 3:30-4:20p            Tu/Th   4/27-5/20
 or presently playing matches. Choose one or
                                                  Advanced Beginner - Spring
 all sessions.                                                                                     Ages 13-18                Staff        ITC
                                                   2508080 1-1:50p           Sa          4/3-5/22
 Fee $15 per night                                                                                Beginner/Advanced Beginner - Winter
                                                   2508081 5-5:50p           M/W        4/26-5/19
 Ages 12-18             Staff            ITC                                                       1508460 3:30-4:20p        Tu/Th    1/12-2/4
 1520000 6-8p                  F          1/8
                                                  Ages 10-12             Staff               ITC Adv. Beg./Intermediate - Winter
 1520001 6-8p                  F        1/22                                                        1508520 11-11:50a          Sa        1/16-3/6
                                                  Beginner/Beginner II - Winter
 1520002 6-8p                  F          2/5                                                       1508521 3:30-4:20p         Tu/Th      2/9-3/4
                                                   1508220 5-5:50p              M/W      1/11-2/3
 1520003 6-8p                  F        2/19
                                                   1508221 5:30-6:20p           Tu/Th    1/12-2/4 Intermediate - Winter
 1520004 6-8p                  F          3/5
                                                   1508222 5:30-6:20p           Tu/Th     2/9-3/4 1508540 1-1:50p              Sa        1/16-3/6
 2520000 6-8p                  F        3/12
 2520001 6-8p                  F          4/2     Advanced Beginner - Winter                       Beginner/Advanced Beginner - Spring
 2520002 6-8p                  F        4/16       1508280 2-2:50p           Sa          1/16-3/6 2508460 3:30-4:20p          Tu/Th 3/30-4/22
 3520000 6-8p                  F          5/7      1508281 5-5:50p           M/W           2/8-3/3 Intermediate - Spring
 3520001 6-8p                  F        5/21      Beginner/Beginner II - Spring                      2508540 3-3:50p          Sa        4/3-5/22
                                                   2508220 4:30-5:20p           Tu/Th   3/30-4/22 2508541 4-4:50p             M/W      4/26-5/19

    For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
    For information or to register: or call: 503-635-5550                                                       37
Tennis                                             2900 Diane Dr.

                                                                                            Morning Madness Reserved for players 50+.
                                                                                            This morning workout focuses on doubles
                                                                                            strategy, drills highlighting different strokes, and
                     Junior Tennis Excellence Program                                       match play. For level 3.0 (Intermediate).
                                                                                            Ages 50+               Dibbins                   ITC
                          Professional’s pre-approval required                              Fee $90
                                  WINTER FEE $375                                           1515000          8-9a         3.0 W         1/13-3/3
                                  SPRING FEE $375                                           2515000          8-9a         3.0 W 3/31-5/19

             Accelerated tennis skills, strategy, mental training techniques and physical
             development for committed players. This level supplements the advanced
          student’s knowledge and provides preparation for the competitive tennis world.

Tournament players; “A” and “Champ” ranked
Ages 14-18           Miller/Staff         ITC
1522040 3:10-4:30p           Tu/Th 1/11-3/10
                                                                                            PRIME TIME DRILL AND PLAY
2522040 3:10-4:30p           Tu/Th 3/30-5/27
                                                                                            A great evening class of weekly drills, fast-
                                                                                            paced point play and preparation for USTA
JUNIOR EXCELLENCE II                                                                        competition.
Jr. Varsity level rookie tour players with solid                                            Ages 18+         Staff                   ITC
strokes                                                                                      Fee $120
Ages 12-15             Miller/Staff         ITC
1522050 4:30-5:50p             M/W    1/11-3/10                                             NTRP 2.5 - 3.0+ (Low Int. - Intermediate)
2522050 4:30-5:50p             M/W    3/29-5/26                                              1515100 6:10-7:30p            Th      1/14-3/4
                                                                                             2515100 6:10-7:30p            Th      4/1-5/20

JUNIOR EXCELLENCE III                                                                       NTRP 3.5 - 4.0+ (High Int. - Advanced)
Tournament players; Rookie, “A”, “Champs”, JV/                                               1515120 7:30-8:50p           Th       1/14-3/4
Varsity level                                                                                2515120 7:30-8:50p           Th       4/1-5/20
Ages 14-18           Miller/Staff           ITC
1522060 3:10-4:30p           M/W      1/11-3/10
2522060 3:10-4:30p           M/W     3/29-5/26

Rookie tour players and team tennis players with
solid strokes
Ages 10-14            Miller/Staff          ITC
1522070 4:30-5:50p            Tu/Th 1/11-3/10
2522070 4:30-5:50p            Tu/Th 3/30-5/27

