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       Newsletter of the English Speaking United Methodist Congregation in Munich: June/July 2009

How I Am Woven into the Colorful
Tapestry of Peace Church
It's Sunday morning, and most of Munich is asleep, but
I am on my bicycle, pedalling through quiet streets on
my way to church. There is hardly anyone at awake,
and even Marienplatz is almost completely empty. The
usual sounds of traffic and city life are only a faint
hum. As I venture out into the quiet Sunday morning, I
enjoy the unusual sense of calm that has descended on
Munich... and then I arrive at Peace Church!

                                                            "Why do you go to church?" This is a question a lot of
                                                            people in my life seem to be asking me lately. They
                                                            don't ask it as a challenge, but out of genuine curiosity.
                                                            And for a while, I wasn’t sure how to formulate an
                                                            answer. I had stayed away from church for many years,
                                                            but something drew me back to the community here at
                                                            Peace Church. What about you? What brings us to this
                                                            place? What has made it a home for so many?
                                                            I am starting to be able to put my finger on the reasons
                                                            I am drawn to Peace Church, and each of these reasons
                                                            has a face, a name, a history, a story to bring to the
                                                            table. You are one of the reasons I come to Peace
                                                            Church. Like Joseph's coat, there are many threads
Suddenly I am in the midst of a spectacle of joyful         woven together to make the colorful cloth that is our
celebration. Can't you just imagine it? At least ten        church family. There are threads bold and subtle, dark
people shake my hand or offer me a welcoming, soul-         and light, coarse and fine, strong and fragile, and of
warming hug, and I feel immediately embraced by the         every color imaginable; but each is woven between and
energy of the service that is just beginning. There are     around the others with intricacy and beauty, and - if we
children laughing and playing, in the entryway. There       look closely - we find that each contributes in an
are the joyful noises of song, the musicians who bring      entirely different way to the beauty of the whole.
their gifts for us every Sunday, and the African choir      My question for myself lately has been, which thread is
whose contagious, infectious music always make my           mine, and how does it contribute to the fabric of this
own heart swell with joy. I see women in beautiful,         place? How am I woven into the colorful tapestry of
colorful printed dresses, and men dressed in attire that    Peace Church? What story do the strands of my life tell,
makes Joseph's coat of many colors seem drab in             and how does the narrative find a place within the
comparison. There are so many words abuzz in the            larger composition of our church fabric? These
room - the hum and chatter of sharing, laughing,            questions I ponder as a way to think about how I can
communicating, hearts opening to one another through        give something of myself back to this beautiful family.
the gift of human language (its many languages!). And       I think part of the answer is suggested by this
it's not just the voices in the pulpit that speak out; at   metaphor: that I can bring myself, my story, my thread
Peace Church, everyone brings something to share on         to our fellowship on Sunday mornings. And while the
Sunday morning. And near the end of the service             world goes on sleeping outside, I can let my single
another one of my senses is suddenly awakened, as the       strand be woven into the mesmerizingly colorful
smell of coffee and sweet breads drifts up from where       pattern that God is designing and weaving here in our
some dedicated souls are preparing after-church coffee      community.
for the fellowship time. This is one place that is never
asleep on a Sunday morning!                                 Wishing you all God's peace, Emily Neeson
                           Newsletter of the English Speaking United Methodist Congregation in Munich

