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 Omni Data Retrieval Offers Exceptional Capabilities for Nationwide Criminal
                                 Record Research

Lakeville, Minn. -- (January 2007) -- Omni Data Retrieval is a reliable source for
criminal record researching due to innovative technology and processes. Requests
with Omni Data Retrieval are supported by the following capabilities:
knowledgeable customer service, nationwide network of court retrievers, HR-XML
ready interfacing and volume pricing.

Omni Data Retrieval’s Customer Service department responds to questions about
court record retrieval. Inquiries about order status, pricing and more are addressed
by the expertly trained representatives. This increased level of service is
complimentary for all criminal research requests.

Jurisdictions across the country are searchable with Omni Data Retrieval’s
extensive network of court retrievers. This nationwide network allows for court
record searches in every U.S. county to retrieve the most up-to-date and accurate
data available. While sustaining such broad searching capabilities, Omni Data
Retrieval also completes 85% of orders within 48 hours or less.
Striving to provide the most innovative time-saving solutions, Omni Data Retrieval’s
technology allows criminal record orders to be placed using a HR-XML ready
interface. Compatibility with HR-XML supports instant, accurate company to
company communications through a secure electronic method. The raw data that
HR-XML streamlines to Omni Data Retrieval is then accessible and managed
within its proprietary online ordering platform for a seamless transaction between
research providers and clients. Not only are orders streamlined with HR-XML, real-
time status updates can be communicated using this method of data exchange.

Since many firms require numerous court record searches on a daily basis, Omni
Data Retrieval also offers competitive and reasonable volume pricing for search
requests. As a reliable provider of nationwide wholesale criminal records, Omni
Data Retrieval presents the most advanced capabilities for faster, more accurate
record retrieval.

About Us
Omni Data Retrieval Inc., a wholesale professional background research company,
specializes in nationwide criminal background searches. Founded in 1999, Omni
Data Retrieval has grown into one of the industry’s strongest and most reliable
networks of retrievers, covering every county in the U.S. Omni Data Retrieval is a
provider of high volume criminal background checks for pre-employment
background screening and tenant screening companies. Criminal research
requests are supported by innovative technology, including an online client-
accessible application, HR-XML compatibility, and dedicated Customer Service
representatives. To learn more about how Omni Data Retrieval is your one reliable
source for wholesale criminal record retrieval, please visit

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