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Spring Break Safety
Students who choose to travel can use common sense to minimize risks .
Many students are anxiously             “There are also common-sense
awaiting the arrival of spring break    practices that individuals know but
2009. Spring break is traditionally a   may choose to not apply when it
time for students to get away from      comes to spring break,” Heinold adds.
the stress of school and relax for a
few days.                               For example, when it comes to
                                        alcohol consumption, Heinold
However, while students who are         reminds that upon consumption
planning spring break trips look        a person’s judgment is the first to
forward to them with excitement,        be impaired. She says the U.S.
many parents worry about their          Department of Education’s Higher
student’s travel plans.                 Education Center for Alcohol and
                                        Other Drug Abuse and Violence
Lisa Heinold, University Residences     Prevention Web site offers more
administrator for conduct,              information specific to spring break
encourages students and parents to      and excessive drinking. Students and
visit the Purdue Student Wellness       parents can learn more by visiting
Office Web site at www.purdue.edu/      www.higheredcenter.org/search/          Contrary to popular belief, most students
swo for additional travel safety tips   node/spring+break.                      don’t head for a tropical locale for Spring
or to speak with someone from a                                                 Break . The majority opt to go home or
reputable travel agency.                             CONTINUED ON PAGE 2        stay on campus .

UNIVERSITY RESIDENCES            www.housing.purdue.edu            FEBRUARY 2009
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                                        “Safety should be a concern for everyone,” Heinold says. “Students
                                        and/or parents looking for advice should check authoritative
                                        resources, and bottom line, translate that knowledge into behavior.”

                                        According to Tamara Loew, health advocacy coordinator with the
Travel Safety Tips                      Purdue University Student Health Center, it is important for parents
For students who are planning to        to advise students on how to make healthy decisions while away from
get away during the break, it is        campus, and remind them that unhealthy or irresponsible decisions
important to remember safety tips       can impact the rest of the semester.
such as:
                                        “If their student is going away, parents should set clear expectations
   Always travel in groups of three     on behavior,” Loew says. “Spring break does not mean a break from
or more.                                responsibility.”

   Carry some type of                   Even with all the safety concerns, spring break can be a time where
identification at all times (such as    students can make responsible decisions and still have a trip to
a driver’s license or passport).        remember. As with any break, however, it’s important to remember
                                        that party destinations aren’t on the minds of all students.
    Know the local laws of the area.
                                        According to Loew, the notion that everyone goes away to Florida,
   Always know the way home             Texas, or Mexico for spring break just isn’t true.
from a destination.
                                        “With the MTV party shows and the media coverage, there is a
   Never accept a ride from a           misconception that everyone goes away for spring break,” Loew says.
stranger.                               “Quite frankly, that’s not true.”

                                        Loew points out that an overwhelming majority of Purdue students
                                        go home during spring break week to visit family or work at a job. In
                                        addition, many students take non-beach destination trips, such as to
                                        Chicago, New York, St. Louis, or Washington, DC.

                                        “The ‘everyone-goes-to-Florida-to-get-trashed’ mentality needs a
                                        reality check,” she explains. “It’s not true and can have dangerous
                                        consequences for students who fall into that trap.”

                                        Michelle Warren is a freelance writer for Housing and Food Services
                                        Marketing and Communications.

2                                                                                                  FEBRUARY 2009
                                           Student Employment
                                           University Residences offers opportunities
                                           to gain leadership and supervision skills .

                                                           Students in search of a job should look no further.

                                                           Within University Residences, students can find a
                                                           variety of jobs. According to Kathy Vill, dining court
                                                           supervisor at Ford Dining Court, the majority of
                                                           jobs are available through dining services, including
                                                           dining courts, retail operations, and quick-service

                                                           Kari Glebe, manager of University Residences newest
                                                           dining court, says the new dining court employs
                                                           between 250 and 300 students on average per

                                                           “It is a great opportunity; it’s convenient; students
                                                           receive a free meal each time they work; it’s a good
Students employed by University                            way to build relationships that last; and we need
Residences learn a variety of job skills   their help to be successful,” Glebe says. “They get to be part of our
beneficial in any career path .            family.”

                                           “Employment helps a student learn a wide variety of skills that will
                                           be beneficial in any career path — time management, interpersonal
                                           skills, leadership, supervision, problem solving, logic and
                                           reasoning, conflict resolution, cooperation and team building, and
                                           communication skills to name a few,” Vill explains.

                                           “It is a joy to watch the students mature and prepare for life
                                           after college,” Vill adds. “Employment just adds so much to the
                                           educational experience, often in unexpected ways.”

To learn more about URPA or to             For more information, visit www.housing.purdue.edu and click on
make a contribution, visit www.            the Student Life tab and then the Student Employment tab.
                                           Michelle Warren is a freelance writer for Housing and Food Services
You may also contact Kyla                  Marketing and Communications.
Houston, parent association liaison
at kthouston@purdue.edu or

FEBRUARY 2009                                                                      www.housing.purdue.edu           3
                                      At Home in the Halls
                                      Students cite proximity, community as
                                      reasons to return to University Residences .

                                                   Recontracting is under way within University
                                                   Residences and as in the past, many students are
                                                   choosing to return to the residences.

