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					             Monthly HOA Board Meeting
The Hampton Park monthly Homeowner’s Association, Board of Directors Meeting
Agenda May 13, 2008 meeting was moved to Tuesday, May 20 th It was held at 6:30pm
at Festival House

Meeting Facilitator: Rob Campbell, President
Attendance: Board Members: Rob Campbell, Shelly Schuetz, Ed Dawson, Tom Davies;
Managers: Carolyn Grimes, Bill Anderson.

Committee Chairs: Mike Favale, Jack Leitch, John Childrey, Club Presidents: Cyndi
Dambacher, Marianne Marcheso, Todd Barnes: Contractors: Joe Venti; and Hampton
Park Homeowners.

Call to order was at 7 Pm. A quorum was reached with Rob, Shelly, Ed, and Tom
being present. The Woman’s club summer kickoff will be at Celebration hockey rink Sat
June 7th. Yard sale signage value not to exceed $100 was approved by email prior to
the meeting.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting - Moved by Rob second by Tom and
unanimously approved

IV. Community Relations
a) Recreation Committee
 Family Movie Night – Fri. and May 23, 2008
 T-Ball – Registration Deadline was 5/10/08
b) Women’s Club –
 Summer Kick-Off – scheduled for Saturday, June 7th
c) Men’s Club –
 Hull Street Clean-up – was on Sat. May 10th
d) Neighborhood Watch – John Childrey

Discussion was held over vandalism at Harper’s Mill construction projects. It was
proposed a meeting be held with Area Businesses to discuss solutions to reduce
vandalism. Increasing security for summer months with off duty police in conjunction
with Harpers mill was discussed. Six hours per week for both communities due to the
small demands of Harpers mills at the moment. Schools are covered by on duty police
officers. Bill suggested four hours security is considered adequate in winter months.
Theft sometimes involves garage snatch and runs. Evening hours present the greatest
number of problems. The Board requested any vandalism noticed be reported to Bill
who would notify the appropriate authorities.
Rob moved 6 hours per week security be scheduled beginning in June 1 extending to
fall with annual budget not to exceed $ 8000. It was seconded by Shelly and approved
unanimously. Carolyn will coordinate involving the church and builders.
Funds for Security during Summer Months were approved.

e) Skip Rock Café
 Memorial Day Celebration to be held on Monday pool will close at 7 PM. Joe Venti will
install condiment shelving at pool.

V. Maintenance
a) Grounds Committee

Chris Nies, Brickman Representative, discussed grounds issues and thanked the Board
and community for their patience and cooperation during the first months of contract.
Photos were examined of common areas of the circle on Hampton Green. It was
designed as a natural circle and not irrigated at time of construction. This will be added
to list of future improvements. Japanese Camellia plants where suggested as an
attractive alternative. There was discussion regarding what do with the island.

There was discussion about pool and common area furniture. Rob requested
suggestions on improving areas at both pools. Cost and feasibility will be important in
high visibility areas.

$2900 in tree removal budget already has expended and hurricane season is ahead.

Chris has prepared some work orders about soccer field and other possible projects
which varied in price. Pre winter season would be the best time for alterations.
Additional grading may be required. Central areas around buildings with high visibility
recommended for first attention.

• Greg Ray’s Resignation Letter as Chairperson of the grounds committee was
discussed. Conversation ensued about the benefit of the grounds committee, relations
with commercial ground operations and inclusion of the residents in grounds projects.
Carolyn suggested inviting the remaining members of the grounds committee and Greg
Ray to an upcoming board meeting to obtain their suggestions or to an informal meeting
could be held for their input. Ed Dawson is to coordinate.

• Path Repair: existing path repair appears to have worked and path is draining.

• Tree Removal – Bill indicated a bid for $ 1300 was received to remove large tree in
center of field at Festival. Tabled for future reference

• Basketball Installation: The backboard for basketball court is not sufficiently strong
and Carolyn recommends it be returned and replaced with a stronger backboard. Rob
requested we remove pole and new basketball goal be installed. It was moved by Rob
and seconded by Ed for a new commercial quality basketball goal to be purchased for
Festival Park with a target date of 6/13/08. The motion passed

• Vacant Property Resident Request Follow-up Status

The lot near cemetery requires cleaning and is owned by association. Carolyn will look
into improving this with Brickman.

• Grounds Priority Project List – This was tabled until it can be reviewed.

b) ARB: The ARB had 14 submissions. Results are pending meeting of June 12.
• ARB Packets are due June 11th; the next ARB Meeting Thurs, June 12th.

c. It was moved by Ed and seconded by Shelly to approve power washing for bridges,
rock wall, swings, and slide, play area at Celebration Park, brick wall for cemetery, play
area at Hampton Summit, 2600 feet of fencing on Otterdale (street side only), Festival
Pool House, slide, stairs and decking for $2,434.50. The contractor is Envirowash.
Motion approved unanimously.

