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Internet Marketing for Freelancers                                   04
       Who is this eBook for?                                        04
       Why Learn From eMarketSchool?                                 06
       How can Internet Marketing Help Freelancers                   08
       What you will learn in this eBook                             09
Increasing Profitability via eMarketing                              10
       Search Engine Optimization (SEO)                              10
       Pay-Per-Click (Ppc) Campaigns                                 12
             Benefits of PPC Advertising                             14
             Improve the Performance of Your PPC
             Campaign with Online Tools                              18
             PPC Keyword Generator:                                  18
             Features and Benefits of PPC Keyword Generator:         19
             Google Traffic Estimator:                               19
             Features and Benefits                                   19
             Google Ads Placement Tool                               19
       DIRECT EMAIL MARKETING                                        20
             Why Use Email Marketing?                                20
             Your profit margins can be much higher
             with email marketing                                    20
             Generate Strong Leads                                   21
             Increase Sales                                          21
             Do you need professional email marketing Services?      24
             Which email service provider should I choose and why?   24
             Recommended email marketing services                    24
       BANNER ADS                                                    27
             Where to place your banners                             27
             Some statistics                                         28
             Easy to measure ROI                                     29
             The making of a good banner                             30
             Ideal banner ad sizes                                   31
       BLOGGING                                                      37
             What is a blog?                                         37

        How to create your own blog                           38
        Platforms for hosting your own blog                   40
        Making money through blogging                         41
        Google AdSense and Other Pay-Per-Click Programs       41
        Selling Affiliate Products                            42
        Selling Ad Space                                      43
        Earn Money by Promoting Your Own Products             44
        Learn to use Technorati                               44
   COMMENT MARKETING                                          45
        A Powerful Example                                    46
        Comment Marketing – How to do it effectively          47
        Leave intelligent and valuable comments               47
        The use of blog URL should be limited to ‘URL’ box:   48
        Be consistent with your use of the “Name” field       49
   SOCIAL NETWORKING                                          51
        Advantages of Social Networking                       52
        An inexpensive means to online-exposure               53
        Easier to start discussions                           53
        Why is social network marketing so effective?         56
        Traffic Sources                                       61
        Content Section                                       62
        Goals Section                                         62
   CONCLUSION                                                 63
Congratulations for initiating this learning process, and thank you for
putting your trust in our educational program!

This eBook will provide you with a step-by-step guide to increasing your sales
by leveraging the power of the internet.

who is this eBook for?
     Freelancers of any kind
     Self employed individuals
     Small business owners
     Anyone who wants to know how to build a successful online business

what to expect from this eBook
Whether you are interested in reaching far more customers and multiplying your
sales profits, or you would like to expand your business to new heights , we
have the information and the hands-on instructional techniques for you.

In this eBook we will cover many of the techniques used by current professional
e-marketers. We will provide you with procedures and tricks for employing each
of these methods to your advantage.

Please note that this eBook does not intend to teach you all there is to know about
internet marketing. We provide you with a preliminary overview of the power of
internet marketing to provide you with information to initiate internet marketing.

From this eBook you will also gain perspective on the enormous potential of
this marketing approach.
 which topics will you learn about in
 this eBook?

In this eBook, we will provide you with:
   I. a comprehensive first exposure to the methods for increasing
      traffic and sales to your website/blog!

   II. Information about methods for measuring and increasing website
       and advertising effectiveness.

   III. Different marketing techniques that do not even require you having
        a website.

This eBook is also intended to give you a taste of the kind of information that we
are able to provide you with. We are here for you, should you choose to seek
additional insights and instruction in your internet marketing endeavors.

what Not to expect from this eBook
In this eBook we are not delving into the small details of the various methods that
are mentioned. In order to succeed online you should invest some time to learn the
more comprehensive information about each of the internet marketing methods.

This eBook contains sufficient information for you to understand all of the
possibilities and the enormous potential of using the internet to your advantage.

We provide all of the more comprehensive details for the topics in this eBook in
our eMarketSchool courses. Our all-inclusive instructional program is available
to you 24/7 at

We sincerely hope you will benefit from reading this eBook,
and that you will use it to create your own wealth-generating
marketing system!
why learn From eMarketSchool?
 we are the worlD’S leaDINg
 e-MarketINg School.

Our focus, drive, and passion are to teach people how to be proficient in
Internet marketing. Tens of thousands of our clients from all over the world are
successfully employing the tools and techniques they learned on our website,
and our goal is to reach millions more. Among our clients are those who have
used their e-Marketing success to earn $10,000/month and more!

our client base is diverse and includes the following segments:

     Existing affiliates
     Unemployed and people who are looking for extra cash
     Website and blog owners
     Expert internet marketing users
     Individuals with no internet marketing experience

Some of eMarketSchool benefits:

     Innovative hands-on learning approach: We pride ourselves in being
     a step-by-step, practical, hands-on marketing school, rather than a
     simple information-provider.

     Most up-to-date content: We have built a solid reputation as an Internet-
     marketing educator, with clients who frequently return to our site to benefit
     from additional products and to discover the latest innovations.

     we are experts in our field: We are offering you the very techniques
     and skills that make us such successful web marketers!

     Dedication: We are dedicated to tailoring our instructional programs to your:

             Skill level
             Learning style
             Interests and pursuits
             Timetable and learning pace
what you don’t have to worry about
     Not having a website - Some of the marketing material in this eBook
     refers to methods that one can apply to reach her/his target audience
     without the need of having a website. You can promote yourself online
     effectively without having your own website!

     Don’t have technical knowledge – Online marketing is not difficult, and
     you don’t have to be computer or computer-software expert to profit
     online. We provide all the information you need, and you simply need to
     provide the time and commitment.

     any marketing experience – You do not need to be a professional
     marketer or have any prior marketing experience for that matter. You
     simply need to learn the concepts that we teach, and use your creativity
     and passion for your topics of interest.

     Don’t have time to learn something new – Creating a profitable online
     marketing program takes time. However, you can begin a marketing
     program within a few hours, and gradually (at whatever pace you
     chose), increase your scope and effectivness. We have a special
     10-week eduational program especially for you if you wish to gain a
     comprehensive understanding of the material quickly.

 Few opening words…

Internet marketing, if efficiently and smartly executed, can take your online
endeavors to a completely new level. Using internet marketing you will not only
be able to attract a huge amount of traffic to your website, but you can also
convert that traffic into unbelievable profits.

        With a bit of time and effort, you can create a lucrative online
                             freelancing business
how can Internet Marketing help
Like any other means of advertising, internet marketing also has its share of
advantages and disadvantages. However the advantages of internet marketing
far-outweigh the disadvantages!

Let us discuss some of the most significant advantages of internet marketing:

     a worldwide exposure. It is not limited to any particular area or region.

     Internet marketing reaches a huge number of people, far exceeding
     the effectiveness of conventional methods of advertising such as
     television, radio, billboards and telemarketing.