      News from Peace Church Life                                  On Saturday afternoon after split activities of craftwork
                                                                   or hiking; there was a game of football, girls versus
                                                                   boys, which at least had the effect of getting more girls
What’s Love Got to Do with It?                                     to play out of sheer solidarity. It was great fun but
by Phil Gill
                                                                   tiring. Fortunately the boys won 5 v 2, but it was close!
The theme of our Kundl retreat weekend this year was:
                                                                   We never did start the second half – perhaps next year?
“A Congregation is a School for Love”. Emily kicked it
                                                                   There was also a chance to see the cows being milked
off on the Friday evening with a lively service where
                                                                   and at one point there were 10 of us in the cowshed
we got to know more about each other. First we paired
                                                                   watching the farmer doing his rounds. Each cow has its
off with a random partner and discussed commonalities
                                                                   own place with a small blackboard showing its history,
and differences, before introducing our partner to the
                                                                   parentage and name. The children loved seeing all this
rest of the group. Then we played a hilarious game of
                                                                   action and had to dodge quickly between cows and hay
“Never ever have I …”. The answers were revealing as
                                                                   in order to stay away from a couple of inquisitive cows
you found out what fascinating things people have done
                                                                   eager to prod their noses into anyone passing by too
in their lives – we have someone in the congregation
                                                                   close! Later we were able to enjoy a barbeque on a
who has met and spoken with the Dalai Lama, a few
                                                                   glorious May evening. The children just did not want to
have swum across a lake, some have windsurfed, been
                                                                   go to bed and were quite happy stroking the bunny
kayaking or climbed Ben Nevis or Mount Kenya.
                                                                   rabbits, playing in the tree house or singing along with
                                                                   the adults around the campfire.
On Saturday morning, Katie and I were down to help
out with the All Age Service. We kept it short and
                                                                   To create the Sunday morning service, we split into
lively, asking first for answers to what love is and then
                                                                   groups to cover each section from start to finish. Becky
what love is not, which we compared with 1
                                                                   led the team of children who were responsible for
Corinthians chapter 13. Love is: connecting with living
                                                                   setting up and leading the introduction. Of course, this
creatures, laughing and smiling with someone, even a
                                                                   meant that they could choose the location and so, for
stranger, listening, forgiving, light and colourful,
                                                                   the first time (?), the retreat Sunday service was held
compassionate, open and understanding, helping when
                                                                   outside in the sunshine, surrounded by mountains. The
you know someone needs help, caring when you
                                                                   children led us into a wonderful worship service, asking
should, believing in the other person, all you need.
                                                                   us to switch off our mobile phones and doing a body-
Love is not: superficial, oppressing or discriminating
                                                                   prayer along the lines of “Thank you God for eyes to
against others, selfish or greedy, revengeful or mean,
                                                                   see, etc.” which was much fun outdoors.
holding onto things or setting conditions.
                                                                   There were readings and hymns, a lively Bible drama
                                                                   and prayers, followed by the communion and blessing.
                                                                   It was a delightful service which had involved both
                                                                   young and old so intensely. After our last delicious
                                                                   meal from the farm, some of us stayed out in the sun
                                                                   too much and were ill for a few days afterwards,
                                                                   probably as a result of sun-stroke. In spite of this, it had
                                                                   been a thoroughly enjoyable, relaxing and thought-
                                                                   provoking weekend, with a chance for everyone to get
                                                                   to know each other better. Love is a wonderful colour!

Christine led a Bible study on the main theme of the
weekend, basing the work on a chapter of Robert
Schnase’s book and introducing the topic via an article
from the New York Times on friendship, together with
an extract from a book by Chris Czyszczewski’s
mother covering her impressions on starting a new life
in the US. Later, we were given one of 6 varied Bible
passages to study and report back on. It was fascinating
listening to people’s interpretations of so many parts of
the gospel in such a short space of time.

