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					                                The Official Newsletter of Native Soul

         Hoop Dreamz
                    N o v e m b e r       2 0 0 7   •   V o l u m e     1   •   I s s u e   1

                     What does “Native Soul” mean?
Native Soul          By: Morning Rae Ferris

Players                     ative Soul was founded in Fall of 2000 at Fort Lewis College in Durango,
                            Colorado. The name Native Soul comes from the Native American wom-
 n                          en’s basketball team. This team started out as just an ordinary Fort Lewis
Morning R. Ferris    College intramural team. Native Soul was very fortunate to play as a team
Taralee Suppah       for four consectutive years while attednig Fort Lewis College. All of the team
Amanda Morrison      members of Na-                                              tive Soul are Native
Darralyn Hill        American from vari-                                         ous regions of the
Crystal Buck         United States. The                                          tribes that are rep-
Little Shell Ware
                     resented are Warm                                           Springs Confeder-
Tovah Harjo
Contessa Bonds       ated Tribes, Yaka-                                          ma, Navajo, Eastern
Lorenza Monroe       Shoshone, Northern                                          Arapaho, Shoshone
Lisa Hill            Bannock, Western                                            Shoshone, Southern
Linda Pokibro        Ute, Haida, Apache,                                         Crow and Hopi.
Debo Edmo            Over the years, Na-                                         tive Soul has trav-
Ray Pokibro          eled       throughout                                       the western United
Dottie Yonnie
                     States       and has                                        placed in the top
Tori Begaye
Benji Beyalle
                     three at most of the                                        tournaments. All of
Bertilde Simpson     the players come                                            from a family who
Janelle Yazzie       has played basket-                                          ball and most of the
Stephanie Hicks      players have been playing basketball from a very early age. About half of the
Jada Morrison        players have experience playing basketball at the college level. Also, about
Diana S.Sides        fifty percent of all the players from both the Men’s and Women’s teams have
Colleen Bell         graduated with a 4 year college degree. Native Soul, has always encouraged Na-
Jo Bell
                     tive American student-athletes to pursue their dreams and a higher education.
Jeffrey Price
Star Friday
James Morrison
Phil Paradise
                                                                      INSIDE THIS ISSUE
Chris Padilla
Ben Ledum                                                             - The Men of Native Soul
Jarvis M.Dove                                                         - Dedication to Jeffrey Price
Jerry Begaye
Tyson Yazzie
                                                                      - 1st Annual Native Soul
                                                                           Student-Athelte Scholarship
                           Photo: Native Soul
                           The Next Tournament
                           By: Morning Rae Ferris

                           T   his season is going to be the toughest
                               season ever. Now, that I’m in gradu-
                           ate school, I can’t just pack my bags and
                           leave. I have to plan ahead to schedule
                           when my assignments are due. Good
                           thing I have Monday’s and Friday’s off.
                                   Depending on the prize money
    Noah Valdez            and what prizes are offered will deter-
Photo: Morning R. Ferris   mine how many teams will enter into the
                           tournament. Tournaments’ typically start
                           on Friday evening and games are played
                           all day Saturday and Sunday. Champion-
                           ship games are always held on Sunday at
                           approximately 7pm for Women and 8pm
                           for Men.
                                   Native Soul’s goal for 2008 is to
                           play in two tournaments. The first tour-
                           nament will be the “Six foot and Under”
                           which is held on the Fort Hall Indian
  That’s Just Me...        Reservation in Idaho. The second tourna-
Photo: Taralee Suppah      ment is still undecided between Pend-
                           leton, Oregon and Yakama, Washington
                           held in April.
                                   I’m looking forward to seeing the
                           rest of the Native Soul team and I can’t
                           wait until I lace my shoes up, put my        Tournament Trail
                                                                        Photo: Native Soul
                           favorite jersey on, and the ball is thrown
                           up for the first time in 2008.

