GENERAL MEETING

                                 NOVEMBER 14, 2005

        The general meeting of the Shorewood Forest Property Owners' Association, Inc.,
a corporation organized and existing under the Indiana not-for-profit corporation act of
1971, as amended, was called to order at 7:30 p.m. at the clubhouse located at 410
Shorewood Court, Valparaiso, Indiana on Monday, November 14, 2005, President, Tom
Smith presiding.
        Board members present were Treasurer, John Manda; Secretary, Pamela Barnes
Harris; Vice President Bill Kappas and Vice President, Tony Sielski. Also attending were
Attorney, Ted Fitzgerald; Community Manager, Christian Anderson; Maintenance
Supervisor, David Lackey; Lake Patrol Director, Alan Fix; Lake Patrol Officer Charles
Garber; Assistant Community Manager, Susan Schwab and approximately 60 residents.

CALL TO ORDER: Tom Smith called the meeting to order and welcomed the residents
in attendance. Tom advised the residents we will proceed with a presentation by David
Vermillion of Vermillion Security and then have discussion about the proposed security
system the Board is planning on implementing.

SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM: David Vermillion presented a program about the
security camera system the Board wants to provide for the community. He spoke of the
different solutions that would be available. The area’s under consideration are all the
entrances, the boat docks, beach and clubhouse area. He said we need to approach this by
providing a base package that covers specific areas. We are considering locating some of
the antennas on the water tower. He said he is confident he can provide a system or
combination of systems to get the coverage we need. Wallace Johns asked if they would
be on motion sensor or a constant basis. Mr. Vermillion said for ease of review and
reserving hard drive capacity we would have motion detectors. Mr. Carlton asked if this
is a wireless network system. Mr. Vermillion said there is special application equipment
that is similar but not exactly a wireless network. Bill Kappas asked how durable these
cameras are and how long a camera could be expected to last. Mr. Vermillion stated
approximately eight to ten years. Mr. Thad Brody said he is not sure if this is a good idea,
because as a business man he knows that if the picture clarity is poor there will be no
prosecution. Mr. Vermillion said the quality of pictures on this new technology is very
good. Wallace Johns said he works on these systems and says if the camera is going to
fail it will generally be within the first ninety days. Mr. Kirincic, Lot 219 said even with
some challenges, it is better to have something in place rather than nothing.
He said he thinks it will help with catching people that break into cars. Tom Smith said
we are addressing this because residents have come to the Board after all the incidents of
vandalism we had this year and asked that the Board try to do something to help prevent
these problems. A resident of 394 Wilshire said the deterrent value of the cameras will
help also. Mr. Vermillion said the maintenance of the system will require at the minimum
an annual inspection.
                                      Page 2, General Meeting, November 14, 2005
The discussion continued and the Board told residents that they could look at the
materials that Mr. Vermillion has left for the Board to review. The Board thanked Mr.
Vermillion for his presentation.

GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE APPEAL: Mr. Bhaskar Modur has appealed to the
Board of Directors to set aside a portion of the penalty he received from the Grievance
Committee. He is asking that the one year probation be rescinded. He said he will attend
the Shorewood boating safety class, and pay the fine. He stated he was cited for reckless
operation (speeding after dark) and for his lights not being in operation. He stated he had
a relative visiting and took him out on the boat in the evening. Tom Smith explained that
Mr. Modur is exercising his right to appeal his citations at a public meeting to the Board
of Directors. Officer Charles Garber is present as well as Lake Patrol Director Alan Fix.
Mr. Modur stated he does not want to contest the officer’s version of the incident. He
would just like the Board to consider dropping the probation. Tom Smith said the Board
will take the information Mr. Modur provided and let him know its final decision.

