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					   October 2009

   KartSport Nelson Newsletter

          Presidents Report                                                                           Good
Hello fellow Club Members        the hosting of the 2010 Na-      On the racing front we just
Firstly I would like to thank    tional Schools Champion-         held another successful           Luck!!!
you all for the honour of        ships.                           night meeting these meet-
being your President. After      This event is going to need      ings are always popular         To all the drivers
being on the committee in        110% from each & every-          with the racers & generate       entered in the
some shape or form for the       one of our members . We          a good turnover in the
past 17 years I guess it is      have great support in the        shop . In order for these       South Islands!!!
probably a little over due .     form of Graeme Smith &           meetings to continue to
During this time I have seen     Mike Tunney steering             make a profit we will need
& learnt a lot from our previ-   this event but we will still     to keep an eye on costs as
                                                                  Hire quip are no longer
ous presidents & commit-         need your help in order for
                                 this event to be a success .     able to supply light towers    Urban off
tee’s I don’t plan to make
any radical changes & I see      Other plans in the pipe          free of charge .               to Egypt!!!
my role as president as          line for this year is the con-    South Island champs is
                                                                  the next big event on the      Ryan Urban has
more of a Team Leader            trol tower up grade . We are
                                                                  Calendar a large number of     won the Rotax Max
steering us in the right di-     currently waiting for the
                                                                  our members are attending      challenge, the max
rection. Combine this with       permit to come through.
                                                                  this event in the form of      challenge is 5
an excellent committee of        Once this is received we will
                                                                  officials & racers. Myself &   rounds around the
new & old members I see          make a date for this project
                                                                  the club which you all the     north Island at dif-
the year ahead to be posi-       to go ahead . This project
                                                                  best of luck .                 ferent venues.
tive & exciting .                already has funding but will
Probably one of our biggest      still need your help in the      See you at the track           Throughout the se-
challenges for the club is       form of working bees .           Regards Pete                   ries the top 4—Ryan
                                                                                                 Urban, Matthew
                Working Bee Friday 13 November 5.30pm to dark
                                                                                                 Hamilton, Kane
            Working Bee Saturday 14 November 10am to when finished.                              Taylor and Mason
            Jobs to do: Roof cover for Starter, Pit marshal roof cover,                          Armstrong where
             Clean out under building, Clean out far corner, Clean out                           very close in points
                                      garage.                                                    throughout the se-
                  Many hands make light work—see you there!                                      ries.
                                                                                                 Hamilton finished
                                                                                                 second which also
   New Zealand
                                     Xmas Meeting/50th Celebration                               takes him off to
  Masters Games                                                                                  Egypt for the World
  Karting in Dunedin 30 –31                 Saturday 12 December 09                              Max Challenge in
          Jan 2010.
                                                                                                 early December
  Dunedin is establishing a               BBQ after racing—Bring a salad
                                                                                                 2010 with Urban.
 register of expressions of
                                    Bring an item of Food/Beverage to go into
interest for the purpose of
organizing this event, if you                 a hamper to be raffled.
  are interested check out           There will be multi lap trophy race, bicy-
 the NZ KartSport website
                                      cle race (bring your bike jnr VS snr),
  under latest news or you
  can talk to Brendon Grid-           Ladies (non member) race, Mechanics
ley . You need to be 30+ to                          race.
   enter, should be lots of
