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									 Psychomusicology Journal Annual Subscription Request Form

Note: Volume 20 (2 issues) is forthcoming in 2008                                    Date________ 200___
      (requests for back issues are also welcomed)

Type of Subscription (please check 1): Individual □           or     Institution □

Name/ Contact person: ______________________________________________________________
Department (if any): ________________________________________________________________
Institution Name, (if any)_____________________________________________________________
Street Address:_____________________________________________________________________
State, Province, or Territory: _________________________________________________________
Country:____________________________              Postal/Zip Code: _____________________________
e-mail: ___________________________ tel:_____________________ fax:___________________

Please submit a cheque or money order in Canadian or US currency to Psychomusicology at the
following rates:
Individual in United States annual subscription rate:                       $30
All other institutional and foreign individual subscription rates:          $36

Amount enclosed:      $__________ for Volume: 20 (2008) □; 21 (2009) □; others □___________

Send the Check to:
                              Annabel J. Cohen
                              University of Prince Edward Island
                              Charlottetown, PE CANADA
                              C1A 4P3

Coming soon: Psychomusicology, Volume 20, Issue No. 1
Special Issue:
The History of the Psychology of Music in Autobiography
Don’t miss this important volume providing first hand information on the founding of music
psychology from the start of the cognitive zeitgeist, featuring contributions from eminent pioneers
Canada, US, Japan, France, and Sweden.
Keep tuned for details!

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