UTILITY REPORT: Bill Kappas, President of the Shorewood Utilities reported since
the last time we met, they have had some problems with the electronics at the main lift
station on Shorewood Drive. That lift station has four other lift stations that go into it, and
it then pumps material into the main plant. That lift station has a three phase motor
however; there is no three phase hook up going to the lift station. There is a device called
a roto-phase which creates a three phase power surge that gets the motor started. The
motor then runs on the single phase. That has been giving them problems. They had it
replaced and it was under warranty. They are in the process of getting a bid from
NIPSCO to put in a three phase line, now that they have one running down Shorewood
Drive. He said the last thing they need with snow on the ground is for the main lift station
to quit working. He said if it failed they would have to run it on the generator and get a
truck out to pump it which is not very feasible. He stated the diagrams from the engineer
will be needed to get the bids on the new tanks during the winter and they are moving
forward. He said he spoke to the engineer today and expects things to be back in the
middle of January. He said they will do one tank which will take two of the existing tanks
out of commission but we will still have the other two. After we get that on line, we will
do the other tank. We will be replacing the four tank kits with two larger concrete tanks,
which should last over one hundred years. The current ones only last thirty. He said they
are getting some bids from contractors on expanding the utility system to the homes that
have septic on Roxbury and over on Wexford. We will be looking at phase one on that.
He said they will be reporting on that at the next Utility Board meeting. Edgewood is
moving along although we are not quite done yet. He said they still have some things to
finish up. He said they are working with them to get that done. He stated we have a
contractor in there that is a Shorewood resident and has a spec home in there and the
Edgewood Development themselves have a home built now. He said they are trying to be
good neighbors and get this done. He said they like for everything to be in operational
order. He said when they were video taping some of the sewer lines, they found a line
over on Wessex that has a large number of tree roots in it.
                                      Page 3, General Meeting November 14, 2005

He said they will be removing a section of pipe there. He said we have been approached
by another development asking to hook into Shorewood Utilities. This development
would be on the north side of Route 30. He said since this project did not affect our
watershed the Board unanimously voted against the proposal. He said they are still
considering the two hundred homes located near the Tremont exit. Mr. Bob Collins, Lot
91 asked if the main lift station is a duplex pump system design. Bill Kappas said that is
what it is right now, but we are going to be looking at installing variable speed pumps.
He said with the other Shorewood homes going into the system and the possible new
development we are going to have to upgrade them. He said the good news is we have
hooked up with a new pump company out of Chicago and we have had really good
results from them. A resident asked if we are talking to Indiana American Water about
extending water service to the areas. Mr. Kappas said once we get to the point we will let
them know. The ditch for the sewer pipe and the ditch for the water pipe have to be ten
feet apart He said since we are going to be tearing up the easement anyway, Atty.
Fitzgerald will be contacting them and letting them know.

ATTORNEY’S REPORT: Attorney Fitzgerald submitted the following report: “Things
are quiet in the legal department. The bad news is that it is that time of year, and we will
be sending out letters to delinquent property owners advising them we will be either
liening or foreclosing on their property. Please pay your assessments as it becomes very
expensive to go through this process.

TREASURER’S REPORT: FINANCIALS: End of month October 2005; Current
assets: FNB: Checking $11,538.00; Certificate of Deposits $100,000.00; and
$ 11,000.00; FNB Savings: $21,427.00; Reserve Fund $40,000.00; Merrill Lynch Ready
Assets: $96,432.00; Total Assets $280,398.00; Liabilities: Past Due Assessments:
$29,792.00 Pool Loan Balance: $218,348.00; Truck Loan $553.75; (now paid off) Total
Liabilities $248,693.00. This summary is of our cash accounts only. This does not reflect
the true asset values of the P.O.A., such as the clubhouse, common areas, and the lake.
Tom Smith said that although we heard some sighs at the amount of the past due
assessments, that is not historically higher that it was in past years. This also includes
people that are on payment plans.

SFCC: John Wesbecher reported the committee reviewed seventeen (17) permits and
approved all. There were ten (10) tree removals; Two (2) room additions; One (1) pool;
One (1) shore station; One (1) dock; One (1) firewood holder and One (1) Gazebo.

