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					                             Announcement and Call for Papers                                                            http://


                             THE 11th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON
                             September 2-6, 2007 — Bruges, Belgium
                             Organized and sponsored by: The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
                                                         The Technological Institute of the Royal Flemish Society of Engineers &
                                                         The Belgian Nuclear Society

SPONSORS AND CO-SPONSORS                                                       minute oral presentations, panels, workshops, and poster displays which are
This conference is jointly sponsored by both the Nuclear and Environmental     designed to enhance dialogue between presenters and participants. The
Engineering Divisions of the ASME, by the Technological Institute of the       major program tracks are:
Royal Flemish Society of Engineers and the Belgian Nuclear Society.              • Low/Intermediate-Level (L/ILW) Radioactive Waste Management
ICEM'07 is also organized in cooperation with the US DOE, NRC, EPA and           • Spent Fuel, Fissile, Transuranic (TRU) and High-Level Waste (HLW)
the IAEA along with several major international technical societies and             Management
governmental organizations.                                                      • Facility Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D)
SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS                                                         • Environmental Remediation (ER)
We anticipate that representatives from IAEA, OECD/NEA and other                 • Crosscutting, Institutional and Stakeholder Environmental Management
European organizations will continue supporting the ICEM conferences.               Issues (EM)
Various international organizations and groups are represented in the            • Global Partnering (GP) and Multi-National Programs
conference program committees including representatives from the IAEA          The ICEM'07 program has been expanded by adding a track on Global
Contact Expert Group (CEG) and the Uranium Mining Regulatory Group             Partnering and Multi-National Programs. Global Partnering covers the
(UMREG).                                                                       joint programs in many countries, including the dismantlement of retired
                                                                               nuclear submarines and their sites. In consultation with the IAEA Contact
                                                                               Expert Group (CEG), the IAEA CEG will be holding their periodical
ICEM promotes a broad global exchange of information on technologies,
                                                                               meeting in Bruges the same week allowing the presentation of some of
operations, management approaches, economics and public policies in the
                                                                               the CEG coordinated projects and participation of visiting CEG members
critical areas of environmental remediation and radioactive waste
                                                                               at ICEM'07. ICEM'07 will also include special sessions on other global
management. The conference provides a unique opportunity to foster
                                                                               programs including activities by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
cooperation among specialists from countries with mature environmental
                                                                               (NDA) in the UK and the US DOE/EPA/NRC international programs.
management programs and those from countries with emerging programs.
                                                                               Special attention will also be given to TACIS/PHARE projects in the
Attendees include scientists, engineers, technology developers, equipment
                                                                               Eastern European countries, formerly part of the Soviet Union. This
suppliers, government officials, utility representatives and owners of
                                                                               interest is in addition to the basic program on the primary topics of
environmental problems.
                                                                               radioactive waste management and site remediation.
ICEM'07 is the eleventh in a series of biennial international conferences on
environmental remediation and radioactive waste management organized by                     ABSTRACT DEADLINE — December 29, 2006
the ASME. The first conference was held in Hong Kong in 1987, followed by
Kyoto, Japan in 1989; Seoul, Korea, in 1991; Prague, Czech Republic, in                      AUTHOR NOTIFICATION — March 12, 2007
1993; Berlin, Germany, in 1995; Singapore in 1997; Nagoya, Japan in 1999;
Bruges, Belgium in 2001; Oxford, England in 2003; Glasgow Scotland in                          DRAFT FULL PAPERS — May 25, 2007
2005. More than 700 registrants attended ICEM’05 in Glasgow participating
in over 60 technical sessions. The ICEM conferences benefit from world-wide            REVIEWER COMMENTS RETURNED — June 25, 2007
participation from more than 30 countries.
