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Selah Parks _ Recreation


Parks & recreation activities Guide
         The indoor activities will warm the winter months
          and outdoor activities will give new life to spring
                                             Here’s A
                                             Few Examples:            2008
                                             •Youth Basketball
                                             •Little Dribblers for ages 3, 4 & 5
                                             •Exercise Classes for every adult
                                             •Ballroom Dancing
                                             •Yoga                      LOOK INSIDE
                                             •Spring Soccer             FOR DETaILS
                                             •Intro to Soccer MaNY MORE!

                                               Selah’s New
                                              Youth Center

               Selah Parks & Recreation
               698-7300 / 216 South 1st Street (Civic Center)
    Youth Sports - Winter & Spring
                                                       Selah FC                                             Intro to Soccer
                                                        Spring Soccer                                       Boys & Girls, ages 3-5
                                                                                                            Do you have kids who wish they could play in
                                                         League                                             the soccer league but aren’t quite old enough?
                                                               Boys & Girls, Grades K-6                     This is the perfect class for them!
                                                                 Boys and girls in grades K-6 are invited   Designed for 3, 4 and 5 year olds, this is
                                                               to sign up for the spring soccer season.     a great introduction to basic soccer skills
                                                         They will play one to two games a week, with       and fundamental rules, while teaching
                                                       some practices. Teams will stay together from        sportsmanship and having fun. The class is held
                                                       the fall season. If you have lost or outgrown        at Lince field
                                                       your jersey you will need to pay $10 for a           When: Saturdays, March 8 – April 12
                                                           replacement. If your jersey is in good shape     Where: Lince School Field
                                                            from the fall season you do not need to                  across from Lince School
                                                            purchase a new one. Changing teams will         Time:    10:00 – 10:45am
                                                            require the purchase of a new jersey.           Fees:    $21 Res Disc / $31 SSD / $35 ND

Indoor                                                 Special Registration Nights
                                                                                                            Spring Break
Soccer                                                    Tues, Feb 5 & Tue, Feb 12                         Soccer Camp
Boys & Girls, ages 6-12
                                                          5:30 – 7:30 pm in the Civic Center                Boys & Girls, ages 3-18
                                                       Office Registration                                  Selah F.C. is hosting a Day Camp during Spring
Another opportunity to enjoy
Indoor Winter Soccer…..                                   February 1 – 15 at Parks Office                   Break for boys and girls ages 3-18. Emphasis
                                                          8:00am - 5:00pm                                   of the camp will be technical and tactical skills
Players will learn the basics of passing, dribbling,
                                                       League Fees                                          with application of those skills during afternoon
heading and shooting. Also, players will
                                                          $35 Res Disc / $45 SSD / $48 ND                   match play.
learn the importance of teamwork and good
sportsmanship. It will prove to be a great                $10 Replacement Jersey fee (if needed)            Campers must register at the Selah Parks and
learning experience for every participant.                $3 Late fee after February 15                     Recreation office by Friday, March 14.
When: Sundays                                          League Play                                          When: March 31 - April 4
Dates: January 6 – February 24                            March 15 – April 19                               Where: Lince Soccer fields
Time: 6 - 9 years: 2-4pm                                  Weeknights and Saturdays                          Time: 10:00 – 11:30 am daily
          10 - 12 years: 4-6pm                         Coach’s Meeting                                      Fees: $60 / camper
Fees: $35/person                                          Thurs, Feb 28 / 6:30pm / Civic Center

Basketball Clinic                                      Little Dribblers
Boys & Girls, ages 6-9                                 Boys & Girls, ages 4-6
Learn the basics of basketball and hone your           Boys and girls, ages 4-6, will learn the basics
skills in this three day clinic during Christmas       of basketball such as dribbling and passing.
Break. Dribbling, passing, defenses, and               The aspects of sportsmanship and teamwork
offensive sets, plus free throw shooting and rule      will also be taught. Group exercises and
review.                                                games are intermixed with the teachings to
Bring gym shoes, water bottle and sack lunch,          promote coordination and balance. Parents
daily. Selah Slammer’s (AAU Girls Team) will           are encouraged to assist in their child’s
assist with the clinic. Participants must pre-         development.
register at Selah Parks & Recreation.                  When: Monday Nights, Jan 7-Feb 11
                                                       Time: 6:00 – 6:45pm
When:     December 19 , 20 & 21                        Where: Selah Civic Center
Time:     9:00am - 12:00noon                           Fees: $28 Res Disc /$38 SSD/$40 ND
Where:    Selah Intermediate School Gym
Fees:     $30 / person

