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									                                 Multnomah County
          Mental Health and Addiction Services Division
 Adult Mental Health & Substance Abuse Advisory Council Meeting
                                     May 2, 2007

Members           Trish Backlar, Amy Hutson (Greg Borders), Ashleigh Brenton, Gayle Burrow, Ted
Present:          Dorsey, John Holmes, Ann Kasper, Claudia Krueger, Susan Marie, Linea Meade,
                  Essie Morphis, Paul Potter, Jeanne Robertson, JoAnne V. Shatokin, Jackie Strong,
                  Tâm An Trân, Kathleen Treb
Members           Elise Anderson, Mary Claire Buckley, Donita Diamata, Beth Englander, Leslie Ford,
Unable to         Ross Fortner, Joe Garton, Jennifer Hurlbert, Robert Leeb, Jackie Mercer, John
Attend:           Shatokin, Sue Waite, Carol Young
Guests:           Kevin Burrows, Dr. Paul Leung, Susie Rush, Terri Walker
Staff Present:    Karl Brimner, David Cutler, Sandy Haffey, David Hidalgo, Ray Hudson, Keith
                  Mitchell, Godwin Nwerem, Joan Rice
Recorder:         Irene Lee

Call to Order
Trish Backlar, Chair, called the meeting to order. Members, guests, and staff introduced

A moment of silence was observed for the Virginia Tech victims and Mr. Cho – we don’t want
to ignore the needs of mental health people.
Dr. Leung stated that in a conference he attended Chinese and Japanese citizens all asked
about the incident but not about the shooter, the person. In Portland, the Korean, community
also called a meeting in regards to how to deal with this whole issue. They were so scared
about Portland’s general publics reaction, they were discouraging any talk, “don’t talk about
this, they will think that we are all crazy.”
There is an issue of outreach to communities to tell them what the issue(s) of mental health is?

Reading and Approval of Minutes
Motion: Ted motioned to approve April 4th minutes as amended. Tâm An Trân 2nd. Minutes

Standing Reports
Memberships pending By-laws Committee recommendations and AMHSA approval.

Department/Division Updates:
 1. County Budget
    Karl Brimner, MHASD Director reported that Chair Wheeler came out with his budget
    proposal last week. This is not the final budget. The final budget will be decided on in
    early June when the Board of Commissioners meets. There are opportunities for the public
    to discuss what is or is not in his budget at public hearings during the next few months.
    You will find a list of those hearings in your handouts.

   In light of the proposed budget and pending visit of Chair Wheeler next meeting, Brimner
   presented and group discussed the Department of County Human Services Mental Health
   and Addiction Services Division Program offers not purchased in the Chair’s proposed
   fiscal year 2008 budget: Four existing programs and six new program offers.
     It’s important to talk about concepts that underlie the particular needs of mental health.
       This is an opportunity for this group (AMHSA) to identify areas that concern mental
       health most. We need the Chair to be aware of one to three key items.
     Ask the Chair what he sees for mental health in the long run?
     Salvage continuity of care.
     Address the underlying issue: keep people out of jail because that is not where you treat
     Move AMHSA towards budgetary influence prior to budgetary process because we are
       the voice of the people who have these needs.

2. State Budget
   Karl Brimner briefly talked about Sub-acute hospital beds and that they are currently more
   expensive than the program budgeted.

Committee Reports:
By-Laws Review Committee:
Ray Hudson reported that he has been in touch with all the committee members and they are
in the process of planning a team meeting.

Unfinished Business
Revisit Priority List:
#1 Socialization Drop-in Centers is still moving forward.
#2 Treatment needs for poor finished
#3 Housing Options – Sandy Haffey briefed the council on the dept level focus that Program
   Director Joanne Fuller has initiated by pulling together a housing committee composed of
   relevant employees from each division, under the leadership of Mary Li, to map out every
   place that the County touches in relation to housing. This group is charged with not only
   mapping housing services available through the Department, but also determining what the
   unmet need is in each of the service arenas. The goal is to have the map available next
   month. This issue is large and expands outside of the County as well as other services that
   parallel and overlap with County services.
   Questions for the Council: What are the problems and how can we be helpful? Issue is
   going to become how AMHSA will chose to address the issue of housing.
#4 Getting people with mental illness and addictions out of prisons and jails is a housing issue
   under Sub-acute

    Moving #18 up because of the county and state work/emphasis currently on
     disaster/emergency preparedness and a mock disaster planned in October. Conclusion:
     We should work on the priority, and include addictions in our statement, simultaneously
     with MHASD.
    #21 Ethnic-appropriate care was proposed as an education issue.
Notification of Serious Adverse Events:
Joan Rice stated to the Council that basically the county receives notice of serious adverse
event(s) that occur. Deaths fall under the protective services rule. The county does not
investigate any adverse events related to children.
    AMHSA is looking to learn, not blame anyone, from such adverse events.
    How many happened?
    What happened relevant to the services?
    What could have done differently?
    If something went wrong, what has been changed to make better?
    Ultimately have community insight to help with community change.

Conclusion: The County will provide to the Council information, without any identifiable
information, on a quarterly or semi annual basis the numbers that occur of a high event if it is
already a matter of public record to discuss what modifications were implemented, due to the
event(s) to make it better. NOTE: Some incidents fall under lawsuits.

Other Business
Member Concerns and Issues:

Inverness Jail Tour: JoAnn Van Shatokin shared with the council her tour experience.

   Kevin Bowers announced a conference “Strengthening the African American
     Community” on June 1st, for those who have clients or staff that work with this
     community. There will be simultaneous break out sessions of different topics. It is at
     Emmanuel Temple Church, 1033 N Sumner Street | Portland, OR 97217. Limited space
     is available for clients or clinicians. If you are interested send am email to

    Ashleigh Brenton announced an upcoming NAMI Speaker Training for In Our Own
     Voice: Living with Mental Illness (IOOV) – a community education program that provides
     a safe way for consumers to share the ups and downs of their recovery and learn from
     others. Trained presenters give personal testimony about their journeys with mental
     illness through dark days, acceptance, treatment, coping skills, and successes, hopes,
     and dreams. June 9 & 10, Redmond, OR. NOTE: All speakers will need to become
     members of NAMI. Memberships are available for as little as $3 if needed (no eligibility
     proof required). You can find information about the IOOV program at by
     clicking on the Find Support button at the top and then the Consumer Support button.
     You can also talk with Ashleigh.

    NAMI Walks, for the Mind of America, Sunday May 20. Gather at the Vera Katz
     Eastbank Esplanade Festival Plaza Area (east end of the Hawthorne Bridge). Check-in
     Time is 12 noon, Start time is 1 pm.

Meeting Adjourned
          Next Meeting
           June 6, 2007
421 SW Oak St., Portland, OR 97204
Columbia/Willamette conference room

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