                           Newsletter of the English Speaking United Methodist Congregation in Munich

What Does It Mean to You?                                          stumbled, maybe even fizzling out, just kept on going
by Phil Gill                                                       and growing.
                                                                   Marie told us about the Acosta family and we heard
That was one of the many questions we pondered about               about their special warmth in welcoming and making
Peace Church on the 25th Anniversary Party.                        visitors feel at home. We listened to a message of
Cheryl and Bob Rhodes were our VIP guests, Caro,                   support from the third pastor, Jim Dwyer. Caro set us a
Hillary and Moses were our star moderators for the                 challenging 3 page quiz during the break, which was
evening. They each took it in turns to look at a period            won by Becky, Basti and Nico.
from 1984 to 2009 – blocks of time when people were
asked to recount a special memory, to say how they                 Most of us told our own stories of finding Peace
came to join or to talk about what it means for them etc.          Church and explaining what drew us to coming back. It
But how do you sum up 25 years of Peace Church in an               illustrated the difficulties many had had in finding a
evening of just 3 or 4 hours?                                      place where they felt at home, worshipping and
                                                                   expressing their Christianity. Some described the
Well there was a beginning. Peace Church began with                amazing support they had received during difficult
Cheryl and Bob Rhodes from the US and a military                   experiences.
posting for Bob in 1984. Cheryl’s dream was to start
the first English speaking Methodist church when she               Finding Peace Church was easy for some, hard for
arrived in Germany 25 years ago. She was assisted in               others. Some had just walked past the building and
realising this dream by the Methodist chaplain in                  were inquisitive about it and so came along to the next
Augsburg and a man called Ray Bill, who was the                    service. Others like John Bull were handed a leaflet at a
coordinator for Laity services abroad and worked in                train station and told about an English speaking service
Bishop Sticher’s office in Frankfurt. The bishop                   somewhere near Sendlinger Tor - following this up and
suggested that the natural place would be                          asking around eventually led him to Peace Church. Of
Friedenskirche in Munich, since there had already been             course the internet has made this whole process far
an interest expressed in offering an English-speaking              easier now, but it is amazing that we all found this
service there. And so, a natural conjunction was                   special place then, when relying mainly on word of
formed: the arrival of Cheryl and Bob, Cheryl’s dream              mouth, maps and pot luck!
and enthusiasm, the facilitating of the people she                 David found Peace Church by trying to find somewhere
discussed this with and the forward-thinking of people             which had a keyboard where he could practice and
at Friedenskirche in wanting to offer a service in                 write songs. His songs entertained us during the
English. Even Bob’s role deserves a special mention -              evening and we sang hymns and other songs too.
he provided any necessary financing, took Cheryl on                Reiner told us a funny story about when a prospective
the weekly commute from Augsburg to Munich on                      pastor delivered a 2 minute sermon and then stopped
Sundays and by all accounts, organised some terrific               point blank. We also heard from previous members,
barbecues. The very first service consisted of a                   their goodwill messages and their journeys in faith.
congregation of 13 with six from one family alone!
                                                                   And what does Peace Church mean for me? It means
Wilhelmina told us that the congregation built up in the           that we stayed in Germany instead of going back to the
1990s, but there was just a small number of dedicated              UK after 2 years as “planned”. Peace Church offered us
faithful ones. It really showed tremendous commitment              a foundation of support and friendship, which we did
to keep it going. Albrecht told us about an experience             not find in the wider community here and gave us a
as the then translator of services, including baptisms,            chance to ask the question – dare we stay? It provided
without knowing the text beforehand and having to                  the opportunity to fulfill a dream, living in a wonderful
translate in real-time as it were. The story emphasised            city at the heart of Europe.
again that the origins of Peace Church were dependent              What does Peace Church mean to you?
upon the American post-war military presence in
Bavaria and their associated needs.                                Many will say the friendly welcome, a place where
                                                                   they felt accepted, encouraged, even protected and
Bob Rhodes’ posting to Germany was as a military                   fought for, surrounded by a supportive community. I
lawyer. Fortunately for us, Cheryl and Bob had the                 believe Peace Church offers more than just a friendly
courage and drive to explore beyond the army base: it              community though: it is faith-based, rooted in the
would have been so easy for them to have lived a                   Gospels and follows Jesus’ teachings in a modern,
comfortable, American lifestyle without setting foot off           relevant way. And that makes all the difference:
the base. That is why we should be so thankful about               whether the calling is to stay or to return home inspired
the commitment they showed at the difficult beginning,             and invigorated, it is about opening hearts and
because something which could have stuttered and                   transforming lives.