VI. Facilities
a) Pool/Deck Furniture
 Approval of Umbrellas for Community was approved unanimously through email. The
amount was $2,958 for 12 umbrellas. Approval of Improvements for Skip Rock Area
(Furniture, Fans, Plants, and Flag) was approved by email in the amount of $3,000.
Pool furniture is expected to arrive 5/21/08. Efforts had been made to have the pool
area in top shape for Memorial Day weekend.

b) Fun House
 American Flag Lighting: One bid has been received and additional bids are pending.
Ed suggested procuring reusable red white and blue bunting for pools for holiday
celebrations. Carolyn will look into pricing.

Rob suggested entryways be examined regarding the signage for Otterdale and other
entrances to Hampton Park. Ed suggested a bell tower affect. There was general
agreement in this theme and other community entryways were looked at.

Flag Banners: Shelly suggested our flag banners are in need of replacement due to
condition of brackets. There was discussion of the nature of materials and two banner
systems. Carolyn suggested the banners were affordable. Vinyl banners were
suggested or flags that allow wind shedding. Shelly moved that multi season banners
being approved not to exceed $2300 to be used on existing hardware with the
replacement of one existing bracket. This was seconded by Ed and approved
c) Festival House:

Carolyn has issued a work order for repair of pool house door trim. Power washing has
been placed for bid, including outlying bridges and play areas in both parks. The
Jubilee Bridge will be painted this summer. This is normal maintenance. It was moved
by Rob seconded by Ed and unanimously approved to remove the rusting fan from
outside festival house.

d) Pool Committee:

 Mike suggested the pool committee no longer have monthly meetings due to lack of
attendance. The Committee will meet as needed. There was approval by email for the
Festival Pool for $1550 for rebuild and reinstallation of pool pump. Waste valve
preventive maintenance was approved for up to $800. Celebration basketball hoop will
be re-installed for opening weekend; however, Douglas Aquatics expressed concerns
over rough behavior of those playing basketball. Douglas recommended that the
basketball hoop not be installed this summer. It was moved by Ed and seconded by
Rob that the basketball hoop be re-installed with the following conditions:

1. Players who violate the rules or cause disruption will be asked to leave the pool for
the day.
2. Second violations will cause the removal of the basket ball hoop for one week.
3. Continued violations will cause the permanent removal of the hoop for the balance of
the season. (I’d like someone else to review these notes).

Pool Hours: The pool committee had requested $4600 for extended hours. No
approval for extensions was granted at this time since item is non- budgeted. Was
there a motion, second and vote?

It was approved by email (unanimously) to have Tom Small repair pool deck drain at
Celebration and 2 areas of sidewalks areas in the amount of $3000.

VII. Communications
a) Resident Round Table – Topics/Dates – Residents are encouraged to attend
meetings and ways to improve participation discussed.

b) Community Group New Board Member Training Wed. May 28th at 6:30pm Tom
Davies advised he will be in attendance

c) Park Commons - Website –
d) Reminder for Resident Communication – Send comments to:

e) County Update – There was a brief discussion of entry way signage.
VIII. Management Reports:

a) Off Site Manager:

Carolyn reported on several issues to the board. It was noted that advertising inserts
cost $44 with $9 fee for insertion. It was recommended that those benefitting should be
asked to pay for the cost.

A motion was made by Ed to increase rates per proposal by the newsletter editor. This
was seconded by Shelly and passed unanimously. There was discussion about
charging for advertisements on the website.

Based on charges placed by similar communities ad prices beginning with the next
newsletter will be: 1/8 page $20, one quarter page $35, one half page$50, a full page
$100. Those advertisers that have paid in advance will not be affected. Insert pricing
will remain the same.

It was agreed that Pool rules should be posted with a sign at the gate for a cost not to
exceed $100.

Wood chips will be spread for a fee of $ 500 around play areas at Hampton Meadows
Place and Festival Park Play area. A motion by Ed and seconded by Shelly to spread
surplus Wood chips to Hampton Green Drive Island. This passed unanimously.
Carolyn will obtain price to repair putt-putt green at Celebration Park.

      The following items were discussed:
       Treasurer’s Report
       First Associations Bank - change in FDIC insurance has been increased to cover
       current cash reserves
      2008 Bills approved by Virginia General Assembly affecting community
      The Hampton Park phone Directory was near completion and expected Delivery
       Time was about two weeks.

 There was an additional report on reserves break down and additional discussion will
be held regarding this a the next meeting.

XI. Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 10:45 PM with – Next Monthly HOA Meeting to
be on June 10, 2008 at Festival House.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Davies, Secretary          5/20/2008