     38         For information or to register: or call: 503-635-5550
                For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
              DRILL AND PLAY
   Improve your skill with challenging drills.
       Professional approval required.
                                                                                    ADULT LESSONS
                                                                      Instruction for beginners to competitive players; 8 or 16
     A registration form must be submitted                            consecutive class lessons.
        by: December 15 for winter term                               Ages 18+                        Staff                 ITC
          and March 1 for spring term

Ages 18+            Staff                    ITC WINTER SEASON Fee $95 / $190                        SPRING SEASON Fee $95 / $190
Fee $140                                          Beginner/Beginner II - Winter                      Beginner/Beginner II - Spring
Advanced Beginner - Winter                         1517020 9-9:50a              M/W       1/11-2/3    2517020 9-9:50a              M/W 3/29-4/21
 1515280 12-1:20p          M             1/11-3/1 1517021 7-7:50p               M/W       1/11-2/3    2517021 7-7:50p              M/W 3/29-4/21
 1515281 10:30-11:50a      Th            1/14-3/4 1517022 7:30-8:20p            Tu/Th      2/9-3/4    2517022 7:30-8:20p           Tu/Th 4/27-5/20
Intermediate - Winter                               Advanced Beginner/Low Int. - Winter              Advanced Beginner/Low Int. - Spring
  1515340 12-1:20p             W         1/13-3/3    1517100 7:30-8:20p          Tu/Th    1/12-2/4    2517100 7:30-8:20p          Tu/Th 3/30-4/22
                                                     1517101 7-7:50p             M/W       2/8-3/3    2517101 7-7:50p             M/W 4/26-5/19
Intermediate/Advanced - Winter
  1515360 10:30-11:50a      Tu           1/12-3/2 Advanced Beginner - Winter                         Advanced Beginner - Spring
                                                   1517080 9-9:50a           M/W           2/8-3/3    2517080 9-9:50a           M/W 4/26-5/19
Advanced - Winter
 1515380 9-10:20a              Tu        1/12-3/2 Fee $190                                       Fee $190
 1515381 9-10:20a              Th        1/14-3/4 Advanced Beginner - 16 classes - Winter        Advanced Beginner - 16 classes - Spring
                                                   1517090 10-10:50a          M/W       1/11-3/3 2517090 10-10:50a           M/W 3/29-5/19
Competitive Singles - Winter
 1515400 10:30-11:50a        M           1/11-3/1 Fee $95                                          Fee $95
                                                  Adv. Beg./Intermediate - Winter                  Adv. Beg./Intermediate - Spring
Advanced Beginner - Spring                          1517120 6-6:50p             M/W       1/11-2/3 2517120 6-6:50p               M/W 3/29-4/21
 2515280 12-1:20p          M            3/29-5/17 1517121 6:30-7:20p            Tu/Th      2/9-3/4 2517121 6:30-7:20p            Tu/Th 4/27-5/20
 2515281 10:30-11:50a      Th            4/1-5/20
                                                  Intermediate - Winter                              Intermediate - Spring
Intermediate - Spring                               1517140 6:30-7:20p          Tu/Th     1/12-2/4     2517140 11-11:50a          Sa    4/3-5/22
  2515340 12-1:20p             W        3/31-5/19 1517141 6-6:50p               M/W        2/8-3/3     2517141 6:30-7:20p         Tu/Th 3/30-4/22
                                                                                                       2517142 6-6:50p            M/W 4/26-5/19
Intermediate/Advanced - Spring                    Fee $190
  2515360 10:30-11:50a       Tu         3/30-5/18 Intermediate - 16 classes - Winter               Fee $190
                                                    1517150 11-11:50a           M/W       1/11-3/3 Intermediate - 16 classes - Spring
Advanced - Spring                                                                                    2517150 11-11:50a           M/W 3/29-5/19
 2515380 9-10:20a              Tu       3/30-5/18
 2515381 9-10:20a              Th        4/1-5/20

Competitive Singles - Spring
 2515400 10:30-11:50a        M          3/29-5/17

    For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
    For information or to register: or call: 503-635-5550                                                       39
Sweep Rowing & Sculling                                                                 350 Oswego Pointe Drive