2                                                                                                           Winter & Spring 2008 Recreation Guide
               Kids, Friends & Family Activities
                                                   Youth Little League                                  Indoor Preschool
                                                   & Machine–Pitch                                      Playtime
                                                   Tryouts                                              Preschoolers & Parents
                                                                                                        Spend Wednesday mornings enjoying playtime
                                                   Sat, March 8 & 15 / Begins 9am                       with your preschooler at the Civic Center. Kids
                                                   McGonagal Park                                       Basketball hoop and tumbling mats will be
                                                   Late registration for both Selah Little League and   provided. Meet other parents and enjoy your
                                                   Machine-Pitch will also be accepted.                 little ones together. Bring your own trikes or
                                                                                                        wheeled toys. No fees! Call Selah Parks and
                                                   Machine Pitch                                        Recreation at 698-7300 for more info.
                                                   Machine pitch is open to boys and girls, ages 7      When: Wednesdays, Jan 2 – March 26
                                                   and 8 years old.                                     Time: 10 am – Noon
                                                   Two registration nights:                             Where: Civic Center
T-Ball                                             Tue, March 6 & 13 / 6-8pm / Civic Center             Cost: FREE
Boys & Girls, ages 5 - 7                           Selah Youth Little League
Youth, ages 5-7, will be assigned teams and play   For information on Selah National Little League      Family Open Gym
games on T-Ball fields. Teams will play once a
week with one or two practices a week.
                                                   Baseball (both Junior and Senior divisions)          Families Only!
                                                   contact Eric Monson at 697-4802..                    If you share a common love of sports with your
Special Registration Nights                                                                             children, bring the family to Sunset gym on
   Tuesday, March 18                                                                                    Sunday afternoons to shoot hoops, play whiffle
   5:30 – 7:30pm at the Civic Center               Summer Baseball                                      ball, start up a volleyball match and more!
                                                                                                        Please register by calling 698-7300 to sign-up
Office Registration                                For information on the Peppers and Pepsi-Paks,
                                                   for 16-18 year olds, call Mike Archer at 697-3547.   your family!
   March 10 – 31 at Parks Office
                                                   Registration will be at the Civic Center at 7pm.     When: 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month
   8:00am - 5:00pm
                                                   Season length: 16 weeks. Registration will            Time: 4:00 - 6:00 pm
League Fees
                                                   be at the Civic Center on May 14 & 20, both          Where: Sunset Gym
   $28 Res Disc / $38 SSD / $40 ND
                                                   commencing at 6pm.                                   Cost: Free
League Play
   May & June, Weeknights, Lince Field
Coach’s Meeting
   Tues, April 15 / 6:30pm at the Civic Center

   Who Do I Call?
   Selah Dolphins Swim Team .............John Piper ...............698-5706
   T-Ball .......................................Selah Parks ...............698-7300
   Little League & Machine Pitch ....... Eric Monson ...............697-4802
   Summer Baseball........................ Mike archer ...............697-3547
   Youth Basketball .........................Selah Parks ...............698-7300
   Youth Soccer ..............................Selah Parks ...............698-7300
   Girls Fastpitch Softball................ Bill harris, Jr ..............697-8847
   Camp Fire Boys & Girls ...............................................453-9151
   Boy Scouts................................ Jim Mahugh ...............697-3759
   Girl Scouts...................................................... 1-800-967-8113
                 For information on activities in the Recreation Guide,
                           call the Parks Office at 698-7300

