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She keeps going and going and going…


									She keeps going and going and going…

           Nontalie Morrow

        Valdosta State University

  On Campus Marketing NCC of the Year

             No Frills 2009

        Florida State University
                                                                       Table of Contents
                                                            A fresh pack of batteries--------------------2
                                                            The everyday batteries----------------------3
                                                            Specialty batteries----------------------------4
                                                            Batteries for high tech energy-------------5
                                                            Holding a charge------------------------------6
                                                            Recharging her batteries--------------------6
                                                            Flying high in the Hot Hare Balloon-------6
                                                            Letters of Recommendation----------------7

A Fresh Pack of Batteries
A quick story about why Nontalie chose the Energizer Bunny as her theme. When here parents were
announcing they were going to have a baby girl, they sent out cards with pink bunnies on them. Once
Nontalie was born her dad starting calling her “bunny bun” and to this day the name still sticks, only
with dad though.
Nontalie also has an energy source that seems to never run out, she always seems to keep going and
going and going, hence the theme of the Energizer Bunny.

A Little Bit about Nontalie:
Full Name: Nontalie Jamila Morrow
        Nontalie is a Ugandan name that means lioness
        Jamila is a Somalian name that means beautiful
        Morrow is a city south of Atlanta, Georgia
Class: Sophomore
Major: Psychology and Spanish
GPA: 3.22
Occupation: Student Assistant in the Vice President of
Academic Affairs office
Personal Goals:
        To study in Spain for a semester
        To earn a Golden Louie
        Continue making RHA bigger and better
        Work in student affairs in student life, international programs, or housing and residence life
        To become a NUFP Fellow (NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program)

                                                                            The Everyday Batteries
                                                                                        Normal Duties:
                                                     Some of the things that Nontalie does as an NCC:
                                                               Build a delegation through spirit points
                                                            Write delegate contracts to ensure proper
                                                                                   conference attitudes
                                                   Develop the conference committee which includes
                                                                  the delegates from each conference
                                                         Works with the RHA Advisor to submit travel
                                                                   authorities and reserve housing van
                                                          Prepares bids and programs to be presented
                                                      Design spirit items for conferences like banners,
                                                                               clothespins, t-shirts, etc.
   NACURH 2008                                       Register delegates for the conferences in a timely
                                                      manner and hold pre-conference meetings with
           Prepare NCC-IT training to help RHA members understand everything about being an NCC
        Stop by the school bookstore to get spirit items such as tattoos and stickers. She even works
                   with the bookstore manager to get some items donated, such as swap shop items

Working with her Delegations:
      Delegates are chosen to attend conferences through the spirit points they have earned
      throughout the year. Nontalie also works with the RHA secretary to monitor spirit points.
      For every conference, Nontalie makes fun travel booklets to keep her delegates entertained
      while traveling
      Spirit has been very important for
      Nontalie because she always has tons of
      life and energy. Before each conference,
      she holds multiple delegation meetings
      not only to cover conference
      expectations, but also to: spray paint
      clothes pins, make t-shirts and banners,
      review spirit cheers, and any other spirit
      items involved with conferences.                                        SAACURH 2008

Working with her Advisors
      Maintaining contact with the advisor on a regular basis is not only essential, it’s crucial, especially
      around conference time. The RHA advisor Liz Powell has been so amazing and helpful with
      getting check requests and answering all questions about travel. Janine Weaver-Douglas is
      another advisor that has taken Nontalie and her delegates to conferences and she has a great

       spirit and energy and is always ready to get started on a new adventure and be as supportive as
       possible. Nontalie really would not be anything without her advisors.