                                                    ROWING WITH LOCR
                                           Novice and Experienced rowers can
                                           become a part of Lake Oswego Community
                                           Rowing where they can take instructional
                                           classes and have unlimited rowing
                                           opportunities, access to racing, and other
                                           rowing activities. Our on-the-water season
                                                                                        Registration/Program Information
                                           runs from the middle of March through the
                                                                                        Information about all programs offered by
                                           middle of November, weather permitting.
                                                                                        LOCR is available on the web site at
                                           Rowing choices include participation or by calling 503-697-6503.
                                           in team and recreation sessions and
       Charlie S. Brown                    reserving boats. Off-season rowing           Refund and Cancellation Policy
      Water Sports Center                  opportunities are available as weather       Please see page 46 in this catalog.
(On the Willamette at Oswego Pointe Dr.)                                                Inclement Weather
 350 Oswego Pointe Drive, Lake Oswego                                                   LOCR reserves the right to cancel classes due
            503-697-6503                                                                to poor weather or water conditions.
Open year round for land-based or
water-based programs depending on                                                       Registration Requirements
the season.                                                                             Lake Oswego Community Rowing has teamed
Hours: Open during listed program times                                                 up with Parks & Recreation to provide easy
                                                                                        access to information and registration for all
                                                                                        rowing activities.
 Rowing Programs Offered Through                                                        Enrollment in any rowing program is dependent
 Lake Oswego Community Rowing              Lake Oswego Community Rowing is a            on the following requirements:
                                           non-profit, volunteer driven organization
  Register On-Line For Listed Classes      offering rowing classes for beginning and    Current and signed Swim Test form or                 intermediate adult and junior rowers 8th      Certified Life Guard certificate
      or call Parks & Recreation           Grade and over. We also have a flexible       Completed Personal Info. Form (PIF)
             503-675-2549                  format for more experienced rowers.          Completed United States Rowing Assoc.
                                           LOCR’s experienced and knowledgeable          (USRA) waiver
                                           coaches provide training for classes         Swim Test, PIF, and USRA waiver are
                                           and programs. Members may receive             available at registration or on-line at:
                                           coaching if they like, but may also guide
                                           their own workouts. Clean-up, coxing,
                                           marketing, fundraising and special events
                                           are all supported by volunteers. We
                                           encourage every participant to contribute
                                           to the enrichment of the organization
                                           both on and off the water. LOCR currently
                                           leases the Charlie S. Brown Water Sports
                                           Center from the City of Lake Oswego. All
                                           classes take place at the Charlie S. Brown
                                           Water Sports Center in Roehr Park, on the
                                           Willamette River.

   40             For information register: or 503-675-2549
             For information or to or to register: or call:call: 503-675-2549
                                                                           Sweep Rowing & Sculling
                                                 Rowing / Sculling Class                                               JUNIOR ROWING
                                                 An introduction to rowing for those with little or
                                                                                                        THE LOCR JUNIOR TEAM is a nationally
                                                 no prior rowing experience. Participants begin by
                                                                                                        competitive team for students grades 8 – 12. It
                                                 learning rowing terminology and the basics of the
                                                                                                        is an after-school competitive rowing program
                                                 stroke on the ergometer (rowing machine), then
                                                                                                        that teaches student-athletes teamwork, self-
                                                 progress to the water. The focus is a fun and
                                                                                                        discipline, goal setting skills, and emphasizes
                                                 informative introduction to the sport of rowing.
                                                                                                        physical fitness. No experience needed. The 2010
                                                 Successful completion of this class allows rowers
                                                                                                        junior season begins with winter training. Winter
                                                 to become a part of LOCR’s flexible recreational
                                                                                                        training is a variety of land-based exercises to
                                                 or competitive rowing program, participants may
                                                                                                        build cardiovascular fitness and strength. The
                                                 also attend a regatta at the end of class.
                                                                                                        team transitions back to water-based training in
ADULT ROWING                                     Ages 18+            Staff                    WSC
                                                                                                        the spring. No practice on federal holidays, but
Winter Training Class                            Fee $325
                                                                                                        practice is held on no-school days. Regatta travel
Beat the winter blues and come work out with us. 2575980 5:30-7:30a             M/W/F 3/22–6/18
                                                                                                        is required of those participating on this team.
Indoor rowing machines (Ergs) are a complete     2575981 6:30-8p                M/W/F 3/22–6/18
                                                                                                        During Spring Season the entire team travels
full body workout that will whip you into shape                                                         to regattas in British Columbia and Washington
                                                 Because each class session builds on what is
and lay the foundation for on-the-water rowing                                                          State; additional fees are paid for regatta travel.
                                                 learned in the previous one, regular attendance
technique. Workouts include circuit training and                                                        Ages 8th – 12th Grade Staff                    WSC
                                                 in introductory rowing classes is very important.
the use of indoor rowing machines. No prior
                                                 Please plan to attend all class sessions for the       Fee $375
rowing experience required.
                                                 first two weeks, and at least 80% of all class          Winter Season
Age 18+             Staff                   WEB
                                                 sessions.                                               1571000 4-6p                 M-F 11/16–2/19
Fee $225
                                                 No classes held May 29-31                               (except for Winter Break 12/19–1/4)
1575900 5:30-7:30             MWF       1/4–3/19
                                                                                                        Fee $405
                                                                                                        Spring Season
Sweep Rowing and Sculling Classes
                                                                                                         2571000 4-6p                  M-F       2/22-5/21
Sweep rowing is the technique of rowing with
one oar per person. Rowers sit in two, four, or
eight-person boats, often steered by a coxswain.
Sculling is the technique of using two oars in
unison. Scullers learn in instructional single shells   RECREATIONAL AND COMPETITIVE ROWING
and can advance to team sculling boats.                 Experienced rowers can row in sculling and sweep boats under the supervision of coaches on
                                                        Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 5:30-7:15a and Open Rows on Saturday mornings
                                                        from mid-March through October. In addition, rowers can work out during adult class sessions if
Mid-Morning Sculling Class                              rowing equipment is available. A Boathouse Annual Fee is required and payment of an annual,
Sculling classes are taught in single shells with       seasonal or monthly fee.
a low student to instructor ratio. This class offers      1570500                   Annual Pass (Annual fee included)                         $800
rowing opportunities for those that have flexible         Check online for #’s       Monthly passes                                             $80
schedules. Beginning or experienced scullers can
                                                         1570600                    Winter Season Pass (mid-December – mid-March)              $225
take advantage of the low river traffic of the mid-
morning and enjoy the Willamette’s tranquility and       2570600                    Spring Season Pass (mid-March – May 29)                    $225
beauty while learning a new sport and getting a
                                                        Annual Fees Fees for the 2010 season:
full body workout.
                                                                $100          Individual
Ages 18+            Staff                     WSC
Fee $120
                                                                $150          Two Family/Household Members
2576100 9:30-11a                M/W       3/22–4/14             $200          Three or More Family/Household Members
2576101 9:30-11a                M/W       4/19-5/12     Annual payments are made on LOCR’s website or at the Charlie S. Brown
2576102 8:45-10:15a             Su        4/11–5/30     Water Sports Center, or mailed to LOCR, PO Box 369, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