JuSt to get aN IDea…

To get an idea of exactly how effective internet marketing can be at attracting
large numbers of potential clients, see for example the number of searches
conducted per month for this sample of keyword topics:

2,240,000 people type in the keyword `freelance` each month!
what if you knew how to make them come to You?!

   Online marketing can potentially expose your services to hundreds of
                    thousands of viewers per month!
     A low-cost means of advertising, with relatively high returns. You can
     obtain the desired results and exposure with limited investment if any.

    The fact is that internet marketing much simpler, more efficient and
                 cheap than conventional marketing methods.

     Internet marketing helps you attract your target audience. Unlike any
     other medium of advertising, you attract only those who are already
     interested in your services.

     Best value for money. There are so many ways to generate huge
     amounts of targeted customers without spending huge amounts of
     money on expensive online marketing schemes. We will overview most
     of these methods in this eBook

It is highly recommended that you check out the various internet marketing
courses at

Some of these e-courses are especially designed for freelancers and can
help you shine as one of the brightest freelancers on the internet.

 what you will learn in this eBook

Internet marketing is all about reaching your target audience, and interesting
them in doing business with you. While some of the mathods discussed here
require that you have a website, or a landing page (a one-page website), other
techniqes don’t even require this!

We will teach you about the following internet marketing methods that will help
you attract numerous customers to your business:

     Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (PPC)
     Email marketing
     Banner ads
     Newsletter and Ezine advertising
     Comment marketing
     Social networking

For website-owners:
In this eBook we do not delve into the various techniques of optimizing
your website for better conversions. However, at eMarketSchool’s website
(, we explore this issue with full detail, and provide the
most up-to-date statistical data about the ideal website’s layout, usability
factors, on-site selling techniques, copywriting lessons, banner pacements
and much more.

 Increasing Profitability via eMarketing

Search engine optimization (Seo)
In its simplest form, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the term used to
describe the tricks of the trade used to ensure that your website will rank highly
in the search engines’ results and, consequently, your site will get more traffic.

Having good SEO on your website ensures that yours is one of the first results
that people searching for a term relevant to your site will see. At eMarketSchool.
com we explore just how to go about making SEO techniques work for you and
get your site to the top of the search engine rankings.

For example …..
let’s say you are searching for a `business consultant in new york` …..
If you were a business consultant in New York in search of online customers,
you would want to appear as high in the search results as possible:

getting Noticed
Most people will not have the patience to scroll through more than a few pages
of web search-results, so if you want customers to know that your business
exists then you will need to ensure that your site is at the top of the search
engine’s list. Obviously, being at the top of the web ranking pages for any
service would be very lucrative!

Your clients will see your name first and, if your services are presented well and
are competitive, they may not bother to look any further; which is just what you
want, of course! For these reasons, you will want to design your site with search
engine rankings in mind and to integrate SEO from the outset.
Optimizing your search engine ranking is not a small feat that can be accomplished
instantly! It is a process of continual research, education, and site-improvement.

having said this, keep in mind that creating a Seo friendly website is not
difficult. It may take you some time to set up and master your website,
but the benefits far outweigh this investment of your time.

There are many considerations regarding your website that are important in
determining your search engine ranking. Included among these considerations
are the following:

     Great content! You must have relevant, well-presented fresh content on
     your site.
     Your content must be up-to date and original
     Careful choice of the most appropriate keywords
     Keyword inclusion naturally, in high quality content.
     Search engine-friendly website-structure.
     User-friendly website organization
     Use of “friendly” URLs.
     Appropriate use of meta tags.
     Reciprocal links.
     Link building strategies.
     Link bait techniques.
     Website submission to search engines.

At eMarketSchool, we provide in-depth information and professional secrets
for optimizing SEO via all of the above methods and more. If you wish to take
advantage of this information, and all of our internet marketing expertise, you
can do so at

PaY-Per-clIck (PPc) caMPaIgNS
PPC is a mode of internet advertising in which the advertiser (you) needs to pay
the host (say, Google), only when a potential client clicks on the ad and gets
directed to the advertiser’s (you) landing page/site. The three largest hosts are
Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft AdCenter.
what exactlY Do PPc aDS look lIke?

PPC ads usually appear on the top and on the right side of the page (see the two
sections within squares at the top and right side of the illustration below).

The remaining area on the result page is occupied by “organic” search results.
These are the main list of URL addresses relevant to the keywords in the search.

    There are often tens or hundreds of thousands of organic results. In
     contrast, there are typically only a handfull of pay-per click results.

Pay-per-click(PPC) is an ideal internet marketing method for many online
marketers, primarily because:

   1. It is easy to access huge numbers of people who are interested in your
      target niche.

   2. Payment for the advertising is made ONLY when your advertisement is
      successful: when someone clicks on your ad. The amount that you pay
      to your host depends on how much you bid on the particular keyword(s)
      that you ‘purchased’.
BIDDINg For keYworDS

With PPC, you, the freelancer who wishes to advertise yourself, bids on keyword
phrases that are applicable to your target market. You then pay your host-
publishers (search engines) for each click on your advertisment that attracts
one visitor to your website (this is your cost-per-click (CPC))

    PPC is an extremely easy, and profitable means of online advertising

BeNeFItS oF PPc aDvertISINg

1. Dramatic increase in your visibilty to your target audience

Pay-per-click advertising is certainly one of the best ways to pull targeted traffic to
one’s website. For instance, say a user is searching for “freelance content writers”:

The results the user would come across would be similar to this:
             Note that the organic results are huge: 1,740,000!

      In contrast, , the sponsered links, which are the PPC ads, are
                          limited to a total of eight!

In the above illustration, a PPC ad can give you an upper hand over approximately
1,740,000 service providers who are fighting it hard to appear on the first page
of the search engine!

There are often sufficiently few PPC ads on a given topic that they get listed
on the first of the search engine’s results!! This is the most dramatic benefit of
paying for ppc advertisement!

     By using PPC ads, you do not need to compete with hundreds of
    thousands of other competitors to be listed on the first page of the
                         search engine’s results.

PPC can easily be a lucrative advertising method. It allows you to be on the first
page of a search engine result for a highly relevant keyword. This means that
your target audience (those who are seeking YOUR keyword topic) will be very
likely to see your PPC link, and follow it to your website/blog/etc.

2. Enormous distribution power

With the availability of advertising platforms such as Google Adwords, internet
marketers enjoy immense distribution-power, typically in the order of hundreds
of thousands of individuals searching on your topic per month..

All of this access to interested visitors is available without the obligation of a
fixed advertising fee.
For example, check out these numbers…

A well conducted PPC campaign, is one that targets the most lucrative, focused
keywords . In eMarketSchool we show you exactly how to find thousands of
relevant-to-your-business keywords, that will enable you to reach 100,000s if
not millions of YOUR prospective customers.