             fun...                         Trophy’s for 1st 2nd 3rd place
   2010 National Schools update
Our organising committee          off the track towed by a 4       members may be able to as-
has held its first meeting to     wheel motor bike. We are         sist with.
look at the matters that will     most grateful for this asset     Race Secretary Office:
                                                                   We think it important to
need attention for the Na-        which will be of long term       keep our club room clear of
tional Schools. Mike Tunney       benefit to the club. Take the    administration and therefore
has developed a list of poten-    opportunity to thank Nevil       we need to establish a sepa-
tial Stewards / Technical         for his contribution when        rate office to administer the
                                                                   myriad of matters particu-
staff that will be needed, and    you next see him.
                                                                   larly leading up to the cham-
invitations are underway to                                        pionship. A caravan that we
                                  Bang Bang bags: Although
ensure we have our team                                            could plug into the power
                                  not directly related to the      would satisfy the need. Does
complete by Christmas. This
                                  Championship the club has        anyone have a van in there
is important, as until you
                                  agreed to the purchase of a      yard that they would be pre-
have the staff all signed on,
                                  considerable number of the       pared to lend for a few
you cannot apply for the                                           days??
                                  new bags which no doubt
Kartsport NZ Permit. The                                           Security: It is likely that
                                  will enhance the appearance      there will be a few people
earlier we can get this under-
                                  of the track.                    camping at the range plus as
way, the sooner we can get
                                                                   the families arrive they will
our entry information out to      Opening Ceremony: We             want to leave their trailers at
the clubs around the country      have agreed that we will hold    the track. We either hire a
(in my view most entry in-        an opening ceremony prior        security firm to remain on
formation for major events is     to the drivers briefing on the   site overnight, or maybe we
far too late coming out). The                                      have a couple of volunteers
                                  Saturday. This will take the     who would be prepared to
building work necessary for       form of a group photo of all     undertake these duties and
the tower upgrade etc is be-      the drivers and officials, a     save the club significant cost.
hind schedule due to the late     short welcome and speeches,      Give it some thought if you
arrival of the plans however                                       could assist even for one
                                  and a ceremonial start by
we expect to have the build-      our local historic karts.        Flat Screen TV – Live re-
ing permit shortly.               Opening Ceremonies don’t         sults: We intend to estab-
                                  seem to be a feature of major    lish in the bay next to Vin’s
Sponsorship. We have                                               inspection area, a live output
                                  kart sport events, but we
held some preliminary dis-                                         from the computer so that
                                  think this is important to
cussions with potential                                            folks can view “my laps” as it
                                  give the young drivers a         operates. Anyone have ac-
sponsors and hopefully we
                                  sense of what the event is all   cess to a suitable screen
will shortly be able to let you
                                  about rather than a fancy
know where we are headed,
                                  club day. So we will start
as this will be vital for the                                      Graeme Smith
                                  something new.                   Graeme@manukastreet.org.
financial security of the
event.                                                             nz
                                  Can you                          Day 5488566
                                                                   Home 5447138
Recovery Trailer. Nevil
Basalaj has offered to con-       help???:
struct us a recovery trailer
suitable for picking up karts     A couple of matters that club
Just a reminder to all members               THE 20TH ANNUAL
 that you will now need a gate
                                      GREYMOUTH MOTOR CYCLE
    key to get into the track.
A new padlock has been fitted              STREET RACE
  to the back gate and also to
                                        SUNDAY 25TH OCTOBER
         the tech shed.
 Your membership key fits all.
                                       2009 (LABOUR WEEKEND)