Specialty Batteries
      Her 1st conference was No Frills 2008:
          o Which helped her learn all
              about boardroom as a NCC-IT
      Her 2 conference was NACURH 2008:
          o Stepped into her official role as
              an NCC and learned how to
              communicate with other
              schools and the RBD                   GRHO 2009
          o She brought back so many ideas
              and a new passion and enthusiasm for the year ahead
      Her 3 conference was SAACURH 2008:
          o Her awesome delegation won the spirit award the first night of SAACURH!
          o Worked to present a passive program at SAACURH (Tye-Dye Thursday)
      Her 4th conference was GRHO 2009:
          o Where she submitted a Program of the Year and a winning Emerging Leader Award Bid
          o Her delegation won most spirited and best roll call!
          o Nontalie also won most spirited delegate!
          o Made contacts with other schools in the state to give and receive help on how to be an
              awesome NCC as well as to improve her RHA!
      At the arrival of each conference, Nontalie has meetings
      with her delegation to help them decide who should go to
      what program (in order to bring back as many different
      programs and ideas as possible). This meeting is also
      designed to set the “game plan” for the weekend so that
      everyone know where they should be, answer any
      questions from delegates, as well as make sure each
      person is motivated to do their best!
      During conferences, Nontalie attends as many programs
      as she can, other than that, she is in boardroom which is honestly one of her favorite places in
      the world. The long hours of legislation, bids, and the occasional bit of drama makes her world
      go round.
      At the end of every conference, Nontalie takes away so much and feels rejuvenated and eager to
      get back to work once she gets home!

       Nontalie has interacted with the GRHO executive board to talk to them about legislation and
       plans for future conferences
       At SAACURH 2008, she helped prepare a passive program and Clemson wanted to show their
       gratitude by presenting VSU with a certificate; unfortunately, the certificate was not ready for us
       that night. Nontalie emailed
       several people to work on getting
       the certificate to show those back
       at Valdosta that their hard work
       was paying off.
       Recently, the NCCs were emailed
       to vote over legislation that could
                                                                                        VSU & GA
       not wait until No Frills; Nontalie
                                              NACURH 2008                               Southern
       eagerly casted her vote the
       moment she was able.
       Nontalie has also emailed AD-NRHH Lindsey Johns numerous times over the year to ask about
       NRHH as well as how to get more involved on the regional level
       Nontalie has formed a team from her school to participate in the case study at NACURH 2009

Batteries for High Tech Energy
Going the Extra Mile:
Nontalie spent her entire summer in Valdosta so she could:
        Prepare for NACURH 08
        Help update the constitution for the upcoming school year
        Fulfill her roles as RHA Vice President and NRHH President
        Prepare an information training session about conferences so she could motivate RHA members
        to want to attend these conferences
In her role as RHA Vice President she has worked to:
        Prepare a training manual for the new RHA members
        Help train members in how to submit programs and the details in
        terms of hosting it effectively
        Supervise our fall charity program to raise canned goods for Cans Across
In her additional role as NRHH President she has worked to:
        Establish NRHH as an official organization on campus
        Encourage active members to get more involved and look for more opportunities to submit
        Help spread the word about NRHH and find new potential inductees
Member of the Existing Leaders Program

       Serves as a committee chair to plan the annual Leader Quest conference
       Liaison between Existing Leaders and Housing and Residence Life
       Attends weekly committee meetings as well as bi-weekly subcommittee meetings
       Works to recruit high school students to help build their leadership skills early on

                                                                        Recharging Her Batteries
                                       When she’s not hard at work preparing for conferences, Nontalie:
                                                    Hits the books, she has to stay on top of her game!
                                                She also likes to put on those bunny slippers and watch
                                              some TV when she gets a chance. She loves Disney, Nick,
                                                                 and Cartoon Network, still a kid a heart!
                                              Spend times with her church family laughing and growing
                                                                                   stronger in her faith.
                                              She loves to go out with friends, shop and get smoothies!

Holding a Charge
Excited for the future and makes her happy:
Although Nontalie hasn’t been an NCC for very long, she has worked very hard become more active in all
aspects of her job. Most importantly she wants to make a stronger name for her school within the state,
region, and nation. Nontalie gets true joy working in an organization where she can make a difference
on her campus, state, region, and nation. She has gained a lot of self confidence and gained the courage
to speak out in boardroom which transfers over to increase her voice on campus. Working with RHA
and going to conferences has given her the assurance that she wants to work in student affairs as her

                                                          Flying High in the Hot Hare Balloon
                                                     Some of Nontalie’s accomplishments and activities
                                                           First Year Experience winner for No Frills 2008
                                                           Summer conference assistant
                                                           Ribbon cutting for the newly renovated
                                                           Hopper Hall
                                                           RHA delegate in “You’re the Chef Challenge”
                                                           cook-off for her school (RHA vs. SGA)
                                                           Certified to drive university vans to help drive
                                                           to conferences
                                                           Participant in the Society for International
                                                           Students (SIS) on campus
       Volunteer for Malawi children during a Christian retreat
       Presented at freshman orientation to discuss conferences to incoming freshman and parents

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