                                                                                     ICEM'07 DISCOUNT PRE-REGISTRATION — June 30, 2007
The technical program includes an opening plenary session and several                    FINAL ELECTRONIC PAPERS DUE — July 23, 2007
parallel program tracks with concurrent sessions. The sessions include 25
ABSTRACTS - Due December 29, 2006                                                   spent fuel and environmental remediation. A separate brochure detailing this
One electronic copy of a 200-400 word abstract in English should be submitted       exhibition and event sponsorship will be available by contacting the listed
by December 29, 2006. Abstract formatting guidelines are on the ICEM web            Exhibition Coordinators.
site, Each abstract received will receive a four digit ID # for
                                                                                    TECHNICAL TOURS
tracking. If you do not receive an abstract number within 5 days of submission,
                                                                                    Technical tours are being planned immediately following the conference.
please contact ICEM at The abstracts will undergo a
                                                                                    Friday tours being considered include visits to:
review by subject experts for originality, technical content, significance and
                                                                                     • Belgoprocess (Belgium)
relevance, for placement in the Preliminary Program and distribution in March,
2007. Authors will be notified of acceptance by March 12, 2007.                      • SCK-CEN (Belgian Nuclear Research Center):
                                                                                     • COVRA (The Netherlands)
Abstracts should be submitted on-line via the website. If this is not                • Dodewaard Nuclear Power Plant (The Netherlands)
possible, abstracts should be submitted by e-mail directly to                        • WAK (Germany) Abstracts sent via e-mail must be accompanied by                  • KFA Jülich (Germany)
the full mailing address, telephone (voice and fax) numbers and e-mail               • SE-VYZ (Slovak Republic)
addresses for the primary and secondary contact author and the proposed
topic designation number from this form. The attached response form can             SOCIAL PROGRAM
be used to provide basic author information.                                        A quite extensive social program will include, among other events:
                                                                                     • A Sunday Welcome Reception and a Tuesday Exhibitor Reception
DRAFT PAPERS - Due May 25, 2007                                                      • A Wednesday Conference Banquet with a medieval theme
Draft paper formatting guidelines and submission instructions will be e-mailed       • Visits of the town of Bruges, that is part of the UNESCO list of World
to all primary authors whose abstracts are accepted. The deadline for                   Inheritance
submission of draft papers is May 25, 2007. The draft papers will undergo a          • Different daily social and cultural programs for guests of registrants
critical review and organizers will convey the results of the review with
comments to the authors no later than June 25, 2007. The first 200 words of         QUESTIONS?
each revised abstract will be extracted from your draft paper. This revised         Additional information on abstract submittal, conference location, technical
abstract excerpt is used for the ICEM'07 Conference Abstract Book and for           program, advance registration, event sponsorship, and other facts can be
on-line website reference. ASME reserves the right to reject papers if quality      obtained from the ICEM'07 homepage: To add your
is unacceptable or if the deadlines are not met.                                    name to the conference mailing list or to indicate your interest in participating
                                                                                    in the conference, please e-mail your request to
FINAL PAPERS - Due July 23, 2007
Authors must revise their papers as required by the reviewers. Final papers
are to be submitted on-line or by e-mail by July 23, 2007. Copyright waivers
are required to be faxed by this deadline and signed by all authors listed on        PROPOSED TOPICS IN THE SIX TRACKS
the final paper. Papers missing any copyright waivers will not be presented             OF THE TECHNICAL PROGRAM
nor published in the final proceedings. Only papers presented will be                                 (Please contact the individual Topic Organizers
published. The official proceedings of presented papers will be distributed                               listed at for details)
after the conference on a CD-ROM to all paid registrants.
                                                                                    LOW/INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL RADIOACTIVE WASTE (L/ILW)
REGISTRATION                                                                        MANAGEMENT
Conference registration information will be sent out in March 2007 with the         1.1 Low/Intermediate Level Waste Management Posters
Preliminary Program. All authors, presenters, Session Co-chairs and                 1.2 National and International Programs for L/ILW Management
panelists attending ICEM'07 will need to register and will receive the ASME         1.3 Waste Minimization, Avoidance and Recycling
"Member" discounted conference registration rates. If you would like to obtain      1.4 L/ILW Waste Characterization, Assay, and Tracking Systems
this information earlier, contact the ICEM web page,              1.5 Liquid Waste Treatment Process and Experience
                                                                                    1.6 Solid Waste Volume Reduction, Treatment, and Packaging Experience
                                                                                    1.7 Mixed Waste (Hazardous and Radioactive), Hazardous Waste
The official language for the technical program, exhibition and other events is
                                                                                         Management and Shock Sensitive Materials
English. All papers must be submitted and presented in English.
