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Be Inspired with Electrolux                                                                                   Electrolux – leading the way
The Electrolux Inspire range,      Moffatt Electrical in Carrick-       Electrical in Castlerea.

                                                                                                              in energy efficient appliances
including dishwashers, wash-       on-Shannon, Tommy Kelly in
ing machines and condenser         Athleague or Michael Gun-            Inspire dishwasher
dryers, has everything to ensure   ning Electrical in Castlerea.        With a price tag of just €449,
that your home runs smoothly                                            this dishwasher is sure to be a      The Electrolux vision is of a thought-     ing machines. This function allows you
and efficiently and energy bills    Inspire condenser dryer              most popular member of the           ful home, a home where everything          to decide how long your wash should
are kept to a minimum.             A drying rack for wool and           team in your kitchen.                is designed with intelligence and un-      take, not the machine. The LCD display
                                   shoes, large LCD display and             It’s extremely quiet and can     derstanding, where everything works        informs you how your clothes can be
Inspire washing machine            electronic sensor control are        cater for 12 place settings. A       beautifully, simply and intuitively.       washed, just select the temperature and
Large loads up to 7 kg, excel-     just some of the features on this    five wash programme ensures           Sound like your home? If not, then get     you choose the time and press start, it
lent spin function and time        Electrolux Inspire condenser         you have lots of options and         yourself along to Tommy Kelly’s in Ath-    really is that easy!
manager function are all           dryer, now available at €449.        the A energy rating will also        league, King and Moffatt in Carrick-on-
available on this Electrolux           A large load of 7 kgs is an-     prove a winner. Other features       Shannon or Michael Gunning in Castle-
Inspire.                           other reason to opt for this dry-    include a delay start, anti-         rea and rectify the situation as soon as
   There is a free five-year        er, as well as the B energy rating   flood protection, LED and salt        possible!
parts and labour guarantee and     and the five-year parts and la-       indicators and four wash tem-           The Electrolux philosophy is one of
a rock-bottom price of just        bour guarantee. Programmes on        peratures.                           thoughtful design and all products are
€549. Easy-iron functions, de-     this dryer include wool, jeans,          Check it out at Tommy            designed with the end customer in
lay start and extra rinse func-    shoes, mixed and intensive and       Kelly Electrical in Athleague        mind. Modern life is hectic, there’s so
tions are also available on this   there are options to tailor pro-     (090) 66 63385, King & Mof-          much to do, families, friends and ca-
model. The machine has an          grammes to suit your require-        fatt Electrical in Carrick-on-       reer. Electrolux washing machines are
A energy rating, saving you        ments. Check it out at King and      Shannon (071) 96 20378 or            there to make your life easier so that
money on both electricity and      Moffatt Electrical in Carrick-       Michael Gunning Electrical           you will get time to do the things you
water bills long into the fu-      on-Shannon, Tommy Kelly in           Limited, Castlerea on (094)          really want to do. There are front load-
ture. Check it out at King and     Athleague or Michael Gunning         96 20159.                            ers with capacities up to 8 kg and spin
                                                                                                             speeds from 1200 rpm to 1600 rpm. If
                                                                                                             space is limited, they also have a top-
                                                                                                             loader that is just 40 cm wide and can
                                                                                                             be placed practically anywhere. If time
                                                                                                             is an issue for you, there is time man-
                                                                                                             ager function on all Electrolux wash-

                                                                                                           Siemens continue
  Inspire washing machine           Inspire condenser dryer              Inspire dishwasher
                                                                                                           to inspire
                                                                                                           Siemens has been at innovation’s cutting
  Sample of the range of appliances                                          available                     edge for over 160 years. It was responsi-
                                                                                                           ble for the development of technologies
                                                                                                           such as ‘hawk eye’, a wickedly accurate

Frost-free                                                                                                 tracking system that revolutionised the
                                                                                                           umpiring of tennis. In the home, it led to
                                                                                                           the creation of a non-stop production line
                                                                                                           of highly advanced, yet brilliantly simple
                                                                                                           products. The ‘autostain’ removal wash-

fridge freezers
                                                                                                           ing machines for example, are a world
                                                                                                           first in this type of technology.
                                                                                                               The end game is a collection of
                                                                                                           kitchen appliances that can be mixed
                                                                                                           and matched to suit your lifestyle. All of
                                                                                                           them offering the perfect balance be-
Check out the frost-free fridge freezers from Sie-    Siemens frost-free fridge freezer is priced €799,    tween eye-catching design and innova-
mens. They feature anti-fingerprint stainless steel    while the American Fridge Freezer is priced at       tive technology, all backed up, of course,
and enjoy superb ratings in terms of energy ef-       just €1,599.                                         by Siemens excellent after-sale service.
                                                                                                               For over 100 years, Siemens has
    There’s no more defrost-                                              High capacity washing
ing, and a permanently cold,                                                      machines                 been the leading innovator in creating
dry environment in the freezer                                         If your family seem to cre-         reliable, cleverly designed and quietly
means no build up of ice. Food                                         ate mountains of washing and        efficient washing machines and washer
packs don’t stick together and                                         you’re worried that your current    dryers. A combination of aesthetically
the labels on food packs stay                                          machine either isn’t up to the      pleasing design and groundbreaking in-
clear and easy to read. The                                            work load or will cost a fortune    novation has taken the humble chore of
icing on this particular cake                                          on water and electricity bills,     washing clothes to a whole new dimen-
is that ice cubes won’t stick                                          then check out the Siemens          sion.
to the tray! Cool! The freezer                                         washing machine, priced at just         In the region, Siemens products are
only initiates the frost-free                                          €599.                               available from Tommy Kelly Sales and
cycle when the appliance actu-                                             This front-loading machine      Service, Athleague, King & Moffatt Elec-
ally needs it, saving consider-                                        has a 7 kg capacity and an A rat-   trical, Boyle Road, Carrick-on-Shannon
ably on energy consumption.                                            ing for washing. With 1400 rpm      and Michael Gunning Electrical Ltd. in
    The fridge section in the                                          available on the spin cycle, just   Castlerea.
frost-free fridge freezer has a                                        think of the money you’ll save
capacity of 186 litres, while                                          on drying! A short wash facility
the freezer section has a gross                                        is standard and time is reduced
capacity of 109 litres. The Siemens American          by up to 40 percent.
Fridge freezer also has super cool and super             The product is available at King and Moffatt
freeze function and an illuminated dispenser for      Electrical Expertise, Boyle Road, Carrick-on-
chilled water, crushed ice or ice cubes.              Shannon, telephone (071), 96 20378, Tommy
    The products have a free five-year parts and       Kelly Sales and Service in Athleague on (090)
labour guarantee and are currently available          66 63385 or Michael Gunning Electrical Ltd in
from Michael Gunning, King and Moffatt Elec-          Castlerea on (094) 96 20159.
trical and Tommy Kelly Sales and Service. The