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					Report posted by pgl22 on Friday 13th February 2004 15:12

Hi all,

I've just about recovered enough from halfway hall to bring you the second
instalment of the RCSA reports. It's long, I know, but have a flick through at
the parts relevant to yourself. Hope you find it informative.


Graham Johnson, gaj24 - President

New year, new term - what have I been up to?... Biggest thing at the moment
is undoubtedly the rent discussions, that the VP, Treasurer and I have been
having with the Senior Bursar regarding what next years increases will be. -
More info will follow later...

I've also been discussing a bunch of slightly more mundane things with
various college authorities - The Maria Bjornson Theatre for example. - The
committee have also decided not to replace the broken RCSA photocopier,
since a new one will cost a fortune - the insurance company won't give us any
money, and there are more than adequate copying facilities in the library.

Also, Will (Catering & Amenities) & I have a plan to make the JCR nice...

But, best of all..... I've just got off the phone to Sky TV, to organise installation
in the TV Room.... - watch this space!...

Tim Blower, trb27 - Vice-President

I've been immersed in lists of names and plans of college, sorting out the
Room Ballot. I've also got the Romsey Locker and Welfare Locker schemes
going. A big chunk of my time has been spent discussing the rent/KFC
changes with the Senior Bursar; as Graham said, we'll be sending out a report

Ali Bacon, afb29 and Charlotte Whitaker, cjw70 - Secretaries

The lives of the secretaries are always buzzing with RCSA related business:
taking minutes at the meetings (open and committee), booking rooms for
meetings, ordering papers for the JCR, putting up posters all over college,
delivering mail and any other secretary-based admin that Graham requests.

Ed Sharp, es326 - Academic affairs officer

Since my last report, work on the Alternative Prospectus has continued. In
addition to this, I raised the issue of Romsey students being able to renew
their library books via email or having a longer renewal period. In order to
minimise the amount of disruption to the library staff, the committee decided
that the staff/fellows renewal scheme should be decided upon before
resolving the Romsey issue. There was an Academic Affairs officers' CUSU
meeting that I was unable to attend due to prior commitment.

Mio Takatsuka, mt331 and Manjinder Tiwana, mkt23 - Welfare

Since the time of the last report we have bought the contents of the welfare
cupboard and it is now up and running for anyone in college that needs to use
the resources we have put in there. Contents include condoms, lube, oral
shields, pregnancy tests, booklets and useful phone lines. We were also able
to organise a laptop coding session in association with the Cambridgeshire
police to offer students coding of laptops for free, so that officers can trace
stolen laptops and provide much greater chance of returning the computer if it
is stolen. This scheme proved very popular and more than 60 students
attended this. We are currently working with the other members of the welfare
team writing a welfare newsletter which is coming soon.

Robert Jeffreys, rj242 - External Officer

CUSU Council has, in the past two meetings, passed a number of
Constitutional changes that will ensure the smoother running of CUSU,
making the constitution more consistent with current practice. In line with the
amendment procedures, a referendum on the changes (you can see them at is scheduled for 3rd March.

This is also the time of year when the new CUSU Executive Committee
elections take place. Nominations are open between 18th & 25th February,
with the elections taking place on 3rd March. Candidates will be husted
between the dates of nominations closing and election day. More details to

Adam Fairman, acf41 - Green Officer

After passing a Fairtrade motion last term, I have spoken to college about
using Fairtrade supplies in college. They raised the following objections:

      Fairtrade tea and coffee is all very well but students don't buy very
       much (it's mainly used by conference guests).
      Any change would mean an extra supplier and this would mean more
      College doesn't really do online ordering online.

I have been assured that the possibilities are still being investigated but I
wouldn't hold your breath. Don't forget that you can buy fairtrade in the RCSA
shop though!

I have a gardens committee on Monday 16th. One of the items for discussion
is burning in the garden, which I raised, after receiving a complaint.
I've also got 400 hippos, but more on that coming soon?

Becky Bowtell, rb351 - Women's Officer

International Women's week is coming up in March, and we're going to be
having a couple of joint events with a few nearby colleges - details to follow.
I've also been trying to raise the issue of safety with college, particularly for
women living in the hostels and Romsey/Mill Rd. Drop-in is still on
Wednesdays between 6 and 7, and I've got hold of a lot of helpful stuff from
CUSU. I'm currently looking at old CUSU campaigns to see if there's any
room for anything similar in Robinson.

Angela Ly, al375 - Ethnic Minorities Officer

Happy Lent terms guys!

So far this term has been full of Chinese New Year greetings and name
translations with an amount of £15 raised for Project Hope-slightly less than I
hoped, but anyone who would still like something translated please send me
an email: al375. Due to its popularity, the College shop now has a permanent
Chinese corner, filled with instant noodles, soy sauce, chopsticks,jasmine tea
and much much more! The Chinese New Year Ball 2004 was a sell-out,
pictures of Binsons will be up on the EM noticeboard.
Happy Eid to those who celebrated it! Events coming up include Thai Nite on
Valentines info can be found at:, should
be good fun with good food. Also, one world week is still going on, with lots of
great lectures to top up your cultural awareness of the world you live in, to find
out more, go to: Any EM interested in
business and professional work experience, please give me an email, I have
information I can pass to you from big firms who all wanna grab you-including
investment banking and legal related firms.
Those who are interested in Japanese anime also give me an email, if there
are enough people an anime society in Robinson might be contemplated!
Have fun! Wishing you health and happiness, Angela X

Xia Li, xl229 and Winnie, ps387 - Overseas' students Officers

This term has been a pretty busy term for all the Overseas Students. In
addition to University Society events (to name a few: Chinese New Year ball,
Malaysian Night and Thai Night), we have also recently organized a free
Pizza & Ice Cream Night for all Robinson Overseas Students. It was a great
opportunity for international students from different years to meet up and chat
over a nice warm meal. We have also planned several upcoming events, such
as Night Punting, outings and formal halls.

Charley Barber, cpb40 and Lily Stock, las45 - LesBiGay

Charley and Lily, the LBG Reps, have been continuing their surgery hour (6-7,
Mondays, O5). They hope that the reason nobody has so far made use of this
is because everyone is perfectly happy! If you have a problem you'd like to
discuss but would prefer not to come to their surgery, PLEASE e-mail them
(cpb40 / las45). They will be organising an LBG formal swap with another
college for the end of term.

Sarah Lancaster, sjl56 - Shop Manager

The shop, I am pleased to report, has been doing pretty well these past few
weeks. I have banked a bit of cash, which is obviously always good. In
particular, the addition of the new Chinese corner has been a great success!
We have also had a lot of suggestions about new stock, such as long life milk,
which I am proposing to stock on the next visit to the cash and carry.

Peter Lloyd, pgl22 - Computer Officer

I've been a very busy Computer Officer over the last few weeks. You've
probably sick of hearing about it by now but I've been hard at work on the new
RCSA website. [ ] Working with Graham, we've
completely revamped the entire site to make it much more relevant to YOU.
It's now got news, events, information, sports results etc, plus a fully
searchable Room Database, in time for the ballot next week.

I'm very happy to hear comments, suggestions and criticism about the website
-- I want to make it a site you want to look at. Please let me know how it can
be improved.

I also want to take the opportunity to remind people with network connections
about the new Bandwidth Policy introduced at the end of last week. [
for more details ]. College are very serious about enforcing this.

Okay that's it for this report, thanks for reading.

Stay well