Find us on the web:                                                                                                                3
    Activities For Adults
Sunrise aerobic                                       Beginning &                                         adult Open Gym
Weight Training                                       advanced Yoga                                       Basketball
adult Men & Women                                     With Jami Shingledecker                             adults
This unique class, for adult men and women,           adults                                              Attention all adults: come and join us at Lince
combines the techniques of aerobic fitness                                                                Gym on Sundays from 12:00 to 2:00 to play some
and weight training to tone you up, slim you          Join in the ancient exercise of attaining body
                                                      and mental control. Classes are designed to         hoops. Bring your basketball shoes and a friend
down, and exercise your cardiovascular system.
                                                      improve and enhance flexibility and strength        for some exercise.
A weight training circuit is interspersed with
aerobic exercise to provide a complete workout.       while focusing on relaxation. Please bring water    When: Sundays, January 6 – April 27
Prevention magazine reports that more weight          and a towel or mat. Call Jami at 594-6989 for       Time: 12:00noon to 2:00pm
can be lost by circuit training than regular          more information.                                   Where: Lince Gym
athletics or jogging. By joining others, you gain     Session 1                                           Cost: FREE
mental strength to stick with a program and           When: Tues & Thurs, Jan 3 - March 27
have fun doing it.                                    Where: Selah Civic Center
When: Tue & Thur / 6:00 - 6:30am                      Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm
                                                      Fee:      $45 Res Disc / $48 SSD / $50 ND
                                                                                                          Senior Exercise
          Sat / 7:00 - 7:30am
                                                                $8 drop-in rate                           With Betty Bolm
Where: Selah high Weight Room                                                                             Come and join us for low impact exercise and
Monthly Fees:                                         Session 2                                           great fellowship. We visit while we exercise and
2X/wk: $20 Res Disc / $27SSD / $29ND                  When: Tues & Thurs, April 1 - June 26               go out to lunch once a month.
3X/wk: $24 Res Disc / $31SSD / $33ND                  Where: Selah Civic Center                           When: Mon & Thur, through May 29
                                                      Time: Beginning Yoga: 6:00 – 7:00 pm                Where: Selah Civic Center
Woodshop                                              Fee:
                                                               Advanced Yoga: 7:15 – 8:15 pm
                                                               $45 Res Disc / $48 SSD / $50 ND
                                                                                                          Time: 10:30 – 11:30
                                                                                                          Fee:       $10 per month
with Jim Clifton                                               $8 drop-in rate
This is your opportunity to use Selah High                                                                Senior activities
School’s woodshop featuring a great selection
                                                      Basic Ballroom                                      at The Civic Center
of tools and equipment for your woodworking
                                                                                                          Nutrition Monday - Friday, 11:30
projects. Instructor Jim Clifton will be there to     Dancing                                                            Call Older American Nutrition
                                                                                                                         Program at 574-2200 to make
provide assistance and help solve woodworking         with Jim Ide                                                       your reservation.
problems. Bring your plans and wood and be
ready to start at the first class. Must be 18 years
                                                      adult Men & Women                                    Pinochle Tuesdays, 1:00pm
                                                      Basic ballroom and beyond dance classes will
of age or older.                                      teach basic ballroom footwork, framework, spins         Skipo Wednesdays, 1:00pm
Maximum of 12 in class.                               and turns to music from the 40’s and 50’s. The        Potluck 2nd Sat/month, 1:00pm
When: Thursday, Jan 24 – Feb 21                       six-week program offers lessons in fox trot, cha-
Where: Selah High School Woodshop
Time: 6:30 – 9:30 pm
                                                      cha, tango, waltz and more. The first portion
                                                      of each evening is for the beginners and the
                                                                                                          Foot Care
                                                                                                          Foot Care is provided to seniors on the 3rd
Fees: $22 Res Disc / $28 SSD / $30 ND                 second portion for the advanced dancers.            Wednesday of every month in the Civic Center.
                                                      A dance partner is recommended but not              Please bring your own towel. Call Ann, 697-6449,
                                                      required. Please pre-register at the Parks          for reservations.
Selah a-Z Quilters                                    and Rec office. Remember that there are two
Share your projects with our friendly group on        sessions for your convenience.                      Selah Silver Set
the second and fourth Tuesday of every month.         Session 1:   Monday, Jan 7 – Feb 11                 Our Purpose: To form a liaison between Senior
Help baste quilts together and share general                                                              Citizens, Selah community and the Wenas Valley.
                                                      Session 2:   Monday, March 24 – April 28
quilting knowledge. Bring a project to work on.                                                           To become acquainted with each other, to
                                                      Where:       Selah Civic Center                     reach out to newcomers, to discuss local issues,
When: 2nd & 4th Tue of every month
                                                      Time:        7:30 – 9:00 pm                         legislation that concerns us and to plan and
Where: Civic Center
Time: 9:00 - 11:00 am                                 Couples:     $30 Res Disc / $36 SSD / $40 ND        engage in fun and good times. Contact: Josie
Fees: Free                                                         ½ price for singles                    Charcas: 697-4594

