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Chapter 1:

Too bad to be in Heaven, and too goddamn good to be hell. Yes, that's me!. My name is Justin Knight, and i have around for many years , and have been called by many names. Some call me their saviour, some call me a murderer, and some even call me 'the Dark angel'. But one thing is for sure- they all fear me, as much as they fear death, as much as they fear the darkness and the unknown. There were stories at first, urban legends, but then with time the stories spread, and became exaggerated, and a legend was born. An legend of a man who was so evil that neither heaven nor hell wanted to take him in, and was doomed to walk on this earth forever until he could find a way to die. But frankly, i have never had much time for legends. I have much more important things to do then listen to far fetched tales, even if they are about me. I had an appointment with an client, something which i hoped would bring me some money. I may be a legend, but i still have to feed myself. But as i got out of the cab, and stared at the motel, whose address i had been given, i began to have doubts. Even the damn Cab driver gave me a cheap look. It was the sleaziest motel that i had ever laid eyes on. A broken sign, where half the letter were missing, and the walls seemed as if someone had puked all over them. This was definitely not a good sign, if a client picked a place like this it meant only two things. Either he was too broke to afford a decent place, or he was too scared that he may be followed. And both reasons, did not augur well for me. I took a deep breath , and walked up to the receptionist. He was man in his mid thirties, with balding hair, and teeth that had gone way past disgusting. "I am here for a Alexander simon." i asked hesitantly. The damn name sounded phony even to me. The receptionist gave me a long curious stare, while he picked his teeth with a pick. "Room no 302, third floor." he said finally. I made sure to give him a disgusted look, before i proceeded up the stairs. Finally i reached room 302 and knocked. "Who is it?" came a rough voice from inside. "You wanted to meet me." i replied, staring at the peep hole. I was sure he was looking through it. After a few minutes i heard the lock turn, and the door opened, revealing a man in his forties. He glanced nervously at the corridors, as if to make sure that there was no one else. I studied him curiously, he was dressed rather too well to be in a place like this, with his neat suit, and tie. He seemed like someone whom you would expect to see staying in an expensive hotel, with an entourage of assistants. But there was something else in his manner, he looked too harrased and frightened, it was almost as he was scared to death. After finally reassuring himself that the coast was clear, he let me in, and i seated myself in a cushion chair, which seemingly had no cushion in it. He seated himself on the bed, and stared at me for a few minutes as if sizing me up. I knew what he must be thinking, looking at me. A guy in his early thirties, wearing a long black overcoat, and an unshaved beard, did not really present the look of a legendary bounty hunter. "So, you are- -you know, him?" he asked hesitantly, and i simply nodded in reply. Much better to get im to

talk and say what this was all about. " My - my name is not really Alexander" he said with a slight nervous smile. "I guessed as much" i replied dryly, trying to keep the sarcasm out of my voice. "My name is Nathan pierson, you may have heard of me" he said, wringing his hands nervously. So, that's why he seemed so familiar, i had seen his photo in an magazine a couple of months back. He was one of the richest men in the entertainment industry. He was the chairman of the Moon light film studios, which had so far produced three blockbuster movies this year. I wondered what could have been worrying someone like him, but desisted from speaking, and simply nodded again. "I- it hard to explain why i am here- it- it's just too weird-" he began running his hand through his hair."I- i don't know wh-what to do" he looked too exhausted and almost close to tears. "Just give me the facts Mr Nathan" i said as kindly as i could. "It- it's my daughter, she's gone missing. You must please find her, and bring her back." he said in a pleading voice. "Have you contacted the police?" i asked, wondering if i was simply wasting my time. Cases of troubled teenagers was not my field of expertise. "No-no, they would not believe me, they would think i was mad" "Why?" "Be- because i think she has been taken away by a devil." "Devil?" i asked, my curiosity aroused. "What makes you think that?" He atleast seemed relieved that i did not laugh at him. He sighed heavily, got up from the bed, and began pacing around. "You have to understand that i am a rather famous man Mr - " he stopped, turned around and looked at me inquiringly. "Knight, you can call me knight" i replied. "I would prefer that whatever i tell you remains between us, and us only. That was the reason i choose this godforsaken dump" he paused for a moment, looking around the room with contempt, and then continued. "Well, to begin with, Emily- that's my daughters name, was always rather an unusual child, always used to keep to herself , and she had very few friends. She wasn't really good at studies too, but there was something that really interested her, and that was the occult. She was completely fascinated about it, and i did not try to desist her since it just seemed like an passing fancy. But then i saw her move with groups of suspicious characters, and often not return till late at night. I tried to talk to her out of it, but she would not listen, and would stop talking to me for days." "What about her mother? Didn't she try to speak with Emily?" i asked. "My wife and i are divorced Mr Knight, she left when Emily was little, and never really cared about either of us. It has been a long time since Emily has even spoken to her mother." "Okay , so what happened?" "Well i was worried about my daughters well being, so- so i had her followed. I learnt that the group that

she was hanging out with, belonged to a satan worshipping cult. I found these in her room" he said taking a few papers out of his pocket and handed it over. I saw the drawings and writings on the papers, and recognised it immediately. "I was planning to take her out of the country for a few days" he continued."- to get her out of reach from that cult, when- when she disappeared." "But what makes you think, she was taken by devils? She could have been kidnapped by the cult, wanting ransom." "It has been two days, and there hasn't been any demand for ransom. And there is something else." he said, sweat now appearing on his brow, even though it was cold as hell. "One day, i had gone to her room to talk to her, when i heard voices. I peeped into her room, to see who she was speaking with-" he stopped, and took a deep breath, he looked utterly terrified. "It-it wasn't human Mr Knight, it was something huge, and somehow much -much darker than then darkness surrounding it. Even though i couldn't really see it, i could feel it's presence Mr Knight- and, and it chilled me to the very bone. To this day i have nightmares about it." he said with a slight shiver, and i wondered what it could have been that could have caused a grown man like him to feel terrified by it's very presence. "I am willing to pay you ten million, if you can get my daughter back Mr Knight - and of course in complete secrecy. I do not want any of this getting out." "I might need some startup amount" i said, trying to sound somewhat casual, and not too greedy. "Sure" he said, he reached down and pulled a briefcase from under the bed. And from inside it he took a stack of bills and handed it to me. "That's five hundred thousand, and you will get the rest when i get my daughter." Ten minutes later i was standing outside the motel, going over what i had learnt. Not much to go by, but then if it was so easy, why would they need me? I reached into my pocket, and removed the papers that Nathan had found in his daughters room. I had recognised the drawings earlier, but wanted to take a closer look at the writings. And it was as i had suspected, they were invocations, and really very powerful ones at that. It was'nt just a matter of how Emily had got her hands on such powerful invocations, but who she had manged to contact. And if i was not mistaken, she was in great danger, and so was the rest of humanity. This could probably we the most dangerous case i had ever dealt, including that town of vampires, and that clan of werewolves. But then for ten million, i would be ready to go to hell itself, and grab Satan by the horns.

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