                                                                                    1.8 Advanced L/ILW Conditioning Technologies
CONFERENCE LOCATION                                                                 1.9 Siting, Design, Construction, and Operation of L/ILW Disposal
The 2007 conference will be held in Bruges, Belgium in the Oud Sint-Jan                  Facilities
Hospital Conference Center, parts of which date from the 13th century. The          1.10 Disposal Site and Waste Form Characterization and Performance
hospital has been converted to a modern conference facility and recently                 Assessment
refurbished since the ICEM’01 conference, retaining much of its old charm.          1.11 Safety Considerations Associated with L/ILW Management
The renovated complex offers numerous possibilities with its eight spacious         1.12 Radioactive Waste from Research Institutes and General Industries
technical meeting rooms, banquet hall, exhibit halls, restaurant, coffee shop,
bar and an internet establishment. The Oud Sint-Jan Conference Center is            SPENT NUCLEAR FUEL (SNF), FISSILE, TRANSURANIC (TRU), AND
located at Mariastraat 38, 8000 Bruges. Most accommodations are within a            HIGH-LEVEL WASTE (HLW) MANAGEMENT
10-minute walk of the conference center.                                            2.1 Spent Nuclear Fuel, Fissile, Transuranic and High Level Waste
                                                                                         Management Posters
Bruges is called 'the Venice of the North'. This splendid medieval city is one      2.2 National and International Programs for Spent Nuclear Fuel, Fissile,
of Belgium's crown jewels. In no other European city is the feel and the look            TRU and HLW Management
of medieval times so present as here in this city close to the North Sea. It is     2.3 Repository Programs: Site Selection & Characterization, Underground
also located less than an hour away from the Brussels airport or the England             Research Labs, Engineering & Geological Barriers
ferries at Calais, France. Car or rail access is easy. Additional details on this   2.4 HLW, Fissile, TRU and Spent Nuclear Fuel Short and Long-Term
great location will be available from the ICEM website at
                                                                                         Storage Issues
or by accessing the past ICEM'01 Final Program.
                                                                                    2.5 Risk-Performance Assessment Related to Spent Nuclear Fuel, TRU or
EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES EXHIBITION                                                        HLW Disposal
A large industrial exhibition will be held in conjunction with the technical        2.6 Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel, Fissile, TRU and HLW
program. The exhibition will cover technologies, equipment, technical and           2.7 HLW Characterization/Recent Advances in HLW Treatment Systems
management services in the fields of radioactive waste management, D&D,             2.8 Spent Nuclear Fuel Conditioning and Packaging
2.9  Separation Technologies/Strategies for Transmutation and                   CROSSCUTTING, INSTITUTIONAL AND STAKEHOLDER ISSUES IN
     Conditioning                                                               ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT (EM)
2.10 Design and Modelling of Repository Systems                                 5.1 Crosscutting, Institutional and Stakeholder Posters
FACILITY DECONTAMINATION AND DECOMMISSIONING (D&D)                              5.2 Local Participation and Decision-Making Process, Behavior and
3.1 Facility Decontamination and Decommissioning Posters
3.2 National and International D&D Programs: Status, Approaches,                5.3 EM Life-Cycle Economics and Sustainability
      Policies and Challenges                                                   5.4 Dialogue Techniques: Dialogue versus Consultation, Communication
3.3 D&D Lessons Learned                                                              of Risk, Education, Use of Web Technology
3.4 D&D Technologies                                                            5.5 Culture and Community - Equity and Ethics
3.5 Safety Issues in Decommissioning Projects                                   5.6 EM Health and Safety Issues
3.6 D&D Waste Minimization, Avoidance and Recycling                             5.7 Information Gathering and Decision Making
3.7 Licensing, Regulatory Compliance, Radiological Surveys, and Facility        5.8 The Young Generation Network, Workforce Issues and Training
      Release                                                                        Programs
3.8 Treatment and Management of D&D Materials and Waste                         GLOBAL PARTNERING (GP) AND MULTI-NATIONAL PROGRAMS
3.9 D&D of Power Reactors and Research Reactors                                 6.1 Global Partnering Posters
3.10 D&D of Non-Reactor Nuclear Facilities                                      6.2 Global Partnering and Multi-National Support in Waste Management &
3.11 D&D Data Management (Technical, Costs, & Material Management)                  Clean-up Programs
3.12 Financing Mechanisms - Funding D&D Projects: Tools and Practices           6.3 UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Program Issues and
ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION (ER)                                                      Experience
4.1 Environmental Remediation Posters                                           6.4 Global Partnering Related to Nuclear Materials Safeguards and
4.2 National and International ER Programs                                          Security
4.3 Management Approaches and Planning Tools for ER Projects                    6.5 Beneficial and Alternative Uses of Depleted Uranium
4.4 Experiences in ER Clean-up Actions and Legacy Management                    6.6 MOX and Excess Plutonium Disposition
4.5 ER Site Characterizations, Monitoring and Clean-up Criteria                 6.7 Support to the Global G-8 Partnership in Nuclear Nonproliferation
4.6 Recent Developments in ER Technologies                                      6.8 Building Relationships with Foreign Governments in Support of Threat
4.7 Uranium Mining and Milling ER Activities                                        Reduction
4.8 Contaminant Migration and Transfer Assessment                               6.9 Dismantlement of Nuclear Submarines and their Bases

                                                               HONORARY CO-CHAIRS
                                Dr. Ines Triay, Chief Operation Officer, Environmental Management - Department of Energy, US
                      Alan Heyes, IAEA CEG Chair & Deputy Director of Int'l Nuclear Policies & Programmes Dept. of Trade & Industry, UK

                                                     CONFERENCE STEERING COMMITTEE
Conference General Co-Chair                                                     US Federal Liaisons
  Anibal Taboas (Department of Energy - Retired), US,             Anita Iacaruso (Department of Energy), US,
      Rik Vanbrabant, (Belgoprocess), Belgium,      Robert Dyer (Environmental Protection Agency), US,
Conference Manager                                                                 Larry Camper (Nuclear Regulatory Commission), US,
Gary Benda (RACE, LLC), US, +1(803) 345-2170,
                                                                                ICEM'07 Conference Committee Liaisons
Technical Program Co-Chairs
                                                                                   ASME International
   Murthy Devarakonda (Washington Group International), US,
                                                                                    John Bendo, (ASME), US,
                                                                                   ASME Nuclear Engineering Division (NED)
      Hans Codee (COVRA), The Netherlands, +31-113- 61 66 55,                                                        Kenneth Kok (WSMS), US,
      Guy Collard (SCK-CEN), Belgium, +32-14-33 34 32,          ASME Environmental Engineering Division (EED)
                                                                                    Gary Benda (RACE, LLC), US,,
      Andre De Goeyse (NIRAS-ONDRAF), +32-2-212 10 64,                                                        Technologisch Instituut (TI- KVIV)
                                                                                    Rita Peys, (TI- K VIV), Belgium,
EU and Non-EU Exhibition Coordination
  Michel Detilleux (Suez-Tractebel Engineering), Belgium, +32-2-773 82 25,         Belgian Nuclear Society (BNS)                                                  Marcel Maris, (AVN), Belgium
      Paula Vaughn (LOI) US; +1(520) 292-5652,             International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Technical Tours                                                                      Bernard Neerdael, (IAEA),
   Bart Thieren (Beloprocess), Belgium,

                             For questions on the submission of abstracts or papers, or non-EU conference registration:
                Donna McComb - ICEM'07 c/o Laser Options, Inc., US, +1(520) 292-5652, Fax: +1(520) 292-9080,
                    For questions concerning conference facilities, social programs, local aspects, or EU conference registration:
                        Rita Peys, Technologisch Instituut, Belgium, + 32 (3) 260 08 40, Fax: +32 (3) 216 06 89,
                                                    September 2-6, 2007 - Bruges, Belgium
RESPONSE FORM — If you are submitting an abstract online at, this form is available on-line for you to complete and forward with
your submission. If you are e-mailing your abstract to, please duplicate the information on this form and include it in your e-mail or you
may complete and fax this form with your abstract to ICEM'07 at +1-520-292-9080.

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I understand that acceptance for presentation of this abstract at the conference requires an author-provided Final Paper in the required format by July 23,
2007. I also understand that if the attached abstract is accepted for presentation and if I fail to meet the deadlines, my paper may be withdrawn from the
Final Program. If my paper is listed in the Final Program and I fail to present this paper without prior notification to ICEM staff, I may be prevented from
consideration as a presenter at future ICEM conferences. I understand that, if accepted, the submitted abstract may be displayed on the ICEM'07 home
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