Check out the following numbers, and see how many searches are made each
month for selected keywords. This is just a drop in the sea!

Note in the above table, the unbelievable number of relevant searches
done each MoNth! ….. and imagine the possibilities!

3. Ability to target your advertising endeavors:

If you want to offer your services to a specific type of client (eg. Stay at home
moms; dentists specializing in root canals, etc.), or to clients in a particular
geographical location, PPC ads can prove to be an excellent tool.

PPC ads can efficiently be optimized to appear in selected languages and
geographical locations.
This could be of enormous help to freelancers who may wish to offer and sell
specialized services/products in a particular country or location.

4. PPC- an easy and quick way of advertising:

Setting up a PPC account is extremely easy and an effective PPC campaign
can be set up in only a few minutes. Positive results in the form of increased
traffic and sales can be generated within hours of the PPC campaign being set
up and going live.

5. Ability to measure the effectiveness of your ads:

Major search engines such as Google provide their clients with outstanding
tools which can get you access to all the statistics associated with your PPC
campaigns. One just needs to view the statistics sent by Google to your
Adwords account. This information (which is not difficult to understand) plays
an important role in determining AND improving your profitability factor; the ROI
(Return on Investment) of your advertising campaign.

        PPC advertising helps online marketers attract targeted traffic.

SoMe ProMotIoNal worDS…

If you are looking for a steady income through your PPC campaign, it is in your
best interest to join the pay-per-click ecourse on

This provides a comprehensive step-by-step explanation of how to create a
PPC campaign from scratch.
IMProve the PerForMaNce oF Your PPc caMPaIgN
wIth oNlINe toolS

There are numerous online software tools that are great for improving your PPC
ad-effectiveness. The following tools are the most popular:

PPC Keyword Generator:

PPC Keyword Generator is an outstanding tool which can help you generate
numerous Adwords/ Overture PPC keywords and keyphrases, efficiently and easily.

Simply enter your first-choice keyword(s) in the tool and hit enter to let the PPC
Keyword Generator come up with relevant keywords and phrases within seconds.

See the illustration below for an example of this procedure, where the first
choice keyword entered was ‘affordable’, and the associated possibilities that
were generated are listed in the lower half of the illustration.
FeatureS aND BeNeFItS oF PPc keYworD geNerator:

     PPC keyword is extremely quick and can generate thousands of
     keywords and keyphrases within the blink of an eye
     Automatic elimination of duplicate keywords and phrases
     It enables the user to easily import, export, search and organise the ideal
     keywords and keyphrases
     It is absolutely free!

google traFFIc eStIMator:

Google traffic estimator is an indispensable market research tool which provides
you with:

     Information about the search traffic associated with particular keywords
     and keyphrases.
     Realistic assessments of the costs associated with the entered
     keywords or phrases.
     Estimated search volumes; estimated number of clicks-per-ad and
     estimated ad ranking in search results.
     Estimated number of clicks per day for each of your keywords.
     Estimated advertising costs-per-day.

Features and Benefits

     It is very easy to use and can be easily accessed through the campaign
     management tab of the tools page.
     It also allows the users to access additional useful software called
     Google Trends, to assist you in finding your ideal keywords.

google aDS PlaceMeNt tool

Google Ads Placement Tool helps the internet marketers find ideal websites
and areas within a website page where they would like their ads to be displayed.
This software helps you to find placement-locations which are best suited for
your campaign, and which can best maximize the geographical reach and/or
demographics of your customers.

   Google Keyword Generator, Google Traffic Estimator and Google Ads
     Placement are three tools which are extremely useful in the PPC
                     endeavors of online marketers.

In we go into extensive detail on all topics, including:

     Getting your PPC campaign started: An A to Z tutorial
     Techniques to creating the most effective keywords-list
     A copywriting course for writing compelling and attractive ads
     How to use all of Google tools
     How to analyze results and improve profitability
     Advanced tips & tricks that professional marketers use
     And much more!

 DIrect eMaIl MarketINg

why use email Marketing?
Widely discussed but often misunderstood, email marketing has become
one of the most popular forms of marketing today. If you are not using email
strategies in your business, chances are you have been spending a small fortune
on advertising and have only mediocre profit margins to show for it. You can
change all of that!

                  Your profit margins can be much higher
                           with email marketing
generate Strong leads
Harness the power of email marketing and learn how you too can develop
strong leads, build relationships, and inexpensively convey your message while
developing your business. The benefits are significant for anyone who takes the
time and invests the energy in developing a proper email campaign.

Increase Sales
Email marketing can help you acquire new clients or persuading existing
clients to buy again and again. A well-planned email campaign can encourage
customer loyalty and build brand recognition. A creative email campaign can
put your marketing message or advertisement in the hands of the right people.

the FollowINg tIPS caN take Your eMaIl MarketINg
eNDeavorS to the Next level:

Provide concise interesting content:

The content of your email ad will determine the efficacy of your email campaign.
While it can be tempting to push a lot of information to the recepients, your
email ad will be effective and well received by your target audience only if it has
content which of interest to them.

In eMarketSchool’s Email Marketing course, we provide many real life examples
of emails that clearly and effectively entice customers to make a purchase from
you; thereby increasing your sales.

Create your own mailing list

Any email marketing can be successful only if you have a comprehensive email
list of your target audience. While you can purchase an email list in majority of
cases, there are also ways to gather email addresses yourself.
Email Extractors Tools

You need to use appropriate software tools to gather emails ofcourse, unless
you are interested in cutting and pasting each email address manually.

Automatic email extractor is one such software that can help you extract
email addresses from the internet. With this program, you can be quite sure of
a relevant email list, as it is fully customizable and allows you to set your own
search parameters.

Another software which can be of great help in collecting email addresses is
Automatic Email Hunter, as it is especially effective in finding emails from forums,
guestbooks, message boards and other similar pages.

an example
Say you are looking for emails of individuals who are interested in your freelnacing
services. You simply need to find guestbooks, message boards and forums,
where people look for freelance services.

You can gather emails of people who left messages on such forums and
guestbooks, and can send them an email newsletter offering your services.

The above mentioned programs are quite efficient and can collect emails
almost instantly!

Think out site of the box

Email marketing campaign can be very profitable if you have your mailing list of
potential clients. One can try various methods of collecting the email addresses
of interested individuals.

While it is common to collect emails by getting the visitors of your website
to sign up for free, we encourage you to come up with some out of the box
solutions as well, such as trade shows, art exhibitions and performances,i.e.;
whatever suits the needs of your niche industry.
For those who wish to learn more, eMarketSchool have established an easy,
step-by-step course that will show you exactly how to:

     Build and maintain a powerful email list that can improve your return on
     investment (ROI)

     Write strong and compelling email messages

     Increase the effectiveness of your email campaign via “test drive”
     messages that use specific techniques that are guaranteed to grab the
     attention of your recipients

     Decide whether renting or buying mailing lists are worth a closer look as
     sources of new potential customers

     Determine whether outsourcing your email campaign is the right thing to do

Join us today and increase sales!

consistency is the key
Email marketing is a cost-effective means of advertising and can contribute
considerably in increasing your sales and conversions if the campaign is
executed properly. For an email marketing campaign to be effective, it is crucial
that emails be sent consistently to the interested individuals.