          For information register: or call: 503-675-2549
      For information or toor to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                              41
                                                                                                       505 G Ave.
Adult Community Center                                                                                 503-635-3758

                                                   Resources                                           Substitute Mini-Bus Drivers
                                                   Sometimes aging can bring about special             If you have a good driving record, enjoy people
                                                   circumstances that most people have not dealt.      and are willing to take two free driving related
                                                   Most need help to learn about useful programs       classes, come and talk to our Transportation
                                                   and services. If there is a question or concern     Coordinator. Vehicles are completely automatic
                                                   by or on behalf of an older adult, our trained      and do not require any special license. Training
                                                   staff can assist. Human services are available      provided.
                                                   to individuals as well as their families and no
                                                   membership is needed.
                                                   Support groups can also help; there is a variety    2010 Farmers Market Ambassador
                                                   so please call 503-635-3758 or visit our website    Help get the word out! Provide information about
                                                   at for up to date
      Lake Oswego                                  information.
                                                                                                       the programs, activities and services available at
                                                                                                       the ACC. Various shifts are available throughout
  Adult Community Center                           Meaningful Volunteer Positions
                                                                                                       the summer. Training provided.

                                                   If you are interested in being an Adult Community
      Open Monday – Friday                         Center volunteer, we have opportunities for
      Building hours 8a - 4:30p                    satisfying service to our community’s elders. The
      Office hours     8a - 6p M - Th               greatest needs are listed below
                      8a - 4:30p F
      ACC is closed: 1/1, 1/18 2/15
                                                   Medical Escort
                                                   There are Lake Oswegans who need
Lighter Fare in our Kitchen on Mondays             transportation to and from medical
Now you have a choice! If you enjoy our delicious, appointments. Volunteers use their own vehicles
made from scratch meals at the LOACC but want and assignments are based on an individual
a lighter selection, you can now enjoy our new volunteer’s availability.
luncheon options. We feature salads, delicious                                                         Computer Learning Center (CLC)
soups, or sandwiches for your tasting pleasure.                                                        Whether you want to learn how to send your
Beef barley soup, clam chowder, spinach salad- Substitute Meals on Wheels Drivers                      kids emails, find out about the latest app for
the offering differs each day.                     Meals on Wheels help many older adults and          SmartPhones, or play with digital photography,
For complete menus, see the LOACC’s some younger disabled adults remain in their                       the Computer Learning Center is the place to be.
newsletter The Leisure News, or go to our homes and avoid long-term care. Substitute                   This brain trust of friendly, knowledgeable, award
website at        drivers help fill-in when regular drivers are not   winning volunteers are at your service. Classes
                                                   available. Meals are prepared at the Center on      are available, as well as open Question and
                                                   M/W/F. Drivers use their own vehicles. Training     Answer sessions.