4                                                                                                         Winter & Spring 2008 Recreation Guide
                                     Tours For Active Adults 50+
The union with Ellensburg Adult Activity Center has proven successful and more trips will be created and presented this year. Day trips in the comfort of the
Luxury Mini Bus or the 14-passenger van will highlight the spring months ahead. Local trips will be filtered in every now and then as well... Remember to
call for more information on upcoming activities at 698-7300. Prices will vary, depending on the event, and all trips are subject to space available. All trips
depart from the Selah Civic Center. Trip return times are best-guess approximations.

Fri, Dec 7 - holiday Light Tour & arboretum Luminaria Walk                                                    at Yakima’s Own
See the Holiday lights and decorations from the comfort of Selah Parks’ 14-passenger van.
Depart: 6:00pm / Cost $3
                                                                                                              Capitol Theater
                                                                                                              Sun, Dec 9 - The Nutcracker
Thur Dec 18 - Elk Feeding Station & Lunch                                                                     Be part of America’s favorite family holiday
Enjoy lunch at a Naches restaurant and then off to watch the elk feed at the Oak Creek Feeding                celebration... Join Clara as she travels to a
Station on Highway 12 to watch hundreds of elk feed. Bring your camera and dress for the weather.             world of enchantment with Sugar Plum Fairy,
Limited seating - register early! Depart 11am / $5 + lunch                                                    the Pirate Mouse King & the Nutcracker Prince.
                                                                                                              Depart: 1:15pm / Cost: $20-$30 (seat location)
Beyond The Yakima Valley                                                                                      Wed, March 5: Town hall Lecture
Fri, Dec 14 - Festival of                              Fri, March 21 - Pacific Science                        Jim Whittaker
Poinsettias & Lynwood Mall                             Center & IMaX Theatre                                  “Life on the Edge: Everest & Beyond” The first
Poinsettias and lights for as far as you can see       Visit their latest display and enjoy the 3D film       American to climb Mt. Everest and President &
along the dazzling ornaments, fragrant wreaths,        “Grand Canyon Adventure.” Trip includes                CEO of REI. Depart: 10:45am / Cost: $25
swags and fresh cut trees. Fresh coffee, hot cider     transportation, admission to exhibits and IMAX
and Kringle pastry are available. After our visit to   Theatre – Lunch not provided
                                                                                                              Sat, March 15 - Gypsy
                                                                                                              Big, brassy, energetic, heart touching, funny
the farm, we will make a stop at Lynwood Mall          Depart: 7:15am / Return: 6pm / Cost: $50
                                                                                                              and memorable, GYPSY reaffirms America’s
with over 200 shops, sure to find that perfect
Christmas gift! Trip includes transportation,          Thur, april 3                                          love of good old-fashioned entertainment with
snacks on bus – meals not included                     Skagit Valley Tulip Festival                           songs like “Let Me Entertain You,” “Some People,”
                                                       Tour three tulip plantations with thousands of         “You Gotta Have A Gimmick,” and “Everything’s
Depart: 6am / Return: 8pm / Cost: $40