Remember, an instructive and well-designed email newsletter is one of your
most effective marketing tools.

      Some statistics: It is know that by sending valuable and well
      conducted email masseges, a business can improve its profits
      from existing customers by 50% and overall sales by 250%!
Do you need professional email marketing
If you find the idea of crafting and designinng informative email newsletters
distressing, you may wish to sign up with a reputable email marketing service

Alternatively, if you have a huge email list, and you do not have enough time
to carry out the email marketing campaign effectively and on time, then it is in
the best interest of your online business that you seek the services of an email
marketing service provider.

whIch eMaIl ServIce ProvIDer ShoulD I chooSe
aND whY?

The majority of the email marketing service providers offer a free trial, which
helps you evaluate their services before you actually purchase from them. We
recommend that you try their software first, and see if it has all the essential
features required by your business.

The software also needs to be easy to use and should allow you to run test
campaigns to ensure the timely delivery of your emails to your customers’ inbox.
In addition, it is very important that the service provider chosen by you has a
reputable customer support team.

recoMMeNDeD eMaIl MarketINg ServIceS

Some of the email marketing services that are worth recommending are Constant
Contact, Campaigner, iContact, Vertical Response, Mail Chimp and Benchmark.
All the mentioned email marketing services have been in this business for quite
sometime and offer an impressive features set for a good pricing.
Email marketing campaign service providers have been there and done that.
They know the in and out of the industry and how to make an email campaign
effective. The support of an email marketing service can be of incredible help to
small businesses and solo entrepreneurs.

In selecting a provider for yourself, look for helpful features such as HTML and
text templates, detailed statistics and monitoring and managing lists.

the importance of statistics for evaluating
your emails
The majority of the reputed email campaign services offer comprehensive
statistics which include details such as the number of recepients who actually
open your messages, recepients who click through the link in the email to
reach your website, and similarly useful statistics.

These data can be of great help in refining your email marketing as well as
internet marketing campaign in general.

Below is a sample report offered by an email marketing service provider:
another example of a typical statistical output is given below:

an internet marketer usually concentrates on two things:

     Increasing the click through rate, and
     Reducing the number of unopened and bounced emails.

As an email marketer, it is important that you balance your email frequency;
pertinency; and client expectations. EVERY click to your website/blog is
important, as it helps you increase your sales and conversions.

         Your email campaign can boost your sales by 50%-150%!

Snip Your email list often
Do not waste time on a faulty email list which has a lot of duplicate email
addresses and full mail boxes. It helps to go through the data base periodically
and snip email addresses which are likely to damage your reputation and
marketing efforts. Many email marketing services offer specialized management
tools for this purpose and hence can make your job easier.
A well-designed email marketing campaign has the potential to attract new
clients as well as to keep the present customers informed about the new
developments in your business, which in turn can help them to subscribe for
some additional services or products.

You can also join our email markeing course at,
which will help you with innumerable tips and tricks on making your email
marketing campaign an astounding success!

 BaNNer aDS

Any marketing strategy can work incredibly well if you are able to offer potential
customers what they are looking for, and Banner ads are no exception!

Banner ads generate high traffic from visitors who are already interested in your
products and services.

where to place your banners
In the real estate game, they say that only three things matter: location, location,
location! The same can be said for banner placement!

                  Banner placement is of utmost importance

It has been shown that the position of a banner will have an effect on how much
interest it generates (obviously, other factors come into play such as subject,
visual appeal, contextual relevance etc.)

Internet banner placement has been the subject of research for more than 20
years. The following diagram shows what’s hot – and what’s not – when it
comes to banner placement.
The red and orange zones show the best positions for generating sales from
your banners. We recommend that you place your most lucrative merchant’s
advertising in these red and orange zones. Of course, the organization and
appearance of your own article, flyer, website, and/or blog plays a big role in
refining the hottest advertising locations for you.

                            NavIgatIoN Bar

                                   Do It

    Do It                                                         trY It
                               MuSt have

                    Do It                          trY It

                                   trY It                         DoN’t
   trY It
                                   Do It

                              Page Footer

                             DoN’t Bother

SoMe StatIStIcS For weB owNerS:

If your home page is quite long, banner placement to one side would be a
sensible idea. Placing (relevant) banners at the end of an article can also be
worthwhile. Studies show that this latter approach can improve the response
by 17%, so it is well worth considering.

One can search for relevant websites on which to place your banners by
searching the web using your niche-keywords. Other great sites for your banner
ads are websites that sell supplementary products to yours.
Be careful in choosing the placement of your banners. First, choose eye-
catching banners; these generate more clicks than a static hyperlink. However,
be careful to limit your placement of banners on a particular website. Too many
banners on a single site can be annoying and can actually cause readers to
avoid them like the plague.

Banner ads – easy to measure roI
One of the best features of Banner ads is that it is very easy to measure their
ROI via a number of banner-use tracking tools that are available online.

For example, say you put your banner up for a trial-test on 3 different websites,
and that your product/service is sold for 50$.

let’s say the results from your banner placement are:

First website:
Cost to to put banner on website: 100$ per month
Number of arrivals from your banner: 300 visitors
Number of sales: 3 (total income of 150$)
ROI: (150-100) / 100 = 50%

Second website:
Cost to to put banner on website: 100$ per month
Number of arrivals from your banner: 200 visitors
Number of sales: 1 (total income of 50$)
ROI: (50-100) / 100 = Negative!

Third website:
Cost to to put banner on website: 200$ per month
Number of arrivals from your banner: 500 visitors
Number of sales: 8 (total income of 400$)
ROI: (400-100) / 200 = 100%
After a short trial period you found 2 websites that yielded a positive ROI (that
generated income)! From now on you simply need to look for more of these
types of websites. From there, you can build your marketing campaign with
little risk and ever-incresing profits.

the making of a good banner ad
Statistics reveal that some banner ads perform better than others. While there
is no set rule for success, let us discuss some elements which contribute to the
creation of a good banner ad:

SMall FIle

When it comes to banner ads, smaller is better. A small file downloads faster
and hence facilitates visitor-viewing before they scroll down the web page. It is
highly recommended that you limit the size of your banner ad below 10k or 15k.

PlaY wIth call-to-actIoN PhraSeS to INcreaSe Your
clIck through rate (ctr)

Call-to action phrases or words improve the effectiveness of the banner ads, by
encouraging the visitors to click on the suggested link.