                            Newsletter of the English Speaking United Methodist Congregation in Munich

A Great Birthday Party                                              One day God said to Abraham: I want you to go to a
                                                                    new land!
on Pentecost Sunday                                                 Abraham said to God: Yes we will go to. Let’s just
by Caroline Voss
                                                                    pack up and go.
What did I expect from the 25th Peace Church birthday               Then Abraham and Sarah talked to their friends:
party when we sat around the table in the Prayer Room               Come with us…We’ll have a new life in a new land!
to organize the festivities?                                        So Abraham and Sarah and their friends packed up
I knew that a grand birthday party like that would                  all their things,
involve singing favourite hymns, eating delicious food              waved goodbye and set off to follow God’s big
and thinking back while chatting to strangers and                   plan…
friends. But the celebration service exceeded every
expectation: The moment I entered the church I smelled              …They travelled north, then west, and then down
the food from the basement and just by looking into                 south.
smiling faces I could see that a happy spirit was lying             They saw a well and filled their water tanks.
in the air. The Africans were dressed in bright- colored            Then they put up their tents and went to bed.
suits and dresses, most of them matching. It was great              They travelled on and on.
to see old faces and newcomers united in a service that             Finally in Cana they found a cosy spot and settled
was concerned with looking back and rejoicing in the                down.
present. The first members of Peace Church such as the
Valenzuela family, Paul Pilgrim, Cheryl Rhodes and                  … They packed their tent, took their camels and went
her husband Bob joined in Peace Church favourites as                away.
“Here I am Lord” together with visitors that must have              On their way they lost a goat. It took them a while to
been quite amazed in the opening of the service with                find it again. They found it behind a bush. But of
the African Choir marching, singing and leading                     course they had lost time… That night they didn’t have
Christine and founding pastor Cheryl Rhodes into                    enough time to search for an ideal place to stay for the
church. That was only the beginning of a long happy                 night. It was a cold and uncomfortable night for them.
service with elements like a Bible drama on Naomi &                 So when they woke up in the morning, they hurried to
Ruth, a circle dance to the song “This is the day that the          get away from the place. They found a cave for shelter.
Lord has made”, many praising songs by the African                  But suddenly there was a big bear at the entrance of the
Choir, a sermon by Cheryl Rhodes about sojourners                   cave and attacked them.
whose journeys lead them to Peace Church, a song of                 Abraham plucked up all his courage and killed the bear.
faith sung by David, a big communion crowd sharing                  That night they had bear for dinner.
bread and wine, a birthday cake from Friedenskirche
and many joys and concerns to share. After more than                … An hour later they were right in the desert and saw a
two hours the last “Amen” was spoken and the spirit of              group of people. They went to meet them, and stayed
Pentecost had entered hearts and minds of a colourful               with them. But in the night robbers came and tried to
congregation on their way into the basement where a                 steal all they had. Abraham could stop them. After that
lovely meal, cooked by many African helpers, was to                 shock they sat down and had a meal: bread and fruit
complete this joyful day. I can’t say what made the day             and some water to drink…
for me: It was probably a mixture of memories,
emotional songs, watching the African Choir celebrate               ……but the journey was really long.
their church and a feeling of belonging to something                There were whirlwinds and thunder storms.
really special mixed with the atmosphere of Pentecost               They lost part of their belongings.
that made me love this day. And while I ate a piece of              Sometimes they hadn’t got enough to eat.
birthday cake, glanced at the exhibition about 25 years             …Suddenly Sarah got sick, and Abraham and his
of worshipping and looked into the faces of the                     friends had to get medicine for her. It took tw0 weeks
colourful crowd, I was looking forward to the next                  until she got better again.
birthday party with more stories to tell.                           Then they travelled on. And they all were very happy
                                                                    that Sarah could enjoy the good food again which they
                                                                    cooked every night.
                                                                    After they had eaten they usually went to sleep.
Creative Writing in Sunday School                                   And night they only slept four hours, and then travelled
                                                                    on again.
A few weeks ago Pastor Christine encouraged the                     Near a cave they mad a fire and had breakfast.
children in Sunday School to write their own stories                Sarah was the only one to travel on a camel. All others
about Sarah and Abraham. Enjoy the results written by               had to walk.
Julian, Eve, Lily, Sophie, Sabrina, Irene, and Lisa:

                            Newsletter of the English Speaking United Methodist Congregation in Munich

… They got attacked by robbers. And all their money                 May, Kingsley Efosa was the 100th child to be baptized.
was stolen.                                                         His mother is a Nigerian asylum seeker and his sister
But they had no time to try and catch the thief.                    was baptized the same day. Kingsley’s godparents are
But the thief followed them secretly. That was going to             Naomi Yebuah from Ghana and Pastor Reiner
be dangerous.                                                       Kanzleiter from Germany. What a wonderful mix!
A young boy took a sharp stone, threw it into the
bushes and by accident hit the thief.
He was immediately dead.
After a few moments they travelled on.
                                                                    S   ilvia König from Friedenskirche is preaching at
                                                                        Peace Church on a regular basis? She is often in our
                                                                    services and supports our church family a lot. Thank
                                                                    you, Silvia!

Did You Know That ...
                                                                    K     ids’ Club spent a Saturday exploring our senses?
                                                                          We ate blue pasta (!), made an awful lot of noise,

T     he Peace Church family celebrated a most beautiful
      Easter worship service? It seems ages ago, but the
beauty of it is still in our memories – especially the
                                                                    sang many of our songs, walked in the park across the
                                                                    street with bare feet, and were led through the woods
                                                                    blindfold. We listened to all sorts of sounds, we
beauty of the cross being turned from an instrument of              coloured whipped cream, baked purple rolls and played
death to a sign of life and hope as we added as many                the story of the blind beggar healed by Jesus, with
little bunches of flowers to it as we possibly could.               Kwame playing the part of the beggar. The next Kids’
Thank you to Emily Neeson, Emily Zumpe, Caroline                    Club event is scheduled to be a picnic in Westpark on
Voss and Dawn Carn who all helped Christine to plan                 4th July.
and lead worship.
                                                                    T    abby, a former church member from India, has

T    he children’s retreat in the week after Easter was
     one of the happiest events ever? Children,
teenagers and adults spent a week of unbroken good
                                                                         been baptized at Peace Church? Tabby chose to
                                                                    return from England, where she is now living with her
                                                                    husband Prakash, and she asked Pastor Christine both
weather on the gorgeous farm in Kundl. Each day                     to baptize her and to bless her one-year-old son Vivek
followed the theme of a film. There were workshops                  on Sunday 10th May. Linda and Peter Clist were also
with crafts, drama, creative writing, games and much                there as Tabby’s godparents. Linda preached a
more. Every evening the group watched a movie:                      beautiful sermon for us, which you can find on the
Momo, The Jungle Book, and “Das fliegende                           website.
Klassenzimmer”: lots of inspiration for activities then
and for the future.

P   astor Christine has been teaching Sunday School
    once a month? The Sunday School team needs
more teachers and helpers and the pastor has been
doing what she can for them, as well as trying to
encourage more people to volunteer.

P    eace Church has a wonderfully good relationship
     with the “Mutter Kind Haus” in Thalkirchen? This
is a home for single moms with one or two children. It
is a real sanctuary and the starting point for a new life
for quite a few of our church members.

P   astor Christine has been on the radio again? She
    was invited to broadcast some asylum seekers’
stories on three Sundays mornings in May.

W     e are losing count of the number of Peace
      Church baby welcomings?! We offer a
welcoming to all new parents and especially to those
who have no other family in Munich or in this country.

O    ver one hundred children have been baptized at
     Peace Church over the last 25 years? On Sunday 7

                           Newsletter of the English Speaking United Methodist Congregation in Munich

C    aroline Voss and Emily Zumpe are now certified
     lay preachers of the United Methodist Church?
They were given their “Licence to Preach” by the
                                                                   P    eace Church is now offering German classes again?
                                                                        Nathalie Pfisterer from France, who has recently
                                                                   started coming to church, is an unemployed interpreter
Committee for Preaching and Ordained Ministry of the               in French, English and German. When Pastor Christine
South German Conference at its meeting on Saturday                 asked if she would be prepared to teach German, she
16th May. Peace Church will be celebrating this                    needed some time to think about it! But she came back
landmark in a special worship service.                             with a marvelous offer and is now teaching three to five
                                                                   people in church every Tuesday afternoon from 4.00 to