                                                                                     NBA Hoop-It-
                                                                                     Up in Phoenix,
                                                                                     Native Soul
                                                                                     Placed 1st. Play-
                                                                                     ers on the court
                                                                                     (left to right),
                                                                                     Taralee Suppah,
                                                                                     Amanda Mor-
                                                                                     rison, Morning
                                                                                     Rae Ferris, (not
                                                                                     pictured), Jada
      Photo: Native Soul                                                             Morrison.
                                                                 The Men of Native Soul
Basketball at an Early Age                                       By: Morning Rae Ferris

By: Morning Rae Ferris
                                                                    n the Fall of 2008, the Men of
W      hen your traveling and you hap-
       pen to pass a green sign that
says, “Welcome to the Wind River
                                                                    Native Soul will finally have their
                                                                 own athletic apparel! The clothing
Indian Reservation” be ready to see                              line will include hoodies, warm
a basketball hoop outside of every                               ups, t-shirts, shorts, headbands,
house. Basketball has been a major                               sweatbands, socks and even ball
part of my reservation for quite a                               bags. Place an order online before
while now.                                                       the actual release date by visiting
        When I was in junior high, my
mom used to take me to school early
                                                                 our website at:
just to play basketball. I played all                  
the time, at every recess, every P.E.
class and every free time I had. After
school, my grandma would have a
snack ready for me before I spent
the rest of the day playing basketball.      Native Soul has
        My favorite memories of bas-             Played
ketball, was playing in the summer.
My brother and I used to hook up the
                                               kDurango, CO
boom                          box, turn          Ignacio, CO
it up as                      loud as it         Towaoc, CO
could go                      and play      Pagosa Springs, CO
into the                      night.           Shiprock, NM
   When                       I wasn’t
                                             Farmington, NM
physi-                        cally                                            Photo: Morning R. Ferris

playing                       basket-
                                             Albuquerque, NM
ball, I                       dreamt            Phoenix, AZ      Dedication to Jeffrey Price
about it.                     One time,       Ft.McDowell, AZ    By: Taralee Suppah & Morning Rae Ferris

I spent                       the week-           Chinle, AZ         eloved Friend & Team Member.
end                           with my          Rocky Boy, MT         I met Jeffery in the Fall of 2000 at Fort
brother                       and his          Missoula, MT      Lewis College. I found out that I was relat-
wife and                      she asked          Ethete, Wy      ed to Jeffery and he became known to our
him,                          “Does                              team as, “Uncle Jeffery.” We began playing
                                             Ft.Washakie, WY     in a basketball league in Ignacio, Colorado,
your                          sister love    Thermopolis, WY     and after seeing our potential he wanted
basket-       Nohea Morrison  ball?” My          Lander, WY      to sponsor our team to participate in vari-
brother replied, “Yeah, why?” She               Arapaho, WY      ous tournaments and leagues around the
said that while, she was walking to                              southwest.
                                               Pendleton, OR
the kitchen to get something to drink,                                   Jeffery loved basketball and formed
she passed by where I was sleeping
                                                Yakama, WA
                                                                 a men’s team, which consisted of Native
and it looked like I caught the ball,             Bend, OR       student’s who attended Fort Lewis. They
dribbled and then shot it into the            Ft.Duchesne, UT    traveled along with the women’s Native
hoop. The next day, she was telling               Ft.Hall, ID    Soul team.
me about what had happened. I was               Pocatello, ID            Jeffery was diagnosed with cancer
sort of embarrassed.                           Blackfoot, ID     in 2005 and soon passed away in the sum-
                                                                 mer of 2006. We will always remember him
                                                                 for his generosity, support and kindness.
       1647 RIVER ROAD                           NO POSTAGE
       EUGENE, OR                               NECESSARY IF
                                                MAILED IN THE
                                                UNITED STATES

                           Belle Ferris
                           P.O. Box 708
                           Fort Washakie, WY

                                                Please join us!
                                                  The 1st Anual
                                                   Native Soul
                                               Awards Ceremony!
                                                This scholarship
                                                  will allow one
                                                Native American
                                                    student to
                                                 continue their
                                                 education. The
                                                  recipient will
                                                receive $12,000
                                                over a course of
                                                   four years.
                                                Friday, April
                                                 18th, 2007
Kiana Jai Ferris                                     6 pm
Photo: Morning R. Ferris
                                               Millrace Studios

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