Here is an example of a banner with a great call to action phrase:

Visitors are acccustomed to offline advertising. Thus, they may forget that the
link can actually take them to the website of the advertised product or service.
The call-to-action phrase reminds them just that.
Conversely, don’t go overboard with the use of call-to-action phrases, since a
small and subtle invitation to click can sometimes works much better than large
and bold “click here” captions.

attract vISItorS wIth aNIMatIoN aND DIgItal aDS

The best banner ads are those in which the animation reinforces the whole
concept or idea of the ad. A banner ad with good animation effects can
significantly increase your ROI.

Ideal banner ad sizes
There are a number of banner ads shapes and sizes - Rectangles and Popups
Banner Ad Sizes, Banners and Buttons Banner Ad Sizes, and Skyscrapers
Banner Ad Sizes.

The majority of the industry experts believe that 336x280 is the ideal banner
ad size. However, the leaderboard format of 728x90 is also steadily gaining

We highly recommend that you choose a size and shape that best suits your
advertising needs and requirements. For instance, if you are looking for a banner
ad size that fits perfectly at the top of a web page, just below the website
header, then you should choose the full banner(468 x 60 pixels).

Conversely, if you are looking for a banner ad which does not require much
width, and can be easily along side the text of your page, then you should
determine on the square button size (125 x 125 pixels).

You should seriously consider the skyscraper banner (120 x 600 pixels) if you are
interested in providing your onlookers with a lot of clear and precise information
through the banner.
Example of a Full Banner (468 x 60):

     Unless your banner ads are placed on highly visited websites that
    share your target audience, they are very likely to be ignored by the
                           internet community.

If you want to learn more about banner ads and their palcements, then we
highly recommend that you join our course on banner marketing at www.

 NewSletterS aND
 eZINe aDvertISINg

Ezine advertising can be defined as an online form of newsletters. Online
business owners use ezines or newletters to:

     Attract clients in their target niche
     Build a relationship with their customers or potential customers.

Ezines are an effective and affordable way of sharing news, product releases,
updates and promotions, which can be easily translated into profits.

   Ezine ads, when placed on the best ezines for your niche, can attract
                  thousands of visitors to your website.
Pick ads that are focused on your niche
To achieve increased traffic through ezine ads, one needs to place ads on ezines
that are narrowly targeted towards her/his exact niche. An ezine that is closest
to your niche subject is more likely to attract huge traffic, providing maximum
bang for your buck.

There are an enormous number of ezines that cover all imaginable topics,
including topics in the arts, music, environment, business, finances and sports.

Below is a screenshot of an ezine which concentrates on Women Entreprenuers:

ezine advertising – Its values and benefits
Ezine advertising has a unique benefit over other forms of internet marketing,
because of the simple fact that the recepient has subscribed for the newsletter
in which you have posted your ad/article. Therefore, you can be assured that
they are already interested in your niche, products and services!
In this era of advertising-bombardment, ezine advertising brings relief to all
those internet marketers who are against the idea of sending unsolicited spam
emails to potential clients.

              Ezine Advertising is an amazing way to attract potential
            customers, as they are already interested in YOUR product!

a word of caution
However, just because the recepient is already interested in your niche and
website, taking your potential customer for granted by sending them inferior
articles and ads, can actually do more harm than good.

Since the reciepient is already interested, they will be likely to read high quality
content. Therefore, focus on producing articles that meet the needs of your
recepients, rather than concentrating on generating innumerable links.

how to write an appealing ad
One can publish ads in relevant ezines to attract targeted audience. You should
think of a perfect title for your ad that will attract your potential customers.

The body of your ad nees to comply with the editorial guidelines of the chosen
ezine and is usally limited to four or five small sentences. One should try and
settle on words and sentences that arouse the interest of the readers, and at
the same time share intriguing information about your online business

If you are interested in advertising your services via articles, you can include
articles that have subtle promotional content. These can encourage your readers
to visit your website and purchase the goods and services offered by you.

At all times, you should be cautious enough to stick to the editorial guideleines
of the determined ezine.
how to Find a Suitable ezine
Finding great ezines in which to promote your products/services is almost as
important as the quality of your articles and ads. High-quality ezines enjoy the
trust of their subscribers and hence you are more likely to succeed in your
marketing endeavors by associating with them.

There are a number of websites and ezine directories that can help you identify
the best ezines for you. Some of them are:

     Ezine Just as the site claims,it is the internet’s
     topmost resource for Ezine Advertisers and Publishers. It is one of the most reputed ezine directories on the
     internet, with more than 9,141 email newsletters by category. It is an ezine directory with a listing of approximately
     2,000 ezines. This site can really help you if you are interested in
     automated ad submissions to several ezines at the same time.

how do I find quality ezines?
the following tips can help you to choose a quality ezine:

     Check if the ezine has a domain name and a website where you can
     subscribe , inquire, and purchase advertising. This often indicates that
     the ezine publisher runs a serious business and is accountable.

     Find a publisher who has been in the business for as long as possible
     and has a reputable and consistent publishing track record.

     Determine whether there is a confirmation system for new subscribers.
     You can do this by subscribing to the ezine. If you receive a subscription
     confirmation email, you can be assured of a high quality list.
     Select ezines that publish weekly or bi-weekly rather than more
     frequently. A higher frequency of publication can lead to desensitized

     You can find several relevant and high quality ezines with the help of
     reputable tools such as

what is the procedure for publishing on a
particular ezine?
Once you have identified relevant ezines, contact them to discuss your advertising
opportunities. Your objective is to take advantage of the highly specialized ezine
content. For instance, a freelance service provider should look to advertise in
popular ezines that appeal to freelance service buyers.

Conversely, you can also contact companies that manage ezine advertising
accounts. These companies usually have access to a range of ezines and can
help you find ezines that are ideal for your advertising endeavors. Some of these
companies can even bundle your advertising deals with a number of relevant
ezines into a single easy to manage account.

     Tip: One should always inquire about the different pricing schemes.
     Ezine advertisements are classified and distributed in a number of
     ways, and one can observe a significant price difference between
     simple text ads and graphical ads that resemble banners.

         Publishing in reputed ezines and organizations will add to
       your credibility as a provider, and will generate more sales and
to make the most out of your ezine advertising and publishing endeavors,
it is vital that you have a thorough understanding of the working of ezines
and ezine-newsletters.

If you are seeking comprehensive information on ezines and ezine
advertising, we suggest that you check out, where
you can have access to all of the most up-to-date information and tips for
generating huge profits from ezines.


what is a blog?
Blogs, which are also commonly known as weblogs, can be defined as a diary
of ideas, thoughts or happenings. However, there are no limitations to the
scope of a blog, and one can find as many unique blogs as there are individuals
in the world.

The term “blog” gained momentum in the recent years with the introduction of
illustrious automated published systems such as and Wordpress.
com. Millions of people use these services to become a part of an internet
community that believes in sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings through
personal journals known as ‘blogs’

Statistics reveal that more than 184 million people from all over the world own
blogs. It has also been reported that, about 77% of the regular internet users
follow at least one blog on a regular basis.

