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									    Gary Police Department
Volume 2, Issue 1                                                                         January 2006

Happy New Year from the                                  Unit Spotlight:
Gary Police Department
                                                         G.R.E.A.T. / School
We hope that everyone has a safe and
                                                         Resource Officers
productive New Year! If you have made any
New Year resolutions we ask that you add
one more: To continue to work as a partner
with the Gary Police Department in our efforts
to decrease crime and violence in our city.
                                                         By Commander Nate Brannon
In this newsletter we will spotlight one of our
special units - G.R.E.A.T./School Resource
                                                         How many times do you hear the phrase,
Officers. We have our Meet the Fleet section
                                                         “The children are the future”? You hear it in
that will showcase different police vehicles
                                                         songs and speeches from public officials.
that the Gary Police Department uses.                    You read it on signs and billboards, but what
                                                         are they trying to say? My guess is that they
                                                         are reminding us to give our children every
                                                         opportunity to be successful and responsible.
                                                         After all, it is today’s children that will be
                                                         leading our country tomorrow. The Gary
                                                         Police Department recognizes this and has
                                                         responded. The police department, in concert
                                                         with the Gary Community School Corporation,
                                                         has developed an agreement to have sworn
                                                         Gary Police Officers in the schools on a full
                                                         time basis to teach the G.R.E.A.T. Program to
                                                         elementary and middle school students.
                                                         G.R.E.A.T. is an acronym for Gang
                                                         Resistance Education And Training. The
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                        G.R.E.A.T. Program is a school based, law
                                                         enforcement officer instructed classroom
                                                         curriculum. The program’s primary objective
1    Introduction
                                                         is prevention and is intended as an
1    Unit Spotlight
                                                         immunization against delinquency, youth
                                                         violence and gang membership. The
2    Meet the Fleet
                                                         G.R.E.A.T. lessons focus on providing life
                                                         skills to students to help them avoid
3    Thinking About Shooting on New Years Eve?           delinquent behavior and violence to solve
                                                         problems. The Gary Police Department has
4    Important Phone Numbers                             seven police officers currently trained and
                                                         certified to teach the G.R.E.A.T. Program.
                                                                                        Concluded on page 3

                                                 Newsletter 1
Meet the Fleet

             The most frequently seen of all the Gary
             Police Vehicles is the patrol vehicle. The
             Gary Police Department utilizes the Ford
             Crown Victoria as their primary patrol
             vehicle. Our newer vehicles have front
             wrap-around push bars (for better vehicle
             protection), Code 3 LED emergency lights
             for optimum warning capability and a back
             seat designed for officer safety. All of our
             newer Ford Crown Victoria patrol vehicles
             have the “Police Interceptor” engine in
             them. This engine was designed
             specifically for the rigorous duties of a
             police vehicle which include constantly
             being turned on and off, idling, more
             durable transmission and an advanced
             cooling system that not only cools the
             engine but also the power steering and
             All of our newer patrol vehicles also have
             computer stands and built in modems. This
             technology provides us with all types of
             information at the touch of a button. The
             Gary Police are now able to retrieve vehicle
             and suspect information almost
             immediately, which greatly adds to our
             efficiency and capabilities.

    Newsletter 2
                                                      Continued from page 1