COMMUNITY MANAGER REPORT: “On behalf of the Board, Staff and myself, I
would like to wish everyone a joyous Holiday Season. If you are going to be away during
the holidays, make sure you tell your neighbors so they can keep and eye on your home
while you are gone.”

“Since it is getting dark early, please drive with caution since our roadways are also our
sidewalks. If you see someone speeding or driving recklessly, call the Sheriff’s
Department. Remind them that we are out here and deserve increased patrols.”
                                           Page 4, General Meeting, November 14, 2005

“If you walk your pet, be a good neighbor and pick up after them. Don’t forget we do
have the dog park. Remember dogs are not allowed in the picnic area and the beach

“Between January 9th and the 13th, we are having the stairs replaced on the upstairs area
at the clubhouse and the clubhouse will not be available for rentals.”

MAINTENANCE: David Lackey, Maintenance Supervisor reported they performed
ongoing maintenance such as cleaning the clubhouse, the drains near the streets etc. They
closed the pool for the season, storing all the furniture and equipment. They applied the
final fertilizer application to the common areas; removed the buoys and had the Lake
Patrol Boat winterized and shrink wrapped; we cut down the natural barrier along the
shorelines on Shorewood Drive as well as Roxbury Commons and the Well Commons.
We started repainting street signs. We put new barbecue grills in the picnic area and
winterized all the outdoor water sources. We have brought in all the picnic tables and
trash cans and will be repainting and cleaning them over the winter. Next week we will
start decorating for Christmas.

LAKE PATROL REPORT: Lake Patrol Director Alan Fix reported the following.
Alan stated we wrote the first citation of the year for ice fishing on January 31st. We only
had about three weeks of ice fishing; He said he offered seven boating ed classes, but only
held two. He had a total of sixteen students. He said you can get your regular state boater safety
course on line now, so the class he is offering is about two hours and strictly on Shorewood rules.
We had a total of 44 citations this year. Non-resident / Fishing w/o Consent, 11; Unauthorized
fishing, (resident gave permission but was not present) 4; Reckless Operations 6; Safety 7;
Parking, 8; Illegal possession of Bass, 3; Bridge jumping 1; Littering 1; Equipment 1;
Unregistered watercraft, 1; Unauthorized watercraft 1; Warnings, 4; Verbal Warnings, 893;
EMS, 6; House alarms 4; Fire 1; Assisted in finding lost children; Vandalism at Roxbury Docks 2
times this year; July 4th show was perfect without incident. Shorewood fest was quiet. Excise tax:
the Attorney Generals office and the DNR is in the process of making a pamphlet to distribute
across the state to advise residents of what has to done to be in compliance. We had a water
rescue training class with various fire departments. He said the article in the newspaper about the
arrest of kids fishing was in fact three teens that did not live here being caught. It was a legitimate
trespassing citation. Engine Hours: 533. We had a rough year with the car fires and the two fatal
accidents. He reminded people to be careful and if anyone has any questions, just contact him.

