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									       Instructions for Police Certificates (Certificate of Good Conduct)

       Every person over the age of 19, must establish that he/she is a person of good
character when applying for entry into Austria.

       To do this you must obtain a police certificate from the police authorities in the
areas where you have resided for the past ten years (or since age 19, if a shorter period).
This certificate must show whether or not the applicant has a prior police record and is
to provide details when such a record exists.

       Generally speaking, you should be able to go to your local police department
and receive a letter of good conduct for free.

        If you experience difficulties with your local police department, it is also
possible to contact the State Bureau of Identification, with a check made out to the
State Treasurer (in Maine it costs $25), and you will receive 3 official copies of the
letter of good conduct.

       For Maine residents the address is as follows:
             State Bureau of Identification
             36 Hospital Rd.
             #42 State House Station
             Augusta, ME 04333

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