MENDON POLICE SPACE PROGRAM

SPACE          AREA            FUNCTION                 PROGRAM ISSUES                           MECH/ELECT
ADMINISTRATION                Lockable Admin “Suite” (Except for Conference Room)
Chief’s Office 200 s.f.        private office for dept. 1. adjacent to secretary and reception   telephone/data
                                admin.                  2. controlled access to public           CATV
                               public business          3. adequate space for 4 -6 pers. mtg.    radio
                               paperwork (general)      4. files
                               small meetings           5. closet/storage
                                                        6. access to adj. conference room
Office             150 s.f.    private office for dept. 1. near chief’s office                   telephone/data
                                 admin.                 2. near clerical                         CATV
                                                        3. closet/storage
                                                        4. accommodate computers, software,
Conference         250 s.f.    staff meetings           1. access to chief’s office              telephone
                               public meetings          2. access to clerical/admin.             audio/visual
                               12 people (max)          3. pull down screen                      dimmable lighting
                                                        4. credenza storage                      CATV
                                                        5. clock
                                                        6. available for use by entire
Clerical           150 s.f.    chief’s secretary        1. access to admin. area                 telephone
                                                        2. copier, fax area                      computer
                                                        3. files - secure
                                                        4. closet/storage
                                                        5. office supply storage (closet)
Records Room       130 s.f.    storage of active files  1. adjacent to clerical                  telephone/data
                                                        2. HD storage                            HVAC
                                                        3. motorized file racks
Coffee Area        40 s.f.     coffee, light food       1. counter/cabinets                      HW/CW
                               preparation for admin. 2. microwave oven                          coffee maker
                                                        3. small refrigerator
                                                        4. sink
Shift Commander    80 s.f.     shared office            1. locate near:
(OIC)                          frequent meetings              dispatch
                                                              squad room
                                                              report writing/work station
Patrol Sergeants   260 s.f.    Workstations for 4       Access to patrol                         Tel data
Report Writing     80 s.f.     4 people                 1. access to staff entry                 telephone/data
and library
                               small “conference”       2. quiet space                           video
                               area for special
                                                        3. mail pigeon holes
                                                        4. adjacent to library
Roll Call/Squad    330 s.f.    Break Room               1. 12 people                             a/v
Room                                                                                             tel/data
                               Meeting at shift         Kitchen facilities
SPACE         AREA             FUNCTION                  PROGRAM ISSUES                           MECH/ELECT
Armory        100 s.f.
Detectives    160 s.f.         Shared space              1.   access to interview                 telephone/data
                                                         2.   files                               video
Evidence           200 s.f.    storage of evidence,      1.   secure (vault)                      A/C for firearms
Storage                        firearms, drugs           2.   secure area                         venting for drugs
                               general                   3.   drug vault within                   telephone/data
                                                         4.   access to Lieut. and Detectives
                                                         5.   briefing
                                                         6.   HD storage
                                                         7.   pass-through lockers
Storage            50 s.f.     general storage
Interview Room     100         2 spaces                  1. one-way mirrors, from det. Ofc.
                                                         2. secure area
Booking      360 s.f.         prisoner processing        1.   separate release access             telephone
                              finger printing            2.   entry access via sallyport          computer
                              photography                3.   handcuff rails                      public telephone
                              breath testing             4.   gun lockers at entry                hw/cw
                              personal effects storage   5.   access to interview room            video/radio
                              Secure evidence storage                                             monitor
                                (short term)                                                      panic button
Detention          600 s.f.   2 male cells               1. visual/audio isolation of prisoner    hw/cw
                              1 female/juv cell          2. visual/audio isolation from rest of   ventilation
                              1 holding cell                  station                             video/audio monitor
                                                         3. shower
                                                         4. H/C accessible cell                   panic button
                                                         5. F.D.’s hose down capability
                                                         6. matron’s room
                                                         7. cell check recorders
                                                         8. openings in cell door for handcuffs
                                                         9. central w/c flushing
Sallyport/Garage   20x48      prisoner transfer from     1. control doors from house              exhaust evac
                                vehicle                       officer/E-911                       panic button
                              secure garage              2. access direct to booking              floor drain
                                                         3. gun lockers
                                                         4. eye wash
                                                         5. drive-through
Janitor’s Closet   50 s.f.    one per floor              1. mop receptor                          ventilation
                              janitorial supplies        2. mop rack
                              Storage and services       3. ventilation
                              shelving                   4. one per floor
Dispatch/E-911 320 s.f.       dispatching                1. control of station access             dimmable lights
                              communications             2. work surface                          UPS power
                              station security/control   3. 24 hour clock                         separate HVAC
                              2 dispatcher positions     4. marker board                          telephone/data
                              E911                       5. bulletin board                        radio
                                                         6. handicapped access                    CCTV
                                                         7. kitchenette                           CATV
                                                         8. lockers
                                                         9. bullet resistant transaction window

SPACE             AREA            FUNCTION                  PROGRAM ISSUES                          MECH/ELECT
Data Processing   160s.f.        Back up                                                            Cooling
Room                             equipment for                                                      UPS power
                                 access, control, I.T.
Dispatch Toilet   70 s.f.        unisex toilet facilities   1. handicapped access
                                                            2. second access for public
Lobby             200 s.f.       6 people                   1. sturdy built-in seating
                                                            2. finger printing
                                                            3. access to public conference
                                                            4. access to toilets (H/C accessible)
                                                            5. provide closet
Locker Rooms      740 s.f.       locker/shower/toilets      1.   indirect lighting                  HW/CW
                                 8 female                   2.   separate drying areas              Vent/exhaust
                                 24 male                    3.   adjacent to other staff spaces
                                                            4.   2'-w x 2'd lockers (full height)

General Building Systems

1. Emergency power total building/Exterior Generator
2. Fire alarm system
3. Radio communications system
4. Telephone system
5. Computer system
6. CCTV – Security/safety monitoring
8. Air condition all spaces except garages
9. Keyless lock system for exterior doors/Recordable card key security system
10. PA system


1. Parking/garage space        Personal vehicles
                               Fleet vehicles
                               Speed trailer
2. Impound area, fenced in
3. Restricted access to staff/fleet parking (gate)
4. Site lighting for security
5. CCTV monitoring of site
6. Amenities:
7. Protective bollards

8. Drive through sallyport
9. Dumpster (concealed)

General Information

          Police, Sworn - 14
          Full time      5 (civilian)
          Part time      5 (civilian)
          Secretary      1 (civilian,
                         full time)
          Dispatchers 4 (civilian
                         full time)
                         4 (part time)

Calls                   19,594 of calls/Year

Arrests                 267 of arrests/Year


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