         Blogs not only provide creative outlet, but are a very good
                         means of earning money
how to create your own blog
One of the most attractive features of blogs is that even a professional-quality
blog is easy to create.

Let us discuss how one can start one’s own blog in a few simple steps:

1. IDeNtIFY aN INtereStINg NIche or toPIc:

Recent years have a witnessed a huge surge in the number and types of blogs
on the web. This has led to huge competition among serious bloggers for
visitors. This is one reason why one should take time, and make an extra effort
to refine her/his choice of niche so that it is not only interesting, but also has the
potential to attract huge traffic.

2. DecIDe IF You waNt to hoSt Your Blog or Not:

This is indeed the most serious decision one needs to take before starting her/
his own blog. There are a number of free blogging services on the internet such
as However, the downside of such free services is that you get a
domain which looks like

With such free services, you actually do not own the blog really. Consider this:
If you decide to move your domain in the future, you would realise that you do
not have much control over the blog. For example, it is not actually possible to
take your visitors with you to your new blog site.

On the other hand, hosting your own blog with free blog software such as
Wordpress can prove to be a smarter bet. This option allows you to have an
independent domain name, and is quite affordable. The best part is that it allows
one flexibility and room to grow.
Some of the well-known platforms are listed below:

  •	 wordpress: Wordpress is undoubtedly the most advanced blogging
     platform of the present times. The blogs are hosted on the WordPress
     server. This provides the users with confined customization and
     monetization opportunities.

  •	 typepad: This is another blogging platform which works well for
     bloggers who look for an established platform for their blog. It has a free
     as well as paid version.
Platforms for hosting your own blog

One can select from a range of hosting platforms such as Wordpress.
org, Moveable Type and ExpressionEngine. While and
ExpressionEngine provide the user with huge customization potential, Moveable
Type is ideal for bloggers with multiple blogs.

3. chooSe a SuItaBle look

One must understand that looks play a crucial role in forming an impression
in the minds of your visitors, and hence take extra care to create a positive
impression in the minds of your target audience. It is best to stick to a look
which suits the feel of your niche and concept.

     Tip: It helps to check a few competition website and blogs on the
     same niche to identify a look that best suits the feel of your style.

update regularly with quality posts
Once you are done with the above metioned steps, you are all set to publish
your first post!

You must realize at this stage, that quality postings are the only way to succeed
in blogging. There are innumerable blogs on almost any imaginable topic, and
the only thing which is going to help your blog carve a place for itself is through
unbeatable quality and content.

Take extra care in creating article titles and subheadings which are appealing,
and are likely to rouse the curiosity of your visitors and encourage them to read
the article completely.
      Some simple steps such as choosing the right hosting platform
      and the right look for your blog can have a long term impact on
        the popularity of your blog, and hence should be given due
                       importance in the initial stages

Making money through blogging
The purpose of blogging is not often limited to pastimes (as some people tend
to believe). The majority of the bloggers start blogging with the intention to
create a steady stream of income for themselves.

There are different ways of earning money through blogging. Which method
to choose is entirely a matter of one’s personal discretion. Some of the very
common methods of earning money through blogs are discussed below:

google aDSeNSe aND other PaY-Per-clIck PrograMS

Pay-per-click programs such as Google AdSense are the easiest means of
profiting from your blog. These programs allow you to easily and quickly earn
money by displaying Google ads that are specifically targeted to your niche, on
your website.

How Adsense works

Here is a screen shot, provided by Google, that illustrates how one can profit
from displaying ads on her/his website or blog:
SellINg aFFIlIate ProDuctS

You may be able to make great profits from affiliate relationships. This can be
accomplished in either or both of two ways:

   1. You can earn commissions for promoting the products and/or services of
      another merchant/freelancer (who’s services/products complement yours).

   2. You can pay affiliate marketers for successfully promoting your services
      and/or products (you pay them commissions when they successfully
      make a sale).
this illustrates how the process works:

This process of “Affiliate Marketing”, is a common, lucrative method that we
explain fully in our Affiliate Marketing training program that you can register for
online at

SellINg aD SPace

If you are the proud owner of a popular blog and if you already enjoy top ranking
on reputed search engines such as Google and Yahoo, then there is a high
probability that many advertisers would be interested in purchasing ad spaces
or areas on your blog.

You can always add a small note on your blog saying that you are selling ad
space on your blog. Since you already have a decent traffic and following, you
are likely to receive quite a few enquiries.
Alternatively, you can also check some competitors` blogs to get an idea
about the companies that advertise there. Once you find a few companies
that might be interested in advertising on your website, you can contact them
directly with an offer.

earN MoNeY BY ProMotINg Your owN ProDuctS

Once your visitors have developed some trust in you, they will be more likely to
purchase a product or service on your website, especially when they know that
it is a product that was created by you.

learN to uSe techNoratI

If you are considering blogging as a serious profession, then we highly
recommend that you attain a fair knowledge of ‘Technorati’ as soon as possible.

Technorati is a blog search engine, and it is of immnese help to bloggers who
constantly search, collect, highlight and distribute articles.

In addition, Technorati also helps bloggers with media services, by facilitating
the development of a connection between customers and advertisers.
Technorati displays blog results which are most recently updated and hence
helps bloggers in finding fresh content and ideas on a particualr niche. Through
Technorati, you can also get to know the blogs which are linking to your own
blog through posts or blogrolls. This inadvertently opens doors for comment
and link exchanges.

Some promotional words…

For further education, visit eMarketSchool’s course on “Blgging for Profit”.
among other things, we will touch on the following subjects:

     How to monitor the performance of your blog
     Methods for increasing blog traffic
     Building credibility
     Leveraging social networks, Google Alerts, and Technorati for blog
     Creating direct and indirect income-streams
     Optimizing your advertising
     Working with affiliates

 coMMeNt MarketINg

With the advent of blogs and forums as the next big medium of self proclamation,
internet marketers have found another very effective way of attracting traffic
(visitors). This is the method of leaving comments on relevant blogs, while
leaving links to your site/blog for interested prospective customers.

Blog comments in particular are one of most effective as well as affordable
ways of increasing one’s online visibility.

       Comment marketing is an organized and strategic method of
                  attracting traffic to your website
how to comment-Market:

   You FIND relevaNt-to-Your-ProDuct/ServIce BlogS

    You leave a relevaNt coMMeNt aND reFereNce
                   to Your weBSIte

                PeoPle lIke what You are SaYINg

                     theY check out Your SIte

                        theY Make a PurchaSe

a PowerFul exaMPle

Say you have set a target of 100 blog comments per day.

You write a short blog comment that is versatile, for posting on a large proportion
of the blogs that share your niche-topic.

At this point, you can easily post 100 blog comments within 3 to 3.5 hours.

