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									1.5" & 2.5" Hinged


• Value Priced
• Durable
• Superior

                             1.5" & 2.5" Hinge

CHIPMASTER 1.5" and 2.5"                    Hinged Steel
Belt Conveyors from Master Conveyors Inc. are available
with complete customization built to meet your require-
ments. We manufacture our own chain and sprockets
and utilize standard components to provide you with
complete flexibility for the design and function, with quick

Exceptional Value
Moving chips and scrap to the waste bin for recycling
shouldn’t cost a fortune and that’s why we value-price
CHIPMASTER right . . . from the very beginning.

Master Conveyors is the only Canadian manufacturer of
complete systems. With all operations fabricated in-house,
we’re able to maintain tight control on scheduling, manu-
facturing and quality.

Durability For the Long-Haul
We recognize the importance of reliable equipment
to minimize your production downtime and that’s why
CHIPMASTER uses standard, dependable components
that are readily available. We incorporate features such
high carbon steel tracks and sealed bearings to ensure
years of continuous service. Our full year warranty period
provides replacement parts at no charge.

                         ISO 9001
d Steel Belt Conveyors

   CHIPMASTER Standard Specifications
   •   Torque limiter to prevent overload.
   •   High carbon steel tracks.
   •   Sealed bearings.
   •   11 Gauge steel formed frame.
   •   Adjustable motor bracket.
   •   High efficiency gear-motors
   •   Superior appearance
   •   Adjustable take-up mechanism
                                                       CHIPMASTER Optional Equipment
   •   Maintenance-free design with rounded corners
                                                       • Turnkey solutions with pumps and controls
       prevent chip accumulation
                                                         to interface with machine controls
                                                       • Integral coolant tank|
                                                       • Custom painted to specifications.
   CHIPMASTER Belt Specifications                      • Swivel or ridged castors with locks
   • Belts manufactured in-house with plain, pimpled   • Cleats
     or pimpled & perforated surfaces.                 • Leg supports
   • Axles made from 1045 CRS steel for optimum        • Liquid tight construction
     wear resistance.                                  • Custom filtration units available
   • Interlocking 10 gauge steel side wings.             1.5" belt pitch available up to 36" wide
   • Case hardened rollers with tapered sides.           2.5" belt pitch available up to 48" wide
   • 11 gauge pans
   • Standard components provide quick delivery
                                                         Please call for additional options
                                                         and custom fabrication inquiries.

    Service                            Fast!
       e realize every customer has specific needs
       that must be satisfied, without exception. Product
inquiries and quotations are handled by qualified sales
engineers who are trained to ask the right questions and
provide you with the right answers and quotes within
24 hours. Quotes and processing product service orders
can be accepted through our agents and distributors, by
fax, e-mail and through our website.

Better Products At Great Prices
Master Conveyors is a value-priced manufacturer of
products for the metal working industry. In addition
to manufacturing 1.5" and 2.5" pitch Hinged
Steel Belt Conveyors, we also manufacture
a full-line of conveyor systems including
Drag-Out, Magnetic and Filter Conveyors
under the ChipMaster brand name. We ensure
quality by producing our own chain and sprockets and
we are recognized as a dependable manufacturer of
complete systems. With all operations completely
in-house, we’re able to pass along substantial savings.
Canadian customers can rely on a dependable source of
supply for ready-to-ship components while our American
customers can take advantage of favorable U.S. dollar
exchange rates.

Master Conveyors Inc.                        ISO 9001
Toll Free 877-726-9990
(519) 325-1370 Fax (519) 325-1374            Certified
Web: www.masterconveyors.com
Email: sales@masterconveyors.com
1979 Setterington Dr., Kingsville, Ontario N9Y 2E5

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