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Spring 2005
                                    Annual Spring Tent Sale
                                     FREE Wine Festival!


                       Saturday, May 14th, 12:00 -4:00 pm
                  Join us under the tent in McLean and in the store in Gaithersburg!

     Raise a toast to our 15-year-old finewine.com Tradition!
     The finewine.com May Wine Festival and tent sale is a fantastic event that we hold
     under a tent in McLean and in the store in Gaithersburg every May. It attracts hun-
     dreds of visitors to both stores each year. There truly is no better way to explore the
     great selection of our stores than during this Wine Festival & Sale. We’ll have special
     guest wine experts on hand to sample wines from around the world. We'll sample
     16-25 wines at each location. Regions covered include America, France, Spain, Italy
     and Australia to name a few. Below is a sample of some of the wines we'll taste at
     each location! We'll serve wonderful cheeses to complement the wines as well as
     breads and paté.
                                                                             What's inside...
           In Virginia                     In Maryland
            Wines of France                   Wines of Spain
                                                                             !    The Priorat Wine Region
     Olivier Daubresse selections               Prima Toro                   !    New Wines from Spain
           Wines of America                    1+1=3 Rose
     Virginia Imports selections      Estrella del Mar Chardonnay            !    Tasting Classes
     Recent releases from Spain      Vinansar Cabernet Tempranillo           !    Cheese Specials
          Increadible Italians                   Lan Rioja
            And loads more!                American Beauties
                                          Fantastic new French
1351 Chain Bridge Road Mclean, VA 22101 703.356.6500          20A Grand Corner Ave. Gaithersburg, MD 20878 301.987.5933   one
                                 A finewine.com Exclusive!

                            Wines Available in All our locations

Exciting New Wines from Priorat
 Priorat is one of the most happening wine regions in Spain
 as it has gone through a huge transition over the past few
 years to become the producer of some of the world’s most
 sophisticated and sought-after reds. Like many world-class
 wine regions the secret here is spectacular terroir. But why
 has it taken so long for the potential of this region to be                                            bottle      btl/case
 unlocked? The terroir has always been there, but the wines
 are now immeasurably better than they used to be. This is           Celler Cecilio Negre, 2003 $18.99              $17.09
 because of the ambition and ability of the producers.               These days, it isn’t easy to “discover” a Priorat that
                                                                     doesn’t cost a fortune, no less a bargain. But that’s
 Jonas Gustafsson, wine buyer and store manager, recently            just what we did! Made from a blend of Garnacha,
 toured the region seeking out the best of these new world-          Carinena and Cabernet Sauvignon all aged in French
 class wine producers and he has found some incredible new           oak barrels. Shows an array of some typical charac-
 wines. Vinedos de Ithaca and Celler Cecilio, both from the          teristics associated with this area; smoky stone, min-
 Gratallops region of Priorat. Both from small family run win-       eral and “gunflint” that compliments the full Garnacha
 eries whose wines will surely delight you.                          (Grenache) character of strawberry, ink, plum and
                                                                     pepper. August Vicent, winemaker, shows total re-
 Silvia Puig, winemaker of Vinedos de Ithaca together with           spect for the fruit, capturing the blueberry, cassis fla-
 her father Josep Puig are passionately pursuing their               vor with just the right amount of oak to make this
 dreams “I wanted to push my dreams of making a great                enjoyable and very drinkable now.
 Spanish wine.” Silvia said.“To make wines in Priorat you need
 character, balance and elegance. We are crazy romantics -           Celler Cecilio L’Espill, 2001 $36.99           $33.29
 because making wines in Priorat is difficult.” The difficulty       This was a great vintage in Priorat, offering lots of
 comes from Priorat’s geography. The terrain is extremely            concentration, complexity and intensity. Here Au-
 rugged, with steep hills that make mechanical harvesting            gust Vicent, winemaker, has done it again focusing
 impossible. Harvest yields are minuscule.                           on the lively fruit characters and giving them an al-
                                                                     most driven and very précis focus both aromatically
 “The geography acts as a natural filter,” Josep Puig explained.     and on the palate. The expression of the fruit is clean
 “Large wine companies come to Priorat because they have             and pure with a taste of licorice, plum and straw-
 heard of its potential. But they look at the terrain and say        berry married with accents of strong mineral char-
 ‘This is impossible’ and they leave. There are only a few of us     acter that all comes together on the palate with per-
 here, and we like it that way.”                                     fect weight and great acidity to complete it. All of
                                                                     the juice for this bottling comes from 1-hectare (22
 Whether it’s the savage elegance of Vinedos de Ithaca                                                       ,
                                                                     acres) vineyard “El Camp dels Espills” a small prop-
 Odysseus, the brooding power of August Vicent's Celler              erty located at the bottom of the “Barranc de l’Abadia”
 Cecilio L’Espill or the polished richness of Celler Cecilio         valley where the name “L’Espill” comes from.
 Negre, Priorat wines show distinctive character and a heady
 appeal. They reflect the rugged geography of their birth-
 place; their aromas capture the fragrant mix of olives, al-
 monds, pines and wild herbs that have taken over the aban-
 doned terraces and mingled with the ancient vines.
two 1351 Chain Bridge Road Mclean, VA 22101 703.356.6500           20A Grand Corner Ave. Gaithersburg, MD 20878 301.987.5933
  The New Wines of SPAIN!