T    here was an interesting program about the living
     conditions of asylum seekers on German television
                                                                   5.00 pm.

the other day? Further public discussions led to a huge
(and fortunately very critical) article in the
Sueddeutsche Zeitung. This does not immediately
                                                                   T    he International Women’s Club of Munich now
                                                                        holds its monthly meetings at Peace Church? They
                                                                   usually use the fellowship hall downstairs on a
change the humiliating situation in which asylum                   Wednesday morning and especially enjoy the
seekers have to live – especially in Bavaria - but it              opportunity of using our nursery rooms for their
does give some hope for the future.                                children’s program.

P   astor Reinhard Wick from Friedenskirche is leaving
    Munich? He has a new assignment to a church in
the south west of Germany and will move to a place
                                                                   T     he Bible Sharing which we do in the home group is
                                                                         becoming more and more popular? We meet on the
                                                                   first Thursday of the month in different homes and
called Backnang.                                                   share and meditate on a biblical text, usually chosen by
                                                                   Christine. If you are interested in the simple method we

W     e are having guests from New York on Sunday,
      21st June? Ullas Tankler, one of Christine’s
                                                                   are using for the Bible Sharing, do check our website.

bosses at the General Board of Global Ministries in
NY, will be joining us for worship.                                P   eace Church Souvenirs can be bought in church on
                                                                       Sundays? For the 25th anniversary we had cups and
                                                                   pens with the Peace Church logo produced. They can

T    he 25th Anniversary Exhibition was inspired by our
     Easter services? If you look at the texts at the top
and bottom, you will find quotes from an Easter sermon
                                                                   be purchased on Sundays or ordered from Peace
                                                                   Church office. Cups cost 10€. Pens cost 1€.
                                                                   Pastor Christine had a book printed with 40 sermons all
and two hymns : “Were you there?” and “He lives!”.                 preached at Peace Church. The book costs 15€ of
The shape of the exhibition forms a cross where past               which 7€ go towards the work of Peace Church with
and present meet in the middle.                                    asylum seekers. If you’d like to buy a book contact
In the last two months we have had 7 baptisms at Peace             Natalie Pfisterer on Sundays or order it from the church
Church? We baptized Nyarko Abena Frimpong, Great                   office.
Eloghosa Owie, Prajna Paramita Prakash Pal Lad
(Tabby), Tehila Olubumi Fapson, Success and
Kingsley Efosa, and Praise Toluwanimi Akinnusi. May
God bless them all and hold them in his mercy and

T   he Church website, ( is very
    popular? In the past two years almost 8,000 people
have visited it. Thank you to Pastor Reiner of
Friedenskirche who helps Peace Church with the site.

P   astors Christine and Reiner will have to reduce
    their workload for the coming weeks and months?
Their son Nicolas has had a terrible accident which will
involve weeks and months of treatment at a hospital
about an hour’s drive from Munich. Christine and
Reiner are needed at Nico’s bedside in the intensive
care unit every single day. They send a heartfelt ‘Thank
You’ to their church families for accepting this and
supporting them. Please hold the entire Erb-Kanzleiter
family - and especially Nicolas - in your prayers.

                            Newsletter of the English Speaking United Methodist Congregation in Munich

We would like to introduce…                                         What does the Christian faith mean to you?
                                                                    To live in relationship with Christ. The Christian faith
                                                                    to me is goal and foundation of life, purpose-giving,
                                                                    life-giving, important impulse for my life.