                                                       bulbs in bloom plus unique gift shops for those        Coming Up Roses.” Depart: 1:15pm / Cost: $35
Thur, Jan 24 - Museum of Flight                        special items. Enjoy lunch at the indoor café          Sat, March 29 - Little Women
Newly named affiliate of the Smithsonian               on the grounds. Trip includes transportation,          Join the March sisters – Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy
Institute, tour of 28 fighter aircraft, learn the      admission to three plantations.                        – as one of America’s most beloved books soars
history of Aviation, sit in the cockpit of a SR-71     Depart: 6:15am / Return: 7:45pm / Cost: $50            to the stage in Little Women - The Broadway
Blackbird or FA-18 Hornet. Board America’s
first Presidential Jet - Air Force One and climb       Thur, april 10 - Bloedel Reserve                       Musical. Louisa May Alcott’s timeless tale about
                                                       on Bainbridge Island                                   the power of family, friendship and romance, is
aboard the sleek Concorde. New, the display
                                                       After a springtime drive over the Pass, we’ll          capturing the hearts of a new generation and
of Bush Pilots of Alaska & Space: Exploring
                                                       board the Seattle ferry for Bainbridge Island.         captivating audiences of all ages!
the New Frontier. Trip includes transportation,
                                                       After a scrumptious lunch, we’ll head for the          Depart: 1:15pm Cost: $30-$40 (seat location)
admission – Lunch not provided
Depart: 7:15am / Return: 5:45 / Cost: $45              150-acre Bloedel Reserve to find rhododendrons         Wed, april 16: Town hall Lecture
                                                       in full bloom and acres of second growth forest.       P.J. O’ Rourke
Sun, Feb 17                                            The gardens, ponds and meadows are now                 Famous Political satirist, journalist for over 30
NW Flower & Garden Show                                interpreted by the Arbor Fund. Tour includes           years, author of 11 books. Funniest writer in
The Seattle Convention Center hosts of one of          transportation, onboard snacks, admission to           America” states Wall Street Journal.
the Top Flower and Garden show with over 200           reserve, ferry transportation and lunch.               Depart: 10:45am / Cost: $25
booths ranging from floral jewelry to equipment        Depart: 7:30am / Return: 8:15pm / Cost: $75
needs to live plants. With full-scale landscapes                                                              Thur, april 24
and nursery staff on hand to answer all your           May 9 - Walla Walla                                    Capitol Steps – Musical Comedy
gardening questions, it’s a gardener’s haven.          annual Balloon Festival                                Enjoy a hilarious evening of American political
Plus you can attend up to nine workshops               Stand by as dozens of colorful basket balloons         satire and song parodies with the nationally
on the day of our visit. New this year is the          and their occupants set sail into the sky on an        acclaimed Capitol Steps. They’ll be performing
Women’s Health Pavilion featuring a variety            adventure. Tour some of Walla Walla’s famous           songs from their latest albums “I’m So Indicted”
of health checks. Includes Transportation,             wineries and relax in the warm spring air. Take        and “Springtime for Liberals”, as well as other
admission fee and snacks aboard the bus.               a balloon ride yourself for a once in a lifetime       current issues in the news.
Depart: 7:15am / Return: 6:45 / Cost: $55              experience! Call 698-7300 for details.                 Depart: 7pm / Cost: $20 -$50 (seat location)
                                                       Depart: 8:45am / Return: 4:00pm

