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Cielo MedSolutions Announces Affiliate Marketing Partnership with Industry
Thought Leader
Medical Data Solutions to promote Cielo Clinic™ within medical practice community

ANN ARBOR, MI – June 13, 2007 – Healthcare information technology (IT) company Cielo MedSolutions
has entered into an affiliate marketing partnership with Medical Data Solutions of Midland, Michigan.
Under terms of the agreement Medical Data Solutions will qualify and develop sales leads for Cielo
MedSolutions’ line of chronic condition care management software and services.

Medical Data Solutions provides customized and proactive business management solutions for the
healthcare industry. Medical Data Solutions is led by Sharon Libell Leenhouts, MHSA who has over
twenty five years of experience in the healthcare industry with a special emphasis on healthcare
informatics and data analysis. MDS focuses on making data into information and helping healthcare
industry leaders make informed decisions.

“Cielo MedSolutions genuinely focuses on helping primary care physicians optimally manage their
patients’ care,” said Sharon Libell Leenhouts, president of Medical Data Solutions. “Cielo understands
that information technology will only help if it fits seamlessly into the clinical workflow. Cielo Clinic
software offers record keeping and reporting that improves the management of a medical practice. It
facilitates more effective communication with insurers and can, ultimately, lead to a higher quality of
patient care delivery.”

“We are excited to partner with a leading firm in the field of healthcare informatics and practice
management data analysis,” said Dave Morin, president & CEO. “Medical Data Solutions’ constant touch
with the primary care practice marketplace will certainly speed adoption of our products.”
About Medical Data Solutions

Medical Data Solutions provides customized, proactive business management solutions for the
healthcare industry. By making information out of data, Medical Data Solutions lends insight into
important business decisions to improve performance and increase efficiency.

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About Cielo MedSolutions

Cielo MedSolution is a leading provider of healthcare software and information technology services.
Founded in 2005, Cielo helps ambulatory care physicians improve quality-of-care, optimize practice
efficiency, and increase physician revenue. The company’s web-based Cielo Clinic™ software helps to
improve, document and report on clinical care.

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