PROPOSED BUDGET: The Board reviewed the budget for 2006. Tom Smith said we
will hit the highlights and then answer any questions anyone may have. Each resident
was given a copy. Tom said we have had a lot of wish lists this year from various
committees. He said the various committees in our neighborhood did a wonderful job.
They asked for a lot of things and we tried to accommodate every one of them in some
form or fashion. This year we didn’t have any of the real estate to deal with. He said we
are back to trying to improve our neighborhood. Based on the cost of the projects the
assessment for 2006 will be $750.00, which is an increase of $100.00. We work to a zero
budget at the end of the year.
                                       Page 5, General Meeting, November 14, 2005
Our income for 2006 is estimated at $836,100.00; Payroll will be $362,819.00; Capitol
expenses will be $127,722.00 and our operational expenses will be $345,559.00. He said
we doubled our landscaping budget because we have been asked by many residents for
more color and more flowers. We are going to be installing water at the other entrances
for maintenance purposes. We are purchasing the security cameras and have had much
input from the neighborhood asking for that to be done. He said the Board feels very
strongly about this issue. He said we are starting our implementation of improving the
lake. We are going to repair the ditches at Roxbury Commons and then the Atassi ditch
followed by the other major drainage areas. He said when we get those areas in control
and stop all the silt and debris from coming in the lake we can then clean up the lake.
Dave Lesniewski asked where the security cameras will be installed. He was told they
will be at the entrances, the docks, the beach and the clubhouse. Dave came to the
meeting late, and the Board gave him the literature explaining how the camera system
will work. A resident asked if both the Roxbury and Atassi ditches will be done. Tom
Smith said just Roxbury this year as we have to deal with the county and a culvert issue
with the Atassi ditch area. A resident asked since all the wild flowers and natural barriers
were taken down are we planning on planting regular flowers instead. He was told that
will be up to the landscape committee. He said all the geese came back and we need to
have something there. Tom said it got out of hand with more weeds than flowers and we
cut it back in answer to many complaints. Mr. Kirincic asked when the landscape
committee would be meeting. Joe Cunius said since he was just appointed he will have to
schedule a meeting, but if anyone is interested in being on the committee please let him

Dave Lesniewski asked if we are staying with the same company to treat the lake.
Christian said we are in the second year of a two year contract. Dave Lesniewski asked
about the line item for the concrete. Christian said we have some areas by the pool, the
clubhouse stairs, and a few other places we need to have done.

Rich Nomanson asked if anything is going to be done with street sweeping. Tom Smith
said we have checked into it, but it is extremely expensive to either buy the equipment or
have an independent company come in and augment the job of the Porter County Hwy
Department. Mr. Kirincic said with the gravel or cinders they spread wouldn’t it be better
to just use salt. Tom Smith said they don’t use salt here because of the lake. Mr. Kirincik
said he shovels it up, but asked what are we supposed to do with it? Tom said we
encourage people to shovel in front of their lot. Mr. Kirincic said there is just too much to
put in the trash. Christian suggested that people can put it back by the shop area. There is
a place where we have let people dump hard disposables. Please call the office first to
coordinate this with the maintenance department.

Mrs. Slys asked why we have ball field and T-ball on the budget. Bill Kappas said a
number of residents have addressed the fact that t-ball and soft ball and even little league
can’t use the field because it’s in such bad shape. He said we are going to be scraping the
infield out and we have been fortunate that the high school has an inordinate amount of
material left from all the work they have done at their ball fields and they have agreed to
give that to us.
                                      Page 6, General Meeting, November 14, 2005

Bill said we are going to be scraping this down about four inches. He said some of the
residents have agreed to help. Tom Smith said we will be paying for any rental of
equipment, but we are relying on our neighbors who have an interest in the activities at
the ball field to help with the labor. T-ball is the expense for the hats, trophies, pictures
and equipment used to run the program. Tom Smith said we try to have all of these
programs pay for themselves.

Bob Collins, Lot 91 asked what the $104,000.00 is in capitol funds. Community
Manager, Christian Anderson explained that is monies which we will be using in the
reserve fund. He said if you look at the reserve study document we handed out, you will
see the replacement costs for this development which is now thirty years old and realize
we need to start setting up monies so that as things deteriorate, they can be replaced. Bill
Kappas and Pam Harris did a spread sheet and extended it out ten years. Tom said with
this we can now start planning for the items to be replaced rather than being surprised
when this occurs. Pam Harris moved that we accept the budget as proposed. Tony Sielski
seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous. The complete budget will be published in
the Shorelines.

COMMUNITY INPUT: Mr. Kirincic complimented Susan on the good job that is done
on updating and maintaining the Shorewood website “find a home” section. He said it’s
important not to have old information and it’s nice to see things are updated quite often.