                            Wines Available in All our locations

                                          bottle       btl/case
Vinedos de Ithaca PX (Pedro Ximenez)                                        Spring Tasting events
           Priorat 2004                    $24.99      $22.49               All events FREE unless noted
Literally one of a kind! This is the only non-sherry dry Pedro
Ximenez that is imported into the United States. Intensely                       Join us in welcoming the owner of
floral, it is like walking through a botanical garden. Add bits      Vinedos de Ithaca, Josep Puig, who will be here visiting
of molasses and toasted pears and you've got a party. In the          us from Priorat, Spain - tasting out his exceptional wines
hands of Silvia Puig the PX varietal produces a full-bodied          and signing bottles at the following locations and times;
white wine, rich with aromas of honeysuckle and licorice
with notes of dried herbs, slate and earth flavors combined
                                                                      Friday, May 6th: Gaithersburg 4:00-8:00pm
with a lush floral scent. Brilliant example of great
                                                                     Saturday May 7th: McLean 11:00am- 4:00pm
Vinedos de Ithaca Odysseus White 2004
                                                                          Women's Wine Tasting Club - WWTC
                                $24.99                 $22.49
                                                                          Wines of Spain & Tapas 7:00 pm $50
Puig makes this barrel-fermented, old vine white Garnacha
(white Grenache) as bold and rich as some of Priorat’s reds.
This rich white offers pear, melon and honeysuckle flavors               Thursday, May 12th - Gaithersburg, MD
with notes of orange and honey that give it a hint of sweet-               Thursday, May 19th - McLean, VA
ness. Yet there is firm acidity-even tannins to keep it struc-                call to reserve your pre-paid reservation
                                                                                 Tapas prepared by Jaleo restaurant
tured and balanced. Full bodied, balanced and so delicious.
Try decanting it to allow it to fully shine. Very limited!             Save the date - WWTC : Wednesday, June 8th -McLean
                                                                                 Thursday, June 9th- Gaithersburg

                                                                           Spanish Cheese & Olive Oil
                                                                              ON SALE 20% OFF!!
                                                                    Unio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Priorat
                                                                    750ml reg. $13.99                     ON SALE $10.98
Vinedos de Ithaca Odysseus Red 2001                                 This delicious olive oil comes from the D.O. of Siurana in
                                          $39.99      $35.99        Tarragona. Made from Arbaquina olives, this versatile oil is
The Odysseus 2001 is the third vintage of this wine. Part of        mild yet fruity, making it a perfect choice both for cooking,
the grapes are fermented in upright 400 litre barrels, and          and as a topping for salads & fresh mozzarella.
the entire aging process uses these larger barrels, resulting
in a full bodied (it’s a Priorat after all) but elegant food-       Manchego & Mahon Spanish cheese
friendly wine. Shows wonderful black cherry, raspberry fruit,       Reg $13.99/lb        ON SALE $10.99/lb
earth and spice aromas. Deep and well structured, this mag-
nificent concentration manifests itself in a rich blend of          Manchego: 100% Sheep’s milk cheese from LaMancha.
powerful and original aromas and tastes which combine               Full flavored, and firm textured, Manchego pairs well
                                                                    with everything from cured meats to Sherry.
finesse and harmony. Made from a blend of Garnacha,
Cabernet Sauvignon, Carinena and Touriga Nacional. All of           Mahon: Aged 100% Cow’s Milk from the island of Menorca.
the fruit comes from over 40-year-old vines.                        Buttery, slightly salty with a sweet and nutty aroma.

1351 Chain Bridge Road Mclean, VA 22101 703.356.6500       20A Grand Corner Ave. Gaithersburg, MD 20878 301.987.5933 three
                                                       Spring 2005 Calendar of Events
                                                                          All events are free unless noted

                                                       VIRGINIA STORE 703-356-6500 CALL TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW
                                                       MARYLAND STORE 301-987-5933 CALL TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW
                                                       Friday, May 6th - Friday Flight Night (MD store) 4:00 -8:00 pm
                                                       Join Special guest, owner of Vinedos de Ithaca, Josep Puig. see pg 3.
    Women's Wine Tasting Club                          Saturday, May 7th - Vinedos de Ithaca Spanish Wines (VA store)
 as seen on CBS, WAMU 88.5, Southern Living            Join Special guest, owner of Vinedos de Ithaca, Josep Puig. see pg 3.11-4.
           & The Washington Post                       Thursday, May 12th - WWTC Spain & Tapas (MD store)7PM $50
                                                       Led by Cecile Giannangeli, founder of the Women's WIne Tasting Club
            upcoming events:                           Thursday, May 19h - WWTC Spain & Tapas (VA store) 7PM $50
Spain & Tapas May 12th in MD & 19th in VA              Led by Cecile Giannangeli, founder of the Women's WIne Tasting Club
Tapas from Jaleo Restaurant to pair with our 7 wines
   Australian June 8th in VA & 9th in MD
                                                       Saturday May 14th - Free Wine Festival with Purchase
    log on to www.finewine.com for more details                         Spring Fling 12- 4:00 PM (see detail on page 1)
                                                       $5.00 per person at the door will be applied to any wine purchase. Join us!

                                                             See our website at www.finewine.com for March listings

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