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									Smart, Safe and Sound are industry leaders in providing the highest standards and
the latest technology in user-friendly, smart products.

With experience in the Smart Home industry since 1996, offering complete turnkey
systems, manufacturing, consulting, designs, installation, programming, sales and
service for a vast range of smart products, and are proud to provide our customers
with the very best in installation/service quality and professionalism.

System Integrators & Accredited for Clipsal Integrated Systems,
Inner Range & Crestron.

Home Automation (Smart Home)
Home Automation or Smart Home, correctly designed and installed makes your
home and life more comfortable and also save money through energy costs.
This technology is no longer the domain solely of those who can afford mansions.
Many people who are building project homes or extending their existing homes
are considering installing some type of Home Automation.

Imagine coming home from work on a cold winter’s day, send a message to home
to turn the heating on, when driving into the driveway you hit the button on the
remote to open the garage door. The garage door opens, the security system is
disarmed, the garage lights and lights leading into your home come on, your
favourite CD starts playing in the background to welcome you home. You check
your missed calls, emails and messages from the touch screen, while hitting a
button and turning the TV on to the watch news.

Home Automation also saves you money buy turning the lights, unused appliances,
heating and air conditioning off when you leave home and also dimming lights to a
maximum of 90% to save lamp life on expensive globes. Sensors and timers on lights
in toilets and pantries also cut power costs by turning lights off when no-one is around.
Home Automation does not have to cost a fortune. At Smart, Safe and Sound we
can design and install a system to suit your requirements and budget.

Smart Wiring
Smart Wiring consists of all of your communications wiring including: Structured Cabling
(Phones and Computer Networking cabling), MATV (Master Antenna Television),
Distributed RF, Audio/Video, Satellite services and Cable TV services.
Smart Wiring allows you to view and control reticulated signals such as DVD’s, VCR’s,
and security cameras from any TV set in your home, makes moving a phone or
computer network to another point easy and efficiently.

Smart Wiring is configured and wired in a star system, that means all of the
cabling from each room is run back to one central location in the home, to a
distribution system. The distribution system houses a labelled patching system
for the structured cabling (phone and networking cabling) allowing the end
user to make simple changes to phone and data outlets around the home.
The distribution system also houses the smarts of the MATV (Master Antenna
Television) system which allows the reticulation of signals from security cameras,
DVD, VCR and Pay TV to be viewed and controlled by all TV’s connected around
the home.

By installing smart wiring now you will find major advantages in terms of cost and
ease of installing new technology today and in the future. If considered during the
planning phase of a new home, Smart wiring can give it the ability to easily install
new services in the future.
What’s more, you can begin with a relatively simple system and add new services
to it whenever you want. That’s why it’s called future proofing.
It is also proof that is a great investment.
Smart Security
With today’s technology a Smart Security system is programmed and tailored to your needs
with integration to the other devices in your home. The days of feeling like a prisoner in
your own home are gone forever.
A smart security system can monitor your home whether you are away or you are at home
asleep. Monitoring of doors, movement detectors, glass break detectors, smoke detectors
and even fridges/freezers and sump pumps are some of the devices the system can monitor.
A Smart Security system can turn on lighting when a security breach has been detected or
a smoke detector has gone into alarm, turn on and off air-conditioning and lighting when
it is armed and it can also tell you what time the kids come home at night.
Electronic locks can be placed on entry and exit doors and gates around the home to
provide keyless entry or easy escape in case of a fire, there is no need to take keys when
going for a walk or giving keys to maintenance people.
Cameras located around the home can be recorded onto hard drives and viewed through
TVs, touch screens and the Internet, all around the home.
Imagine you are at work and you receive a message that your security system has been
breached. You can look up your home through the Internet, see where the breach has
occurred and view the cameras around the home.

Home Theatre and Multi-Room Audio
Today’s technology means you can now have the best seats in the house in your own
home. With your very own home theatre, complete with big screen TV, you can enjoy
theatre quality viewing at home. As we enter the new millennium, custom audio and
video installation, home-theatre, DVD and electronic integration are all becoming the
buzzwords of home electronics.
This technology is no longer the sole domain of those who can afford mansions.
Many people who are building project homes or extending their existing homes
are considering setting up a dedicated home-theatre room.
In simple terms, home-theatre is the combination of a high quality “monitor”
television (one with a high-resolution picture) or Projector, video inputs and
a good quality surround sound system.
Nowadays, most home theatres also include Dolby Digital/Dolby Pro Logic
surround-sound by using at least 5 speakers with a powered subwoofer.
A custom home theatre can take the clutter inherent to theatre rooms and
disguise it. Electronic components can be hidden away in cabinets and walls,
projectors may be concealed in custom-made coffee tables or bulkheads,
speakers can be flush mounted to walls and ceilings, and retractable
projection screens just disappear into overhead cavities.

Smart, Safe & Sound - The Complete Package
Smart, Safe and Sound, with over eight years experience in the Home and
Building Automation industry offer a complete consulting, design and
project management service on all of our services.

With our salesmen being professionally trained integrators, you know our
systems are designed to work together.

Whether you are an electrician, DIY handyman or end user, we provide full
documentation services from specifying products to cabling schematics.

No matter what your needs are, we have the expertise and innovative
solution to suit you.

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