You identified blogs which are fairly popular and attract at least 200 readers
each, so may expect that a total of approximately 20,000 prospective visitors
will view your comments.
Even if only 5% of these visitors follow through to your link, you will receive
1,000 prospective customers to your blog or website every day!

      1,000 prospective customers to your blog or
                  website every day!

comment Marketing – how to do it effectively
Although it might seem to be a very simple concept for many onlookers, in
actuality, it is very important that you thoroughly understand the subject, in
order to attract considerable traffic through this internet marketing strategy.

Let us discuss how you can earn reputation as an expert blogger through
considerate commenting.

leave INtellIgeNt aND valuaBle coMMeNtS

Leaving unworthy comments is only going to harm your reputation as a
professional, and brings the additional risk of being marked as a spammer.
While posting comments, always remember your ultimate goal of commeting:
to build a high calibre reputation.

    Tip: In your comments aim to impress the readers as well the
    owner of the blog. This will inadvertently help you to build long-
    term relationships with popular bloggers.
Here is an example of a comment which can get your comment being marked
as spam:

Conversely, the following is an example of an intelligent and interesting comment:

   By focusing on this form of internet marketing, you are targeting
   the interests and curiosity of visitors who are already interested
                             in your niche.

the uSe oF Blog url ShoulD Be lIMIteD to ‘url’ Box:

As a comment marketer, you should be aware of the fact that unless a link
forms an integral part of the comment, and unless it is of genuine use to the
readers of that particular blog, its placement should be limited to the “website”
or “URL” box of the blog on which you are placing your comment (at the location
identified by the the orange arrow in the illustration on the next page).
Be coNSISteNt wIth Your uSe oF the “NaMe” FIelD

Staying consistent with your posting name (what you fill in the “Name” field) is
especially important, since any deviations can make you appear as a spammer.

There is a growing tendency among some amateur comment marketers to add
their marketing message in the “Name” field. However, what they do not realise
is that this simple step can cause serious harm to their credibility.

If you want to emerge as a successful blogger through insightful comments, you
must portray yourself as a valuable contributer (rather than a marketer). In addition,
be sure to also maintain your credibility through the use of a consistent “Name”.

Once you are able to make a mark for yourself through frequent and high quality
comments, you can be assured of increased traffic and sales at your blog and/
or website.
how to Identify Blogs to comment on
Google blog search is an indispensable tool which can help you identify blogs
that are relevant to your niche. ‘Google blog search’ works in the same way as
the Google search engine. The only unique feature of the Google blog search
is that it provides only blogs in its search results.

You simply need to enter the keywords or keyphrases in the search box and hit
enter, and Google Blog Search will come up with innumerable blogs with the
specified keywords. Yes, it is as simple as that!

comment marketing tools
The growing popularity of comment marketing among internet marketers has
led to the introduction of many comment marketing tools by many reputable
companies. Cocomment and Comment Kahuna are two examples of tools
which can help you in your comment marketing endeavors.

     comment kahuna is an extremely popular traffic generating tool that
     helps comment marketers to attract targeted traffic to their websites
     or blogs. With Comment Kahuna, It is easier to find relevant blogs and
     websites which allow visitors to leave posts and comments.

     cocomment is another amazing comment marketing tool which can
     help you to track your comments. In addition, it can also help you find
     new and interesting conversations on your niche topic. By leaving
     comments on the new sites that you discover, you can attract more
     traffic to your website/blog
 SocIal NetworkINg

Recent years have witnessed a huge surge in the number of social networking
websites. Some of the very popular social networking sites are:

     Stumble Upon

Groups on such social networking sites are often linked by common interests
and hobbies.

Social networking allows you to create social bookmarks. Once you initiate the
process of sharing these bookmarks with like-minded people on the web, you
become a part of the social networking community.

These days, when it comes to social networking, Facebook takes the number
one spot in popularity. It is an easy and fun way of keeping in contact with
friends, relatives and like-minded individuals. It has an amazing tracking system
and is very secure. It helps you refine your search by allowing you to post
groups belonging to topics relevant to your niche.

For instance, your target audience may be:

     Age 25-35
     Live in United States
     Interested in Music

Say you started a group on Facebook on a particular topic and you have 1000
followers on that group. Say each member of your group has 100 friends on
an average in their contact list. In such a scenario, if you publish something to
your group and 20% percent of your recipients like it enough to share it with
their friends, it can be easily translated as 20,000 views by potential customers;
a wonderful source of trusting-visitors from your target-niche!
      A simple announcement on a reputed social networking site
           such as Facebook can provide you with thousands
                      of new potential customers.

In simple terms, social networking is the process of finding something that you
like on the web, and then sharing it with it others through social bookmarking or
social networking communities.

Social networking, as a marketing strategy, proves that ‘word-of-mouth’ still
remains the most effective and quickest method of advertising. It is human
tendency to believe the recommendations and evaluations of friends, and hence
social networking has an incredible sales potential as a marketing tool.

advantages of Social Networking
Social networking offers innumerable benefits which can play a vital role in boosting
your traffic and sales. Following are some of the common benefits of social networking:

eFFectIve targeteD SearcheS -oN SocIal NetworkS.

Within social networking groups, searches for like-minded individuals and sub-
groups can be accomplished much more easily than would be possible with
regular google-searches.

Within reputed social networking sites, you can specify search criterion such as
location, industry, interests and other preferences on reputed social networking
sites, to discover individuals and groups who have the same interests.

For instance, in the following screenshot, when we search for a person named
‘Eric’, facebook comes up with numerous profiles. However, this search can
further be narrowed with the help of search fields such as location, school
and workplace. Moreover, if you know the email address of the person you
are searching for, you can easily find them through Facebook, provided that
individual already has a profile on Facebook with that particular email.
aN INexPeNSIve MeaNS to oNlINe-exPoSure

By adding interesting content, images, videos and product reviews to your
online profile, you can arouse the interest of many individuals who are interested
in similar topics and niche.

eaSIer to Start DIScuSSIoNS

Social networkers within specific niche groups are particularly likely to engage
in discussions over their common interests.

These discussions are certainly one of the best places to soft-sell your products
or services, as such platforms provide you with very good opportunities to lend
your expertise or knowledge on a particular topic.
creating an ad with social networking sites:
Social networking sites such as Facebook facilitate your access to millions of
viewers in your target-niche and geographical region of interest within minutes.

how to optimize ads on Social networking sites
If you are keen on advertising through social networking, then you should optimize
your ads! The following tips would help you optimize your ad performance on
social networking sites such as Facebook for better CTR and CPC.

uSINg the avaIlaBle oPtIMIZatIoN toolS

Majority of the social networking sites provide their members with indispensable
ad optimization tools, and one should make the most of them.

For example: Facebook offers real-time analytics and easy ad replication tools
to help their members optimize their advertising campaigns.