Find us on the web:                                                                                                                            5
    Stay In Touch With Our Town
     Selah City Council                            The Selah Civic Center:
                     Bob Jones
                                                   a Great Place To host Your Special Event
                                                   Rent the Civic Center for your meetings and functions. The recent indoor remodel is even more
             Council Members                       popular now than ever before, and the newly remodeled dining area is a really nice compliment to the
                  Summer Derrey                    main room. Room availability and rate schedules can be obtained by calling Cassie at the Civic Center,
                     Brian Harris                  698-7302.
                    Keith Larson
                  Denise Nichols
                    Paul Overby
                   Herb Schmidt
                    John Tierney
      The Selah City Council meets for regular
     public meetings the 2nd and 4th Tuesday
       of every month at 4:00pm in City Hall.

       Selah Parks &
      Recreation Board
          John Baranowski
                Debbie Baughman
                   Nigel Carter
                  Gene Grimm
                Aaron Wasilewski                   Civic Center                                         Selah Parks
                Barbara Wehrman
         Council Representative                    Calendar                                             Wants Your Input
                                                   December 1                                           Is there a class, a field trip, a special event or a
                    Brian Harris                      Community Christmas Party /6pm                    sports camp/clinic that you would like to see
      The Selah Parks Board meets for regular      December 13                                          offered by Selah Parks and Recreation? If so,
      public meetings the 1st Monday of every         Treasure for Yakima Co Auction 8am – 12n          please give us a call at 698-7300 or mail the idea
            month at 4:00pm in City Hall.                                                               to us at: Selah Parks and Recreation, 216 South
                                                   January 17
                                                      Blood Draw                                        1st Street, Selah, Wa. 98942
        Selah Parks &                              March 1
                                                      Mayors Prayer Breakfast                           Youth Center help
       Recreation Staff                            March 1                                              The Youth Center is in need of volunteers.
                    Director                          Ducks Unlimited Dinner / Auction                  Parents, community members and college and
               Jeff Hagler, 698-7301               March 8                                              high school students are encouraged to get
                                                      Spring Bazaar                                     involved. We are also in need of donations of
        Recreation Coordinator                     March 28                                             any kind to make this place an awesome one for
              Danny Speer, 698-7300                                                                     our youth. To donate time, talents or treasures,
                                                      Pepsi Pak Dinner / Auction
            Selah Civic Center                     April 5                                              call the Youth Center staff at 697-7529.
           Cassie Deatherage, 698-7302                Yakima River Marathon
    Selah Chamber of Commerce                      May 15                                               Selah Shares
            Shirley Wasilewski, 698-7303              Hobo Feed
                                                   May 16
                                                                                                        Clothing Center
                                                                                                        Selah Shares, a nonprofit organization, located
             Location & hours                         Chamber Potato Feed
                                                                                                        in the Civic Center, collects and distributes used
          The Selah Parks office is located        May 17
             in the Selah Civic Center                                                                  clothing for those in need at no cost. Donated
                                                      Kiwanis Pancake Feed                              articles may be left at the Civic Center at any
               216 South 1st Street
                                                                                                        time. The facility is run by volunteers who
         Normal Business hours
            Monday - Friday, 8am to 5pm
                                                   Selah Food Bank                                      willingly work two hours a month. Clothing
                                                                                                        distribution days are Tuesday and Thursday from
                                                   Free food is distributed by volunteers to needy
    The office is now open during the noon hour!   Selah residents on Mondays and Fridays from          12:00 to 2:00. Recipients must be Selah School
                                                   9-11am at the Civic Center on South First Street.    District Residents.

