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					                         Dear friends in the Department of Peace Community and anyone
                         related to evolutionary movements concerning our Culture of
                         Peace and its journey into governance for people power,

                        My name is Barry “Circle” Tillman who recently was invited to
                        attend IOP ’06, a seventeen year old yearly gathering dedicated to
                        vast improvements in the intelligence community both in the US
and abroad. The IOP stands for Intelligence Operations, Open Source Intelligence and
Peacekeeping Intelligence. WWW.OSS.NET was the sponsor with their gift to the world
being The Global Intelligence Partnership Network and OSIS-X, a product which will
create a global brain online. If you follow the following link and just look at some of the
PowerPoints, you might get a sense of the almost unbelievable intelligence and
leadership present in this community. The rapid study of this material for those of you
ready will quickly entice you into this technological revolution which definitely supports
our highest aspirations for an awesome and peaceful world. The idea people gathered
here plus the people who can build those ideas plus leaders to implement will soon
empower every human and lifeform and make the earth a happy place. Yes there were
growing pains obvious when experiencing some high government leaders at the event but
there were also present the rapport building spiritual people to help them.

This report will be comprehensive in order to fully share with leaders of this community
as to what I think was gained by our presence there and what has been initiated as a
result. I sincerely hope you find this useful and inspiring.
The Power Point presentations of many of the presenters are at this link, you will be impressed,
take the time.
Try this link which displays the seven tribes of intelligence:

Joyce Lang and George Laws Garcia represented Department of Peace. Carol Miller
represented, tabled and presented for The Nonviolent Peaceforce, C.B.Scott Jones,
Ph.D., President of P.E.A.C.E. Inc., represented and the
Sustainable Peace and Development program. Also Kim Blozie and JZ Liszkiewicz from presented and promoted a new world of ideas and inspiring
leadership. We were part of the “diversity” element invited to what was mostly a meeting
of government intelligence agencies and the people and contractors who serve them or
want to serve them. Please see the following four links, 1) exhibitors 2) speakers 3)
award recipients 4) schedule
Keep in mind that planning for next year has begun and I can tell you these people have massive
resources. We talk about a “Peace Room” but these people can actually build it and connect it to
the world in fact they are and we ought to join asap. Let me know if you want in for next year.
There is a screening process. You can likely have passes ($1200), an exhibitor table($2000) and
great meals covered. Some might get travel and hotel covered.
Please send two people to network this event with materials to sell or share.
If you have needs and questions I will do all I can on your behalf. I feel we are moving into
government because they need us there and this is our chance to meet them all. They are all
about Peacekeeping Intelligence and have a hunger for a new world. Follow this link to read
company mission statement and see current partners:

OSS.Net is a network conceptualized in May 2003 and launched 1
June 2003. It accepts as its primary premise the reality that no single
government and no single organization can master "ground truth" on
any topic with either in-house resources or with those "at hand." Only
an agile network capable of harnessing the distributed intelligence of
the Whole Earth--a network able to identify, integrate, exploit, *and
disband* key sources, softwares, and services on a "just enough, just
in time" basis, can be successful in both output and financial terms. OSS.Net
specifically recognizes seven distinct intelligence tribes and seven distinct
generic areas where the craft of intelligence may be advanced (see attachments
below). OSS.Net has three strategic objectives: 1) to establish a global
intelligence partnership network that embraces all seven tribes in all countries,
using the seven standards; 2) to teach and coach government and organizational
intelligence professionals toward more effective all-source endeavors; and 3) to
provide any government or organization with the very highest-quality and lowest-
cost Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) available.

I made contacts from around the world who are interested in DOP/MOP. Some of them will
support our evolution if we engage them so I ask you now to connect with me to see which of
them to introduce you to. I was impacted greatly by side conversations in which people from
inside the military almost cried that I would suggest a DOP was needed because they were not
properly protecting the peace. They want to integrate what we know so they can make peace.
They know there are stumbling blocks but they want our partnership. They are ready.

I will go ahead and briefly describe here a number of projects that are moving faster as a result of
these meetings. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information and to co-lead.

I am organizing a major caravan leaving DC on April 22 making 25 stops around the country of
spiritual, political and cultural importance. Jason Brock of the PeacePod is co-leading. We will
land in NYC after the Imagine Peace Festival at The World Peace Prayer Society. Once in NYC
we will set up for 11 Days of Global Unity in NYC from September 11-21 ending at the UN for The
International Day of Peace, a major film will be finished that day. A side trip to Israel/Palestine is
included. Include yourself and your friends in a good way. Every biodiesal bus will have a major
sponsor. We have a professional event manager. Building the Department of Peace with all of our
partners is the major focus of this caravan.

I am organizing the major networks in America to converge for a conversation to form the basis
for a new third party. I have identified one hundred potential organizations many of which are
publically calling for this focus. We will use Formal Consensus. This same gathering will evolve
and happen every three months. Dennis Kucinich IS coming for one day. This is March 15-19 and
I request you lead here. I know who to invite and so do you. The magnetic geniuses will arrive.
Will you come? What has to be true for your involvement?

I am organizing for October in Switzerland a 5 day gathering for a man and a woman civilian from
every nation to unofficially report there as to the needs of the entire relationship it wishes to have
with the United States. We will do all we can to have our new third party be fully supported by the
good people of these nations and show them the beginnings of our state department. My new
friend from Switzerland will look for a no cost conference center once 50 nations are represented.
We can access our global networks to identify the participants.

www.PeaceOS.Net has almost 7 million activist members congruent with our cause and 50 other
networks can add another 10 million. ONE perfect product is in the works to unify all these
people. Aside from having more features than any other site, it will have the finest consensus
building software ever produced. Mats Bjore of InfoSphere and Don A. Dade of Digital Statecraft
Corporation and others are in the conversation. I definately wish you to review a draft
requirements list and help me prioritize. This site if built right and customized a bit to preserve the
identity of every partnering organization and with the right business model could be studied by
every major "progressive" organization at the March 15-19 meeting and maybe commited by mid
April. If we enroll the market before we build it we will surely be bankrolled.

Robert David Steele Vivas, the man pictured above, is the hub of this intelligence convergence.
He is ex-CIA and wants the Nonviolent Peaceforce to outline a possible weeklong workshop for
the Department of Defense. People let us gather and prepare a strategy.

I have been networking all of these things for years and this year it all comes together. Please let
me know you received this with feedback by email AND telephone to be sure we connect.

For a real treat, experience JZ Lisckiewicz at the following link:

For the conference as a whole, I believe I imbued a certain amount of hope, idealism, inspiration,
emotion, honesty, authenticity and courage amidst my less then excellent first public presentation
of this material. The response by many showing interest in our legislation and in their
approaching me for conversation was good.
I am sending a report about IOP '06 to thousands of people in the next days and wish you review
it. I will be promoting your work. Direct me. I am not subservient but I don't see us far apart either
and I trust you. I'll send you a draft by Sunday at 5pm. Your every comment is appreciated.

 The following links are from led by JZ Liszkiewicz an extremely inventive
leader who we should engage vigorously and support however we can. JZ@HowardBloom.Net

I wish many of you will get what is going on here and engage. I f you know of similar people or
projects please connect us. Yours Truly In Service, Barry “Circle” Tillman
1-845-750-6002 call me or email me at
Aho Mitakye Oyasin means All My Relations