                                        Karts will be having a skid                    Tony kart evo c/w rotax motor
                                      around but not racing, if you                              $3000.00 ono
                                       are interested see Linda for                       can be seen at GK Karts.
                                      event/entry details. 5472341                  contact Alistair McFadzien for details.

                                                                                                 Rotax Motor
                                                                                     Senior, Bulls eye Spec, Fast runner.
                                                                                             See Brendon Gridley
Karting guru Steve Tillett (the man behind the famous kart seats) has                           021 887 871
dropped a bombshell on the karting community by announcing the intentions
of the CIK to introduce headrests to kart seats!                                    Check out the KartSport Nelson
And despite the fact that Steve stands to make a fortune from such a regula-              website for more
tion he has stood firmly against the proposals and made his voice heard on
the karting forum

This is what the new seat proposals will probably look like
                                                                                       Marlborough Kart Club
                                                                   ‘The FIA
                                                                   safety com-
                                                                   mittee wants          Reminder South islands
                                                                   us to use a           Champs 24—25 October, they
                                                                   headrest on
                                                                                         are still taking Entries. See
                                                                   all karts,
                                                                   partly for            their website or NZKS website
                                                                   whiplash but          for more details.
                                                                   mostly for
                                                                                         Marlborough Track is closed
                                                                   rollover pro-
                                                                   tection.              13—19 October for mainte-
                                                                   After the big         nance.
                                                                   heavy plastic         Marlborough Kart Club would
                                                                   back bump-
ers that fall off cost a fortune and are flexible in hot weather and stiff in the        appreciate any help ie: flag
cold, their next mission is to introduce headrests on all kart seats.’                   points. For the South Islands.
‘I am trying to stop it but unless there is outcry from the masses you can see           If you are available to help in
it happening. There were not many kart racers on the FIA safety committee                any area please contact Allan
(Myself and Russell Anderson)and some of the people that are there seem                  Clough: kirstenandal-
to have a need to justify their jobs by coming up with new ways to inconven-
ience us.’

I think it is fair to say that the karting community is sick to death of ruling
bodies trying to turn karting from the rawest form of motorsports into bumper
cars, and I’d say headrests is just taking the mickey! Rear plastics was a
                                                                                         Thank you.
step too far already but now the CIK seems to be pushing it’s luck, so per-
haps it’s time the CIK faced a flood of protests.
                                                                                    If you have anything you would
If we don’t put a stop to this now I think we can reasonably expect seatbelts,
rollover cages, suspension and differentials to be made mandatory on karts!          like to see in the newsletter or
                                                                                       have any suggestions please
So if you don’t want karting to be turned into a health and safety man’s wet
dream then please make your voice heard here, and we will forward your                      send onto Linda at
words to the CIK. Also you can send an email to the CIK at cik@fia.com                     gridley@clear.net.nz
    Race Secretary                Enduro:
                                                                              President          Pete Fitzgibbon    5486435
   We are still in Need of a      Cadet: 1 Seth Rasmussen, 2 Jarod            Vice President     Alistair McFadzien 5476474
                                  Fisher, 3 Jay Basalaj, 4 Liam Norris, 5
 permanent Race Secretary to      Cooper Forbes.                              Secretary          Linda G/Gemma K 5472341
 manage Race Day Entry, Race                                                  Treasurer          Rob Goodman         5442256
                                  JR: Brook Reeve, 2 Liam Norris, 3
  Control etc. Training will be   Liam Campbell, 4 Cameron Smith, 5           Club Captain       Mark Butchart      021548390
                                  Daniel Bugler, 6 Clarke McFadzien, 7        Web Master         Mitchell Napier    5486732
           provided.              Jaime Smith.
                                                                              JNR liaison O      Andrew G/Matt B     TBA
 Please Contact Pete if you are   Junior Yamaha: 1 Matt Butchart, 2 Tom
                                  Alexandra , 3 Jackson Orange, 4 Scot
  or know anyone interested.      Manson, 5 Teneill Rasmussen, 6 Shaun          Night Meeting:
                                  Campbell, 7 Alistair Adams, 8 Charlie
                                  English, 9 Taylor Forbes, 10 Brett            Cadet: 1 Jarod Fisher, 2 Seth Rasmussen, 3 Jay Baslaj,
  New Members                     McGlashin.                                    4 Ruby Jones, 5 Kirsten Reeve, 6 Cooper Forbes.