Yoshikawa Visit
All ages welcome. Free
10:15a-12:15p        W                      3/31

Old Time Fiddlers
All ages welcome. Free
1-3p                 Su                     3/14

     42          For information or register:              503-675-2549
                For information or toto register: or call: 503-635-3758
                                                                                    Adult Community Center

                                                     Sunday Pops – Motown’s Greatest Hits                Red Ridge Farms
                  Travel!                            Four incredible singers. The members from           Ever wonder how olive oil is made? Tour Red
                                                     Spectrum bring you heart-melting songs by artists   Ridge Farms and find out. Included is a tour of
                                                     like Smokey Robinson, the Temptations, Marvin       the vineyard, weather permitting. Tasting of olive
 Join the Adult Community Center for a variety       Gaye and the Four Tops.                             oil and wine are included. Enjoy a lunch stop at a
 of escorted local and chartered excursions.         ACC Member $38.50/All Others $57.75                 local eatery, Antonio’s Italian Restaurant, on your
 Obtain complete travel listings at www.             1875500 2-6p                 Su            2/28     own. or by calling 503-635-                                                              ACC Members $12/All Others $18
 3758. The ACC reserves the right to use the                                                             1876400 9a-3p                   Th             4/29
 center’s vehicles in order to avoid cancelling
 a chartered trip. All trips depart from the ACC
                                                                                                         Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade Portland 2010
 unless otherwise indicated.
                                                                                                         Be the first to see the coronation first hand and
                                                     Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park the start of the parade to the finish. Rain or
Snowshoe Lesson and Tour                             Informational Meeting                               shine, weatherproof seats are reserved inside the
Snowshoeing is a fun aerobic exercise. Trips         11a-12p                M                      3/8 Coliseum. Enjoy a breakfast buffet before the main
are between 2-6 miles and less than 750 foot                                                             event begins. Receive a souvenir pin or program
elevation gain/loss. Bring waterproof hiking boots   Costa Rica                                          in advance, indicate at time of registration.
and proper equipment. Ken Barker meets all           Highlights include San Jose, Poas Volcano, ACC Members $75/All Others $90
registered participants at 8a at Tigard P&R, 74th-   Cano Negro Refuge, Arenal Volcano Hot Springs, 3874200 6:30a-1p                    Sa             6/12
99W, Park and Ride.                                  Monteverde Cloud Forest, and Guanacaste.
ACC Member $69/All Others $79                        An optional 3-night jungle adventure post tour
                                                                                                         Portland Broadway Presents-The Lion King
1870400 8:05a-5:30p            M              1/18   extension is an additional cost. Deposit of $250
                                                                                                         Giraffes strut, birds swoop and gazelles leap. The
1870402 8:05a-5:30p            M              2/22   due at registration. Cancellation and Waiver
                                                                                                         entire savannah comes to life as the music soars.
                                                     Insurance is $150 PP . Space based on availability.
                                                                                                         Cost may be subject to change.
Cross Country Ski Lesson and Tour                    ACC Member/All Others $2549ppdo; $3249ppso;
                                                                                                         ACC Member $48/All Others $63
Learn basic cross country ski and explore the        $2519ppto
                                                                                                         3870300 11:30a-4p              Th             6/17
winter landscape. Trips are between 2-6 miles and    1870500 8a-5p                 W-Th     3/17-3/25
less than 500 foot elevation gain/loss. Ken Barker
meets all registered participants at 8a at Tigard    Portland Broadway Presents-Cats                     Islands of New England
P&R, 74th-99W.                                       What began as a musical about cats has become       (Info Meeting, 1/11, 11a)
ACC Member $62/All Others $72                        the longest running show in Broadway’s history.     June 11-18, 2010
1870401 8:05a-5:30p            M              1/25   Cost may be subject to change.                      Visit Providence, Newport, Boston, Cranberry
1870403 8:05a-5:30p            M              2/15   ACC Member $48/All Others $63                       Bog, Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Plantation, Cape
                                                     1870300 12-4p               Su            3/28      Cod, Lobster Feast, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket
St. Aidan’s Crab Feed                                                                                    and Hyannis Provincetown. A ferry ride transports
An annual all you can eat crab and shrimp feed,      IKEA and More                                       you to beautiful Martha’s Vineyard. Travel aboard
served family style.                                 Plenty of shops in addition to IKEA to keep you     the Cape Cod Dinner Train and enjoy culinary
ACC Member $25/All Others $37                        busy. Lunch is on your own. There is a lot of       delight. Lodging is at the Hilton Providence and
1870900 4:30-7p              Th            2/25      walking.                                            Radisson Hyannis. A deposit of $250 is due at
                                                     ACC Members $6/All Others $10                       registration, no later than 2/11/2010. Cancellation
Lunch Bunch                                          1870800 10a-2:30p             Th            4/1     waiver and insurance is $140pp.
Explore a new local restaurant or visit an old                                                           ACC Member/All Others $2199 ppdo; $2169 ppto;
favorite once a month. Lunch is on your own. 4th     Portland Broadway Presents-Dream Girls              $2649 single
Thursdays.                                           A rags to riches story of a 1960’s Motown girl      Additional cost visits to:
ACC Members $6/All Others $10                        group, and the triumphs and tribulations that       Harvard Campus Tour with the Glass Flowers
1800500 11a-2p 1/28                  O’Connor’s      come with fame and fortune. Cost may be subject     Exhibit & Longfellow House @ $45.
1800501 11a-2p 2/28 Swagat Indian Cuisine            to change.                                          Nantucket Whaling Museum and Lunch @ $50.
1800502 11a-2p 3/25                 Dave’s BBQ       ACC Member $48/All Others $63                       3870500 8a-5p                   F        6/11-6/18
1800503 11a-2p 4/22                Truffle Hunter    1870301 12-4p                Su           4/18