                                                   According to Elizabeth Hartley, general manager
                                                   of Hillenbrand Hall, approximately 45 percent of
                                                   students return to University Residences each year. This
                                                   percentage has remained consistent despite more and
                                                   more options for student housing in the area with more
                                                   aggressive marketing toward students.

                                                   “I believe we remain highly competitive because
                                                   of location, dining courts and food retail options. We
                                                   offer different types of housing options, that are safe and
                                                   well maintained.” Hartley says.
General Manager Elizabeth Hartley     University Residences student ambassador Natalie Hinant is a
lists dining courts as one reason
students choose to return to
                                      sophomore in the College of Liberal Arts and is in her second
University Residences . Hillenbrand   year living at Earhart Hall. Hinant believes that a major reason
Dining Court (pictured above) is      sophomores return to University Residences is the convenience
currently undergoing renovation and   factor.
will reopen in August 2009 .
                                      Hinant explains that when you are on campus, you don’t have to
                                      cook because of the dining courts, and there are bus stops within a
                                      block of each residence hall so if you don’t have a car you can still get
                                      to everywhere you need to go. Also, you can pick where you want to
                                      live down to the exact room.

                                      “I encourage students to recontract with University Residences
                                      because as I see it, we have the rest of our lives after we graduate to
                                      live in an apartment or house,” Hinant says. “Never again will you
                                      have your bathroom cleaned for you, a large variety of food available
                                      at the swipe of a card, or the opportunity to live with so many of
                                      your friends. Also, I think many students may not think of this, but
                                      there is a lot of information and activities available to you when you
                                      live in a residence hall.”

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                                           Kelly Rogers is a sophomore in the Krannert School of Management
                                           and, like Hinant, is a University Residences student ambassador who
                                           recommends sophomores return to University Residences.

                                           “To me at least, the residence halls were an easy choice,” Rogers
                                           says. “I don’t own a car, so residence halls offer me the option of
                                           being close to classes while having food close by as well. I have
                                           tons of services offered to me like laundry, cleaning, heating and
                                           air conditioning, free movie rentals, free game rentals, free wireless
                                           Internet in the lobby, and tons of room to meet people and study in
                                           groups in the study lounges. Plus, residence halls are way too much
                                           fun to leave,” she says.

                                           “Recontracting is really, really simple,” says Rogers. “As a freshman,
                                           there was no way that you could choose the specific room, floor, or
                                           hall that you wanted to live in. But as an upperclassman, you have
     First Street Towers, opening          much, much more choice.
     in August 2009, offers air-
     conditioned single rooms with         “You are actually missing out on great opportunities if you don’t
     private baths . Each residential      return to the residence halls as a sophomore,” she continues. “This
     cluster features a fully furnished
     living room with a flat-screen
                                           year, I am applying for the brand-new residence, First Street Towers,
     television, wireless Internet,        for next year.”
     a dinette area, and laundry
     facilities . Each floor also          Michelle Warren is a freelance writer for Housing and Food Services
     contains a central study area .       Marketing and Communications.

FEBRUARY 2009                                                                      www.housing.purdue.edu           5

                                                                   Members of the Residence Hall Association donated two basketball hoops and a
                                                                   grill to the Purdue University Fire Department as a thank you for its services .

                                                                   Student association donates to fire dept .
                                                                   Members of the Purdue University Fire Department (PUFD) were
                                                                   recently presented with a grill and two basketball hoops by the
                                                                   Residence Hall Association (RHA) as a thank you for the services
                                                                   PUFD provides.

                                                                   According to Kevin Ply, PUFD chief, the members of the Purdue
                                                                   Fire Department deeply appreciate the generous gift from RHA.
                                                                   “We try to provide the best services possible to the community we
Sharlee Lyons                                                      serve and do so not expecting anything in return,” Chief Ply says. “A
University Residences Marketing and                                gift of this type shows every member of this department that people
Communications Manager                                             do appreciate the services we provide.”
Elaine McVay
Director, HFS Marketing and Communications

Jessica Able
                                                                   Mobilesphere prepaid long distance
HFS Communications Coordinator,
Purdue Marketing Communications                                    Keep the lines of communication open with your student by taking
                                                                   advantage of Mobilesphere’s prepaid domestic and international long
DESIGnER                                                           distance service, available to students living in the residence halls.
S. Katherine Braz
University Residences Marketing and
                                                                   Students can call within the U.S. or 220 countries worldwide for
Communications Graphic Designer
                                                                   as low as five cents per minute. The service can be accessed from
HALLWAYS EXPRESS                                                   any phone in the continental U.S. (including cell phones), and
University Residences                                              there is no expiration of the prepaid minutes. You will never pay
Purdue University                                                  any surcharges, connection, or maintenance fees. Sign up and enter
1225 Third Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907                                           promotional code MSd808 and receive $5 in free calling or receive
765.494.1000                                                       $10 of free calling with a purchase of $25 or more. Learn more and
                                                                   sign up at www.housing.purdue.edu/telecom.
www .housing .purdue .edu

6           UNIVERSITY RESIDENCES                                                                                                 FEBRUARY 2009

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