6                                                                                                       Winter & Spring 2008 Recreation Guide
              Get Connected With Selah Parks
Enjoy a Selah Park                                                                                       how To Register
Several of Selah’s fine parks and recreation         IT’S NOT HARD TO SIGN UP                            Everyone must sign-up and pay for classes and
facilities are available on a reservation basis.     FOR ANY OF THE PROGRAMS                             activities in advance so we can better plan your
The shelter at Playland Park and the three           IN THIS BROCHURE….                                  programs. Selah Parks and Recreation reserves
                                                                                                         the right to cancel, reschedule or combine
covered facilities at Wixson Park can be
reserved in four-hour time slots, from 8:00am to     JUST STOP BY THE PARKS                              activities as needed. Deadline for registrations
                                                     AND RECREATION OFFICE                               is two days prior to the class or activity, unless
                                                     LOCATED IN THE CIVIC CENTER.                        otherwise specified. Activities that do not meet
Because Selah’s parks are public facilities,                                                             the minimum registration may be cancelled.
areas outside the reserved facilities are            FOR DETAILS                                         Registration is now open for all programs listed
open for public use.                                 ON ANY OF THE PROGRAMS OFFERED,                     in this brochure.
Call Selah Parks at 698-7300 for details.            CALL THE PARKS AND RECREATION
                                                     OFFICE AT 698-7300.                                 Register at Selah Parks and Recreation located
          Fees Per 4-hour Slot                                                                           in the Civic Center, 216 S. 1st St. You cannot
          Groups of 1 to 50 people:                                                                      sign-up for activities and youth sports programs
        $25 Res Disc / $35SSD / $40ND                                                                    over the phone. Fees must be paid when you
        Groups of more than 50 people:
        $35 Res Disc / $45SSD / $50ND
               Businesses: $50
                                                                                                         Why are Three
                                                                                                         Fees Listed?
                                                                                                         Activity fees are noted for each class and are
Carlon Park Ballfields                                                                                   payable upon registration. The first fee listed
                                                                                                         is the Resident Discount Fee, the amount to
& Tennis Courts                                                                                          be paid by City residents or those who pay
                                                                                                         property taxes to the City for support of Parks
Carlon Park’s new complex is a dedicated 4-field
Women’s Fast Pitch Softball Park. Its available      We Want Your Input!                                 and Recreation programs. The second fee listed
on a limited basis to women’s teams and              Is there a class, field trip, special event, that   is for the Selah School District (SSD) residents.
women’s tournaments. The Tennis Courts at            you would like to see offered by Selah Parks        And the third fee listed is for the people that
Carlon Park are also available for rental.           and Recreation? If so, please give us a call at     reside outside the Selah School District (ND)
                                                     698-7300 or mail them to us at: Selah Parks and
Call Selah Parks and Recreation at 698-7300 for      Recreation, 216 So. 1st St., Selah, 98942.
more information
                                                                                                         Refund Policy
                                                                                                         Guarantees Satisfaction
                                                                                                         The Selah Parks and Recreation Department
    Selah Parks Foundation                                                                               is constantly striving to provide you with the
    Planning Today For Our Parks Tomorrow                                                                highest quality recreation activities, events
    The Selah Parks Foundation, through solicitation of funds, lands, equipment and volunteer            and programs. We are confident you will
    hours, will help to develop many parks and recreation programs for our entire Selah                  enjoy these programs and we will backup our
    community. Your gift can help the Foundation buy a tree, a park bench, put in a jogging trail        commitment to provide high quality services.
    or plant a flower bed.                                                                               Your suggestions, comments or ideas for
                                                                                                         improvement are appreciated. They will help
    Anyone can participate in helping the parks system. Individuals, companies, school classes           us do the best job possible.
    and service clubs can volunteer time in recreation programs, provide manpower and                    If you are not completely satisfied, tell us and
    equipment, or purchase a picnic table. Your gift can be designated for a specific park or            we will arrange for you to:
    program, or you may request that the Foundation decide where it can best be used.                     1. Repeat the class at no charge.
                                                                                                          2. Receive full credit that can be applied to
    No gift is too small and every gift is an investment in our community. For more information,              any other Parks and Recreation program.
    contact Foundation President, Margie Van Cleve at 697-5188.                                           3. Receive a full refund.

Find us on the web:                                                                                                                      7
 Logon For Current Events                                 Selah Youth Center

                                              Nation!                              106 South 2nd Street
  Special Events                                                                  Monday - Friday / 2:00 - 5:00
                                                                                         697-PLaY / 697-7529
  January 4                                                                    If there is no school, Youth Center will be closed

   Evening Dance
  February 14                           are You...
   Make & deliver valentines
   to local nursing home
  March 21
                                        In 5th - 9th Grades?
                                        SIS & Jr. high students are invited
                                        to come, hang out for tons of fun.
                                                                                  P ro          grams!
                                        You will be in a safe and supervised
   Field trip:                          environment where you can bring
   Meadowbrook arcade                   your friends and just hang-out.
  april 11
  June 6
   End-of-Year Party!

  Challenge Your Friends
   Weekly Tournaments:
      Pool, Foosball & air hockey
   arcade Games

                                         Youth Center
   PlayStation 2
   Nintendo 64

  Each Week                              Grand Opening
   Tuesdays - Craft Day                  October 8, 2007
   Wednesdays - Fit For Fun

   Thursdays - Bake Days

                                                                                                Rent the Youth Center for

  Volunteers Needed                                                                      your own private birthday party!

  We are still looking for volunteers

                                                                                        available weeknights from 6-8pm.
  to join us in the fun we have                                                     Call 698-7301 to schedule your party.
  everyday. Volunteers are a big                                                    Cost: $55 plus $50 refundable deposit
  part of the the Youth Center and
  they get to set their own schedule.
  Parents - this is an easy way to
                                           Selah Parks & Recreation                                              Presorted Standard

  hang out with your child and their       216 South 1st Street                                                     US Postage Paid
                                                                                                                          Selah, Wa
  friends. One volunteer is starting       Selah, Wa 98942                                                               Permit #21

  “Fit for Fun” to help kids stay                                          To Postal Customer
  active and learn they can do this
8 while having fun!                                                                    Winter & Spring 2008 Recreation Guide

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