     For information or to register: or call: 503-635-3758
     For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                              43
                                                                                                          505 G Ave.
 Adult Community Center                                                                                   503-635-3758

                                                                                                          Lunch at the Center
            Human Services                                             Services                           A delicious three course lunch prepared in the
                                                                                                          center’s kitchen by chef Julynne Pang and
                                                                                                          served by center volunteers.
The Adult Community Center is a focal point          Low Income Energy Assistance                         $4 per meal suggested donation for 60 years
for services available to older adults and their     Clackamas County residents who have a gross          and better $5 fee for those under 60
families in our community. Center membership is      income of less than 1,757.00 per month for a         12-1p                                  M/W/F
not required and confidentiality is respected. For    single individual or 2,298.00 per month for a
information or to register for specific programs      couple, are eligible to receive assistance to help
call 503-635-3758.                                   offset heating and utility bills.                    Meals on Wheels
                                                     If you feel that you qualify, please contact LIEAP   Noon meals are delivered by volunteers to
                                                     directly at 503-650-5640 beginning December          housebound older adults and younger disabled
    Monthly Support Groups                           1, 2009. For further information call Dana.          citizens.
                                                                                                          $4 per meal suggested donation
Arthritis Group                                                                                           11:30a-12:30p                         M/W/F
Monthly meetings feature a variety of programs       AARP Safe Driving Program
to benefit those living with arthritis.               This eight hour program is the nation’s largest
10-11:30a                           4th Wednesday    refresher driving course and helps refine existing    Lunch & Shop
                                                     skills and develop safe, defensive driving skills    Enjoy lunch at Center followed by transportation
                                                     and techniques.                                      to Safeway for one hour of shopping.
                                                     AARP Instructor                            Alder     Driver can assist with parcels as needed. Lift
                                                     $12 AARP Members/All Others $14                      equipped bus available.
                                                     12:30-4:30p          Tu/Th           1/12 & 1/14     $1 suggested donation
                                                     12:30-4:30p          Tu/Th           3/16 & 3/18     1-2p                                           M

                                                     AARP Income Tax Assistance Preparation               Respite Program
                                                     AARP/IRS trained volunteers prepare state and        A social and recreational program for older adults
                                                     federal returns. Bring all necessary documents       with memory loss or confusion due a dementia
                                                     and information, including 2008 tax returns.         related disease. Pre-registration required.
                                                     No Fee                     Appointment Required      McMath                                 Oak/Acorn
                                                     9a-4p                Th                 2/4-4/15     $25 per session includes lunch.
                                                                                                          11:30a-3:30p           Tu/Th            9/1-12/29
Caregiver Group
This group focuses on family members caring for      Blood Pressure Monitoring
an older adult with a dementia-related illness.      No fee, walk in.                                     Transportation Services
1:30-3:30p                          3rd Tuesday      8:30a-3p                  1st & 3rd Friday           Call 503-635-3758 to arrange a ride to the
                                                                                                          Center M/W/F
                                                                                                          $1 suggested donation each way
Widowed Group                                        Grocery Shopping                                     8:30a & 10a pick-up
These sessions are devoted to support and            Volunteers shop for housebound and deliver           1p & 3p return ride home
sharing for those who have lost a spouse.            groceries. Call Center for information.
10-11:30a                        1st Wednesday
                                                     Legal Assistance
                                                     Receive a 30-minute consultation with an
Vision Group
                                                     attorney for older adults and their families, by
Monthly speakers provide information and
                                                     appointment only. No fee
education on a variety of topics related to vision
                                                     9a-12p                               2nd Friday
1-2p                                  4th Monday

