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Area: Business Services
Adopted: September 18,1998
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SUBJECT: Purchase Requisition Policy

6.1The purchase requisition is used to initiate the procurement of equipment,
        materials, supplies, and services.
        a. The Purchasing Department uses the requisition from the department as
                the basis for developing and issuing a formal purchase order to the
                vendor. The requisition provides the buyer with the necessary information
                to purchase the items listed and the authority to charge the costs to
                the requisitioning department’ s account.
        b. Attachments to the requisitions indicating the initiator has sought pricing
                information from vendors may be used as source documents but does not
                obligate the buyer to utilize the suggested vendor or to circumvent
                purchasing policies regarding proper investigation and, if appropriate,
                competitive bidding.
        c. Avoid the use of word “confirming” on a requisition. Only a buyer can
                confirm an order.
        d. The use of requisitions or requisition numbers to place orders with
                vendors, for whatever reason, is strictly prohibited. All requisitions must
                follow prescribed channels.
        e. When initiating a purchase requisition, the following takes place: All
                requisitions must have the signature of the director, the department head,
                or chairperson.
        If your organization number falls within one of the ranges listed below,
the requisition needs to be signed by the appropriate person(s):
Organization Area Appropriate Signature(s)
      1100 - 1200 001 President
      2100 - 2800 002 Vice President for Administration & Finance
      3100 - 3599 003 Vice President for Academic Affairs
      3600 - 3900 003 Vice President for Enrollment Management
      4100 - 4700 004 CSU President
      5000 - 5400 005 CSU President
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Computers ALL Director of Information and Systems If your purchase is less than
$5,000, the Vice President’ s signature is sufficient for the area. If your purchase
is over $5,000, the requisition will require
signatures of the Vice President for Administration and Finance and the

   Purchase Requisitions 504.1

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