Thinking about shooting on                             They are Corporal Albert Amptmeyer,
New Year’s Eve? Think
                                                       Corporal David Goshay, Corporal Shirletta
                                                       Williams, Officer Donald Evans, Officer Laria
Again!                                                 Prince, Officer Greg Tatum and Officer David
By Commander Nate Brannon                              Hansen II. These officers were required to go
                                                       through a comprehensive two-week training
It is an unfortunate tradition for people to           course sponsored by the U.S. Department of
shoot off firearms on New Year’s Eve. Most             Justice, U.S. Department of Homeland
people think that since they are shooting              Security and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol,
upwards to the sky, nobody gets hurt. The              Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in various
Law of Gravity does apply even when you                locations across the country. The training not
are shooting a gun. What goes up must                  only focused on the curriculum they would be
come down, and at greater speeds. When a               teaching, but also other programs such as a
bullet is going up, it is fighting against gravity.    G.R.E.A.T. Summer Program and a
When it is coming back down, it is traveling           G.R.E.A.T. Families Program.
with gravity; therefore, traveling at a greater
speed. So now the bullet is coming back                These same officers are also certified School
down to earth at a greater velocity. Do you            Resource Officers. This involved a separate
think it is possible it could hit someone or           training course sponsored by the U.S.
something? You bet it can with devastating             Department of Justice, The Office of
results. Some bullets are known to have                Community Oriented Policing Services and
penetrated a home’s roof and ceiling to hit an         The National School Safety Center.
innocent child at the dinner table. Not to             According to The National Association of
mention damage to public and private                   School Resource Officers, a School
property.                                              Resource Officer is a fully sworn law
                                                       enforcement officer whose primary
The City of Gary and the Gary Police                   assignment is within the local schools for the
Department have made it a priority to curb             purpose of enforcing laws (when applicable),
the amount of shooting in the city on New              conducting law related
Year’s Eve. Prior to December 31st, Mayor              workshops/presentations to the students,
Scott King addressed the citizens of Gary to           faculty and parents, and
remind them that it is a violation of city             counseling/mentoring students. Some roles
ordinance as well as state law to recklessly           of a School Resource Officer include being a
discharge a firearm in the City of Gary.               problem solver, an educator and a law
                                                       enforcement/safety specialist.
According to Indiana Criminal Code I.C. 35-
42-2-2(b)(1), A person who recklessly,                 One of these officers is currently being
knowingly or intentionally performs an act             trained as a School Safety Specialist through
that creates a substantial risk of bodily injury       the Indiana Department of Education. In
to another person commits criminal                     1999, the Indiana General Assembly passed
recklessness, a Class B misdemeanor.                   a law requiring each school corporation to
However, the offense is a Class D felony if            designate an individual to serve as the school
committed while armed with a deadly weapon             safety specialist for the entire corporation.
(35-42-2-2(b)(1)(2)).                                  The school safety specialist will assist the
                                                       school corporation in coordinating the safety
Concluded on page 4
                                                       plans of each school and act as a resource
                                                       and trainer for other staff members in the
                                                       school corporation on issues relating to
                                                       school safety, security and discipline.
                                                       G.R.E.A.T. logo used with permission.
                                               Newsletter 3
Continued from page 3
                                                   Important Phone Numbers
You could be charged with this crime if you
are caught discharging a firearm in the City of
Gary. Not just on New Year’s Eve, but any          Gary Police Department Emergency: 911
day of the year.
                                                   Gary Police Department Non-Emergency:
On December 31, 2005, a few of the Gary            219-881-1260
Police Patrol vehicles were equipped with          Crime Prevention Hotline: 1-866-274-6347
mobile “Shotspotter” technology. This makes
it possible to detect where gunshots are           Victim Assistance: 219-881-1223
coming from. In an eight hour period on New
Year’s Eve, Gary Police Officers confiscated       Animal Enforcement: 219-881-5210
twenty-seven semi-automatic handguns, one
revolver, seven assault rifles, eight shotguns                  POLICE SUBSTATIONS
(three of which were sawed-off shotguns) and               Midtown Substation: 219-886-3114
two rifles. That means that forty-five guns                 Miller Substation: 219-938-0281
were taken off the streets that night with                Tolleston Substation: 219-977-0819
fifteen gun related arrests. That is pretty                Tri-City Substation: 219-944-0276
effective police work.                                    Black Oak Substation: 219-844-7128
                                                          Glen Park Substation: 219-884-4920
So the next time you are thinking about
shooting a gun in the City of Gary, do
everybody a favor and DON’T. Remember,
what goes up, must come down.

      555 POLK STREET
    GARY, INDIANA 46402

 Garnett F. Watson Jr., Chief of
Jeffery A. Kumorek, Deputy Chief
             of Police

                                                                             Edited by: D. Hansen II

                                           Newsletter 4
Gary Police Department 5

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