     44           For information or register:              503-675-2549
                 For information or toto register: or call: 503-635-3758
                                                                                   Adult Community Center

              Membership                                Gratitude and Appreciation to Our Community Partners

                                                             ACC “In Stitches” Quilters
                                                              Alzheimer’s Association
                                                                Arthritis Foundation
                                                         Blue Heron Nat’l Charities League
                                                       Clackamas County Meals on Wheels
                                                   Clackamas County Senior & Disabled Services
                                                                  Elders In Action
ACC membership is available to anyone 50+                  Lakewood Center for the Arts
and the funds assist the Center in meeting its               Lake Grove Garden Club
financial budgetary goals. Members receive
                                                              Lake Grove Lions Club
discounts on center programs; receive the
quarterly newsletter and complimentary event                     LOAC Foundation
tickets. We are committed to continuing to bring            Lake Oswego Garden Club
all of our quality programs and services to you       Lake Oswego League of Women Voters                       Congregate
at the LOACC.
                                                             Lake Oswego Lions Club                          Volunteer Meal
   Residents:           $35 single                  Lake Oswego Meal Network Advisory Board
                                                               Lake Oswego Review
                        or $50 per couple
                                                                  Life by Design
   Non-Residents: $45 single                                                                                      Bubble Girls
                                                          Marylhurst Interior Design Class
                  or $70 per couple                                                              The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
                                                     National Association of Retired Employees
Membership is not required to participate in                                                                      City Slickers
                                                         New Seasons Market - Mtn. Park
Center activities, nor is it required to receive                                                                      Etal
                                                             Rotary Club of Kruse Way
human services support. If you choose not                                                                      Lake Bible Church
to become a member, we still want you to                       Safeway Foundation
                                                                                                             Lake Grove Lions Club
participate in Center activities and get counted                 Vision Northwest
for it. So please fill out the top portion of the                                                         Lake Oswego Fire Department
                                                                Wanzer Foundation
Participant Data Sheet and bring it to the front                                                               Luann and Friends
                                                           Washington Federal Savings
reception desk on your next visit to receive                                                       Lake Oswego Municipal Employee’s Assoc.
your key tag which we now use to sign in for
                                                                                                           Lake Oswego Rotary Club
To become a member of the ACC please fill                                                                     New Seasons Market
out the entire Participant Data Sheet and                                                                     Our Lady of the Lake
submit with the appropriate donation or fee.                                                             Our Savior’s Lutheran Church
Forms can be found at or stop by 5th and G to pick up a                                                                 United Church of Christ
membership packet.                                                                                          United Methodist Church
                                                                                                                Welcome Wagon

    For information or to register: or call: 503-635-3758
    For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                     45
Registration & Information