                                                                    Favourite stories of the Bible?
                                                                    I love Elijah and the ravens, Jesus calming the storms,
                                                                    and the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.
                                                                    Wishes for the common mission of Peace Church
                                                                    and Friedenskirche?
                                                                    …that human and financial means will not end, that we
                                                                    can always spread the Gospel, the really Good News in
                                                                    order to be hands, feet, head, and heart of Christ in the

                                                                           A Story for the Children
Name/family                                                         Food for all
Franziska Kuhn-Haederli with husband Dieter, and
                                                                    One day Jesus went across Lake Galilee and
children Benaja & Anna-Mengia.
                                                                    up into the hills with his friends. A huge
Where do you come from/where do you live here?                      crowd followed him there, so he taught them
We come from Switzerland and are now living in                      about God’s kingdom. Jesus looked at all the
                                                                    people. There were more than 5,000 men,
How long have you been in Germany?                                  women and children. They were hungry and
1 year and 2 months.                                                they had not eaten because they had been
Why did you come to Germany?                                        listening to him.
We came to Munich because my husband is doing a
training here.                                                      ‘Do you know where we could buy some
                                                                    bread?’ Jesus asked his friend Philip. ‘It
Are you here for ever or temporarily?
Temporarily.                                                        would cost a fortune to buy enough bread
                                                                    for all these people,’ answered Philip. Then
What is your profession/job?                                        Andrew, another disciple, noticed a boy in
At the moment I am a student.                                       the crowd who was clutching five small barley
Hobbies?                                                            rolls and two fish. He brought the boy to
I love “revitalising old things”, jogging, filing through           Jesus. ‘This lad has some food,’ he said, ‘but
flea markets, reading, telling stories to my children.              it won’t go very far!’
Which are your favourite meals?
Apple pie, basil tomato mozzarella salad or rucola                  ‘Ask the people to sit down,’ said Jesus. The
salad, all kinds of pasta, raclette, jamto with peanut              people sat on the grass. Jesus picked up one
butter sauce.                                                       of the rolls. ‘Thank you, God, for this food,’
How did you find Peace Church?                                      he said. the he began to break it into pieces,
On the internet. Luckily! ☺                                         and passed it around the people. He did the
                                                                    same with the fish. Everyone ate until they
What do you like best at Peace Church?
                                                                    were full up. there was plenty of food. ‘Pick
It is so warm, open, creative, musical and multicultural!
I love the visible, audible, sensible presence                      up what’s left,’ said Jesus to his friends.
of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, the sunlight on                 They collected twelve baskets full of leftover
Sunday mornings, the church coffee and the                          pieces.
African songs.

                                                 Peace Church Calendar
Thursday 4 June                               Home Group & Bible Sharing
Friday 5 June                                 Teens International
Sunday 7 June                                 Communion Worship
Sunday 14 June                                All-age Worship
17-20 June                                    South Germany Annual Conference
Sunday 21 June                                Sunday Worship & baptism & visit Ullas Tankler
Sunday 28 June                                Sunday Worship

Thursday 2 July                               Home Group & Bible Sharing
Friday 3 July                                 Teens International
Saturday 4 July                               Kids’ Club
Sunday 5 July                                 Communion Worship & prison service in Landsberg
Saturday 11 July                              Asylum Seekers’ summer fair
Sunday 12 July                                All-age Worship & PC Picnic
Tuesday 14 July                               Peace Church Night Out
Friday 17 July                                Teens International
Sunday 19 July                                Sunday Worship
Sunday 26 July                                Sunday Worship

Sunday 2 August                               All-age Communion with Friedenskirche
Sunday 9 August                               Sunday Worship
Sunday 16 August                              Sunday Worship
Sunday 23 August                              Sunday Worship
Sunday 30 August                              Joint Worship with Friedenskirche

1 to 5 September                              Moms’ & Kids’ Retreat in Kundl
Sunday 6 September                            Communion Worship
Sunday 13 September                           Sunday Worship
Friday 18 September                           Teens International
Saturday 19 September                         Kids’ Club
Sunday 20 September                           Sunday School Sunday
Sunday 27 September                           Sunday Worship

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Contact Details
Christine Erb-Kanzleiter                      e-mail:
                                              Home: 089-26026698 Office: 089-26023677
Peace Church United Methodist, Frauenlobstraße 5, 80337 München.
Germany: Account 90 88 394 at Kreissparkasse München Starnberg (BLZ 70250150)

For US readers
You can support the work of Peace Church through a mission “Advance Special” account. 3020450 designated for
Peace Church, Munich, Germany, to support the congregation’s local program.