Paul Schriener, Lot 145 asked what the policy and procedure is for implementing rules.
Tom Smith said any of the Board members, through community input or themselves can
make a motion for a rule. He asked what the mechanism is to notify residents of rule
changes. He said for five years we thought there was a rule that you couldn’t have
newspaper tubes and found out there had not been a vote. He said it was not published
anywhere but now at the last workshop the Board voted to have this rule. Tom Smith said
any policy that we change would be published in the Shorelines, which is a way we
communicate to the neighborhood. Tom Smith said we admitted it was an oversight and
that we erred in not having a formal vote; however, it has been in the Shorelines that this
was what the intent was when we got the new mailboxes which included newspaper
tubes. Tom said based on some of Mr. Schreiner’s input, we now log all complaints as
they come in. Tom Smith said any rule that got changed would be distributed to the
community through the Shorelines newsletter within thirty days. Susan Schwab, Asst.
Community Manager said we do have guidelines and covenants that are given to all new
residents in the packet sent to them upon closing of their property. Dave Lesniewski said
what happens when there is a rule change is that the Board will meet and discuss the rule.
Usually rules are based on community input or recommendations from committees.
                                      Page 7, General Meeting, November 14, 2005

Mr. McKenna asked if any other things have come up in reference to the idea of
beautifying the neighborhood. He said Bill Kappas has a portable basketball hoop in front
of his house. He asked if that meant all community members should go out and buy one.
Tom Smith said the portable basketball hoops are a Porter County issue and not our issue.
If it is in the street it is the County’s. Bill Kappas said ten years ago he purchased a
basketball hoop. He said at the time he called Christian and asked if we had any rules
against it. He said in the winter, he puts it in the back yard so it does not impede the snow
plows. He said he makes sure it does not impede school busses either. Bill stated this is a
ten year old issue. Tom Smith said anyone that would like a copy of the guidelines can
get them at the office. A resident asked what a person does that gets many newspapers.
Tony Sielski said they can purchase another mailbox and we have letters that say
“newspapers” per the request of the post office so they don’t get confused with regular

Gordon Kunz, Lot 600 asked about a recommendation to the lake committee that stated,
if your boat motor is not running that you need to drop an anchor. He said many people
drift fish and this would make that impossible. He wondered why this is being brought
up. Randy Vale, Chairman of the Lake Committee said this was just a suggestion and the
lake committee would look at this. Alan Fix, Lake Patrol Director said that he will look
into it also. Ted said it came originally from a situation where some young people were
swimming and the boat had drifted away and it became a dangerous situation. He said the
suggestion was originally brought up to address swimmers especially children and not

Joe Cunius thanked the Board for their support in naming him as Chairman of the
Landscaping Committee. He said he has looked at other communities within fifteen to
twenty miles of Shorewood and feels we are in need of some changes. He said he was
preparing a budget to present to the Board and asked for $100,000.00 but he got
$20,000.00 which he realizes is double what it was last year. So he feels we are making
progress. He said things will not be done overnight but over a period of a few years he
hopes it will be done.

Paul Schreiner said he wants to ask the Board to form an independent audit committee.
Tom Smith said we are already arranging for an audit. Randy Vale asked where the
figures are in the budget to fix the Roxbury ravine. Tom Smith said the $18,000.00 is in
professional fees to pay for the engineering diagrams. We will not know what the cost
will be to fix the ravines until that design work is complete and we prepare bid specs. Bill
Kappas said this is not just a study this will actually be engineering diagrams. The
funding will come from the reserves.

Bob Collins, Lot 91 asked about leaf disposal. Christian said it used to be a function of
Porter County Solid Waste Management to contract with residents to pick up the leaves.
They stopped that service because it was a losing proposition. Maintenance on the
equipment was extremely high.
                                           Page 8, General Meeting Nov 14, 2005

       There are now several private companies that are providing this service. Tom
Smith said we would see if there is anyway to set this up community wide. Tom Smith
thanked everyone for coming out and for their input.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned.

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Tom Smith, President                               Pamela Barnes Harris, Secretary

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