   Current Term Registration                                                                           Use any of the following
   Registration for winter spring classes begins at 10 am December 14. Lake                         options to register for classes:
   Oswego residents receive priority placement until December 18. Residents
   know immediately upon registering whether or not they are in a class or on a                     Internet
   wait list (some classes do not offer wait lists - like golf).                                    Most classes are available for registration
   Non-resident registrations are accepted, but held on separate wait lists until                   using the Internet. Payment by Visa or
   December 18 when the wait lists are processed on a first registered basis.                        MasterCard is required.
                                                                                                    Go to:
   Notification of final class/wait list status is mailed to non-residents December 18.               If you need computer access, there are
   After non-resident wait lists have been processed, registration is open to all on                computers at the West End Building at 4101
   a first-come, first-served basis.                                                                  Kruse Way Blvd., Adult Community Center,
                                                                                                    505 G Ave., or the Library at 706 4th St.
Scholarships                                       in all programs. The fee for non-residents may
Scholarships for most classes are available        be up to 50% above the resident rate.             Mail
to residents who need financial assistance,         Residents receive admission priority for all      Complete the registration form on page 51
regardless of age. The scholarship program         classes and waiting lists. Registrations from     and mail with payment to:
is funded by donations. More information on        non-residents are processed about one week        Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation
receiving a scholarship or donating to the fund    after resident enrollment begins.                 PO Box 369
is available by calling 503-635-0282.                                                                Lake Oswego, OR 97034
                                                   Enrollment Confirmation                            Make checks payable to City of Lake Oswego.
Special Accommodations                             An enrollment confirmation is mailed to you VISA and MasterCard are accepted.
If you have a disability or need an                or, if you register by Internet, e-mailed to you,
accommodation, please include a note with          or you may print your own confirmation. If a Drop Off
your registration. If you register online, there   class is full, you are placed on a wait list, and Bring your completed registration form during
is a field available on the participant screen      your fee is refunded upon request. If minimum business hours to:
where you can input this information.              enrollment is not met, Parks & Recreation
                                                                                                     Parks & Recreation, West End Building
                                                   reserves the right to cancel the class, and
                                                                                                     at 4101 Kruse Way, Tennis Center, Golf
Cancellations                                      those enrolled receive a full refund.
                                                                                                     Course, or ACC.
Classes held in schools do not meet when Lake
Oswego schools are closed due to legal holidays,   Refunds                                           Make checks payable to City of Lake Oswego.
weather, or other unforeseen emergencies. Call     For a refund, you must notify the Parks & VISA and MasterCard are accepted.
Parks & Recreation regarding cancellations at    Recreation office that you wish to cancel a
other class locations. Some classes fill quickly, class at least three working days prior to the     Fax
and some may be canceled due to insufficient      first class. A $5 processing fee is charged for     Fax registration form to 503-697-6579 with
enrollment. Minimum enrollment standards         each refunded class. In lieu of a refund, you      full payment using your Visa or MasterCard.
must be met five working days prior to the start  may request a credit, and the $5 fee is waived.    (Please call to confirm receipt.)
of class. Early registration is encouraged.      All credits are nonrefundable once issued and
                                                 must be used prior to the end of the following     Phone
Residency                                        fiscal year (June 30). A refund under $25 is        Have your registration form complete with
You are a “resident” if you own or rent property granted only as a credit toward a future class     Visa or MasterCard number and call
inside the city limits of Lake Oswego or within (non-credit card only).                             503-675-2549. Due to the high volume of
the LO School District boundary.                                                                    calls, you may prefer to use another option.
“Non-residents” are encouraged to participate

     46         For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549
                                               Registration Form & Liability Information

Mail to: Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation, PO Box 369, Lake Oswego, OR 97034                         : 503-675-2549               : 503-697-6579

(Please Print)

Family Last Name                        Family Name of Adult Participant, Parent or Guardian                              Birthdate of this Person

Address                                                               City                        State                   Zip

Home Phone                                              Alternate Phone                           E-mail Address
Does the participant have any allergies or medical conditions that may affect participation? If yes, Please tell us in the space below.

Does the participant require any special accomodations to participate in the class or activity? If yes, please contact us at 503-675-2549.

Resident        Non-Resident

 Activity #         Participant(s) Name(s)                 Birthdate          Gender              Activity Name                    Activity Fee

Scholarship donations are greatly appreciated and provide much needed assistance            Scholarship Donation
for people wanting to participate in Parks & Recreation programs and activities.
                                                                                            TOTAL ENCLOSED
                    Try online registration at                                    COMPLETE IF PAYING BY CREDIT CARD
                                                                          Card # ___________________________________
                 for most classes and activities.
                                                                          Exp. Date _____________ VISA    MasterCard
           Checks should be made payable to City of Lake Oswego.          Name on Card _____________________________
                        One form per family, please.

Liability, Photography & Medical Release Information                                 What to look for in Class Description
In consideration of participating in Parks & Recreation                      Ages                            Instructor                   Location

activities, participants acknowledge that they are aware of                  6+                                Jones                         LO**

the nature of the activity and release the City of Lake Oswego               Cost for Lake Oswego Residents                 Cost for Non-Residents
from liability for any and all claims for personal injuries.                 Residents $6                                         Non-Residents $6
Participants, and/or parents/guardians of registered minors,                 Activity #             Time                  Days              Dates
authorize employees of the City to seek medical treatment in                 1000000                10-11a                 Tu                 5/20
the event of an accident or emergency. Photos take during
programs may be used for promotional purposes. Payment of                 *Non-Residents Fee Description on Page 50.
                                                                          Some activites may show a “fee $” listing. Cost for these activites are
fees and participation in the program shall constitute                    not impacted by residency.
acceptance of this liability, photography and medical release.            ** Location key on Page 3.

    For information or to register: or call: 503-675-2549                                                         47
   LAKE OSWEGO                     Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation                                   PRSRT STD
Centennial Celebration 1910-2010
                                   PO Box 369                                                       U.S. Postage
                                   Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034-0369                                      PAI D
                                                                                                    Portland, OR
                                                                                                   Permit no. 2160

                                                      Postal Customer

Celebrating 100 Years
of Recreational Water Sports!

                                             Then: Recreation on Oswego Lake

                                                                               Today: Sweep Rowing
                                                                    at the Charlie S. Brown Water Sports Center

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