                                                                                JR: 1 Brook Reeve, 2 Jaime Smith, 3 Marcus Jones, 4
  KartSport Nelson                Senior: 1 Matt Hamilton, 2 Mathew
                                  Straker, 3 Josh Inglis, 4 Scott Waller, 5     Cameron smith, 5 Daniel Bugler, 6 Clarke McFadzien,
                                                                                7 Liam Campbell, 8 Liam Norris.
would like to extend a            Jonathon Hague, 6 Simon Hennah, 7
                                  andrew Brighton, 8 Nigel Ramsey, 9            Junior Yamaha: 1 Matt Butchart, 2 Andrew Goodman,
warm welcome to the               tony Inwood, 10 Campbell Rollo, 11
                                  Duncan Barrett, 12 Julian Coakley, 13
                                                                                3 Georgia Goodman, 4 Teneill Rasmussen, 5 Charlie
                                                                                English, 6 Shaun Campbell, 7 Jason Lovell, 8 Jaydon
                                                                                Bramwell, 9 Brett McGlashin, 10 Taylor Forbes.
   following new                  Alistair McFadzien, 14 Chris Banks, 15
                                  Greg Ham, 16 Andrew Stratford, 17             Open: 1 Regan Anisy
 members who have                 Brendon Gridley, 18 Taryn Kugener.
                                                                                Max Light: 1 Brendon Gridley, 2 Taryn Kugner, 3
 recently joined the                                                            Simon Hennah, 4 Luke Kirk , 5 Shane Robertson, 6
                                                                                Grant Kugener, 7 Julian Coakley, 8 Andrew stratford ,
        club.                                                                   9 Campbell Rollo

                                  Cadet: 1 Seth Rasmussen, 2 Jarod Fisher,      Max Heavy: 1 Duncan Barrett, 2 Andrew Broughton, 3
Shaun Stinton—JR (dad Bill        3 Jay Baslaj, 4 Ruby Jones, 5 Kirsten         Alistair McFadzien, 4 pat Norris, 5 Ray White
         Stinton)                 Reeve, 6 Cooper Forbes.                       Yamaha Light: 1 Simon Hennah, 2 Dave Andrews
   Liam Campbell—JNR              Junior Restricted: 1 Brook Reeve, 2           Club Class: 1 Nigel Paterson, 2 Hayden Sharpe, 3 Matt
                                  Jaime Smith, 3 Marcus Jones, 4 Cam-           Peters, 4 Shaun cooper.
                                  eron Smith, 5 Liam Campbell, 6 Daniel
 KartSport Nelson Shirts !!!      Bugler, 7 Clarke McFadzien, 8 Kieren
 There are some spares in         Junior Yamaha: 1 Matt Butchart, 2 An-
  the shop for sale if you        drew Goodman, 3 Teneill Rasmussen, 4
                                  Jason Lovell, 5 Georgia Goodman, 6
 missed out on placing your       Charlie English, 7 Shaun Campbell, 8
                                                                                    Race Calendar
                                  Brett McGlashan, 9 Taylor Forbes, 10
          order.                  Jaydon Bramwell.
                                                                                  October 2009
                                                                                  4             Marlborough Club Day
                                  Heavy Max: 1 Duncan Barret, 2 Andrew
      Pit Shelters                Broughton, 3 Alistair McFadzien.
                                                                                                ChCh Club Day
                                                                                                Committee meeting
                                                                                  18           Nelson Club Day        Jnr/JR
                                  Light Max: 1 David Pinkerton, 2 Luke
                                                                                  24            South Islands Blenheim
 All covered pit shelters         Kirk, 3 Grant Kugener, 4 Simon Hennah,          25            South Islands Blenheim
                                  5 Julian Coakley.
  are now $50 for the                                                             November 2009
  year (if you have al-                                                           1
                                                                                              Marlborough Club Day
                                                                                              ChCh Club Day
   ready paid the full                                                            10
                                                                                              Committee Meeting
                                                                                             Nelson Club Day       Cadet
   amount you will be
                                                                                  December 2009
  credited/refunded.)                                                             6           Marlborough Club Day
                                                                                  8           Committee Meeting
                                                                                  12         Xmas Meeting        Snr Yam
   See Mark Butchart if
   want one or want to                                                            January 2010
                                                                                  12           Committee Meeting
       know more.                                                                 17          Nelson Club Day                Max