      Note: You can access these ad optimisation tools from the
      application called “Ads Manager” or “Ads and Pages”, available
      on your profile page.
the aD MaNager tool

This tool helps you track your traffic in almost real time. This can help you judge
your ads effectiveness and can also help you refine and improve your campaign.

Below is a screenshot of how your tracking statistics will look like on Facebook.
teStINg DIFFereNt aDS aND re-allocatINg Your BuDget

The data provided by the tracking tools can help you test out a number of creative
ads, and can help you compare their effectiveness and performance. You can even
pause ads and campaigns that are not yeilding results up to your expectations.

For example,
Say you are a freelancer and want to offer your services to small businesses in the
UK and US. You might be interested in running couple of ads that are targeting
both the countries. Using the Responder Demographics report, you can spot the
differences in the response of small businesses from these two regions.

You might also observe that certain phrases, images or promotions might
appeal more to your target audience in a particular region, which in turn might
help you refine your campaign.

Eventually, once you have tested a couple of ads, you should be able to
determine on a particular ad with good results and preformance.

why is social network marketing so effective?
It has been proven that people are likely to believe the information which is
passed on from friends, or even from friends of friends, and this is one reason
why social networking has been such a huge hit.

With a simple message (which need not be hard-selling or advertising), you can
influence the purchasing decisions of thousands or even millions of individuals
on social networking sites!


     Let’s say that you open a group for a particular subject on Facebook
     You have 1,000 followers on your particular group
     Now say that each one of your followers has about 100 friends on
     average on her/his contact list
this is the process that occurs, upon your published announcement:

     You are notifying your group about a new product of yours
     Perhaps 20% of them like it and share it with their friends (200 people)
     200 people (your followers) just distributed your new announcement to a total
     of 20,000 prospective customers! (200 followers X 100 friends for each)

        With just one announcement you were able to reach 20,000
     prospective customers instantly! And this is only by employing one
                  marketing method on one particular site.

Furthermore, since this information was transferred among friends, it is
particularly trusted information! These messages aren’t hard-sell marketing or
advertising; they’re more akin to those you would receive from a friend who
wanted to pass along some useful bits of information.

If you are interested in marketing through social networking, then you
should enroll yourself for the e-course on social network marketing at

this e-course has specialized content and modules, which would help you
effectively market on popular social networking sites such as Facebook,
MySpace, linkedln, twitter, Youtube, Stumble upon, Delicious and several
other popuar sites.
 MeaSurINg SucceSS vIa
 google aNalYtIcS

         “If you cannot measure success, you cannot improve it”
                          —Lord Kelvin Rightly

Statistics play a vital role in the formulation and improvement of any online
marketing strategy. Google Analytics is one indispensable free tool which
can help you to track and measure the success of all your internet marketing
strategies and campaigns.

It provides sites` and blogs` owners with an astounding opportunity to get an
insight into their customer’s behavior and surfing charactersitics through its
detailed reports.
Let us discuss how Google analytics can help you gain insight over different
market activities:

     evaluate your performance – It provides you with information such as:
     The geographical origin of your visitors; which pages they viewed and
     for how long; conversion rates; which sites your visitors viewed other
     than yours; and much more!

     compare yourself with the averages - With Google analytics, you can
     compare your site data with industry averages.

     gauge trends and patterns - It helps you gauge trends and patterns
     through easily understandable motion charts, funnel visualization and the
     effective use of maps and graphs.

     report-creation – You can create many useful reports that will help
     you better understand how to improve your website’s attractivness and
     conversion rates.

let us discuss the basics of this tracking
The first screen that you come across after signing up at Google analytics is
the ‘dashboard’. This is the screen that shows you a statistical overview of your
account. The visuals on this screen help you observe trends and get a fair idea
of the increase or decrease in the traffic at your website.

You can normally see the following options on the dashboard:

     Traffic Sources

You can scroll within the graph on the overview page to determine the exact
number of visitors on a particular day.
This page also provides you with metrics such as visitors overview, site usage,
map overlay, traffic sources overview and content overview.

Intelligence Section
Intelligence report presents the users with a list of custom and automatic alerts
for daily metrics for the specific selected date range.

visitor Section
The visitor section provides you with a thorough insight into the type of traffic your
site attracts. For example, you can determine how many of your visitors are new
versus returning visitors. In addition, this page helps you with details such as the
number of pageviews, average pageviews, time on site and bounce rate.

Bounce rate is defined as the percentage of single-page visits to one’s website
or blog, i.e., it measures the number of visitors who do not move beyond the
landing page of your site.
Google Analytics also helps one know the browser details (whether the vistor
uses internet explorer, firefox or any other internet browser), and connection
speed of your visitors.

Map overlay. One can use the map overlay feature to have knowledge of the
geographical regions which generate the most traffic for your blog or website.
You simply click on the country to get a visual representation of the traffic
attracted from each city.

You can use this to focus on marketing to the types of visitors that are most
attracted to your website/blog: geo-targeting and/or language-targeting.

traffic Sources
This report will help you to identify which sources generate maximum traffic
for your site/blog. If you want to know if your visitor was directed to your page
through search engine, referring sites or if it was direct traffic, then you should
check this page.

While the map overlay feature in the visitors’ section, gives one an idea about
the region from which the traffic comes, this traffic source page helps one to
understand the source of her/his site’s traffic.
content Section
The report on this page provides the user with an overview of pageview volume
and lists the web pages which were able to drive maximum page views, i.e., it
identifies the pages that attracted maximum traffic to your site.

This page helps you monitor the bounce rate of your landing pages, which
inadvertently helps you identify landing pages with higher bounce rates so that
you can consider redesigning your page and content for better results.

goals Section
If you want to know the extent to which your site fulfills your business objectives,
then this is the page you should check. In this context, a goal is defined as a
website page which a visitor reaches after purchasing or completing another
desired action (such as registration or download) on your website.

Some of the common examples of goals are:

      “Thank you for signing up” pages

      “Thank you for downloading” pages

      “Thank you for purchasing” pages


      Flight itinerary confirmations

Setting up goals will help you understand your conversion rates and the
monetary value of the traffic you receive. This section also allows you to set up
a “funnel path” for each goal.

A funnel path is the desired path you want your site visitors to follow to reach
your goal. Recognizing this funnel path can help you to monitor how frequently
your potential clients, who begin a conversion process, actually go a head and
complete it.
customization Features
The customization feature on Google analytics help you create a custom report
which concentrates on the dimensions and metrics specified by you.

For example - You can design your custom report which concentrates on
metrics such as the performance of keywords in different countries. It can
also provide information about whether your site would be more effective at
generating clients if you target users from a particular region or country.

In conclusion
This overview of Google Analytics is simply a preliminary description of this
amazing traffic tracking tool. With this material, you will be able to begin using
it. You will be able to obtain insights into your site’s strengths and weaknesses,
and methods for improving traffic and customer experience.


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